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Future · 9:38pm January 24th

You know, even with my personal favorite stories I've written, I look back at them and I'm like "I used that word too many times", and "I'd adjust how the plot progresses a bit." It's an interesting experience reading your work after some time passes. Anyway, working on something fun. More Sunlight is coming! I hope all of you are having a good time working on your wips.

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Did a reading of your story "Monsters!" Hope you enjoy my take :twilightsmile: https://youtu.be/xWR5CLLTe2Y

You're quite welcome!

Story Approver

Thanks for reading! :heart:


You're quite welcome! It was a very well written story and it felt real. Honestly, how you wrote Rainbow Dash's thoughts is how I imagine some soldiers could feel having to return to civilian life after having been in war.

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