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The Seer

The internet was a catastrophic mistake


There is no such thing as a gut feeling, not really. If you suddenly start to feel afraid for no apparent reason, it's very unlikely to be anything serious. But it doesn't make it feel any better does it?

Twilight is up burning the midnight oil again, when suddenly every sense she has tells her that something is terribly wrong. There can't be anything really wrong though, not in reality.
Can there?

A short experiment in atmospheric horror.

Chapters (2)
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Hm. Not bad. The Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (the unicorn, the librarian etc) was a little jarring and I saw an instance of footsteps instead of hoofsteps, but other than that, it was fairly solid.

Fuck thay was uncomfortable! Literally nothing but my heart is pounding. I'd really like to get some sort of explanation, but as of now it seems like in her studies Twilight somehow accessed a different realm or potentially let something into hers. Or perhaps it was nothing at all but a series of strange coincidences and a gut feeling.

My headset chirped at me there was no audio output and I nearly jumped you bastard.

*Incoherent screeching.*

... *Settles into a corner.*


Forreal, this is exactly how the reptilian brain likes to approach things. Sometimes I'll wake up and there's just this... crawling, this knowing, and all you have to just do is stay still, act like you're still asleep, and everything will be fine.

Good unsettling story.

Kinda reminds me of Reading Room #36

A very nice and wonderful story. I also love how you left it up to the reader what it was all about.

Cheers mate, I looked over the story and edited it slightly to alleviate some of the LUS.
Love your fic 'A Shadow Hangs Overhead' btw

Thank you for the kind words :)
That's definitely an interesting take, I'm gonna be one of those author's unfortunately and leave it pointedly unresolved, but the accompanying blog post on my profile may give you some context as to why the story is so vague.


Haha that's a great way of describing it mate, I love playing with the irrational despair you can develop in scenarios like that I'm glad it resonated with you :)

Thank you kindly, unsettling is definitely what I was going for as opposed to outright terror, glad it seemed to come across.
I've had that on my read later list for ages now, is it a decent fic?

That's very kind of you, I appreciate it :)
I'm glad you liked the vague ending, I was afraid it may turn some readers off

Definitely, although it goes deeper into existential horror.

Also, I can recommend A FLEet|ng LIght |n thE DArknEsS by the same author.
This story is somewhat similar-ish to yours.

It'd be better if the knowing thought that it's obvious you're awake because you're too still wouldn't worm it's way in.

Forreal, I wonder what causes that feeling so randomly in the middle of your sleep cycle - sleep paralysis, a hypnagogic hallucination, or just a dream you held on to as you awoke?

Edit: I also heavily recommend reading Reading Room #36. It's amazing. One of my favorites.

Yeah the whole premise reminded me of a horror movie called the Banshee Chapter where some people tune in on a radio frequency that causes Lovecraftian creatures to sort of come in on the signal and just mess stuff up.

Yeah I will definitely read your post!

*Edit - I'm an idiot and replied to my own comment. The real horror begins now

That was really good. I want to be able to write like this. It really brought out the fear of the unknown. Or the fear of the known, because surely nothing that happened was unknown! Definitely had me listening for odd little sounds myself, reading this at 2 in the morning.

It could be anything, from nothing at all, to trickster fae, to incomprehensible eldritch being. I honestly don't know which would be worse.

Now that was creepy. Excellent work.

Thanks very much mate, that's very kind of you to say, it's always lovely to hear something you wrote struck a chord with someone.
Congrats on your feature in the RCL by the way! Got your fic lined up to read and I can't wait :raritywink:

Whatever the hell it was, I'd bet it's a lot less scary than your avatar! 😛

Cheers boss, creepiness was definitely the motif I was shooting for above more blatant forms of horror so I'm glad it came across :twilightsmile:

Thank you! It was rather unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise when they told me I'd be featured. Thanks for inspiring my story with this one. I feel like yours is very underappreciated. Hope you enjoy mine when you get around to it!

Author Interviewer

When you say "Hello?" to an empty room and nothing responds, that just means it's trying to trick you into thinking it's not there.

Author Interviewer

This is one of the best horror stories on this entire site.

Very high praise indeed! Thanks mate, that's very kind of you to say and I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

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