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Twilight is a brilliant student who's never had the time nor reason to make friends. That all changed at the beginning of the year when she stumbles upon a mysterious super computer and activates it. It's here that she finds three things that'll change her life forever. A super intelligent and life like AI named Fluttershy, a virtual world called Lyoko, and a sentient computer virus named XANA who has desires to take over the human world.

With the help of her fellow classmates Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie, Twilight must engage the evil computer virus, save Fluttershy, and one day shut down the super computer once and for all. But why does something like Lyoko even exist, and who made it?

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This story is rated Teen for violence, language, suggestive themes, and tense situations.

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You deserve this.... this is AMAZING.

You know, I'm generally not all that fond of anime-type stuff, but Code: Lyoko was a very notable exception.

Too bad it's no longer on TV.

And I definitely do not like Luna in this story (she's not one of my favorite characters on the show to start with, anyway). She strikes me as a bitch supreme here.

I love Code Lyoko. Now, I love this. This is very well done. Here's what i got so far based on their appearance:
Twilight: Jeremy
Rainbow Dash: Ulrich
Pinkie Pie: Odd
Applejack: ... Applejack (possible Yumi/William)
(Nightmare)Rarity: William/Yumi
Fluttershy: Aelita

Wish I'd thought of this myself. Keep up the good work.

6201351 Luna is essentially Jim in this story.

6201141 You know what? Thank you for this. This makes me happy.

6201594 Well.... shucks.... you're one of my favorite authors.

6201592 Okay, cool.

I thought that she reminded me of someone from the show.

Props. A couple plurals/singulars that I came across were used wrong (typos), but otherwise pretty good. Glad you didn't adhere to the show's plot entirely. Well done.
Have a Track, my little pon- I mean, writrer. :moustache:

Man, hadn't thought of this show in at least 10 years until I saw this one the front page sidebar {I took a screencap :3} Blast from the past, for sure. Will have to give this a read.

Reads again... No way. This gets a like and a fave. Ever need anything, just ask.

6203934 Well, I might need ideas of XANA attacks for the first part of the story. I have ideas for a few, but with the first part being filled with random XANA attacks I have a hard time coming up with those.

Thanks for like and Fave. It really means a lot to me.

6203947 Your welcome. Are you looking for attacks on the real world or in Lyoko?

6203960 Mainly the real world for now. Like how in the first season XANA would attack the real world. I need help with some of those. I have plots planned out, but the XANA attacks are harder to make than I thought.

Essentially, XANA activated a tower in Lyoko. What does that tower do? That's what I need help with.

Dang Sapphire, I wasn't expecting this to come out so soon.

6204142 Hmmm... I'll pm you so as to not spoil it for others. :raritywink:

this story brings me back, thank you.

I'm definitely going to put this at the top of my read later pile. Even though I don't usually go for stories that substitute the main characters into another show (I prefer them to experience the events of the show as themselves) I am hopeful that this story will have potential to it... mostly because I freaking love code lyoko and reading Twilight and the others fighting XANA is one of my secret fantasies that I didn't even know I had.

I haven't read this as of writing this statement, so I don't know if my assumptions are correct or not, but I can't wait to find out! Also, on a side note. If you need help with the story, drop me a line. I might not reply right away, but I would love to help you with putting epic moments from the show into the story. I might not have seen code lyoko for some time, but I am willing to look it up on netflix for just such an occasion.

I liked this better than the cartoon on TV.

OMG THANK YOU SOOOOOOO Much I Love Both these shows so much so combeing both of these is a dream come ture

6204142 First off, you need to either reference or write about XANA making Canon!Twilight's stuffed toy come to life and attack. TeddyGodzilla was the first episode of the show, after all.

One idea is someone is able to sabotage one of Twilight's tests, Luna freaks out and makes her study hardcore, XANA initiates an attack, and the others try to stop him in the real world. (Since nobody else can operate the scanners)

He should also use a power plant or something to create Chrysalis, who then goes to CHBS and does bad stuff.

Also, maybe Changeling(s) at some point.

Aside from that... try watching some show episodes again or read the summaries for some more inspiration. Oh, and "Return to the Past." Remember that, use it wisely.

6201592 Wasn't Jim imcompetent?
6204518 Code Lyoko is Netflix DVD-only. No streaming. Also not on Hulu. It is here on Youtube in 480p.

6206646 Like I said, she's basically Jim, but she's not as incompetent. You'll see as the story goes on.

Something is fishy about Luna, could she be somehow possessed by XANA or something? Oh and can I write my own Lyoko/MLP story I have plans to have it star some of the brony analysis community.

6207185 You'd know if she were possessed by XANA. Luna is just being a cunt right now.

And sure, you can write a Code Lyoko story, as long as it's not a carbon copy of mine, it's fine.

Another fine story, Ms. Libra. Hope it goes well.

So she'll be friendly later on or always be a bitch?

Code Lyoko was the show of my childhood. And now, seeing that awesome show combined with MLP, I think that I'll really enjoy what story will come out of this.

6208643 If I gave that away it would spoil the surprise. :twilightsmile:

I never really got into Code Lyoko as a kid. As the series aired on the Cartoon Network block that replaced Toonami every week day. I'm just now getting into it.

I guess I'll know when I see it, as I'll stop humming "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.

You, are, plain and simply, amazing. I loved code lyoko as a kid, but recently forgot about it. I saw this, and remembered everything. ^^ This is really well written, and, while there are slight differences from the original show, carbon-copies are boring, so this has a lot of potential to be something even better ^^ I can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work.

I'm actually very excited to start reading this. I have high hopes for a crossover wit this magnitude of awesome.

And then, there were six! Once again, well done. :moustache: I love how you made it like the actual series, but not so much that it's an exact replica (pun intended :trollestia:), especially the uniqueness of the characters, but how they can be traced to the original Lyoko Warriors. Bonus points for originality. :moustache: Keep up the good work.

What does “Chto ty skryvayesh' means?

My inner narrator was hard at work, and Rarity with a Russian accent... Sexy... So excited to where this goes, Libra.

6212735 Roughly translated: "What are they hiding?"

BAD ASS MY FRIEND! Also Rarity as a Knight in shining armor huh? Also.... Spike's gonna be William I bet.

6213833 Haven't decided yet. Honestly, I have three ideas for who William is going to be, and Spike is one of them.

6213889 I say Spike would work since.... well I think Spike would be bad ass in that.

Whoever the fic's William will be, I'm sure the fic'll be great anyway!

Russian Rarity, eh? :ajsmug: Cool.

Who is this story's Sissi?

TRIXIE!? Well she is annoying enough. Is Sunset Shimmer a candidate for William?

I started re-watching Code Lyoko after I read the first chapter of this fic, since I never got around to it before. I'm only just realizing how actually kind of painful the dialogue in most of Season 1 is. Season 2 is so much greater in terms of dialogue.

Comment posted by n080dy123 deleted Jul 19th, 2015

6219242 Yes, along with Adagio Dazzle and humanized Spike.

Gonna Grammar Nazi a bit, only at the things that bothered me enough to make me pause when I got to them.

Fazing back into the tower

"Fazing" should be "phasing".

"I'd love to finish duel."

"finish our duel." or "finish the duel." Applejack, not Rarity

who Applejack loved hearing her talk.

"who Applejack loved to hear talk."

cause she was not going to out Twilight.

Did you mean "Sell out"?

Applejack and Rarity was in,

"were in"

“The let's do it!”


Fluttershy placed on her hand

"placed her hand"

Here's my actual comments on the Chapter.
You are a bit inconsistent about when Fluttershy feels the vibrations, or she sees them. (which isn't exactly normal) Unless she can smell colors, too.:rainbowhuh:

"Chto ty skryvayesh'"

What does this mean, and why is Rarity speaking Slovakian instead of Russian? (thank you, GTransate)

"For God's sake,"

Atheists 0, Celestia 2 (You know as well as I do, Principal Celestia = God) :trollestia:
Also, I think Patreon's terms and conditions forbid the legal use of Patreon funds to build Death Stars. It's in Section 4, Paragraph 2.
"Patreon funds may not be used to fund the construction of: Weapons of Mass Destruction, Giant Robots, Genetic Experimentation, or Death Stars." :ajsmug:

6220865 If you want Rarity-AJ angst, go Spike. Might as well have Rarity like guys as well as girls. Otherwise, go Sunset. Sunset is Best Pony, plus given the ending of Rainbow Rocks, she's pretty much the "6th (7th) Ranger" of the Mane!6.

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