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This story is a sequel to BY THE BLACK AXE OF NIGHTMARE MOON!

After an incident regarding Twilight's browser history, the truth comes out: she's far, far nerdier than her friends ever thought. With her secret found out, Twilight Sparkle must introduce her friends to the wide, strange world of Live Action Role Playing Games.

At least Sunset seems kind of interested?

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Done well,this type of story can be highly enjoyable.

I think you can do it well. Tracking.

Blanco Lobo? Really?


Hee! I'm really enjoying how you write the EqG gang. This looks promising...

Shouldn't it be "Lobo Blanco", anyway?

Blanco Lobo, eh? Well, at least Twilight isn't playing Bloodsucker: the Brooding.

In all seriousness, very intriguing premise. And given the tags, it looks like the girls are in for some shenanigans. This should be quite interesting.

id love it if it turns out like that south park warcraft episode any chances of that happening my dear


Honestly, probably not? Given that LARPing has a far different dynamic than an MMO. And, y'know, I'm a lot less misanthropic than the South Park guys. :)

Just remember: you've never really LARPed until you've had to call time-out in the middle of a fight because your ears won't stay on, :ajsmug:

Nerds are like the Ugly Duckling. Also, I'll bet that Twilight's a bigger nerd than Shining Armor.

7107052 Pshaw, that's when you make sure your friend still has the spirit gum you asked them to hold for you. Or in my case, discover that it leaked all over your pocket >.<

Great story really looking forward to reading it.

This gon be good.

I was already down for this after reading the previous two stories, but now that I've read the first chapter I am SUPER down for this.

But oh my god LARPing is so nerdy. Like, so nerdy. Coming from me I'm not sure that actually counts as an insult but still. I mean, I probably own like $1200 or so worth of X-Wing Miniatures (as in the game FFG makes) so I feel like using nerd as an insult is like launching rocks from a glass balcony.

Oh god, Sunset in the rest getting in LARPing? This cannot end well. At all.:rainbowlaugh:

I can see this as an awesome slice of life fic. Or something where everything goes terribly worng.

“A room party? How's that work? Every party is held in a room! Unless you party outside. Which is pretty fun until the Park Ranger comes by and tells you to stop dancing in the fountain and put your pants back on.”


It's not that.” Twilight said. “It's just … I … uh. I kind of know Lyra's character already.”
“How so?” said Rarity.
“We're … kind of dating.”

You had my interest, but now you have my curiosity

...and then, in the midst of the confluence of outrageous amounts of fashion, social networking, gossip, and an actual mystery romance adventure, Rarity's brain exploded. At least the mortician's job was easy; her euphoric grin was so bright and permanent it eclipsed the Cheshire Cat in legend and lore.

I've just realized that Applejack's character is a pun and I've got a strong hunch that Rainbow is gonna be one of those noobs with awesome-sounding names, but end up being kicked around and then some. Also, Twilight's character is a reference to her voice actress and of the Displaced sub-genre. I also did NOT expect RD to be a fan of Metal Gear Solid.

Is becca black like a reference to jessica jones?

Cos it sounds like a reference to jessica jones.

7119324 Your picture fits that comment to perfectly. :rainbowlaugh:

Is this based on an actual game?

That's taking the game too far.

No Friday jokes? Come on, people!

Why am I thinking Tracer from Overwatch when I think of Lyra's costume?

So Twilight, Rarity and Sunset are their voice actors, Applejack is a living pun, Fluttershy and Pinkie are... something and Rainbow will die first (is her jacket maybe red?)

Given how I've basically never stopped playing pretend, the idea of needing to explain the concept of traditional RPGs to someone is kind of mind-boggling. I can understand it in principle, but actually having to do it... well, it's a good reminder that people think in different ways.

I see naming characters after voice actresses is going to be something of a theme.

:trixieshiftleft: I'll have you know I prefer cargo pants to jeans and plaid to emblazoned black.

Oh my. That's quite the stinger. This is going to be all kinds of delightfully awkward. Especially since Dash will probably sulk and snark when character is inevitably eaten by Clock Wraiths.


It helps if you have simpler systems. Quite a few easy freebies are floating on the interwebs.


Nah, there's not an actual game called ChronoQuest.

However, ChronoQuest is heavily inspired by Minds' Eye Society's Accord: The Combined. Accord is a ridiculously fun crossover LARP in which you can play almost any New WoD critter. Basically, it's the kind of game White Wolf told you not to run in the 90's.

The Flux mechanic in ChronoQuest in turn is heavily influenced by the Reality Quotient mechanic in Accord. Basically, the weirder your character is, the higher their RQ rating, which leads to Bad Stuff. A powerful Mage might have an RQ pushing 70 or 80 ... while a plain, clueless Mortal has an RQ of 0. Weird shit will happen to the Mage (and try to eat them), while the RQ 0 Mortal is so normal that the bad guys can't even see him.

Accord's a really fun game-- if there's any branches in your area, I highly recommend checking them out!

Darn, I was hoping Pinkie would break the fourth wall and play a character from Chrono Trigger. Oh well.

Lyra and Twilight? Huh, never would have thought of that. I can see the arkwardness coming right now.

When Twi started gushing about Tera, I started getting hyped about the D&D Tiefling rogue I designed. (If you actually like listening to such drivel, PM me)

You know, I'd play ChronoQuest. (Though probably a tabletop variant.)

That last line had me cracking up!:rainbowlaugh:

This actually sounds like it'd be a pretty fun RPG to play. Making a character outta anywhere in time opens up a lot of possibilities. Especially if it's main focus is more on the Narrative. :twilightsmile:

All the hype, I understand it well, ah, good times.

Would have much preferred an actual boffer LARP, but heck, just having a LARPing story is fun as all get out. This is going great :pinkiehappy:

Always wanted to try LARP but airsoft is as close as I've ever gotten, maybe this'll help with that final push into nerd insanity.

“Or when Vice Principal Luna turned into Nightmare Moon and had a super awesome heavy metal duel with an evil wizard ghost?

Is it normal for authors to reference their own fics?

I think liquor and banjos would be the best addition to this.

Martha and the Doctor! Yes! I'm glad you didn't go for the typical Rose cameo. And Martha's my favourite companion too!

7127039 More like in universe chronology. Less 'author referencing their own fics' and more 'characters recalling past effects'.

I've taken a shine to these 'Ponies playing RPG' stories. Maybe it's because I'm a huge gamer nerd myself. Never been to a big convention game, but I did play V:tM for years in the local scene. And hearing Rainbow Dash reminds me of an old friend I used to game with. Figured that he was so awsome he couldn't be touched, and ended up removing himself from reality by using a cursed weapon extensively. Good times. Anyway, I am so looking forward to seeing how this progresses. :D

Yup, saw the Doctor Who reference, squeed as needed. That said, here's hoping Twilight's subplot is actually anti-climactic. I rather find that subversion hilarious. Moreover...well, let's face it, poor Twi needs a bit more in terms of lessons in social interaction. Odds are good she may even have mistaken the subtext, in or out of character. With that, we have Sunset on hand to bring things back into focus...and be another proper romantic subplot!! HELLO CONTINUITY!!

Thanks Silver Quill... and now our agreed upon payment.

Gotta love talent you can pay in booze.

I can so see twilight being more famous in the community then she even realizes

Ah, in-character romance. I actually have some experience with that, though I never met the other person in real life. I can only imagine the awkwardness that comes with such a meeting.

In any case, it seems very likely that magical mayhem is nigh... though you may yet surprise me. I look forward to finding out.

...how did it take me this long to get the meta joke about Twilight's character's name?

Tara Strong <==> Twilight Sparkle <==> Tara Sterling

What you did there...I sees it!:trixieshiftright:

I kind of wish Princess Twilight was along for this, so we could have her debate the veracity of the time travel rules. In theory Sunset could, but she probably wouldn't.

So what would other people play in ChronoQuest? I don't know how firm the 'no historically important people' rule is, so I'd either go for a Neanderthal (presuming the Flux score wouldn't be too high), or Emperor Norton II...:derpyderp2:

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