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A Release and a Recommendation · 9:00pm Jan 4th, 2021

So, first things first: the sixth Iota Force story's getting released:

EThe Crystal Caves of Confuzzlation (Iota Force Issue #6)
Iota Force descend deep beneath the Crystal Empire and must find a way to escape, fight through a gauntlet of traps - illusory, deadly and both - to bring their captor to justice. There's no backup down there - they're all alone. Or are they?
The Iguana Man · 90k words  ·  10  1 · 150 views

However, rather than my previous habit of just saying so, joking about the awkwardness of doing so and passive-aggressively indicating how I think there should be notifications when a story gets a sequel, I thought I'd try something a bit different: a recommendation for something outside the Ponysphere.

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An Introduction to Iota Force · 8:49pm Jul 6th, 2019

So, since I started publishing the Iota Force series, I've been worrying about the prospect of continuity lockout. After all, I'm hoping to make this a very long series (key word: hoping) and all the stories so far have been relatively long, something I don't see changing that much. I mean, they won't ever be Diaries of a Madman or The Chase length, but still long enough that expecting readers to be able to read through the entire series before starting on the latest story

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