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It's not uncommon for Ponyville to be quiet when Twilight wakes up before dawn. But this morning it's too quiet.

Where is everypony?

Winner of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Picture Prompt contest. Written as a birthday gift for Ruby.

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When she looked up all the stars had gone away

A thoroughly excellent read, Zontan! Wonderfully mysterious and eerie, a perfect story with a spooky atmosphere to get me in that halloween mood. Works great as a one shot, but I would definitely be down to follow Twilight as she tries to solve this mystery.

This was incredible! Truly the best kind of horror, in my opinion, is the kind that can create an atmosphere of tension and dread without resorting to gore or violence. The prose is masterful, you give us just enough information to want to keep reading... it's the sort of fic I'll keep coming back to, to read again and think on!

A very chilling story, full of emotional moments that really grip you, sending chills through my spine. Truly, was an honor to read, and I'm not really a horror fan but this is just sooooooooo good. *Pat pat*

Nice and eerie, just right for this time of year

Where did everything living on Equus go?

I agree, this story is amazing but I really want to know, just a reason where they go :applejackunsure:

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