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Original Works. It was a good run.


This story is a sequel to Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith!

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I want to be free.

If you have not read the first story, it is highly recommended you do so. For those who have, if you have not read the chapter 'A Cold Greeting', it is recommended you do so, as this is a direct continuation from that.

Thank you to Viral Acorn for providing the cover art. A screw up in the commission though is her being an alicorn, because she is not in the story.

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Why does Twaith have wings in the cover art? I thought she was a unicorn.

Comment posted by Michael Hudson deleted Jun 14th, 2016

6919795 well, aside from the issue with the cover art, great story as usual. Come to think of it, I can't even name any other stories on this site which have main characters who are dead. Except for Dead/Light and the sequel anyway. So kudos to you for doing something different :twilightsmile:


Mort Takes a Holiday.


Wait... Is Mort dead? Or does he just resemble one because of his line of work? Man, it's been so long.

I can't wait to see where you take this. I love the take on Lich!Sombra and that he's more rounded out than chuckling darkly in a corner hissing out "Crysssstalssss"

kind of saw that coming or figure those two woulf fight it out why other grab the heart and the heart nearly kill twilight....or being her back to life or some how she goes away but is reborn as the daughter of cadence....

Lich King Sombrero has captured the wraith Twinkie Sprinkle in his mancave of dooooom! :fluttershbad:

And I that was thinking that Sombra was going to show how Celestia ordered all her friends to kill her and they accepted

6919983 There is Split Second: An Eternity Divided.

Theyโ€™ll be a lot of climbing this route, so Rainbow

1. There'll.

She had been hiding
Twilight mouthed, โ€œProtect them,โ€™

1. An extra spacing at the start.
2. You might want to change the apostrophe into a closing quotation mark or the other way around. Your preference since both work.

Well, I finally caught up. And how I am feeling sorry for Twilight. When she finds out what happened though... Not even the dead will stay dead.

Epic beginning for what I hope will be a glorious story.


I believe mort is more like an angel or demon; created spiritual in nature. He was never a pony or mortal, but takes the form of a pony (albeit skeletal) for his work.

Seeing this reminds me that it hasn't updated in forever... And now I'm sad.


Technically she is an Alicorn.

And this person never asked me to take the wings out even though I had sent like 10 preliminary sketches that needed their approval before even getting a chance to color it (making it go from a 4 hour project to an 8 hr project).

=) This is why we send preliminaries of messy sketches first before spending time on line arts and coloring.

Maybe the writer will have learned a lesson by now and hope they apply it to future artists they commission from.


PS. Yes I did make an account specifically for this purpose. It's okay to ask for changes in commission line work as an artist sends back ideas for approval, it is not okay to lie about it or blame the artist too for "not asking" or calling them "not a fan" when I don't really know what that means, I'm just paid to do a job. I guess you can't please everyone.

7304171 And I will back Miss Acorn on this, as I was in the wrong. I expected more of the story, and when it wasn't meeting my own expectations, I lashed out, instead of taking ownership for the mistake I had made. She did send me preliminaries, but I was too enthralled by the good work to notice the issues. I have excuses, but end of the day, it's simply my fault, and I should have taken responsibility for that.

Can't wait for Spike to start (sings) TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS (every day!):rainbowdetermined2:

is this still canon as it is cancelled?

7599224 It is, which is why the chapters that came after its cancellation tried to hit on some of the larger points that had happened in it.

Celestia looked up to all of them, before taking a deep breath, and pushing herself up. The map soon raised itself up, now stained with tea and littered with crumbs, but still plenty useful. โ€œI thank you all for the sentiment, but I simply cannot put my faith into it. If she needs to be put down, I need to know that you will follow my orders, and do it. Will you?โ€

Me, understanding that friendship is an actual metaphysical reality-bending force: "Fuck no, bitch. We're saving our friend. End of story."

RIP interesting premise.

Why was it cancelled?

10101387 I... wasn't able to keep up with the story. This came out at a time where I was caught in flux with my emotions at their bleakest and my creative interests shifting. I couldn't keep doing what I wanted with Twaith in general and I decided to end it on a high note than keep crawling on and say I'd do more some day.

Will you ever continue, do you think?

10101427 No. I do original works now and the muse for Twaith left a long time ago. The energy that was put into this has shifted to my series of books and how much I love them.

k, could I have help finding your more recent material?

10101431 This takes you to my Amazon author page, while my most recent stuff can be found under the stories tab on my author's page.

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