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An Introduction to Iota Force · 8:49pm Jul 6th, 2019

So, since I started publishing the Iota Force series, I've been worrying about the prospect of continuity lockout. After all, I'm hoping to make this a very long series (key word: hoping) and all the stories so far have been relatively long, something I don't see changing that much. I mean, they won't ever be Diaries of a Madman or The Chase length, but still long enough that expecting readers to be able to read through the entire series before starting on the latest story

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Hey. Thanks for the fav on when did this happen:pinkiehappy:

Ah. Good to know.


Was planning to do it within the next couple of days actually.

Sorry for the delay, was getting the cover art commissioned and giving it a final once-over.

When do you plan on publishing Iota Force Issue 2? I've finished the edits and the story is ready to be published.


  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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