That isn't Fiddlesticks. That isn't her. That isn't her. That isn't her.


the current draft is an entry into The Red Parade's The First FiddleDust Festival

the first draft was an entry into the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Anonymous Contest 2, hosted by The Red Parade

thank you to iAmSiNnEr for moral support

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This was my favourite entry in the entire contest. I loved the uncertainty, the unreliable narrator, and the deep dive into LD's psyche.

Ah, this was one of my favorites from the contest as well. And you renamed it after my favorite piece of trivia too!

Capgras is probably all kinds of horrifying and difficult to manage in a world where Changelings, literal body snatchers, are known to really exist.

I don't even need to know how it happened, or when it started, because with a wannabe stuntmare like Lightning Dust, you can easily imagine how it could have gone without ever having to be told a thing.

This is very well done. Scary and awful, but not unbelievable for someone whose had the kind of head-trauma that Lightning Dust probably has. Thank you for writing this.


i rly liked this story :) very eerie alsocfiddlesdust

The best part about this story?

We believe that Lightning Dust is paranoid and suffering from Capgras syndrome, but then you read the last paragraph and know Lightning wasn't paranoid.

Gosh, this whole story is just so tragic. These two clearly love each other, need each other, but it's literally impossible for Lightning to care about Fiddlesticks in this state.

Never though I would say this, but being abducted by changelings sounds like the better scenario here.

This was well written! :heart: Changeling or paranoia? I like this ambiguity

Horrific. 😥

Harrowing and creepy. This is the second story I’ve read on this site about this particular condition.

That last bit does introduce some wonderfully skin-crawling ambiguity to the story. It might just be another case of Lightning trying to convince herself she's right. It might not.

(Of course, given that this is set after "The Washouts," she could always ask a reformed changeling to check, but I'm happy to ignore that for the sake of drama.)

Lovely little tale. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

I love this story, even when I preread it. Gods, it invokes so much emotion in me. Love you for that, aunt!

I was about to say, "Oh, this is Capgras delusion, basically," and then I realized that's what the title was referring to. Obviously my reading comprehension skills have been dwindling. :derpytongue2:

Good, concise, spooky stuff, nonetheless.

It was a good story.

...I think I'm missing something. What in that paragraph implies Lightning Dust is correct in her assumption?

How he says those feelings of love seem to go away when "Fiddlesticks" breathes in deeply.

I love this so much! You do such a good job making a story out of the subtleties and quiet details of characters and feelings. Like I can feel, practically hear, all the warmth from Lightning's love coming together in a tormented scream, but it's such a gentle warmth, so surely screaming isn't the right word but it is. I absolutely love that feeling.

Woof. Poor Lightning Dust. Poor Fiddlesticks! But mainly poor Lightning Dust, ouch. I love the way the story uses the short, sharp frankness of "it isn't her" as a structural touchstone, really giving it that obsessive, worming, circular quality, and in its repetition undermining the honesty it should carry in a super uncomfortable way. Great, haunting stuff! Poor Lightning Dust...

Like that look she’s giving me now. The corners of her smile drawing in just a little.

"It feels like I can almost make out the fangs, but only almost.
She knows it. She even enjoys it. Fully aware that I'm in the know but still powerless to do anything. Like a mouse staring up on a smiling cat right in front of her.
It's exactly that kind of smile."

This was a nice story of simple horror, with it unclear if it's all in Lightning's head or if there's something to it. Admittedly I just assumed the title was some meaningless nonsense until I read the comments, so I didn't make that connection while reading it. Also looking at the comments, I'm not really seeing the smoking gun that Fiddlesticks is a changeling that others are seeing.

Stuff like that is why I like Event Horizon as a horror movie. It works so well in leaving you uncertain about exactly what is and isn't happening. There's just enough ambiguity in this story to leave you uncertain one way or another. It's like the 1980s Total Recall.

Reading this story, two particular ideas come to mind and won't go away.

First, what kind of hell would a person be going through if they knew about the existence and details of capgras, and later found themselves suffering from it? Would their familiarity with the subject still resonate and they'd know that something wasn't right and the S/O wasn't actually an imposter? Or would the delusion drown out what they know?

Second, is there a related condition where the afflicted believes that they're the imposter? Perhaps believes that they're a perfect copy of the original right down to the memories, and can't be convinced that they're the real one?

I don't have capgras, but I've had delusions before. Unfortunately, logically "knowing" something is irrational or impossible doesn't stop you from "feeling" or thinking it will happen. Like, up until 15-16, I was absolutely convinced still that if I got up in the middle of the night and was alone (say to use the bathroom, get water, whatever), something would come out and kill me — usually something involving mirror demons. I knew rationally that this was insane and irrational and probably wouldn't "really" happen, but it didn't make the paranoia and genuine fear and belief that it somehow still magically happen go away. Delusions are almost always irrational.

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