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Princess Celestia frees Discord from his stone bond and falls for his charms just like when they were young. Discord plans to use it to his advantage in order to have his chaotic cake and eat it too.

But will the pain of knowing the inevitable cause him to rethink his lies?

"Give up chaos? Of course, my sweet mare. Anything for you."


The characters not shown in the first chapter will obviously appear in later chapters.

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I'm not one for romance of any kind, but this was somewhat heartwarming.
I enjoyed this fic, for once somebody's finally done a "DiscordXcelestia" shipping in a realistic (emotionally) and mature way instead of the usual crap written by children who have no idea how relationships work.

When will the next chapter be out?

277586 I'm working on it right now. Thanks for reading!


i say this is jolly good!

278036 Thank you! I hope to have the next chapter up after I have my dinner so stay tuned :twilightsmile:

I sort of feel sorry for Discord.

280600 That's what I was going for, I was a bit worried that I'd go too far but my goal was to make him feel a bit helpless in a way.


ah discord you and your lies are MY kind of magic...not friendship...who needs friends when you have power


da da da your dead discord:rainbowlaugh:

307254 Why thank you :twilightsmile: What a glorious moustached compliment to spur me to write the next chapter! :moustache:

Really I had no other words in which to express my feelings other then Brilliant. thus that picture.

Schitt just got real!
An excellent chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next. And shame on your for torturing your readers with such an epic cliffhanger.

I feel bad for Discord, he didn't deserve to be stoned but it makes for an amazing love story.

327493 my proofreader felt the exact same way about my cliffhanger! Don't worry, I feel very hyper so the next chapter should be out early this time. Glad you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

Open Your Heart - Crush 40

Only because I can't resist a good Sonic Adventure shout-out.

one again glorious work, I was really looking forward to an update and was not disappointed by this chapter at all.
I'd give a longer comment about how much I love this story but that'd be redundant.

347017 I feel strangely happy at that :applejackunsure:

I really hope this isn't the end, but if it is it's beyond good enough.

416500 Thank you. If I get enough inspiration I might write of some of the things they do in another story but for now I think this will be it for now. Thanks for reading all the way to the end :twilightsmile:

And thank you for entertaining me as well as hundreds more with this fic.

So...no magic..no trickery of any kind, no source of mind control...and Celestia is giving up everything for Discord. I'm not saying this in a bad way..but..

440213 I laughed at that so I take no offence. I think it was just a split second decision, I have no idea if she'll change her mind or regret it later until I (if I do) write a sequel.

440229 Well I have to say it was quite the adventure and I am grateful for reading it. I myself would love to see a sequel done. I enjoy the stories people come up with for Discord, but one such as this deserves and medal (it truly does it my eyes, and i'm not saying it to be a suck up).

The Mad God will be watching you for more brilliance, and I do hope there is more to come.

440311 Why thank you :twilightsmile: since writing my comment I did actually come up with an idea for a sequel so there will be more to come I guess!

440436 I'm glad I could help spark some self-inspiration for you. I eagerly await for your next piece of literary art. :raritywink: (I do hope Discord will truly be happy in the end and not seen as a monster. Madmen need love too. :rainbowlaugh:)

did chaos actually "touch" her? Because I was laughing when Luna got angry at Discord for it :pinkiehappy:

Your lack of Zecora speaking in ryhmes dissapoint me good sir :unsuresweetie:

:derpyderp1: Celstia said a very naughty word yet she calls discord vulgar. Discord would be best bro ever :twistnerd:

453228 I did try and make her speak in rhymes.

453228 I did try and make her speak in rhymes. 453145 Yup :twilightsmile:

I've really enjoyed reading this story. The ending took me totally by surprise, seriously, I wasn't expecting things to go that way. I liked your interpretation of Discord and his past with Celestia, and I laughed a lot at the small substory of Twilight and Rarity :rainbowlaugh:

Liked and favourited. :twilightsmile:

Thanks :twilightsmile: glad you liked it!

......just one more fanfic I said..... It wont take long I said........ so worth it :ajsleepy:

How is Discord NOT getting SMACKED?? :rainbowkiss:

574292 I have no answer to that. :rainbowlaugh:

hmm so Discord will be a chicken while he's a Chicken... cool!

I Started to read this at about 10 at night it's now 7:00 in the morning well looks like another night with no sleep



Yes =w=

That ending was surprising by the way XD

That ending was beautiful, great story

“As long as the damage is not set for life I cannot see why we can’t allow temporary strife.” Zecora said confidently, smiling a little. “You have my blessing to play in Everfree, as long as you keep it away from me.” She stood up and headed to the door. “I must head back home for now, but this has been very... Wow.” With that she left, leaving the two ponies alone with Discord.

Well for the chaos ... I have part of it . Just for every burst marble of raw chaos magic . Just think what is the rule , or just a wish until you let go the wish . and dissapears , unless if wants something else beside the wish .

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