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One day, Rarity forgets to turn the faucet off.

Then, everypony else begins forgetting things.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 21 )

Holy shit. this is good. Like, just a slow, gradual decline to absolute madness.

That was an amazing story so far. The suspense nearly killed me, but I kinda forgot how to die... Whoopsie :pinkiecrazy:

I'm going to reread it someday.

Man this is serious shit

This story is too underrated.

Very well done. Definetly deserves more upvotes.

“And I will keep guard to make sure no dastardly and not-as-handsome-as-I villains sneak in.” Discord snapped his fingers and split into six copies with big black wigs and a red uniform. All ran off in different directions.

Bravo, Discord.

“Shhh…” Twilight hissed, sweaty and haggard and just plain terrified. She took her hoof from Rarity’s mouth and pointed out of the hole. “Look.”

This is very well done. I swear, this feels like a cliche scene of zombie movies though.

Upvote for just being plain GOOD.

Thanks so much for the review. I didn't expect it to be rated so highly, but it's a pleasant surprise nonetheless :twilightsmile:

After Paul's glowing review, I had to check this out. I was not disappointed, getting a sense of palpable dread that only built as I kept reading. Now to look into your other works.

For a second I thought this wasn't gonna have a happy ending.

Quite a ride! It built things up relatively quickly but still managed to keep escalating the suspense throughout. Plus I’m always glad to see Rarity being awesome.:raritywink:

The epilogue infodump did feel a little tacked on, but when you’re sticking to one POV I guess it can be necessary.

This fic is good. You did good. Good.

I love the atmosphere you built here, it is thick and menacing, and does wonders to sell the dread of the situation Ponyville found itself in. I also have to praise your characterization of Discord, still mischievous but helpful. It is a role he is hardly ever cast in, and it felt like a breath of fresh air. It is a bit too unpolished for my tastes, but as far as effective horror goes, you can't really go wrong with something like this.

I really liked this, for the most part.
I can't help but wonder if the story wouldn't have benefitted if the descent from normalcy to forgetfulness had been more gradual, letting the readers get that creeping sensation that something is wrong before hitting them with the full force of the horror dwelling behinf the veil of reality. As it stands right now, it all spirals out of control a bit too quick for my taste.
Then again, seeing how the main chapter is already over 11k words, perhaps expanding the story would have forced it to be much longer than needed, or broken into several chapters.
Speaking of which, I really could've done without the epilogue. Maybe it's just me, but I feel the main chapter ended on a great note and everything after that is just a happy ending for the sake of one. It's not that well developed either, if I'm being honest, since it's composed mostly of Discord telling Rarity what happened once the Wraiths were defeated.
Nevertheless, this was a great read, and I hope you keep writing and improving in the future.

I was so shocked when I read back and noticed the empty spot where Opalescence looked back placeheld by a comma and spaces. I had dismissed it as a simple typing mistake before!

A truly great read! Kudos to you, oh great author! And congratulations on being reviewed by the SA Team! Your story had the feels that led me to shiver in real whereas I never did while reading any other story. You are a master!


200/100, I tell you!

Thanks so much for the kind words. It was pretty awesome to be reviewed by the SA.

32forget+24forgot = 56?

They cluttered the forest, at least twenty-two of them

Twenty ponies could live here and it would still feel spacious; how did Spike and Twilight feel wandering these halls at night?

9+11 = 9/11?

9331847 Scary, but I assure you it's a coincidence; I'm not smart enough to be involved in world-changing conspiracies, sadly

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