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Lightning Dust would always be an angry monster that seeks to ruin Rainbow Dash's life whenever possible. At least, that's what Rainbow Dash told herself. So when she sees that Lightning Dust is dating a mare within the Apple Family, she comes to that exact conclusion. Instead of being proven right once more, she learns a valuable lesson about just how deserving of love "monsters" can be.

Written for The Red Parade for Jinglemas 2021.
Cover art generously done by applejackofalltrades!
Contains themes of self-resentment, healing, and Appledash friendship.

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It's got lightning dust in it, so of course I love it

Hehe some good Fiddledust action here. Nice! More stories for good ship

Love this. You handle Lightning Dust really well here as she geniunley feels sympathetic while mainting her brash personality we saw in the show. I love takes like these that really sell us how she's changed and can still be a good person, something hard to do since Washouts came out. You did great with it, thank you for this and Merry Christmas!

But you were just as cocky and arrogant as me, so why did Spitfire only keep you?

Because RD is a main character, that's why. Funnily enough, the episode was originally going to end with LD and RD swapping positions, and the ending in the finished episode was added later.

Well there's why i love Lightning
Yes she did make a mistake
But they both did
And she deserves mercy
Like i give others

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