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Iota Force Issue #2 Released · 3:11am Last Tuesday

So, here's a question: why is it that the site notifies you when a story on your favourites list has a blog post related to it, but not when it gets a sequel? That feels like something it'd be worth notifying you about. Or at least giving your the option to be notified about it.

Anyway, the second story featuring Iota Force is up. So... that's a thing you might be interested in. I think it's pretty fun, but then I am a little biased, so... yeah.

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Ah. Good to know.


Was planning to do it within the next couple of days actually.

Sorry for the delay, was getting the cover art commissioned and giving it a final once-over.

When do you plan on publishing Iota Force Issue 2? I've finished the edits and the story is ready to be published.


Thank you for adding And everything in between to your favourites and thank you so much for your comment!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favourite on Rinse and Repeat!

  • Viewing 84 - 88 of 88
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