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Something's been bothering Sunset Shimmer for a while now.

How can there be a human version of Princess Celestia who's in her early forties, when Princess Celestia herself is thousands of years old?

The Rainbooms catch wind of Celestia and Luna's upcoming family reunion, and decide to crash it.

What they find there is...disturbing.

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xavex #1 · Aug 4th, 2015 · · ·

So Candace and Blueblood are long distant relates from the 1st generations or they are a Celestia or Luna in disguises. Invasion ready to happen girls suit up for war.

My mind is broken! You made me spit koolaid through my nose! I just- WHAT HAVE I READ?!

Sheer genius that's what.

Well, that happened.
Where are the fathers? Or is this some sort of creepy asexual reproduction shit?

Don't forget Chrysalis. Clearly, the Clone wars won't be long now.

6282748 You think the men that marry into that craziness WANT to be around the entire herd? :rainbowlaugh:

You're right:rainbowderp:

Insert Darth Sparkle into the war and Trixie shall be Luke skywalker. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I'm joking about that part.

So if Twilight and Cadence are immortal too, does this mean that there will be a clan of clones for each of them?:twilightoops:

6282748 Well, asexual reproduction would explain why they're all exactly the same...

... I immediately pictured Good Eats as looking like Alton Brown.

My guess?
The fathers all come from a similar family having a reunion across the street. They're all named some variation of Discord, Sombra, and Tirek.

I was thinking Anna from the Fire Emblem Awakening game but Joy and Jenny seemed apt.

"I think I see," Fluttershy said slowly. "It's like...if God was one of us. Just...just some stranger on a bus. Right?"

Obligatory Musical Reference GO!

Oh geez. It's like Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.

You have rendered my brain thoroughly inoperable. Please excuse me while I reboot myself with a bucket of sulfuric acid.

If either/both of them are actually immortal, it hasn't been for very long. Remember, Cadance is only ~10 years older than Twilight. (Going by human teenager estimation, anyway.)

Except they are all alike, except for that one Nurse Joy who lives on the Orange Islands who basically swims between them and has a very nice tan. This clone family actually has differences we can spot unlike the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny's which only Brock was obsessed enough to tell any difference.

That brings to mind: Why hasn't someone written this yet?

I always figured the age thing functioned along the lines of A(x) = 4log2(x), where x is the physical age of the pony and A is the physical age of the human, assuming equivalent rates of aging, as suggested by "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils." Thus, a 16-year old pony yields a 16-year old human, a 12-year old pony yields a roughly 14-year old human, and sure enough, a 1024-year old pony yields a 40-year old human. Don't ask me how this works if the flow of time is consistent between the two universes; I just charted the data points. And, of course, there are outliers like Granny Smith, who is apparently old in every conceivable universe.

Oh, right, the story. Fun, bizarre, and rather makes sense given how the universes seem to parallel one another. Nice work.

I have no idea unless someone doesn't feel like researching a lot of star wars or something.


They are both ex-agents from the Matrix. They only need to put their hands into a random bystander to create more.

:trollestia:"We are here because of you, Miss Sunset, because of you."

I'm laughing so hard right now.

"Yes, little miss goth-pants here prefers to be called Nightmare Moon these days."
"A name as black as my soul and as dismal as my days," Nightmare Moon said.

Well... That was a thing.

This was hilarious.

Much like the author, my brain has apparently melted.

Brain.exe has crashed, please refill Brain Bleach tank to reboot.

Well, I might as well read what I've encouraged.

Just as they opened the kitchen doors, they bumped into a Celestia and a Luna, both in their twenties, both with numerous piercings...twined around each other in a passionate embrace, kissing each other hungrily.

Well there's one part of the mystery solved of why Celestia and Luna's relatives all look identical: incest:moustache:. How they become fertile to reproduce is unsolvable-- but perhaps it's best if it remains unsolved:twilightoops:.


Celestia and Luna secretly sneak into a dark hallway, lit only by the flickering torches on the greasy walls. After a few minutes of walking, they arrive at a seemingly ancient door. A push of a hand, and the room was revealed. A large machine sat in the center, with a single mirror mounted on the side. There was a book over the mirror, similar to Sunset Shimmer's, but this one had the cutie mark of Princess Celestia imprinted in the cover. Princess Celestia was sitting in a chair nearby, watching the operation. The portal mirror secretly linked the human world to the same pond that spawned all those clones of Pinkie PIe not too long ago, and now, it was about to create more clones... OF CELESTIA AND LUNA!!! :trollestia:

^ Just another Mini-Fanfic ^

Bwahahaha :rainbowlaugh:
Totally not where I thought this was heading; I thought you were going to go the vampire route and the humane 6 had to cater blood food. This is much funnier than that, keep up the excellent work Mister Moth.


I would have died if one of the Nightmare Moon's cried "There can be only one!".:trollestia:

Ri2 #29 · Aug 4th, 2015 · · 2 ·

My biggest question now is what the 'thing' between CeCe and Tia is.

Comment posted by remnants deleted Aug 4th, 2015

But but genetics and and... Oh. It all makes sense now :pinkiecrazy:

"NOPE!" Rainbow Dash yelped, fleeing the party hall as fast as her feet would carry her.

This reminds me of a pic I saw in another fan fic's comment section, forgot which one.

That right there was a work of art

I think my brain needs a complete overhaul.

"This is the first time a party's ever thrown me,"

This is the most brilliant thing I think I've read ever. :rainbowderp:

I was there when the idea to write this emerged. I didn't expect it this soon though. 11/10

I'll fetch me banjo....

Hahahaha... I love it. Headcanon accepted. Very nice work!:rainbowlaugh:

......Okay, um well...I........I got nothing? I literally have nothing. I'm with the girls, this doesn't make logicaly sense, and also I'm sort of wondering why we didn't see any guys at the reunion since obviously some of these clones have to be married to have kids but still. I admit pulling a Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny thing to get around the whole age thing is clever, even if it does raise way more questions than answers.

Then again this is a one shot and it's meant to be funny so I....Uh


I'd offer them some of my brain bleach, but I think I'll be using mine all up right now.

"I think I see," Fluttershy said slowly. "It's like...if God was one of us. Just...just some stranger on a bus. Right?"

Kudos on the reference there. Love that song.

Also, that was both the weirdest fucking thing and... would actually explain quite a lot.

Heck fire!

6282810 the caterer did say he was booked for two events.:pinkiegasp:

Well that idea bit you in the ass hard, didn't it, Sunny? :trollestia:

Last line is the best part! Loved it!






Brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

Brilliant head canon. But the girls really shouldn't drink bleach, it tastes awful, not to mention it's toxic.

...It will also corrode your teeth and turn them yellow if you so much as use it as mouth wash.:fluttershbad:


Damn it, Mythril!
You just HAD to throw in the Princest at the end, didn't you?:rainbowlaugh:

Very nice.^^ By the way, what do you think the nicknames some of the more pervy Celestias and Lunas would take?^^

When I read this, I was like, what the what, now?! I mean COME ON!!! Why are there so many celestias and Lunas around?! How are there so MANY?!?!


they bumped into a Celestia and a Luna, both in their twenties, both with numerous piercings...twined around each other in a passionate embrace, kissing each other hungrily.


Hmm, I always figured that their human age was a mathematical logarithmic/radical function of their equine age, with a capping-measure variable for alicorns. But this works too.

"It's like...if God was one of us. Just...just some stranger on a bus

I win "spot the musical reference," what's my prize?

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