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Perfect has seven letters and so does meeeeee.


As part of her search for somepony to assist her with legal matters, Twilight spends most of her time interviewing potential candidates. When this results in her neglecting her friends, Rarity decides to take matters into her own hooves.

By which she means getting a job interview with Twilight and acting as unprofessionally as possible.

I regret nothing.

Written after my friend The-Chibster asked me to 'RariTwi' this wonderful comic by Accordingtodevin. Cover art was done by my partner in raritwi crime, ArcticWaters.

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Comments ( 83 )

Just the coverart alone earns a look. The story written by you? I'm totally favoriting this!

As ever, a joy to read. You may yet convince me of this ship :P

A cute, sweet natured and fun fic, which I thoroughly enjoyed. As I have much of your other work. Have a well earned up vote and a splendid evening, my good Sir or Madam :twilightsmile::duck:

Monochromatic said "(Rari)TwiDash".

A sign of the end times!!

Excellent story by the way :twilightsmile: (:rainbowlaugh:)

Brilliant. You shameless tease, you.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ah, thank you!! And yeah, oh my god it's a great comic and I'm really grateful the original artist let my friend draw a RariTwi version of it

Yes, join usssss pls we're so lonely and so few

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! (and thank you for the follow as well omg)


And thanks! I'm glad you liked itt

That was really cute, I loved it! :twilightsmile::raritystarry:

:twilightsmile: Good news Spike, We have a new gardener & you can see Rarity more too.
:moustache: What I'm getting more time off?
:twilightsmile: No more time off , I'm increasing your work schedule & Rarity is working in the garden
:moustache: not to sound like I'm whining. . .

More Rarilight from you? Well, let me just get the ol' upvote button ready.

It was a trap.

So when're you gonna tell us that story?

*eyes the RariDash sitting in his docs, completely stalled*

*also eyes a slight inkling of a RariTwi idea that he shoved onto the idea shelf to be done later*

Dammit, Monochrome, you're not helping!

Kidding aside, that was a fun read! Greatly enjoyed their dynamics throughout! :twilightsmile:

Ugh Rarity y u be so funny? My grin just kept getting bigger as I thought of how redder and redder Twi was getting.

Wonderful work.

I just could not stop grinning stupidly at the stunts Rarity was pulling off in teasing Twilight. Hah! So good!

This was just so fun to read. Not only was the Rarilight amazing as usual, but I absolutely loved the Rainbow/Rarity interaction. You've totally nailed those two characters, here and in your other fics as well. Two thumbs up!!! :D

That was very Rarity

Genius, cute and hilarious all at the same time! How do you do this :raritystarry:

Lovely to read, and the way you write them makes it easy to picture it happening as well.

Dash rolled her eyes and hung limp from her wings like an extremely unmotivated bullet. “Uuuugh, fine.”


Rarity the armorsmith, go!

That was a delight.

I laughed on the inside.

you could say it would be a twi-pple ship

I like to think this is me being guided towards my destiny of writing the fluffiest RariTwiDash ever.

Why that was much less salt than sugar, enough to be enjoyed lightly with a hot cup of latte while eating Danish bread.

Kim Jong Un has his eye on this fanfiction...

You had waaaaay too much fun writing this fan fic. Have a like and a favorite!

Gotta say, the title caught my eye, the cover art got my full attention, and then, when I saw who wrote it, I immediately began to read.

Damn good story, Monochromatic. Damn good.

I didn´t thought that they actually were already dating, but it was a bit funny, and somehow interessting to read it that way.

I love it! If only I could write Raritwi like this. :raritycry:

“But I’d like to serve under you, Princess!” Rarity complained, doing her best impression of puppy-dog eyes.

No no no no no.

“But I’d like to serve under you, Princess!” Rarity complained, doing her best impression of puppy-dog eyes.



Oh my god.

Good... Good... Thank you, I have fixed it.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

6371265 Have you heard of the movie, The Interview?
Upon it's release, Kim Jong Un (or something inside DPRK) threatened the U.S with terrorist attacks.

Oh my gosh this was AMAZING! :pinkiehappy:

I just love your RariLight stories. :heart:

D'awwww i loved it. :heart:

It was only a matter of time before someone ponified that image, and it was only a matter of time before that ponified image would be used as cover art. :rainbowlaugh: Will read.


Oh look, Titanium Dragons bout of self-aggrandizing continues. Stop bothering actual writers please.

This was fun all the way through. I loved it. Thanks for the read! :raritystarry:

It's funny cause Twilight's eyes are black in the picture, not violet. Silly Rarity.

I created my "do not review" list after you got upset with me back in December, and you remain the only name on that list, but if others want to be added to it, they're free to ask and I'd be happy to add them. I won't read or review any of their stuff ever again and will remove all of their stories from my "read later" lists. As I review pretty much everything I read, this serves as a fail-safe against me forgetting and accidentally reviewing a story from someone who doesn't want reviews.

Every review is an extra chance for eyes on your story, but if you want to forego it, it is not as if there aren't lots of other stories to be read and reviewed by people who appreciate getting reviews. There's no reason to give attention to people who don't want it; less than 5% of stories ever get reviewed, and I'd rather distribute whatever fraction I contribute towards those people who want them.

I really liked Under Her Wings, so it is unfortunate that you hold such animosity towards me because I wasn't as fond of one of your other stories. But such is life, I suppose.

Good luck with your writing!

- TD

And then 'Loving Lavender' winds up getting the job because Twi is a Princess now and has to learn to troll :pinkiecrazy:

I was thinking, this morning, "IT'S been a While since I read anything I wanted to put in the 'reaf again'-folder. And now I just did. That you. I loved it, and I needed a bit of Rariwit today.


My vitriol towards you stems from the fact that you never actually post those reviews in the comments. Instead, you post a link, which includes every other review, and coincidentally, a little update on your own story. If you were truly trying to post reviews, you'd post the review itself, and not the link. You're basically stealing other people's views through 'reviews' placed on the stories in the feature box, not the other way around.

I really don't care whether you liked my story. Your own "reviews" show you rarely like anything, anyway, so you not liking mine was par for the course. My issue with you has been, and continues to be, how you self-advertise in blogs that you call review blogs.

I like Monochromatic, so I won't take up more of her comments section, but suffice it to say that I really don’t like you.

Getting a recommendation from me has given stories as much as 150 views. Most of my review posts get on the order of 200-400 views, and my most heavily viewed story posts tend to be my "recommended story reviews" posts, which are entirely composed of recommendations on old stories - the traffic there is almost unilaterally from my blog to those stories, not vice-versa. Indeed, this is true of all my posts.

Some reviewers don't notify people of their stories being reviewed. But I've always liked knowing when someone else reviewed one of my stories, so when I do reviews, I leave the author a link to the review in their comments. My reviews are primarily reader-oriented - that is to say, oriented towards my audience looking for stories to read, rather than towards the authors - but they do at times give advice to authors, and at the very least, knowing what people think about your story is valuable information. And it is always kind of nice to know why you suddenly got a bunch of extra views one day.

I don't post full reviews in the comments sections of stories because they are directed at people who haven't read the stories yet in most cases, and thus are redundant there (the people reading comments have mostly read the story already), as well as because they tend to be pretty long, and therefore clog up the comments section. On top of that, there are also white knights who aggressively insult and argue with people who don't like stories that they liked, which is very awkward for the author of a piece to deal with from personal experience. I almost never have people white knight for stories that I review, and thus, I think that my solution has been a good one. That doesn't mean that people don't disagree with my evaluation of stories - they do at times, either liking a story better than I did, or disliking a story that I thought was good. Or add their own perspective on a piece, adding their own notes and responses.

All of which is a good thing, and I think, a healthier discussion than what you'd see in the comments of a story.

On top of that, dropping a "not recommended" into the comments of a story seems offputting, whereas just making a note "I reviewed this story! My review can be found here." is much more neutral and much less likely to result in someone getting upset with me; indeed, I've only had one person really get upset over my review of their story.

Do people come to find my reviews via said links? Certainly! And it is a good thing, too; people like reviews, people like reading reviews, and knowing that people do reviews is good for them and good for me. I do reviews for the general public, after all, so more of them knowing that I do it is better for everyone involved - my reviews reach a larger audience, and a larger audience gets story recommendations that they find valuable. Writing stuff that no one reads is just masturbatory.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Writing stuff that no one reads is just masturbatory.

But posting links on popular stories is... I guess in this analogy, like going to a public place with a trench coat and opening it up so everyone can see you masturbate.

Sorry, but that was just a weird analogy.

Also, if all you want to do is quietly inform the author you reviewed their story, the pm button is conveniently located at the top of the screen. You could even safely copy the review there, if it's really for the author.


My reviews are primarily reader-oriented - that is to say, oriented towards my audience looking for stories to read, rather than towards the authors - but they do at times give advice to authors, and at the very least, knowing what people think about your story is valuable information. And it is always kind of nice to know why you suddenly got a bunch of extra views one day.

If you want to discuss this further, it might be better to take it to Skype rather than clutter up the comments section of Monochromatic's story. This is supposed to be about his story.

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