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Plenty of ponies had their ideas about what fear was, but most of them were wrong. King Sombra knew what fear was. 

Entry into the Colourful Characters Contest - Spike for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group. Thanks to TheLegendaryBillCipher and Flashgen for their notes during the contest.

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So Sombra had a nightmare of a giant Spike telling him to 'Suckit!'?

This was an interesting look at how Spike's role in Sombra's defeat was emphasized because he was the unexpected one. Both Sombra and the crystal ponies wouldn't have really blinked an eye if Cadance was the one who jumped out of the tower with the Crystal Heart, or Twilight, but Spike falls into the narrative of an unexpected hero. I do admit Sombra becoming afraid of Spike feels like a stretch, even if I could see Sombra dwelling on how he acted and failed to act toward Spike.

:twilightsheepish:"and not only that Sombra cried that this Spike was getting all the hot mares...?" :twilightoops: Who put this in?
:moustache: Don't look at me
:twilightangry2: Spike!
:ajsmug: It was Rarity , I'd of used Cowmares me self
:pinkiehappy: And if it was Fluttershy Discord would of turned him into a pickle
:facehoof: . . .
:raritywink: Oh how I love his little waddle :twilightoops:

Wow, that's a really interesting perspective to take on Sombra's character. I never really considered Sombra's thoughts or feelings towards Spike since all of Spike's "Heroics" were more or less just a joke for the fans to watch and see an entire empire bow to a small baby dragon that got really reaaaalllllly lucky. To have Sombra be afraid of Spike, as if he was this all powerful force of nature that could crush Sombra, was really fun to read. Great work!

You seem to think that Spike isn't a force of nature. None of his heroics are actually jokes about him, we have to take into account multiple of Spike's personality traits most of them being very selfless and altruistic. He's loyal, kind, generous, he'll give you the honest truth when you really need it, he'll crack a joke when tensions too high, and he's highly intelligent when it comes to many things magic as well as knowing just as much about magic is Twilight. So Spike really does exhibit all the traits of the elements of harmony to varying degrees. And in the series finale when Crystalis had threatened to pluck Spike's wings of to get Twilight and her friends to you old Spike told them to forget about him and take the shot showing that he is extremely willing to die to protect people and remember spikes wings are full of blood vessels and if his wings were literally plucked he would die from blood loss if not Shock in a matter of moments.

Coming right in after the long-spanning reign of havoc and dominance you've had to hand you your tuckus twice?

Never thought of it this way, but you may be right: To Sombra, Spike is to him as Brock Lesnar was to Undertaker.

Though Sombra's definitely had more to possibly fear.

Anyways, thank you for a fantastic FIMFic.

So many have scrutinised the inner workings of the heart, written entire books on sadness, love and
hate. Yet terror is the truest, purest of all human emotions. Terror is what we have once our earthly
facades are stripped away, once we are naked, vulnerable savages in a vast and uncaring
Civilisation is a costume, worn to conceal our truest natures. Oh, that we could all become terrified
children once again! That we could understand in an instant that everything is hopeless, everything
is death. There is no next step, no reprieve. Life is terror and terror is life.
- Forbidden Texts of Yugul

But the whelp had been slippery, evasive like the coward he simply must have been. It had to have been a coward, a fraud, duplicitous and two-faced.

How else would it have brought down a king?

You know that's actually a curious thing about this Sombra, with us humans it's kind of the opposite, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated one of the reasons (among others) that people were so prone to turn to conspiracies was the idea that it seemed so impossible that one man with a gun could kill the Commander in Chief of one of two global super powers. It had to be something grander than what it was. It's curious indeed that Sombra acknowledges that it would most likely be some individual "coward" that would do him in rather than some grand liberating hero...

I like this view of Sombra's post-defeat mindset! Very well-written.

Absolutely fantastic!

Never thought of it this way, but you may be right: To Sombra, Spike is to him as Brock Lesnar was to Undertaker.

I truly hope that isn't the case... The Undertaker was a force of Creation... Lesnar was, is, and always has been a very powerful puppet.

10349673 Proof that I have evolved beyond humanity. I have no fear. I am the Kwisatz Hadirac!

Sombra is making excuses. Spike was just... there. It just happened to be him. Could've been anyone else on top of the tower. Anything else. All Spike had to do was pick up the Heart and throw it.

Sombra's covering for the fact that he was completely incompetent at hiding the McGuffin. :trollestia:


I... really liked that! It’s a cool take on Sombra’s perspective of the whole thing, and how Spike wasn’t at all what he was expecting to be the biggest threat to the plan.

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