The Rainbooms get ready to play their triumphant encore for an adoring public... only to discover they won't get to take their last bow.

8/10, My Little Reviews & Feedback

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A pity EqG never got a proper ending.

Or they perform for a room in Baltimare, but no one's allowed to record it for legal reasons. It's a great show, but all those of us who were lucky enough to see it have are memories.

Or the tour goes on for years, unofficially but just as good, if not better.

The beat goes on. It just changes instruments.

Yeah. I mean, I still have more EqG stories to write - I'm working on a couple of them right now! - but I really wanted to make this little meta comment on the show itself going out without a fanfare.

Like, how great would it have been to have a scene with Sunset writing to the newly-ascended Princess Twilight congratulating her on her coronation, but turning down her offer to come back to Equestria, because she's finally found a place where she's happy? Alas, it was not to be, at least not in canon.

The beat goes on. It just changes instruments.

An excellent motto and a fine sentiment, and one I completely agree with. I just wanted to do... something.

I've just got going with my writing. I initially thought EqG would keep going to plug the gap between G4 and G5, but with the new chibi series filling that role, it has just faded away.

Right there with you. That's kind of why I felt like I had to write this.

And why I feel I must keep going. I've got new stories landing in the next few weeks.

Which is why it falls to the fans.

They said there was a deleted scene with Sunset, appearing and saying she became Principal of Canterlot School.

I'm guessing it was a 'many years later' scene.

I still don't know what's actually going on with Equestria Girls, but in the meantime, I'm surprised and kind of heartened to see this - which didn't get any kind of reviews or attention or anything much at all, really, at the time of release - gradually and quietly picking up views (if not votes) as the months tick by.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful review!

If it seemed rushed, that's because it was - I hadn't written anything in months (and kind of didn't intend to again, if I'm honest), but finding out that there apparently wasn't going to be an Equestria Girls finale of any kind just made me both furious and sad, and the idea just came to me there and then.

I arrived late in the fandom and caught up via binge watching the first four seasons and (at the time) two EQG movies in a few months, so I had more or less as much time with Sunset as a main character as with the Mane 6; it's hard to remember now, but there was no certainty we'd ever see her again after EQG 1, never mind that she'd become the emotional heart of the second movie (much like Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy). Her story is one of the most fascinating in all of MLP. She deserved better than this.

Part of me wishes I'd spent more time on it, because I do think the idea is the best part of it, and part of me is glad I just sat down and scribbled and got it out of my system.

What's most interesting about this story to me is that it's very quietly caught up with You Betcha! in terms of views - even though that one has all kinds of nice reviews and an Equestria Daily feature, whereas you're the first person ever to review this one. So, thank you again!

Really? That's shitty. Sunset doesn't seem like the teaching type to be a principal. I can see her being an animator, maybe going on to create a children's TV show telling the adventures of her close friends in another world. Because that's meta and I like it. Not being a Princapal, or even staying in Canterlot. Maybe she'd move somewhere else nearby, and end up marrying Twilight who discovers how two women can biologically have a baby and they have a daughter named Skyla. At least, that's what I think happens to them.

Short and sweet, made me cry a bit.


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