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"And that's how we like to do it on the murder scene."

Raindrops "Killjoy" Merryweather is many things: a borderline vigilante, reckless bounty hunter, and probably a horrible pony. She's not, however, a hero. But when a close friend is murdered, Raindrops takes it upon herself to avenge his death. She isn't going to let the law, the cops, or her friends get in her way.

Raindrops isn't a hero: she wasn't one before, and she surely won't be one now. But she'd rather be a villain than be nobody at all.

This story is a spinoff/extension of PonyJosiah13's Ponyville Noire series. Knowledge of that story isn't necessary but I recommend you read it anyways.

Thanks to Seriff Pilcrow, Silent Whisper, Vis a Viscera, hawthornbunny, and Mykola for prereading various parts.

Thanks to EverfreePony for once again editing and prereading.

Cover Art by Snow Quill!

Cover art on Derpi

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 7 )

And so the hunt is afoot.

I do love seeing how Killjoy's mind tunnels to the task; good story start, Red.

HECK YES! I've been waiting for this story to post! It's really really good! Get HYPED everyone!!! We're in for a great ride!

Funerals are fucking stupid. Thank Celestia I won’t be alive to see my own.

Starting off with a bang, huh? These two sentences give us such a good look into Raindrop's character as well as her emotional state, as well as establishing the setting of this chapter. Just. So good.

Yeah, this is really good, Red. I'm already dying to see what comes next.




Thanks guys! ^^

Couldn't have done this without your help!

As someone who naturally curses a lot, this is fantastic. I love Raindrops character and the allusion of gang war stuff? Oooh, I’m excited for this

Burning bridges left and right there, Rainy.

Good to see you writing again!

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