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Female Writer, Bisexual Writer, Smolder X Mare Crackship Connoisseur. Creator of the Smolderverse, and writer of many other kinds of clop and SFW stories (Now taking commissions!)

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Commission Break in April · 1:04am February 23rd

I will preface that every commission that is currently on the waitlist as of today will be finished within the next 30 days or so, and will be taken care of as swiftly as possible. But any future commission/commission chapters won't be started on until late April at the earliest or early May at the latest. There are many reasons for this, with the main two reasons being the fact that I plan on moving out during that break month as well as setting aside time to

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Commission Page

This is my official page where I get into the prices, stuff off limits, and everything else!

I only accept PayPal. My prices are $13 per thousand words, and anything after 10,000 words is $15 per thousand words. Anything after 30,000 words will become $18 per thousand words. This is even if the story is multiple chapters and this applies to sequels as well. No refunds after I start on the story.

Crossovers/Other Fandoms I will write for: Pokémon, Steven Universe (Rules below still apply)
What I won't write: No sci-fi, rape, foalcon, incest, scat, watersports, diapers, vore, bestiality (interspecies is fine), or gory sex/gorefests. Gore is okay in moderation if it serves to the plot instead of just being shock value. I only will write for G4 and G5, not Equestria Girls or the MLP Comics. Preferably feral and anthro characters only, but Human in Equestria is fine. Stories with obscure fetishes or stories with only human characters may be charged extra. As for the bestiality one, Human X Pony is okay, but not Fluttershy having sex with her rabbit. All parties must be equally intelligent and capable of consent if it's a clopfic commission.

What I specialize in: lesbian/bisexual content, polyamory, futa, consensual species domination (zebradom, griffondom, etc), human X pony, and just writing new characters and even crackships! I love trying new stuff to write within my limits specified above, so don't be afraid to ask for a story with a weird pairing or underwritten character! I'm also happy to write M/M content and just about any other genre that wasn't covered by the limits. OCs are allowed!

If you are interested in a commission, please PM me and we can work out the details! Please read over the limits and rules carefully, and I look forward to anyone interested in commissioning me!

This is the waitlist for commissions, people can only have their commission on the waitlist once the entire story or chapter is paid for in full.

Slot One: Trixie X OC Clopfic [IN PROGRESS]
Slot Two: Pear Butter X Burnt Oak Anthro Clopfic Chp. 1
Slot Three: CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE (Break Time until May!)
Slot Four: Driving Her Batty Chp. 2
Slot Five: Driving Her Batty Chp. 3