As the years passed in Juniper Montage's mirror, Starlight found a way to give its inhabitants an escape. One she could never have for herself.


Starlight Glimmer failed to wrest the Magic Mirror from Juniper's grasp. She failed to convince her of the error of her ways. Instead, Juniper Montage sucked her into the Void just like Sunset and her friends. There was nothing to stop her after that.

As the Void filled up with more and more people facing the fate of a featureless eternity, Starlight discovered a method of escape, of sorts. Juniper banishing the other magical artifact users meant they had access to the Memory Stone, which Starlight could use to craft an interior world of a shared dream among the Void's inhabitants. A temporary solution, to pass the time until the day they could all escape the Void altogether.

But what if that day never comes?


an entry to The Spring Fling Contest.

thank you to Krack-Fic Kai and Moproblems Moharmoney for prereading, and Rego for shortdesc advice.

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It's dark, and beautiful, and it hurts because there's something real here. Insta faved and updooted.


Very interesting story.

One notable thing is how Starlight managed to inherit Sunset's empathy magic as well. There is probably some headcanon that justifies this.

So what? Jupiter just get away with this!? I hope she gets shot by law enforcement or military. :pinkiecrazy:

Horrifying in its desolation, touching in its emotional sincerity. (Also concerning in its implications for happier timelines, though hopefully it'll take a lot more magical abuse than most EqG worldlines experience before stars start going out.) Thank you for a great read. Best of luck in the judging.

She was dead by Chapter 5, my dude.


I didn't finished it before I comment this. Even then, she utterly screwed the earth itself, and disintegrate most of humanity anyway!? :flutterrage:

I bet she has a special spot in the deepest parts of HELL!

Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

I love how between this, Long Distance and Rooftop you've got a sort of... Multiverse? Of the same premise? But explore them in different ways every time, showing different possible actions and different possible relationships and different tragedies.

Also it means you can do world-building and explore how your version of magic and the universe works, without changing the ending of old stories or having to focus on different points in time.

Very thought-provoking stuff, I wholeheartedly approve. Thank goodness Starlight can peoplewatch, otherwise her fate would basically be an endless nightmare of eternal, unchanging isolation.

Wow okay I finally got around to reading this! Lemme just start with the fact that I love the way you write and I thoroughly missed reading, ahem, bords. There’s something so,,, I don’t know how else to say it, but whimsical and yet serious in the tone of this one and the subject matter being something that seems to almost repeat itself and yet stays different is a blend that works so well together. An interesting concept with a great execution as always, Bike! And the ending is bittersweet, as I am often found enjoying. I’m glad that Starlight gets to be alone while, in a way, not being entirely isolated. But damn… The things you do for love…

This is fantastic.

In revisiting and expanding the world of Void, Penance takes that story's brutally dark concept – a world where Juniper Montage slowly began to suck the whole of the world into her magic mirror without opposition – and finds something deeply compelling in it. Both the initial setup and the way things escalate are haunting, but blend seamlessly with these really touching character moments that help give even objectively horrible outcomes a feeling of hope and optimism. And the way things end for the core romance, while devastating, feels all too in-character. Excellent work here, and congrats on your Honorable Mention.

thank you! i could not ask for kinder words or quicker prereading
i guess i didn't mention it directly but i meant to imply Starlight managed to reverse-engineer Sunset's empathy magic just like she did with the Memory Stone's magic
why would she be shot by the Ushers when they report to her directly?
thank you! so glad you enjoyed it FoME!
well she didn't mean to disintegrate humanity! without humanity who would watch her movies?
i don't know, why don't you read it and tell me?
aww, i am so glad you love that! and yeah, i am wringing a lot of mileage out of that device, aren't i? it's funny since i never wrote the original longfic idea that is about Principal Celestia and the powers-that-be in the Equestria Girls universe discovering and fighting against the magical decay, and instead i just use alternate timelines where the world is doomed to end because they do work quite well for my favorite genre of tragic high-concept romances
thank you! i do pride myself in the existential concepts that go into these stories so i'm always glad to hear it when they're appreciated
thank you jay! i do both love writing and reading those bittersweet endings. and you nailed describing the tone i was going for here
this comment did make my week when i first read it
thank you both for this comment and the contest that inspired this fic! i'm really glad the character moments rang true for you because one big focus i had here was on where Starlight's character would be, following up where she was at the time of "Mirror Magic" with her (in her mind) being responsible for the immiseration and death of yet another world. i am very proud of the guilt-ridden, half-pony-half-human creator-goddess-in-embryo Starlight i wrote here

Comment posted by Jacquelard deleted Jun 13th, 2023

I read this about a month or two ago but neglected to write a review, so apologies about my memory being fuzzy.

This was a really interesting direction to take Juniper Montage's dimension, and a well done sci-fi concept (but magic). Sunset and Starlight's relationship was well done, and the ending with Starlight essentially becoming the god of this world was neat.

This was a really well done epic tragedy!

thank you! i'm glad that the last part came through since it was one of my favorite ideas that went into this

thank you!

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