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It's the night after the end of the school year, so it should be a time of celebration for the Rainbooms. However, thanks to an unpleasant encounter and a questionable bet, Sunset finds herself in a street race. If she loses, she'll be obliged to go on a date with the slimy creep she's racing. She needs to win, but with her weathered old bike, that seems unlikely.

So then, why does Twilight, her girlfriend, seem so happy about all this?

A story about clubbing, street racing and sexuality from an author who knows absolutely nothing about any of those things. Embrace the cringe!

A story for Bicyclette's SciSet Contest, posted unwillingly to support and fill out the contest rather than due to any hope of winning. Please check out the other, better entries.

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Vroom vroom

Never forget the brakes.

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