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Slower Commission Times (Dying Laptop) · 3:54pm February 3rd

Hello, as some of you might’ve noticed, I've had to push back on deadlines and start times for my commissions. While a lot of this is because of my other new job and personal responsibilities, it's also because of a more recent and pressing issue that has only gotten worse as time goes on: my ol' laptop, that has been with me since my high school graduation, has been glitching and breaking down frequently.

Edit: Got a new laptop from a family member, expect updates very soon!

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Recovering from the Thickness, Sorry, Sickness lol · 6:00am Dec 20th, 2023

Hello everybody, as some of you might've noticed from my previous blog, I've been releasing a lot of stuff written in November from my NaNoWriMo feat and not a lot of stuff written this month. I got really busy with a new job, getting gifts for the holidays, and got really sick over the weekend. And honestly? Just plain old burnout from my ass getting kicked by NaNoWriMo. I'm really happy to say I'm on a quick road to recovery and plan on catching up on commissions, as well as getting my

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NaNoWriMo Complete!! · 9:15pm Nov 29th, 2023

Two days ago, I completed my goal and then some at 52K words this month! I will summarize what I have written, none of which are published yet but expect them to all come out within the next month or two!

  • 2nd Chapter of Birds of Prey and Play
  • Most of the 2nd Chapter for the Smolderverse Sequel
  • 13K for my Watership Down fanfic City of Roses
  • 13K for the sequel to Humbling and Healing

Keep an eye out!

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NaNoWriMo + Commish Announcements · 5:28am Nov 20th, 2023

So here is the news in order of importance, all of it being good news rest assured.

  • Commissions are temporarily open to everyone again, the more demand there is for it, the longer I'll have commissions open for everyone. Prices/rules remain the same, though commissions placed after this post will begin after I take a week-2 week break from finishing my current commission slots. If you are interested, please PM me!

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Writing Update · 9:52pm Nov 5th, 2023

Prepare for me to release 3 new fanfics all at once in a couple of hours...

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NaNoWriMo + What to Expect in November · 10:50pm Oct 31st, 2023

Hello everybody! While a lot of it is up in the air as to what will come out, and when, I am happy to announce that I'll be attempting NaNoWriMo this year on top of continuing my commission log as normal. While my initial plan was to write the 50K for one story, I've ultimately decided to use the opportunity to work on hiatus stories as well as continuing the next installment of the Smolderverse.

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Commissions Opening Fully in October (Maybe) · 5:51pm Sep 21st, 2023

Hello readers! So when I had released that post to close most commissions, it was followed weeks later about never working for a local business ever again. A few days after that blog, I had made the decision to write my regulars' commissions full-time. With that said, I'm thinking it would only make sense to open up commissions entirely for everyone again and see how high the demand is for them. This will purely depend on how many available slots I have at the beginning of the month, and

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Smolderverse Adventures! · 5:41pm Sep 8th, 2023

It is with deep pride that I say that I've successfully finished Smolder's Cake Catering Order. And to be clear, this isn't the end of Smolder's time with Mrs. Cake just yet. The sequel is them with Pinkie thrown into the mix, and the cover art is already complete. With many other stories to work on in my backlog, it'll be some time before I can start on it and continue Smolder's adventures. But know that I'll keep you all updated on the series! Happy reading!

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Spicy September! · 12:49am Sep 1st, 2023

This is a blog for my +18 stories that I'll be working on for September. Lots of content from commissions, contest entries, and even personal content that will be coming out in the following month and in the approximate order they'll be released in...

-Lots of new chapters for CFCC!
-Finishing the last two chapters for Smolder's Cake Catering Order
-Striptember Contest Entry

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One More Chapter instead of Two · 1:57am Aug 29th, 2023

While I had plenty of ideas for this story, I also had a backup plan to end at the third chapter in case I ran out of my personal time to finish it. I started this entry relatively later in the time period of the contest, and decided to end this story at the next chapter. The fact that I so easily put together a sufficient entry for the contest is something I'm proud of, especially with such a self-indulgent idea!

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