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Twenty-five moons ago, an accident unleashed billions of nanoscopic machines called Nanites, which spread to every corner of the globe and infected every living thing.

Most of the Nanites are inactive. A lot of them aren't.

When Nanites go active, their host organisms mutate unpredictably, becoming dangerous creatures called EVOs. Some EVOs have control over their powers. Some remain intelligent. Some even just want to be left alone.

Some have more sinister goals.

And then there's the outsider. One teenage girl who is, in reality, a unicorn exiled from another dimension. Having turned her back on Equestria and fled through the mirror at almost the exact same time as the Event, Sunset Shimmer has become the most extraordinary, unusual EVO of all...

...and she has the power to cure EVOs.

But will a self-centered, power-hungry, arrogant former unicorn really save a human race she doesn't care anything about?

Adapted from Generator Rex by Man of Action.

(Cover art is temporary; permanent cover art coming later...)

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Dude. Generator Rex was my fav show back in the day so heck yeah I'm going to read it

Okay, I have to say I love this story so far. A few general comments.

Chrysalis as the bastard in charge? Genius.
Human!Twilight as the head researcher? Fits so well.
Spike is a dog who got EVO'd into a part dragon and gained sentience? Fun.
Is Rock a code name for Maud? It sure seems like it.
And Equestrian!Sombra as the villain? Incredible. But how does that explain the events of the Season 3 premiere?

Definitely tracking this story.

Oooh I'm so reading this!

Since no one has done it yet:

The effects of this Build on her reproductive anatomy are best left undiscovered, if for no other reason than to preserve this researcher's sanity.

Yeah, that's probably for the best.

Also, will you be doing the Heroes United special?

Hell yes! Got to say, even thought I was eager to read this, I wasn't sure how good it was going to be. ALL of the character choices are perfect. The second I noticed the Sombra tag, I KNEW who he was going to be.

There is just one flaw. I NEED MORE!

Okay, somehow using Sunset's pre-reform personality makes this more interesting. I also hope to see the dynamic between Sunset and Fluttershy explored more, since they are my two favorites. I Read up on the basics of Generator Rex so I get what's happening. I admit to not being much of a TV watcher and I don't currently have a Netflix...

5932586 Its not on netflix anymore. I knew it was some time back,but never thought about watching it then. Moth mentioned earlier that it was taken off of netflix a few weeks ago

5932486 This is an AU. Assume acceptable breaks from canon. And yes, Rock is Maud.

5932519 Nope. And this isn't a direct 1:1 adaptation either. Beyond establishing certain parallels (Sunset=Rex, Twi=Holiday, Maud=Six, Chrysalis=WK, Sombra=Van Kleiss), this story is an entity unto itself, and only borrowing from G. Rex in broad strokes.

5932558 Give it 2-3 weeks for the next chapter due to my current heavy workload, but rest assured, it's halfway planned out and the writing has already begun. :twilightsmile:

5932642 I kind of figured that, but do you have plans for a Ben 10 story? If not, keep it in the back of your mind. (P.S. I'm talking about Ben 10 as a whole.)

5932650 Ehhhh...I've tossed the idea around because the original Ben 10 was one of my favorite shows of the new millenium, but the horrible followups have all soured me on it. :flutterrage:

5932655 Then do the original. By the way, who would you use for Ben?

Oh man, I LOVE Generator Rex! I was so bummed when it stopped showing on TV. I probably missed a few episodes at the end... I don't remember a decent end occurring. And for such a great show. I can't wait to read this! Well, I probably WILL wait--more to read at once that way, and I'm in finals week right now--but I'm really looking forward to this ^u^

5932659 I'm just not really interested in doing a Ben 10 crossover right now. :twilightsheepish: Closest I'll ever get is the one and only chapter of Friendship is Z I've already published, which has Charmcaster as the main villain.

Mythril Moth, I like you. I like a lot of your work. This is pushing the envelope a little too far.

...I won't downvote, because it seems you at least have passion... but this is practical plagiarism minus the main character.

The show did have a very definite ending. I think Cartoon Network didn't air the last few episodes, owing to their obsession with live-action at the time. I'd recommend just watching them online.

5932710 That's a serious and frankly unfounded accusation.

This is an adaptation. Adaptations generally begin in a similar manner to the series being crossed over with. Even allowing for that, I've only adapted Generator Rex in broad strokes. There are Nanites, there are EVOs, Sunset has the power to build machines, certain characters have been chosen to fill certain roles, and there's a bad guy. The first chapter establishes what elements of Generator Rex have been adapted in total, and which have been modified to fit the setting. It establishes which characters fit which roles. It also establishes itself as its own story, which is not simply a copy of the first episode of Generator Rex--perhaps you didn't read carefully enough to notice that? Yes, the basic plot is fairly close--introducing the characters, the setting, and the villain--but that's what a first chapter DOES.

I do not take accusations of plagiarism lightly, and nor should they made so lightly.

(Good grief, I even altered portions of the dialogue from the 2013 Annual comic with the scene of Sunset's fall! SPECIFICALLY for this reason!)

If you're not interested in reading this story, that's fine, but don't insult me by calling this plagiarism when it's nothing of the sort.

5932723 Yeah, there was a series finale. CN didn't really air it. In a nutshell: The Consortium went power crazy, big showdown, Rex used the Omega-1 to shut down all Nanites everywhere EXCEPT his and cured the world forever.

5932737 Summary can lead to a fair amount of assumptions. ...Maybe you shouldn't write it like that to give the idea.

And plagiarism is defined as 'the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own'. Crossovers, adaptations, you're still using material from GR and passing the work off as your own story. I can see the differences...but it's still plagiarism. ...Just not malicious plagiarism in the eyes of the law. But who cares when it comes to fanfiction as long as it sets aside something different. I don't personally care. You're taking two known variable and trying to push them together... where's the unknown, what will be your intrigue?

What it sounds like you're writing is a sort of 'redemption/coming-of-age story... and I do think that this site has enough of them. I don't have to leave this as a comment, but I was raised on free speech and freer speaking. Overall, this isn't important, useful or relevant to the content you've provided.

Have a good day, MythrilMoth.

P.S. While you're right, I didn't say anything about any of what you're talking about. And no, it's not serious or an accusation.

5932710 Really? Really? I may not have seen the show in years, but I know when something I like is being copied almost word for word, sequence for sequence. This is not that. He used the show's beginning as a base to introduce the characters and Sunsets' background. Hell, I've seen stories on here that pretty much copy every single action, bit of dialogue, and event to the letter. Those stories break off at the very end of the chapter to differ, but everything else (aside form the casting) is pretty much like watching the show.

5932768 If you think plagiarism is copying something word for word, then you're sorely mistaken. Plagiarism has a very loose definition.

However, you bring up a good point. There are stories out there that basically copy the framework, foundation, and design of the shows in question. ...They aren't often the best. However, the author of this particular work has a ...how should I say... reputation for pushing out works of higher quality. But until Hasbro decides to start suing members of the fandom...there's very little to do besides keep writing. Cartoon Network, on the other hand is a bit bigger on such grievous displays of monetary bullying. I personally think it would be bad publicity for them to start going after people who aren't making a penny off of the work here... but I wouldn't put it past them.

5932771 No, it really doesn't. If we were to use your definition, all fanfiction is plagiarism. Hell, so is all writing period.

In any case, I respect your right to your opinion, but you must also respect my right to disagree with it. I would rather not have an argument or flamewar in the comments section when there is no reason for there to be one in the first place. I'm not exactly certain why you felt the need to try to start one, but so long as we agree that it serves no purpose and that it ends here and now, we can maintain a respectful distance. :twilightsmile:

5932771 Plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. That is the EXACT definition of the word. Found it in the dictionary. This is not Plagiarism. There is a difference between this and the show. Big difference.

5932792 Yup. Fanfiction is plagiarism. Fuck everybody.

But sure, I'm happy to stop. (I didn't try to start a flamewar though. However, as the saying goes: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".) I mean, I meant to just leave, but I can not in any way resist a good comment.


the road to hell is paved with good intentions

There were no good intentions in your original comment. None whatsoever. :unsuresweetie:

Alright, I will have to say, I was majorly disappointed when I read this after seeing the title.

Not any fault of yours, it's just that I really got into the series Sunset Overdrive and this title was VERY similar to it you know? So yeah, when i found it was in fact made into a Equestia Girl's version of Generator Rex, a series I didn't really get into, then I was kind of put off.

But hey, looking past that assumption, you really worked out these characters well, Twilight is a scientist like in the brief part of the movies we saw, we get some nice 'it's still a school' setting from Fluttershy and Canterlot High, and in five months the regular ponies from another world are going to be a story arc to love.

So yeah, the struggle between 'Punish what made you leave' and 'Appreciate what you have received' is going to be a nice plotpoint... maybe, your story, waiting to see. So yeah, here's to all the awesome situations, and Spike as a slimeball of a teenager, Chrysalis as a bitch of a Queen, and Angel being punched unconscious, all in all, promising start.

You've got to work for my favorite tho :pinkiehappy:

5932771 If you want me to shift to third and use the definition agaisnt you, then allow me.

plagiarism is defined as 'the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own'.

You called my interpretation a loose one. How about I give you the strict one? If that were the case, then almost every author on the face of this earth has plagiarized. How so? For example, HG Wells did't come up with the theory of time travel, he simply made it more popular with his novel. Even if he did, anyone who used the concept of a time machine in their work would have plagiarized because they used his idea. They could have written a completely original work, doesn't matter.

And how about I refer to the elephant in the room? Fan fiction. Fan Fiction is by definition copy right infringement.The ideas aren't our own, we just use the characters how we wish. You could argue, "But I didn't take anything from the show, the story is all original!" Doesn't matter. They were never your characters to use without permission anyway.

And I do believe that about sums it up

5932805 Except ideas are still taken...like: the world, the mechanics, the role of the main character, the original main character's abilities, etc. etc. Objectivity is a fantastic thing. These concepts, ideas, are being taken, revamped and pawned as his own. It's not an insult, it just is. Just because there's a difference doesn't mean it's not still plagiarism. But I believe I've already talked about the essence of fanfiction down below, albeit sarcastically.

5932819 Glad you managed to read and enjoy despite your intial disappointment. And yeah, the title IS a play on "Sunset Overdrive". I anticipated some confusion there, but it's clear from the description what the story is. :pinkiesmile:

5932823 Yes, exactly. What did you think I was trying to say?

Would one require to have any more understanding of Generator Rex other than what could be gleaned from a glance at the Wikipedia page in order to read and enjoy this?

It's debatable if fanfiction is a violation of copyright (in the U.S. at least, it usually is) but plagiarism is passing off someone else's idea as your own. MythrilMoth isn't exactly hiding the fact that this is inspired by Generator Rex and MLP.
If you're going to be a pedant, at least be right.


Eh, alright then, it wasn't THAT big of a bother anyway, just put me off reading it for a little while.

An awesome start and I can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Also, I know he's taking Bobo's place but why is Spike a disgusting pervert? Bobo was just a delightful smartass.

5932817 Speculation. You can neither prove nor disprove that I had good intentions, as they are of my mind and not yours. Unless you can read minds, wills, souls, whatever you want to call it, I shall forever own my good intentions. All I've stated is that I thought you were headed in an erroneous direction and I was worried for you. So, you disagree with me, I disagree with you; diplomacy, argument, or at least until either of us starts with the name-calling.

Maybe your readership would be interested in the first rule of trolls, (which I do believe counts towards what I am doing right now, unfortunately); don't feed them.

If you disagree with an opinion that's present, the best way to get rid of it is to ignore it. Otherwise, it'll fester.

5932837 It's not required, though it would help. I'm doing my best to build, present, and establish the world setting in such a way that any reader unfamiliar with Generator Rex can follow the story.

5932840 Oh-ho, another American. Law is fun, huh? You're perfectly correct. That's exactly the case. And this all delved into talking about boring old plagiarism, which is only barely relevant to what I was originally trying to say.

5932852 Writing Spike as a pervert is sort of my author trademark.

5932853 You did not present or register any sort of "worry for me". You attacked me outright.

But you're right. The best way to deal with trolls is to not feed them. Or better still...to deny them an avenue of persistence.

Thank you for your "concern".

5932831 My point was that, like lot of things, people now a days tend to lean towards a looser interpretation. No one in their right minds would go around arresting authors for using the concept of a time machine because HG Wells is dead. That would be asinine. Dear God, JRR Tolkien used the concept of dwarves, dragons, and elves in his story and passed it off as his own. You see how stupid that sounds. That is pretty much WHY people tend to have looser interpretations. Same with Copyright infringement, there is no way in hell a company like Hasbro would shut down all fan activities because they are using their property. Fan creations are always (maybe not always, but usually)a show of support and adoration of the show/work they are emulating.

A Generator Rex crossover?

Sign me the fuck on!:pinkiehappy:

I wonder, is Chrysalis more of an analogue to Black Knight? Sunset may have not yet met the verse's version of White Knight (White Queen I guess). Can't wait to see who you have for Circe and Breach.

5932936 For the time being, assume Chrysalis is an analogue to White Knight. If you've seen enough of G. Rex to know of Black Knight, then you know the implications.

(Of course, not everything is a 1:1 analogue here, so there may never even BE a Black Knight. Or then again...there might...)

5932872 Sorry, I worded that wrong. I meant to separate pervert and disgusting. The perversion I can be ok with, but Spike shitting on the floor is too much for me. If you can read then you can use a toilet or at least use a diaper. And Spike got up and moved to the corner to do it, so would it really be that big a deal to just use Sunset's bathroom( which I'm sure is like twenty feet away)?
If you want to have Spike piss on stuff to mark his territory then I can get behind that, but him just pooping on the floor really bugs me for some reason. Maybe I'm just not mentally separating Maneverse-Spike with dog-Spike. Sorry to bother you.

5932986 Ah, that. Yeah...Spike's, well...wacky in this one. He's a pet dog turned talking, fire-breathing, perverted half-dog half-dragon EVO, he's picked up some odd personality quirks. Including being so lazy he just craps in the corner instead of doing what he should know to do.

But it was mostly meant as a one-off gag. Don't read too much into it. :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm on board

Never seen Generator Rex, but I think you conveyed enough of the "rules" of this universe that it shouldn't matter too much.

I am a bit concerned about the pacing however, since you chugged through alot of stuff for just the first chapter

5933044 If you're referring to the backstory of Sunset's arrival and the circumstances by which she became an EVO, that lengthy and timeskippy flashback was necessary precisely to establish the setting and briefly generalize the plot scenario for readers unfamiliar with Generator Rex. It was never my intention to spend multiple chapters slowly, ploddingly going through Sunset's entire time as an EVO when the events relevant to the story happen two years after the Event. It was necessary to get all of that out of the way so readers could get a grasp on what's going on and where we are in order for the story at hand to progress. :pinkiesmile:

5933063 You established the universe, Sunset's relationships with people in general, Canterlot High, HARMONY, and rebranded the relationship with Princess Celestia to fit in this story

And there's already a villain in the first chapter

I'm not saying I was expecting you to drag out everything, but I was expecting Sombra to pop up at least a chapter or two down

Oh how I miss shows like Generator Rex on Cartoon Network before it all went to shit. Have a thumbs up just for the premise.

This may come as a form of blasphemy to some, but I've neither seen nor heard of Generator Rex... :raritydespair:

That being said, is a formal understanding of the show's premise required to understand anything that happens in this story? Just wanted to ask before I hop in.

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