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This is the one song everyone would like to learn: the song that is irresistible.


Zipp braves a magical storm to save Maretime Bay, and meets two mares from a time lost to history.

A tribute (?) of sorts to https://www.fimfiction.net/story/465824/never-forever.

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Lightning's grin became pained. "Right, about that..."

fun family story time about the time your long forgoten family member almost killed the heros of equestira

Wow I loved this! Such an interesting concept, andI like that it ended with the idea of them helping the main cast in G5.

Tyleks #3 · 6 days ago · · ·

Oh my gosh!!!!! This incredible fic will be my favorite one for ever. Gosh , the feeels.... I got tears in my eyes whIle reading the second half of the fic. Thank you!!

this is nice :)

This was a pretty cool story, both on the G5 adventure side and Lightning and Fiddlestick's entire deal. I appreciated that this is specifically presented as an AU to "never forget", since they failed to attend the Wonderbolts show depicted in it, so that version of them didn't get separated from their daughter.

Zipp was presented well, and I liked her interactions with Pipp.

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