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Lightning Dust is no longer a Wonderbolt. She's looking for a way to move on.

Cherry Jubilee is no longer a young mare. She's looking for a way to look back.

They meet at a restaurant.

Cover art by Silent Whisper.

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This was an adorable ride from start to finish! I'd love to read more with this pairing

I liked the interplay between the both, how despite the mistakes they made they both relaxed and got along with each at the end.

Lovely interlude, and some fascinating ideas for both mares. Well done. Best of luck in the judging.

Yes. Absolutely yes. This was adorable and I loved it (in spite of the fact I don't much care for Lightning Dust in general lol)

And then, they...

Negotiated the terms of their new partnership, including division of stake and ownership of the new stunt flying team and planning for future investments to ensure continued liquidity and hedge against risk and liability. My God, I love it when people write about business.

Nice, enjoyable dialogue. "Dust, this is a start of a beautiful friendship!" :rainbowlaugh:

I loved your story so much I just had to review it! Great work!

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