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Ever the daredevil, Lightnight Dust accepts a challenge to visit Ponyville again after certain events that didn't paint her in the best light. But the greatest challenge is keeping her emotions in check.

A commission for The Red Parade, thank you for the support! If you are interested in a commission from me, check this post out.

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I love this! Good characterization of Lightning Dust, and I especially love how her internal monologue bleeds into the narration (like "she was just cool like that"), and it really reads as someone who's trying too hard to convince herself of this. Which, I believe, is a good thing.

Cute romance is cute romance. And, of course, I love your writing overall.

Thank you thank you, you are too kind ♥

Comment posted by ponymov deleted April 14th

I wouldn't have thought a story focused almost entirely on preparing a pie would be this enjoyable. This was pretty sweet.

I'll take that, and the pun, as a compliment! Thank you!

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