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This story is a sequel to Summer with the Sparkle Family

Its the fall season and the beginning of the Mane 7’s final year at CHS before graduating in the next few months. Sunset seemed to be doing well, up until she receives a message from Princess Twilight. She sent a message to her earlier in the summer if she can send a message to Princess Celestia to know if her family has been doing well since she last heard from them. But sadly Sunset’s answers don’t turn out well at all! She finds out that her family was killed in a terrible storm many years after she left Equestria which makes Sunset’s heart shatter like glass! Sunset then starts to wonder how she’ll continue to live on since she has no family left and that she’s officially an orphan. It’ll be up to Twilight to help her friend so she won’t go into a depression state or worst try to kill herself again!

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Thx. It's the worst part of 2020 for my family. My grandma didn't have covid fortunately and no one in my family currently has it. My grandma was just really sick and she was in a lot of pain. I think about her a lot whenever I look at the photo I have of her in my desk and just glad I got to know her before she passed back in March.

Thx and I'm glad you enjoyed it


why thx I spent 3 days working on this.

It's fine but I tried to do it as best as I can in just 3 days ok. But people have been enjoying it

I actually put a Thomas and Friends season 5 reference in this story and if anyone is able to find the reference they'll get a free shoutout and be honored to get a story that was requested by him/her.
And just since I'm nice I'll leave a hint. The episode has Toby in it. And the only episode of season 5 have Toby is Horrid Lorry, Baa!, Toby & the flood, Stepney gets lost, Toby's discovery, Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday & A Big Surprise for Percy. Good luck with trying to solve it.

I finally got around to catching up with this story. This was Awesome. I love your work. I wish I was half as good as you.

your still good at yours too but thx

I like the writing and the story, though I feel like it could have done with some reviewing before posting, no offense intended I just saw several minor errors in the story, none are particularly bad they are just minor spelling errors.

I know, I'm gonna be editing all my stories once the last two chapters of my latest story are up. but glad you enjoyed it.

How are you able to put up pictures of the girls in their dress attire? I want to put up pictures of the Rainbooms in different dress attire courtesy of Star Sue and also the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

That's kind of a long reason on how to do it.

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