Noname's cat Groupies! 34 members · 135 stories

Welcome to Noname’s cat grind!

If you love cats, or this grey cat.....

Then this is your place!

Here, we love to vibe, and vibing is what we do!

Enjoy your stay here.....


~No name 13, owner of the group

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I am officially the 35th member to join this group. Does the pain in my mouth go away now?

Cool, I'm in this.

"Do I like trains?" I have a VERY bad experience with them... *Wrong side of the trucks flashbacks*

Hello there!:twilightsheepish:

Guess I'm 17th.

A good and plucky number.

I am fourteenth to join zis group (Imagine the voice of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the chocolate factory 😂😂)

10th member is me btw. :3

Okay, now I have good health. Thank you very much.

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