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Set in the Equestria Girls universe!

When Twilight Sparkle (the scientist one, not the otherdimensional pony princess) predicts an oncoming magical calamity, it's up to Sunset Shimmer and her friends to stop it!

Now, they've got just two days to cover hundreds and hundreds of miles to get to exactly where the dimensional incursion is going to take place.

Good thing it's Spring Break. Road Trip!

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I can't wait too see more... hopefully a disaster or a crash or a "we're out of fuel and stuck in the middle of nowhere"-liked problem.

Loving thus far... though I can't help but note that the plan once they get to the incursion is, and I quote, "hopefully stop it." No details on how. Granted, they don't know what the "it" they may need to stop is, but still, I get the feeling that this could be problematic down the line.

In any case, definitely looking forward to more.

I read it because the picture is a Plymouth Voyager. I favorited it because it's good.

You got to bring Spike it's a Scooby-Doo tradition.

It's just the start, but it looks very promising. Road trip kind of stories are usually the funniest to read.

7030320 Why the fuck should they? If the talking dog—who is Twilight's closest companion, and has previously assisted in saving the world—was worth mentioning, the author would've let us know why he's missing out on skipping a road trip with all seven of his friends.

The show's about friendship, not charity cases.

let the adventure commence! this is going to be one fun ride! well done!

Always seemed kind of rude of the mirror to turn Spike into a pet. Sure he can still talk, but I don't know. Maybe the mirror's designer had a hang-up about non-ponies not being people :derpytongue2:

It also kind of limits his usefulness in saving the world, I guess. He's not even a big dog! It's kind of demeaning.


It's just the first stretch of the trip and they are already asking the weird and existential questions? I fear what will happen at half-way :rainbowlaugh:

This story is hilarious! These girls are always so fun to read about, and you get them so true to character. Rainbow Dash is always a hoot, and I can imagine Fluttershy listening to NPR!

By the way . . . I've never owned a brand new car and my current (and most up-to-date one) has a cassette player. Way to go, Fluttershy!

Well, at least Applejack is close to being able to handle real coffee. (Sorry, I was raised snobby in that regard. My parents are still appalled that I add stuff to mine sometimes.)

In any case, this is going about as well as could be expected... though the recognizably human names are a bit off-putting. It's reasonable to assume that the same naming conventions apply on a larger scale than just whatever town the human cast lives in. Aside from that, quite nice.

It's really hard for me to describe what I like in fanfiction, but this nailed it. It's got the girls acting in character, but in a way that they can't act in official media.


Yeah, it's a weird little quirk that I am just going to gloss over because I'm too lazy to dwell on too much because it gets in the way of making various pop culture references. If I wanted to think of convoluted pony names for everything, I'd stay in the main continuity. :)

Obviously, Human!Ponyville was founded by a bunch of hippies who didn't believe in 'normal' names. That, or it's just tradition everyone has a weird nickname.

Isn't Big Mac with Cheerilee now?

“NPR,” said Fluttershy, “And sometimes books on tape.”

Well, that's basically every roadtrip I took as a ki-

“--ran her trembling fingertips over his broad, sculpted chest. Fernando didn't flinch when Sarah touched the scar next to his navel, but when she moved her hand lower--”

... Okay, so for me it was a little more 'Piers Anthony' and less 'E. L. James', :twilightoops:

Also, the fact that Applejack was the one who mentions Ponyland was so wonderfully sublime I squee'd a little, :rainbowkiss:


As if that would stop Rainbow Dash!


Funny that you mention Anthony in the same breath as James ... mostly because Piers Anthony is a huge, huge pervo. I had to give up on the first "Bio of a Space Tyrant" book, as its two ongoing themes broke down to:

1) Hey, check out this cool Gravity Lens technology I made up!

2) RAPE.

Seriously, skeevy as all hell. And that's before you get into stuff like "Firefly." Grossness all around, I fear.

Still, hope you're enjoying the story! :)

“Nevermind.” Applejack stretched out as best she could (read: not very) and tried to get back to her nap. “I hate that joke anyway.”

Dang it, AJ. Breaking the fourth wall is Pinkie's job.

Ok, definitely following this. Considering how road trips usually go (like in Pinkie Apple Pie), I'd be more worried about them killing each other rather than not making it to those coordinates in time. Not sure that was a Sunset and Sci-Twi hint or not, though Rainbow is eager to double the awesome already. Introducing Equestria RD to Top Gun might not be a good idea, but not like that would slow down Rainbow at all.

Wonder how many other hjiniks they'll get up to on this spring break vacation. Here's hoping it ends up being more fun than maddening.

This fic is the best thing evar!!!11! :pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Hide your pic-a-nic baskets!!!!

Bad adventure in a dirty gas station, check! Sickness, check! Fun, check and double check. So far it's good, not really excellent, but not bad either.

I'm liking all the Transformers references, you can never have too many Transformers references (to the '80s cartoon at least). Glad Sunset is acting as the sane one, especially if they need the friendship laser later. Now Rainbow just has to bring up all the things that can go wrong on a camping trip to terrify Fluttershy. On the other hand, there might be a lot of wild animals for Fluttershy to befriend (or chase away, depending on if there will be any Best Night Ever references).

No, I'd say you're entirely justified in putting Appleoosa where you did. After all, it's supposed to be in a western frontier region.

In any case, plenty of road trip adventure in this chapter. Quite fun... for the reader, at least. The girls will probably just be glad when this is over and done with. I look forward to seeing how Murphy will strike next.

this gets better and better! well done ! and a hearty cheer for the girls!

Welp, magical interference located, I say...

Now the question is, which Discord? Since he isn't human, odds are it's the reformed one... not that that's necessarily great either, but attempting to fight a pre-reform Discord, even a human one, without the Elements might be a serious issue.

With the comedy and random tags, I'm honestly not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. That's probably the Equestrian Discord, but its always hard to tell with him. And can't tell how caught up Sunset is on recent Equestrian history (is she angry or annoyed or afraid?). Your take on teenage Humane Six (or Seven) hilarious, as always (Pinkie and Rarity especially). The impromptu camping trip didn't even turn out half as bad as I had feared. Not to mention, how to put it... clarifying that tension between Sunset and Twilight. At least for Sci-Twi's sake its not a no, but yeah, this is past soap opera and into weird fantasy territory. Of course her first reaction is to try to look for a book about her situation. :twilightsmile: Let's hope they can keep things uncomplicated at least until they get back home.

So screwed.

what was up with rainbow wanting to sleep with big mac the 2 have barley interacted in either universe and it makes no sense



I'm sure Brian was a nice marmot.

Lovely moment with Twilight and Sunset. I do hope they get that sorted out.

As for that ending... Oh, this is going to be very interesting. A wide number of possibilities have just opened up. I look forward to seeing which ones aplly.

What happens in Las Pegasus stays in Las Peg... yeah, no it won't, :facehoof:

Shotgun City!!!!

The crazy road trip is just got crazier! Discord + seven teenager girls + Las Pegasus= Chaos with a double Capital-C!

Hmm. You never know quite what to make of Discord in these situations. He's had a pretty good track record in Equestria when free of bad influences, but he doesn't really have the Elements of Damocles dangling over his head in this worldline, and he may know that.

Still, he shouldn't dismiss Sunset so easily. In such a hostile environment, the reaction greatly benefits from a catalyst.

Anyway, this just got even more interesting than before. Definitely looking forward to whatever madness next ensues.

So just to confirm, Discord's arrival is what human Twilight's instruments picked up, right? Which is why they're now stuck looking after a supposedly "reformed" chaos god? Though at least he's not as bad as a certain other entity of course. Hm, even back in Equestria not like they have the Elements to blast him with anymore, but rather its pony Fluttershy keeping him in check. Then again, they do have human Fluttershy there too.

Too bad they probably didn't have room to pack their instruments so its a bit harder to pony up at will. Although after they reach Las Pegasus who knows what Twilght could cobble together, that would certainly spoil Discord's vacation. Well, either the threat of Discord will unite the girls against him, or he'll goad them into ripping each other apart faster. Either way, its sure to be entertaining.

7042358 That's what the girls concluded. But the timing seems off. On the show Discord's ability to open dimensional rifts appears to be nigh instantaneous. While whatever SciTwi picked up was detectable days in advance. One of Discord's powers is the ability to detect magical anomalies and disturbances. I'm betting he was attracted to EQG Earth by the anomaly SciTwi detected but didn't cause it.

Way to twist the knife there Discord.

This one time I was on a roadtrip and shared a pint of Phish Food Ben & Jerry's with a dude.

I have a plan. I won't even have to break reality.

You think I have a plan? My dear, I am the very embodiment of chaos, madness, and entropy! I don't plan. I just … do.

He wouldn't be the embodiment of chaos if he were consistent.

I'm going to assume that Pinkie put some clothes on at some point between picking up Discord and reaching the strip.

As for Discord's interaction with Sunset, it's interesting. He may be indulging himself by venting a little malice or he may be playing the trickster mentor, trying to goad Sunset towards a revelation. Or both. One can never be sure with him. Also, nice touch making Sunset the Sisko to pony Twilight's Picard.

Oh, and there's one question that I'm surprised no one has thought to ask: Who's paying for all of this?

She still has that Magic Book to contact Twilight for advice right?


Ooops! Thanks for catching that. I've tweaked the earlier line, so everything's a bit more consistent. :)

(And yes, Pinkie Pie put some clothes on at some point).

Discord definitely has something in mind for Sunset. Looking forward to seeing it.


Who's paying for all of this?

Pay? Who do you think we are? :trollestia:

Seriously, some casinos used to "gift" room stays, drinks, and other amenities to prospective "whales" (actual term used) in the hopes of them spending big in the casino or merchandise stores. Also, most charges aren't reveled until check-out anyway. Skipping town before then used to sadly be common. :facehoof:

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