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This story is a sequel to A Date in Equestria

Meeting your girlfriend's parents is horrible. Even in the best of situations it is an evening of judgement and trying your best to be as charming and inoffensive as you can possibly be. For Sunset Shimmer, it's made all the worse by the fact that she's a pony from an alternate universe, a former thief, and would-be conquerer of Equestria. Oh, and she turned into a winged she-demon that one time.

This shouldn't be...too awkward...right?

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loved this story thoe you forgot to put it as a sequel in the discript

also dont use pony world hollidays stick with the human world versions as they puns dont work in the human world

now then you better keep writing stories for this series or else ill trap you inside of jello and put you in display in discords house

i mean still so many more stories to tell like there first school dance together for example

7732473 d'oh, yeah, I forgot the sequel thing :facehoof: I fixed it, though! I'm glad you liked it! I actually disagree on not using the Equestria holidays in the human world, I like to keep that kind of thing consistent between the worlds. Besides, in this case the "Nightmare Night" series would just be "Halloween", and that's an actual film franchise, which I also like to keep out of fanfiction. But hey, that's just me!

Thanks for reading! Don't worry, there will be more coming! :pinkiehappy:

“So, you must have patched things up with her. How did that go? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Oh,” Sunset Shimmer said, taking a sip of cider as she collected her thoughts. “Well...there’s not much to tell, honestly. It took me a while to work up the courage to go back and face her again, but once I did, it was like old times again. I mean, it had been almost three years since I saw her, so there was a little awkwardness, at first. But it was all very nice. Sort of formal, but pleasant. Dignified, really"

***A while earlier, in Equestria

Sunset Shimmer wailed as she threw herself against Princess Celestia’s chest. She sobbed wildly, crying out three years worth of pent-up anger and regret. Three years worth of resentment and pain were coming flooding out in that moment, feelings Sunset had thought were long since suppressed.

*in Nigel Thornberry's voice* ...Please, tell me more of your dignified meeting with Celestia...

... This just made my day... THANKS A BUNCH


7732537 I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile: I honestly didn't think I was going to show Celestia and Sunset's reunion, I'd sort of thought that idea had been done a lot and I'd just be re-treading old ground. But I figured it'd make a nice punchline, so why not? Thanks for reading!

7732546 Yes, poor SciTwi indeed :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading!


I love the flashback of the reunion as well, Poor Sunset she finally let out all her sorrow and built, and bet in Celestia's head a chibi version was wailing so happy to see her again.

Well, on the bright side they didn't wait until the wedding to tell SciTwi.

Since Sci-Twi and Sunset are dating now, that would mean there's no consequences of them doing 'it'.

Fantastic as usual :pinkiehappy: Love all the flashbacks, though one thing I'd say is that I could've stood to read more of the dinner and Sunset talking to Sci-Twi's parents. That kinda went by fast. I don't think it's missing anything important, just... I dunno, I'd have liked more meat even if it's filler :rainbowlaugh:

I can always count on you for some short sunlight fluff.

7732893 Haha, yup. I figure, that's got to be a little less practical in the human world. In Equestria, at least, Shining Armor had the excuse that he lived reasonably far away from Twilight and was too busy with protecting Canterlot from Chrysalis' threat to tell her in person. In the human world, though, they both at least seem to live in the same city, and Twilight's still in school, so...it seemed less reasonable to me that he could put it off until his wedding here. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

7733096 Technically yeah, but I'm still trying to keep these stories rated "E" :twilightsheepish: and at least in the theme of the show, so that's probably not going to be referenced onscreen. Thanks for reading!

7732568 I'm glad you liked it! :raritystarry: I'm sure that Celestia was very happy see her again too, if her reaction at the end of the first "Equestria Girls" movie is anything to go by.

7733216 d'oh, I was afraid I was making the dinner section a little light :facehoof: I considered putting more in there, but I felt like the story was already getting a little longer than I was comfortable with, and I have trouble putting in dialogue that's not leading up to a punchline :rainbowlaugh: The Gilligan Cut is one of my favorite tropes, which is why it shows up so often in these stories...I'm a little afraid of overusing it, but I can't help myself! Curse you Arrested Development for getting me hooked on those!!!!! Anyways, thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you're still enjoying it!

7733409 I'm glad I didn't disappoint :raritywink: I'm really trying not to make SunLight the ONLY thing I write about...but they're just so adorable! I can't resist it! :raritystarry: Thanks for reading!

7733781 I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the fave!

That ending is top-notch.

7734116 I'm so glad you think so :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading!

Oh hey this is in the feature box. :raritystarry: Is it your first time getting featured? I don't seem to recall seeing your other stories in there.

7734221 Third time, actually :twilightsmile: "Terrible Dating Advice" was there briefly, and "Operation: ‘Stalk Twilight and Sunset’s First Date’" was in there for about a day, which is very flattering. I'm glad you noticed! :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow- I didn't expect to be seeing a sequel to these stories again so soon! Knocked it out of the park there, very cute stuff!

7734279 Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: "Cute" was what I was going for!

These stories are so great! MUST HAVE MORE. sunlight best ship.

7734679 Thanks so much! :twilightsmile: SunLight forever!

Can't help but think there could've been more mileage out of Twilight's ignorance of Shining and Cadance dating. But Princess Twilight's allusion to ACW was gold so it worked out.

Okay, the ending made me giggle. But, another cute story.

7735809 I do agree, but I was really afraid of overplaying the gag at this point. So, I decided to give it one last 'huzzah' with Twilight STILL not getting it, even when it's spelled out for her. :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading!

7735861 I'm glad you think so! I went back on forth on including that ending or not, I was a little afraid it would be playing up Twilight's anxieties a little too much. But, I figured, SciTwi hasn't had all of the development that Princess Twilight has had, so it kind of makes sense that this would still be the sort of thing she's struggling with...at least, I think so! :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading!

Yaaaaay more Sci-Twi x Sunset :3

loved it, favorite and subbed!

I love this series of yours, I really do. You'll do more of those, right? :fluttercry:

7737968 Glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading!

7737992 That's great to hear! Thanks for the fave, and I hope you like what's coming up! :twilightsmile:

7738217 I'm glad to hear that you like it! :twilightsmile: Yup, I fully intend to continue this series. The next installment may not be SunLight themed, though. The Shadowbolts haven't gotten enough screen time recently, and I really want to write some Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash interactions. We'll see where it goes, though!

7738836 your comedic timing is very good and you act out Sci-Twi very well and Sunset too ^_^...wonder how things are gonna go in the bedroom...sorry someone had to lmfao(just kidding tho...or AM I?:pinkiecrazy:)

7738841 Haha, I'm glad to hear that you like the characterization here :raritystarry: My answer would probably be, "awkwardly, at first", but that's something that's unlikely to show up in these stories, as I'm trying to keep an "E" rating :twilightsmile:

7739139 lol too each their own and fair enough, i write sunlight stories often too and I always(or usually always) make it clear they have a healthy relationship both casual and sexual but thats just me though, great story still! :pinkiehappy:

That was simply Marvelous! Please do more

I've read up to this point in one go and it's been awesome! Looking forward to the next one.

I'm honestly surprised the shadowbolts didn't spy on them anyway. And I notice we don't know if the CHS crew was spying on them either :rainbowlaugh:

7740680 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I certainly plan to write more, though there may be a break between now and then. I need to collect my ideas, I've already used most of the stories I had a very clear idea for. But I don't intend to stop now, not after all the kind commentary people have been responding with :twilightsmile: I hope you like what's coming!

7741402 Wow, all in one go! You're motivated! :twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked it so much! Honestly, I didn't want to overplay the "Shadowbolts stalk the date" joke too much, so it got kind of subverted here...I was sad I didn't get to use them more, but frankly, the script was kind of full as it was, and adding in more characters would make it cluttered, I felt. As it is, Cadence gets an unfairly small amount of dialogue. Thanks for reading!

“And, by the way, if Cadence starts acting weird at some point...like, around your wedding, maybe...and your sister points it out...for Pony’s sake, listen to her, okay?”

Write a Red Wedding, please. :pinkiehappy:

Man Sci Twi is soo adorable!

If she wasn't with Sunset and was real I would totally date her.

7749799 Details!

Thanks for reading, and for the fave! :twilightsmile:

Another good one. Very funny. Although if there was a meta moment in this one I missed it. It does not matter if there was not a meta moment because this is such a great story. Great job.

7765792 Now that you mention it, I don't think I did anything that meta in this story...the closest was probably Princess Twilight referencing A Canterlot Wedding, but that's not really fourth-wall leaning, she has an in-story reason to bring it up. I hadn't really noticed that meta jokes were really becoming a theme, I guess I just didn't have any ideas for them this time around :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for reading, and for faving! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you're enjoying my writing!

This was great! I loved the ending as well, poor Twilight!

7769908 I'm glad you liked it, thank you so much for reading and for faving! :pinkiehappy: She'll get used to it, don't worry!

I kind of want shiny ask princess twilight when she was told, and have her replay "oh day before the wedding" to really make him say it,

also the end with twilight in the corner was perfect,

7778349 Haha, that would have been funny :rainbowlaugh: I'm glad you liked the ending! :pinkiehappy: That seems to have been a popular bit...and to think, I actually considered leaving it out! :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

I think everyone can relate to this situation when it comes to introducing your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents. :twilightsmile:

That was... "adorable" :heart:

7838624 Both SciTwi and Sunset Shimmer would curse you for that. But I'll say, "Thank you" :twilightsmile: And that I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for faving!


Not a curse! :applejackconfused:
Anyways I'll refer from a great song and say sing say "You're Welcome" :raritywink: and I really did enjoy it!

(I can't sing if my life depended on it)

Great stuff all around, from the adorable moments to the heartfelt ones. I especially liked Princess Twilight making sure one world would learn the lessons of the other. And in which way Twilight took after her parents. Really, everything about this was great.

7845160 Thank you so much! :raritystarry: I actually struggled a liiiitle bit with making Twilight take after her dad, I wasn't sure if it'd add to her character or detract from it, but I ultimately landed on, "kids take after their parents in a lot of ways, and this doesn't seem excessive."

And yeah, I sort of thought it made sense for Princess Twilight to help her human counterpart out here. And I'm really just a sucker for Twilight and Shining Armor's sibling relationship, so I'll use almost any excuse to show it :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for the fave! Glad this series has caught your attention!

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