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When Ponyville's pegasi suddenly bolt from the skies, Fluttershy endeavors to uncover the reason why.

This story was written for the Barcast's Halloween in April story contest.

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Hey there, thank you for submitting this. I look forward to reading it.

Immensely engaging read. You captured the feeling of the ocean depths and its large bodies very well, but all the more horrifying due to the unnaturalness of the fact it was a sky beast.

This story is like a vivid reminder that Equestria is, in fact, a deathworld full of ridiculous monsters.

I always dread any horror stories involving Fluttershy, mainly at the thought of anything happening to such a sweet gentle character. But it was worth the risk just for the build up and revelation of such a unique and terrifying creature, well done.

Oh. Oh, this was something. A tantalizing bit of horror, a glimpse of the unknown, the feeling of finding yourself to be a minnow in the ocean of the world. This was really something.

This was actually really good. The way the pegasi were acting, I thought the creature was Lovecraftian, but I guess it still technically is.

Wow, what a swift flying trip of fleeting thoughts.

So what happened to Derpy? I totally forgot there was an epilogue...

One wonders how deep the Equestrian skies are: in the comic there's air on the Moon, so perhaps things can fly not just from place to place but from world to world.

Also: are the clouds something the monster brings with it, or is it some sort of ancient magical defense of Equestria itself, hiding those on the ground from the monster above?

The endless sky is just a bottomless sea, hiding all the mysteries from the world with their own respective barriers

Congratulations with the terrific story, man!

I like how this reflects real organisms and how they hunt, just y'know magic and it eats pegasus

If they had to build an ancient defense system against predators from the void...what the hell else is out there?

I thought it was going to be a bodysnatching sort Eldritch abomination, but then I realized I might have been reading too much Candy Mare. I always love when I’m wrong in my predictions. It really adds a surprise factor. On top of that, the way you wrote Fluttershy has got to be one of the most true to the canon I’ve read in any fanfic.

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Fluttershy shrugged. “One day, I’ll be able to fly by your side again. But not now.”

it's rare to see an epilogue AFTER the horror in a horror story, but this was pretty good

It’s like some kind of sky jellyfish… it’s essentially invisible, but you can see what it’s eaten. :twilightoops:

The grey clouds loomed closer.

4 some reason this reminds me of pale luna (google it if u dunno)

yeah i was thinking the same thing

reminds me of the alien from Nope 2022 lol

Thaz some scary shit

Why did I start reading this while about to go to bed

bristletails as pursued by draft

I particularly admire how well you handled not revealing the monster. Sometimes that comes across as authorial caprice, but here it was very natural. Some ponies died and nopony knows what the buck happened, full stop.

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