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  • TTo Be Seen
    In the middle of the night, Rarity is awoken by a noise from downstairs. But it's alright, all she needs to do is make sure everything's okay. Then she can go back to bed. Then it'll be over.
    Seer · 2.1k words  ·  237  3 · 3.8k views
  • TLocal
    Twilight loves living in Ponyville, though the change is a little bigger than she'd first expected. But things like homesickness and dealing with the way everyone seems to stare and whisper are all just part of moving somewhere new.
    Seer · 51k words  ·  176  2 · 2.5k views
  • TAfter I Looked Up, The Stars Had Gone Away
    Have you ever felt yourself suddenly terrified, for no apparent reason at all? We all know that 'gut feeling' isn't a real thing, and that there's nothing to be afraid of. It doesn't help though, does it?
    Seer · 6.7k words  ·  282  6 · 4.3k views
  • EThose Weaker Ripples
    Twilight is taking tea, just like she used to with the princess. She's the princess' faithful student actually. Did you know that?
    Seer · 1.2k words  ·  319  8 · 3.2k views