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What does someone like Twilight Sparkle do when they need an editor for their writing?

Simple, they turn to magic instead.

A metafictional horror

Runner up in the Dreams contest for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group.
This was originally written in an hour. This version has received some slight refinement. A big thanks to all who preread in the contest.
CW: Description of a suicide, depiction of a murder

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As I said previously in the contest, this was a great piece of meta fiction horror. Makes me think twice about the things I'm putting my characters through...

This story gave me chills and yet I was smiling the whole time too. Great stuff as usual.

10154429 And that's why I'm nice to my characters! Except cherngelerngs. They suck and deserve the beatings. :trollestia:

Seer, have you considered that maybe you're a prophet, and what you write comes true? You've just given some Twilight somewhere a horrible nightmare about having written a story where someone she was writing about actually died because of what she wrote.

I mean, there's no way that my writing about you getting a headache thinking about this will give you a headache from thinking about this, right?

Darker variant of Stranger than Fiction. Much darker.

Always loved meta-fictional horrors. Reminds me of a comic where the main character ends up doing horrible things and is in constant suffering, only because you, the reader, keep reading. Nice work!

A lot better than most stories that try to 4th wall break in this manner.

Oh my Gawd...

Regidar sent me here, and I'm glad he did. This was satisfyingly spooky.

Have a like, a favourite and a review. Thought-provoking and really rather chilling. I'm impressed.

twilight invents NovelAI gone horribly wrong

Ah. So Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe but ponified then.

I like to imagine things when I read something interesting for the ending, but dang, this one is dope.

In a horror story, there are only victims and monsters...

Big Alan Wake vibes

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