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Inky Shades


This story is a sequel to It's Not Fine

Sunset’s world ended, and she almost lost herself to the darkness that followed. But with Fluttershy’s love and friendship, she managed to survive. Months later, Sunset is in therapy and making strides to reclaim some of her old life. However, there’s still a shadow that swirls in her heart, a shadow that she believes can only be lifted by visiting Twilight’s grave.

Note: You don't have to read the previous story to understand what's happening in this one.

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Comments ( 31 )

That was beautiful. Like the original, it had me in tears toward the end. :pinkiesad2: Please keep up the great work.

Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I most certainly will :twilightsmile:

let her go but never forget her as long as you remember her you ve never lost her she would want you to be happy and to live your life to the fullest hold on to her memories sunset and she s never gone

This was a very beautifully written and wonderfully told story I look forward to reading more stories from you. Keep up the really good work.

This is one of my favorites now, it's just as good as the one before it, and even got me teary eyed :heart: You're an amazing writer and have a way with words (the part with the dandelion is so beautiful). Thank you for this :heart: Keep up the great work!

Good words and so true.

Thank you! I'm glad that it lived up to your expectations. It's always my goal to write the best stories possible. So your words are appreciated! I hope to continue making stories that you enjoy.

And I will continue to add them to my growing collection I look forward to what else you come up with.

Much appreciated! Honestly, this one was one of my favorites to write. Making my readers feel something is what I strive to do. I loved creating the dandelion scene. It's my favorite part of the story. You're very welcome! Always!

beautiful just wow well done


This pleases me to hear you say that. Thank you!

Just like the last story i walk away feeling emotions that writers dont normally evoke in me. Yet despite it i feel better for having read it, and would gladly read more of it if it were there. Great stuff!

Thank you! I am glad that you are able to feel something with this story that you don't normally feel. Knowing that this story makes you feel so much definitely makes my day!

This and it's precursor make me a weepy mess between the sorrow and worry and the acceptance.

I don't remember if I commented on the first story, so this is for both: :raritydespair:

My biggest goal as a writer is to write the best stories that I can and make my readers feel. Thank you for commenting! *Passes tissue*

I like to see oen where Fluttershy winds up confronting Shining, if he says something stupid, she rips into him so hard verbally he left a utter ruin.

Not sure if we'll get to see Fluttershy rip into Shining (though that would be quite a sight, and he wouldn't stand a chance), but there is always the possibility of a Shining confrontation in the future. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see if it happens or not.

I was gonna read this the day you posted it but never got around to it. It lived up to the first one. It had that real kind of pain the other one had. And it gave Sunset her closure. Now I think she can really start to move on because she finally had her chance to say goodbye . I look foreword to what you write next.

I am relieved to hear you say that it lived up to the original! Also I agree about Sunset. This was another pivotal moment for her and a sold step on her continues road of recovery. Thank you!

My heart just got stabbed!


A compliment, indeed. Thank you for reading!

If you don't mind me asking where did you find this wonderful photo for your cover art for this story? I have been looking for one like this but with human Twilight where Sunset is sitting.


I don't mind at all! This amazing cover art was actually made specifically for this story by this talented artist.

Aaaaaannnnnd there goes my heart again. *sigh*

I knew you replied to me, and I feel honored to have made your day as an author! I cried literally when I just read the third paragraph of this lol. I'll be watching you in the future~


Thank you for reading!


I'm glad that this story affected you too. I hope that you find enjoyment in my future works!

Rest In Peace Twilight Sparkle...you will forever be missed:heart:.

Every bit as good as the first fic.

I love seeing the way Sunset's inner voice has evolved to be so gentle compared to how brutal it was in the last chapters of It's Not Fine. Knowing it's the same mind having those thoughts gives me hope that anyone can grow beyond wanting to end.

Thank you for sharing this story.


I'm glad you think it's as good as the original! I only believe in sequels if the right idea comes along. Sunset visiting Twilight's grave was always something I wanted to write, but I needed time to think about it. The road of healing is long and there are bumps along the way, but I wanted to show Sunset on it. One step at a time.

I'd like to thank you for reading this story and for sharing your thoughts. I've enjoyed your comments.

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