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Rainbow Dash insists that Sunset Shimmer should try the new haunted house in the Equestria Land theme park.

Sunset doesn't see the point. After all, she's fought actual villains and comes from a world where dragons and monsters are just a fact of life. Cheap gimmicks and jumpscares hardly sound like her idea of fun.

But hey, if there's a chance to prove to Rainbow that she's not scared, what's the harm?

Written as part of a gift exchange for Flashgen.

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Ooh, spoopy. A familiar beat, but I got a few smiles out of it.

Ooh, that ending. That was real spoopy, especially when the nightmare started to become real. Here's to hoping Sunset gets out of it sometime.

The tone makes the ending feel like it belongs to a chapter not the whole story. Like the whole story is supposed to be the Girls fighting the actress playing Nightmare Moon possessed by remnants of the Tantabus (or the Ponyville legend of the Pony of Shadows is true and Nightmare Moon's left over magic came to the real world via the EverFree Portal/During the Friendship Games etc) making her think she is Nightmare Moon. Maybe even asking Princess Twilight for help, who sends Princesses Luna to help them instead of going herself, calling in the Professional so to speak. Could have a cool Nightmare Moon vs Luna fight as the climax.

ooh, nice ending there. *checks*

Oh, Complete.

That works just as well as the alternative. :)

Now I'm hoping for a sequel to this story, plus I have to add in, I was shocked when Twilight fell though.

I kept expecting this to be some really elaborate haunted house set up that all the girls besides Sunset were in on.

This could really use a sequel where Fluttershy contacts pony Twilight and gets her help figuring out how to save Sunset and fix their friends.

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