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I'm a fanfiction.net writer and contributor to the Infinite Loops (if not the Saph ones as far as I can tell), who may occasionally jot an idea for here.


Taking place before the start of Equestria Girls in canon time, and replacing it in and it's follow ups, this story follows the Humane 5, split apart by the manipulations of Sunset Shimmer, find themselves having to reunite.

Following a mysterious event one night, six mysterious lights have fallen upon Canterlot City. Following these lights came a burst of energy that granted several in the city superhuman abilities. Among them are the Humane 5, who find themselves in conflict with a repowered Sunset Shimmer for possession of these lights. And as this conflict reigns, other interested parties find themselves drawn into the conflict.

Story beta edited by Hidden Master at the current time.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 41 )

so far i like it hope there comes more.

Excellent story thus far... can't wait for more...

awesome chapter... i'm confused on how Octavia some how got in on this... either we will find out later.. or not..

poor poor Sweetie belle the feels are real..

welp keep it up.. can't wait for more.

6978553 I thought it was explained in chapter easily enough: Vinyl is a member of an mysterious organization known as the The City. Octavia and Vinyl are virtually always paired as friends or lovers, and thus Octavia is aware of The City.


ohh my bad.. didn't see it the first time i read the chapter.. after reading your comment and re-reading i see it now... always again keep up the great work and can't wait too see more...

"Purple Light To Form For He Hands"
I Think You Mean Her.

"Just A Few More Moments Patience"
Just A Few More Moments Of Patience...


like i said via PM i would come back and re-read.. i found these mistakes while reading..... and like i said in my first ever comment.. Awesoem Chapter.

I Feel The Omakes Could Stay.. even though i don't really get it.. i doi like it.. what is a Omake?

Hmm If Flutters has the Power to change in to Animal's, While Rarity has her Power Ponie Power, Sunset has the most OP one of them all.. Magic.. i wonder what the other's have... because Rainbow has some Dashie's to go up and try to fight Sunset.. Magic can beat what ever dashie has..

Overall Aweome Chaoter.. keep it up! :pinkiesmile:

7060511 Omake's originate from Japanese media, tending to be comedic (rarely) canon moments using the characters in story or themed about it.

For example, this is an Omake from Black Lagoon, a very violent anime. In it, they put the leading, very violent female cast member in the role of a magical girl, and despite acting like one she still retains her......issues.

Fun fact: her english voice actor is Gilda's.....I'd clip her in english that but her english voice swears like a sailor (fittingly she is one) and is probably closer in sanity levels to Cupcakes Pinkie if she decided to be a modern day pirate.

7060906 ahhh

that's cool and never knew that her NA Voice actor was Gilda's... and wow it must be funnier then heck to see her go off like that..

after hearing that I say keep the Omake's I like them.

what happen next chapter?

7106879Um, you have to wait for the next one to find out

Great Chapter! Keep It Up!

i already know who the Enforcer is.. but i'll stay slient for now...i also know who the Human-Do-Well is... Super speed and super strength..... Classic For Her...

I Wonder what power Celestia has.. or is it just bad luck?..

Welp can't wait for more..

7107850 Celestia is not high on the power priority list. She's just that good at Fight-Blocking.

7107938 ahh.

Celstia is good then.. real good.. again keep up the great work.. can't wait to see more.

Wow! This story is really freaking cool!

Nice chapter, I do love a nice, power-fueled cat-fight!

Hilarious the part with Twilight.

Great chapter as always :pinkiesmile:

Hmm i thought Sunset would go Silver the hedghog on Rainbow.... just grab her with her magic throw her then re-grab her and repeat.. all the while yelling.. "IT'S NO USE!" "TAKE THIS!"

and yes fear my bad Sonic 06 jokes..

also Naughty Naughty Sci Twi... you shouldn't take advantage of knocked out girls.. didn't Pinkie and Dean Cadence teach you better?

7205111 Um, Cadance maybe but Pinkie? How would she be able to teach her?


Because these is Pinkie we are talking about.. she does things off screen.. we should really set up a Snacks table or something... plus i just put pinkie in there for the heck of it...

Watching them leave like a predator watching fleeing prey, the bully began to debate what rumor would have to be waiting for those three annoyances for school once the weekend was though, before turning her incredulous gaze ot the

Did the end of the sentence get cut off?

Anyway, interesting start so far. The sentient stop light is weird, but maybe you're going somewhere with that.

As for the skin colors, I prefer the canon EG colors. It's easier to remember and there's less chance of people getting butthurt over making the characters a certain real life race or ethnicity.

I have no idea what an Omake is and I thought that part was very jarring. I wasn't even sure if that part was supposed to be in there or if it was accidentally pasted from another fic. So yeah, please leave them out of your FiMfiction unless you're writing a full-blown anime parody.

Other than that I liked the chapter.

Why have you only revealed two lockets and four superpowers so far? I appreciate that you're taking the time to build it up, but OTOH it's been 4 chapters and over 20k words – I'd say that's enough build up. I'm really eager to learn what the other two superpowers are. If I had to guess, I'd predict that Pinkie is the speedster Mare-Do-Well (Woman-Do-Well? Darkwing Girl?). That still lives Rainbow and Applejack (poor girl hasn't even been in this story yet).

Also, we never did learn what the point of the sentient stop light was.

James Hilton's Lost Horizon
Doctor Edward Auguter

Personally, I don't like when EG fics use real world names. I should have mentioned it after “Edward Cullen” in the previous chapter, but TBH I didn't notice it then. But when you drop more and more names, it becomes more distracting.

Even if you ignore the pastel skin colors, “Rarity” and “Fluttershy” are not common names in the real world. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which a society would switch from names like “Sarah” to “Rainbow Dash” in century or less.

I subscribe to the fanon that the human EG world has parallels to the real world, but not all events played out the same way, and everyone throughout history had a different name.

I didn't expect Not-Mare-Do-Well to be Rainbow. You get irony points for that.

Dash understanding the gravity that her action could have is a nice part. And more misteries are piling up.

Great chapter!!

Also Krspace go back to when Dash was talking to Scoots.. you put up what she said twice.

it's this one.

"It's not like this is anything to worry about Scoots, Sunset knows that I'm just as powerful, if not more so, than she is."
"It isn't anything to worry about Scoots, Sunset knows that I'm just as powerful, if not more so, than she is."

Wow, this is actually pretty interesting so far KrspaceT, it's as good as your Infinite loop snips!

It liiiiiiiives!
I get the distinct feeling it's heavily referencing something beyond the one side universe, but it's still excellent and insane.

I don't know what would be scarier; that Pinkie really did teleport to all of those alt-universes or if she just had too much chemical assistance thinking she did...

It seems that Pinkie's multi-universal insanity is growing... :pinkiecrazy:

Ooh, nice to see you back in action KrspaceT.

I'll read this when I have a little extra time-sadly, responsibilities call ;-;

This is cute, but why did this story go off the rails in Chapter 5?

By that I assume you mean the post Sunset versus Rainbow fight?

Who says it did? Forshadowing is a thing.

That and the Pinkie Pie in alternate dimensions chapter. But after reading the newest chapter I think I sort of understand.:rainbowhuh:

Hmm... Interesting story so far... Although I have to question what the heck's going on with the people making super-soldiers. What kind of tech do they have that they could give any old criminal super-speed? Whatever it is, I want 2, wrapped in a bow.

So... Can Pinkie take anything back with her when she exits whatever universe she ends up going to? Cause I have a feeling that Sunset may need a ride... Wait, can she even get out of that universe when the teleportation net's up? Hopefully it rips a different part of reality than what they were preparing for, if only so Pinkie is able to escape...

Rarity placed two plates piled high with the pinnacle of breakfast foods: delicious, fluffy blueberry pancakes. Humming slightly to herself, Rarity measured put a dollop of butter on both pancakes, and then carefully poured just the perfect volume of maple syrup (not that cheap watered down stuff, either: the real concentrated sugary goodness people steal for) first onto one set of pancakes, then the other: just enough to bring an explosion of flavor once the pancakes had absorbed the syrup, but not enough to risk the structural integrity of pancakes under a deluge of maple syrup that would reduce them to nothing so much as an unappetizing mush. With a small smile, Rarity went about chopping up several fresh strawberries to go with her masterpiece.

The italicized words are redundant.:twilightsmile:

"........Darkwing Duck is chasing us man, Darkwing Bleeding Duck!"


Not sure on the Ground Sloth, might make slow burgers.

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