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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


In a quiet spaceship making a nondescript voyage, Applejack knows something is wrong.

The computer says everything is fine.

Her crewmates say everything is fine.

Her very eyes say everything is fine.

And yet she just can't let go of the feeling that things are not fine at all.

Written for the Quills & Sofa's "Anonymous Authors 2" contest, where it received Second place

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Just came to say those eyes are effectively creepy. :twilightoops:

This is a beautiful story.
You've thoroughly raised the bar for anything that could ostensibly be considered an Among Us crossover :derpytongue2:

Ah, AI-generated images. The gift that keeps on giving unspeakable horrors.

I really enjoyed this, as you know. Glad to see it up on Fimfic!!!

I really enjoyed this, as you know. Glad to see it up on Fimfic!!!

"Forgery by a surgery, she is more than flesh on bone..."

Is that reference to Monster, I see?

is one of these comments... an IMPOSTOR?

How Can Mirrors Be Real When Our Eyes Aren’t Real


For the title alone, you have my laughs. :trollestia:

My big problem with this is that the reveal doesn't make sense in hindsight. Why draw attention on the comms like that to yourself if you're trying to escape notice? It would've worked better if fake AJ was following some hourly report protocol and had to report suspicious activity to Fiddlesticks, or at least fake AJ tried to pretend there was only something minor.
A more minor thing is...Fiddlesticks and Lightning Dust? Even Trixie would've made more sense in the role of "snarky mare who doesn't care" as someone Fiddlesticks could tolerate (Lightning Dust didn't even show up to save Equestria in the finale), and been far more interesting calling them up to brag.

Fiddledust is one of my friend's favorite ships, so it was included as a nod to them.
It's a more popular pairing than you might think.

Perfect title.

Started on a note of horror, but ended rather humorously. Nice job.

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