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Twilight is a nerd, regardless of circumstances. Sunset Shimmer has a mild case of homesickness. This all takes place during a study date, of course.
Take note this is the Crystal Prep Twilight Sparkle. Enjoy reading!

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Er, Homo Sapiens showed up about 500,000 years ago, and Pangaea broke up about 175 million years ago. There were primitive mammals on Pangaea, but primates hadn't even branched off.

Wow. I can't believe this was your first posted fic. You are seriously a pro already. Haha. For real though, this was a really good story. I hope to see more from you in the future, especially if it's sunlight.


7623714 ...I failed History too. :twilightblush:

7624246 / 7623724 Thanks to both of you for your comments! :scootangel:
(And @moonlit sparkle, haha, this isn't actually my first fic ever, I have dabbled in other fandoms, I just finally decided to take the pony plunge! Seems like fun so far.)

Yaaaaay, more Sci-Twi x Sunset :heart:

This story was well done, even for a first. Like it on a scale of a thousand to ten. :ajsmug:

I'm not a shipper by any stretch, but when I read shipfics, I definitely gravitate towards Sci-Twi x Sunset more than Princess Twilight x Sunset. Good one here!

Sunset shrugged. “There’s a few folks who don’t approve of everything Celestia does, but otherwise, she’s pretty fair, so … no,” she said. “Equestria is a land of harmony. We don’t really fight. And you can forget about technology. Phones were extremely rare when I left.”

So...we're just going to ignore significant periods of violence and conflict in Equestria's history, such as the conflict of the three tribes settling Equestria, Discord turning Equestria into his playground for a while, Tirek's almost certainly violent one centaur war on Equestria to steal pony kind's magic, Nightmare Moon's rise and subsequent fall, Sombra's violent takeover of the Crystal Empire and subsequent defeat by Celestia and Luna, the Sirens' attempts to spread disharmony that were only stymied by Star Swirl the Bearded after exhausting all other avenues, Chrysalis and her Changelings invasion of Canterlot (granted, this is recent and might never have come up-Sunset might not even know what a Changeling is).

While ponies do seem to be less violent and prone to harmony than humans, I'd hardly say their history is purely peaceful like Sunset is implying. Granted, most of this violence is instigated by outside sources (Sombra and Nightmare Moon being exceptions

Then again, Sunset might legitimately not know about any of those events, considering Celestia let her own sister fade into legend and and pony historians apparently aren't big on documenting these things, considering Twilight-prodigy and personal student to Celestia who reads more books in a week than most do in a year, knew absolutely nothing about any of them before they showed up. And I guess it's possible that these others were stopp-(remembers Discord's "reign)-never mind. There's not really a good justification outside of ponies not really caring about history.

Seriously, you'd think Twilight would have at least have come across references to Sombra in some history book-a single unicorn assassinated the previous queen and enslaving the entire populace of a close neighbor of Equestria has to be significant enough to record.

Other than all of that, I'd say this was cute, but not really all that exceptional.

A socialist? c'mon man, you don't put that out there and not expect to take a few attacks for it. And I thought Twi was smart...

That was sweet, I like it. :twilightsmile:

This is really good for a first story. Short, but it has everything it needs, and no spelling or grammar mistakes I noticed either. You might want to expand it a bit more though.

7627883 Well yes, Twilight is smart, hence she is a socialist. You know, like Einstein? :ajsmug:

You've got a point in so far as it's not a good idea to bring real life politics into pony fanfiction unless you specifically want to focus on that for whatever reason, because it will *always* lead to heated debates in the comments that have barely anything to do with the story itself.

I do have the feeling that this was only shoehorned in to reflect the author's political views though. I don't really see Sci Twi being that politically active imo. Also the world of Equestria Girls isn't Earth, it's a weird parallel world to both Earth and Equestria which combines aspects of both but doesn't exactly mirror either, except for the weird tendency of Equestrians to have a double in that world and some other oddities. As such I'd rather authors worldbuild their own stuff if they have to include politics, instead of just copy pasting Earth (de facto US) political structure and terms 1:1. Look at Equestria for example, their definition of what a princess is is vastly different from Earth, I think the EQG world should have something similar. Instead of socialists and communists you could have egalitarians, and give Starlight a cameo while you're at it. Unfortunately very few Equestria Girls authors really go through all of that thought, most just treat this world as if it was Earth with a different assortment of skin colors, but I highly admire the few who do go through all that trouble to do some worldbuilding and lore exploration.

7630372 Too many capitalist pigs running around on this site, comrade. *Cough Einstein was run out of Europe by a socialist cough cough*

Okay sorry, that was an obvious jab. I'm a patriotic libertarian, I'm just mad at the world right now. Ima, ima gonna shut up now.


But yeah it was a cute story.

7630372 im pretty sure EG takes place on earth nothing suggests other wise

this is a good story so far hope you update soon i asume its not finished even thoe you marked it as complete as well this feels like just the first chapter of a story we did not even get any real sunlight in this yet


> calls Nazis socialist

Yeah you are obviously not to be taken serious.

Also how could you possibly be a patriotic libertarian? You oppose the state, but you like the ideological construct it has made up for itself? That's like calling yourself a Catholic and denying the authority of the Pope.

7631279 I want to live in the part of Earth you are from, it sounds amazing.

7631478 The Nazi's called themselves socialists. If you wanna debate stuff, message me. You seem smart, and I love a good debate and it gives me practice acting like I'm smart. We can stop mucking up this story's comments.

And the USA was created on liberal, limited government principles, therefore being against the powers that be micromanaging your life is standing for classic American values. Patriotism. Libertarianism is just liberal before the liberals found the conservative facist's playbook.

And it's the internet, what do you want to take seriously?

7631478 no one doubts super hero stories take place on earth why doubt this takes place on earth

7632504 Because every other name is a horse pun? Because humans have a technicolor array of skin colors there? Because it is a parallel universe of Equestria with similarities so eery that they can't possibly be coincidence, and have to be caused by magic?

7633486 uh whats named after a horse in the equestria girls world

and not every one has a counter part where are human starlight the pony shadow bolts and pony cinch and ect

canterlot city is a fictional city just like gothem

7633675 Canterlot... Wondercolts...

The sheer fact that even one doppelganger exists, let alone dozens, makes this world closer to Equestria than Earth.

7632262 I sent you a rather lengthy message, but since this site curiously has neither a preview nor a Sent folder for messages I'm not sure if you got it, or if it's the full thing. Frankly I'm surprised there's no max character limit I exceeded.

7633825 you dont watch things with alt universe's much do you

7633860 No, but I did read this fantastic Equestria Girls fanfiction series that did some fantastic worldbuilding based on the premise that the EG world is its own fantasy world instead of just Earth, including their own take on how cutie marks and changelings work in it. Maybe that's why I'm disappointed when everyone else just takes the easy route.

7633904 i fidn it far lazier to just slap horse puns in a world that it dont work in

This is really good. I actually wish it had been longer. Well done.

I prefer to ship Sunset with Sci-Twi rather than pony!Twi

As of Friendship Games, so do I. Sci-Twi's just so cute.

"Twilight, I know how to read."

Haha, that was good. :twilightsmile:

7633904 I've always liked the idea that the EqG world is sorta a middle-ground between Earth and Equestria. Elements of both but blended into its own separate thing. Whiiiich also happens to be helpful reading fics since most fall somewhere on that spectrum!

... Equestria isn't the world. And this is completely ignoring the history presented in Hearths Warming Eve, which had one third of the Pony race being war-hungry Klingon types.

Sunset Shimmer would not be this naive.

But Patriotism requires loyalty to a state, which you are against inherently.

Short or long, I always love a good Sunset x Sci Twi love story, and yours is no exception. :heart:

... I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to become Salutatorian without a 4.0 GPA.

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