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"The Year Of School Just Began Folks. And I Feel Excited!" Just an ordinary Christian living in a world that is odd. Also a writer and a singer!

Zephyr Breeze 😍 (My dork!)

Ships that I enjoy:

(Scrooge x Goldie)

(Fluttershy x Discord)

(Spike x Rarity)

Other Dorks I love 😍:

(Scrooge Mcduck)

(Butch The Cat)

Blog Posts

  • 2 weeks
    Song for the ending?

    So, I've been listening to "Ever Ever After" that one song from Enchanted and for my new remake of my story "The Music Love", I keep thinking about Zephyr and Victoria at the end, when they're together as a couple and doing their romantic things and they're developed and stuff.

    Idk if it's a bad thing, but I can't help but listen to this song and even I just imagine them in this scenario.

    Here's the song:

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  • 2 weeks

    I just wanted to know if it's cliche if newly lovers to couples would go to a prom dance with another. I've been looking at date ideas for my story and I wanted them at first go to a cafe date (Plus make them dance to fast jazz), or a bowling date. But when I think of a prom date, I searched up if it's cliche but idk if it is?

    I just wanted to know, is it cliche for a couple to go to a prom for a first date?

    4 comments · 12 views

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All good, my dude, lol :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh! Oops, sorry about that man
(Also as side note: I never got your comment on my notification, but I just realized now.)

Hey friend! :rainbowdetermined2:

Just a friendly reminder that each story submitted must be in one folder only

Thankles for the follow!

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