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I'm just some 29-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.



A year after the Battle of the Bands, high school graduation is nearing and the girls are ready to face the world, though Sunset Shimmer worries that they might drift apart. But when Twilight's human self arrives and ends up getting infected with dark magic, they must call upon Princess Twilight once more to engage in a battle that will decide the fate of their worlds.

Tagline: A Duel of the Duplicates

BTW this is how I thought the third Equestria Girls movie was going to go.

Covert Art done by Eveyann.

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Wonderful opening and depiction of the true human Twilight.

I was going to write something like this, but not dark. I like the story line so far.

While there are some typos, I am enjoying this so far. For future reference:
There= where something is
They're= they are
Their= belonging to them
These might just be little typos though, ones that could be caught with a going-over. I make them too sometimes when I'm too caught up in the story

Comment posted by Another Nopony deleted Oct 9th, 2014
Comment posted by Another Nopony deleted Oct 9th, 2014

It was great. I can't wait to see what follows now that Human Twilight's made her appearance to Sunset Shimmer.

Loving the story, but it might help to get a proof-reader.

Im not sure anyone would steal her calculater. Must have been ran over by a car.

5140443 You'd be surprised what some people are willing to steal. Some will even freak if you steal a loaf of bread

5140467 HAHAHAH! You're right about that.

5140443 In my school, you can leave your locker unlocked, your laptop in plain sight unattended, and your cellphone in the hallway... but don't ever make the mistake of leaving your calculator alone.

Dang it, now I'm feeling nostalgic and I'm afraid of graduating! :fluttercry:

Comment posted by ScourgeofLightning deleted Oct 29th, 2014
Comment posted by ScourgeofLightning deleted Oct 16th, 2014

We all go through it. You'll be fine

Comment posted by JohnHoly deleted Oct 20th, 2014

Great cant wait to see how the other will react. oh yeah

MOOORE:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Dame this version of Twilight is cold.

I'm actually pleased that Twilight's counterpart is not exactly the same as her. Makes it more interesting for everyone

5173791 It actually makes alot of sense because this Twilight is before the pilot of FiM

Also, i think it would be easier to just call human Twilight just Twilight for now until Princess Twilight comes into the picture. It's kinda distracting with the constant change of alternate twilight, human twilight etc throughout the story other wise I'm loving this story.

This Twilight is seriously twisted and warped by her science and research. It's gonna come back and bite her for sure.

I like when Human Twilight act like nothing Pony Twilight. this story is support me about the human counterparts of the pony in Equestria don't have to be like them in everything.

I have two stories in my head that not yet write about Equestria Girls. Will you like to think of it for me? As in, the VIP guy who get the details first.

I mean I like that the Human Counterpart of Twilight is act not like Twilight of Equestria.

5183417 No that part I got, I just wondering what you mean when you said ' have two stories in my head that not yet write about Equestria Girls. Will you like to think of it for me? As in, the VIP guy who get the details first.'

Wanna be the first one who heard about my not-yet-created stories? I just wanna know what you think of it before I will do it.

Comment posted by Word Worthy deleted Oct 27th, 2014

Wonderful job my friend. I can't wait for next time.

I like this story, I really do, but please for the love of god, get an editor!

And thus, the human Twilight became the dark magical version of Electro.

This is really good.

Oh... nice character referring... AHAHAHAA!

5190176 I agree, the premise of this story is awesome but the flow tends to get killed by the grammatical issues.

Yup, looks like Human/Native Twilight (who is mainly same person from the human world is My Most Favorite (Pony) Character) is going to see Canterlot High for herself, I can't wait to see more, Good Luck, Shazam! :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by ScourgeofLightning deleted Oct 29th, 2014

Very nice chapter. Although errors are seen throughout I do like the way you are handling the story itself. Keep at it the story is great, can't wait till the next chapter.

If you would not mine my sis is a great story writer she could help you edit.

5203159 thanks I will talk to her and see if she could help.

5190597 You mad about her being similar to you know who?:unsuresweetie:

5206348 why would I be mad? This is awesome.:pinkiehappy:

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