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A teacher at CHS has assigned an extra credit project. It's a bit out there: Come up with an idea for an original invention and write an oral presentation and pitch for it to give in front of a panel of judges and an audience of peers.

There's no possible way that can end badly, right?

(Rated Teen for language and suggestive content.)

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Also, nice one.

film full of short skirts and explosions,


Also these are some interesting inventions. Might be a bit much to ask, but it's be hilarious if there was a "just girls talking" chapter that touches on Pinkies banana habits again :rainbowlaugh:

the guy you're with takes you to some action film full of short skirts and explosions


I do love the idea of the muffin drone... though given the chance of a flying, burning, quad-rotored death machine, it's probably a good thing that Ditzy didn't make a full prototype.

Poor Flash. Though as was said, he'd definitely have a market for the idea.

Fluttershy's presentation has shades of Contraptionogy! Thank goodness she didn't actually have access to any genetic modification equipment...

This does paint a disturbing image of Pinkie's home life. I assume Limestone is involved. ("Get up or you'll wish the next one went up your nose!")

Luna being intrigued by Rarity's creation is a fantastic touch. Sibling warfare never dies; it just grows cold.

Hmm. I wonder what Sunset might have gone with. Recreating some Equestrian innovation without magic, perhaps?

"Bears! Has this ever happened to you? You're at the movies on a date, the guy you're with takes you to some action film full of short skirts and explosions, but all the greasy pizza you ate before the movie makes you feel like your colon's about to implode?"

"And worst of all, he insists he's just your ese!"

I love how you used alphabetical order to coordinate the story beats and lead into the punchline. And how Twilight, true to form, made a scientific friendship device.

Lovely story. Many thanks for it. :twilightsmile:

Moo moo moo moo moooo


feel like your colon's about to implode

I think someone has been reading another someone's work:trixieshiftleft::trollestia:

Interesting ideas. Rarity’s and Twilight’s were my favorites. Let’s just hope that some of the more questionable presentations don’t end up making them lose credit for being inappropriate or anything.

A fruit intervention with AJ MIGHT be required at this point.

True! And doesn't fluttershy still need to "get it out of her system" since she was busy the first go-round? :derpytongue2:

Oh and a rarity intervention for reinventing the shock collar and publicly demonstrating it on a minor humiliatingly.


so rarities getting grounded forever then?

Well. I hope the Equestria Girls government has some sort of protocol for aliens.
Someone needs to have a serious talk with Twilight about not acting on her impulses without thinking them through first. I thought that was more of a Starlight Glimmer issue, but maybe Sci-Twi needs to learn to control her impulses as well.

Apple Douche -- the cousin the Apple family doesn't speak of...

Rainbow's invention: :facehoof:

Rarity's invention: :facehoof::facehoof:

Pinkie's invention: :facehoof::facehoof::pinkiecrazy:

As far as Twilight goes, this immediately came to mind.

P.S.: Loved the shout out to SS&E.

Oral Presentation! (laughs)

This was great.:yay:

@shortskirtsandexplosions You earned this call out

Was I the only one thinking twilight would be more like well..

It's in the ballpark though.

Poor Flash... he is just a punchline these days. He'd make a good beaker though.

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And now I'm wondering what insane thing Sunset would have come up with.

As is usual with the best Pinkie bits, I laughed my ass off at this one.

This was deeply amusing. :rainbowlaugh: Washing your balls. That was too priceless.

Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I kinda want to know what it is Harshwhinny got up to on her bender that let her be blackmailed.

Sci-Twi's was the best!

an oral presentation.

Man, I wish this was rated mature...:twilightblush:

My head while reading Rainbow Dash's presentation:


You're at the movies on a date, the guy you're with takes you to some action film full of short skirts and explosions

But I like that writer...

Oh frak, I wanted a death ray :fluttershysad:


Let’s just say that it’s illegal in every state and it took 3 of the world’s intelligent hackers to remove the digital traces of it off the Internet.:pinkiegasp:

*screams and screams forever and frantically deletes your .chr file*

I͏̵͉͇̹̭͕̭̩ ̗̙̱̺À̳̝͓̮̫M͇̦ ̶͎̟͘̕U͖̠̻̼̹͔̺͟͠N̪̪̰̙̦̘D̵̛͍̟͓̥̖̕Ę̦̘͢͢L̵̪̯̰͈̮E͏̣̟̹̦̖͝T̴͔̗͍͈̙̺͈̭͢A̸͍͢B͞҉͇L͙̻̰͘͞E̮̞̖̫̣͔̜̫͢͞,̧҉̙͈͕̥͔̦ ̸̶̢̘M̸̡̠̤̜͇͉͉̪ͅY̺͇̞T̡҉̧̟̯͍H̬̤̙̀R͎̮̮͙͝I̵͓̰̮͟Ĺ̵̨̜̘̬̯-̷̘̬̰͉̳̩͟K҉̨̮U̧̥̟͓͔̟̪͉̼N͎͖̘̤͍͔͓͚͢ͅ ̬͕:͇̦̰͔͈͟)̶̵̬̳̜̬

What made you decide to skip Sunset, besides taking away from the hilarious punchline?

Couldn't think of a way to make Sunset embarrass herself in front of the school.

Then canon came along and did it for me. :facehoof:

I have GOT to catch up with the new episodes. :)

*Ponders*...Nah, anti-humor of having her produce a perfectly reasonable project wouldn't have been better. Still, this is a 10/10. SciTwi is awesome. :)


So 2 questions

First - What short is it that Sunset embarrassed herself? I haven't kept up with them.

Second - Didn't you used to post Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon stuff to the FFML?

Checks your website, Your into Miraculous Ladybird fanfiction too? that's just freaky to many of the same fandoms.

1. In Sunset's ending for "Opening Night", she delivers a painfully embarrassing and awkward monologue.

2. Yes.

Thanks for the response.

We need more Mad Scientist Twilight stories.

Oh my, the things you learn from a FIM fic. I had no idea that Rainbow had so much trouble cleaning her balls. And Hoo-Hah huh? Is that what that's called? This was story was totally bizzare, and one hell of a lot of fun to read.

Oh wow. That double entendre during Rainbow's presentation. :rainbowlaugh: Pinkie's was... oh boy.:twilightblush:

My only issue is that it just stops right at the end. Something felt missing, incomplete. This was a fun read, though.

Why do I keep imagining the alien holding a fruitcake?

"Ooh! Unless you invent some kind of super special new clothes!" Pinkie Pie said excitedly. "Like, I dunno, maybe Peggo clothes? You know, those fun little building blocks? You could make your own outfits out of Peggos, put it all together every day, make it so you can take off any part of it you don't want on?"

Really pinkie, just really. 😑

"Oh, Luna, it's all in good fun!" Celestia said lightly. "Besides, the Bear Cave is a fun show. I've always wanted to be a judge."

Wow, guess the name was quite accurate. 😦

As a red-faced, surly Applejack stalked off the stage to laughter and catcalls, Ditzy Doo flounced out onto the stage, a remote-operated drone tucked under one arm, a basket of muffins in her other hand. She set the drone down, nearly toppling over and spilling her muffins everywhere in the process, then smoothed down her skirt and stood, blinking.

Feel bad for applejack right now. :fluttershysad:

"Oh! Right," Ditzy said. "Well, my invention is a fresh-baked muffin delivery system." She held up her muffins. "You know how they've started using drones to deliver packages and groceries and things? Well, it's kind of like that, except my drone would also be a complete portable baking oven!" She smiled brightly. "A drone equipped with a miniature specialized baking oven. You pour the batter in, set the controls, then send the drone on its way! As it flies to the customer, it bakes the muffins right inside the drone! Then when they get there, they're fresh-baked, moist, hot and tasty!"

Interesting :rainbowderp:

"My only concern would be overheating, scorching, oven fires and such," Celestia said. "I can see an idea like this leading to a lot of drones that catch fire in the air or dump burning hot food on passersby. But I agree, this is the kind of thing real businesses will actually employ in the future."

Yep, that'll be something to be careful with. 🙄

"No idea, but it does explain why I keep finding random mix CDs stuffed in my mailbox," Sunset muttered, shaking her head. "Guess he's trying to tell me something...I'll have a talk with him later."

Guess he wants sunset to give him another chance by the sound of that. :applejackunsure:

When Fluttershy returned to her seat a few minutes later, she was staring at her phone in bewilderment. She looked wildly around at all the people waving at her, eeped, and sank into her seat between Rarity and Sunset.

Looks like her extra credit project worked out afterall. :ajsmug:

"The Bananalarm is a smart alarm system with special visual sensors designed with facial and body recognition. Unlike traditional alarms, which make an annoying noise until you wake up and turn them off, the Bananalarm is a physical contact alarm system. You simply insert a banana into the Bananalarm's load system, then program in a body orifice of your choice and set the time. When it's time to wake up, the Bananalarm will shove a banana up your selected orifice. Mouth, ear, nose, or elsewhere, you're going to get a banana in it, and believe me, nothing wakes you up faster."

Ngl I kinda both like and hate her project. 😳

Rainbow Dash jogged up onto the stage, grinning and waving. "Right, get ready for an awesome presentation!" she said enthusiastically. She reached into her hair, pulled out a soccer ball, and started bouncing it on her knee. "So, if you've ever played soccer, even if you're not as awesome at it as I am, you've had to wash your balls. And I don't need to tell you, balls can get messy! " Rainbow switched knees, bouncing the ball higher into the air. "Washing your balls yourself with a rag and a water tap is boring and takes forever. There's gotta be a better way, right?" She headed her ball into the crowd, then pulled another one down and sat on it, her legs sprawled out in a very unladylike way. "So I was watchin' a cat lick itself, and I thought of a better way! It's kind of like a car wash, but for your balls." She pulled out a large red sponge from her jacket. "It's got two of these warm, wet, rough sponges that get your nasty balls nice and wet, a vacuum that sucks all the dirt right off 'em, and a dryer that blows on 'em and blows on 'em until those balls are nice an' clean!" She flashed a winning grin...

Yep, rainbow's project is definitely the worse one imo. :ajbemused:

"ZAP!" Rarity exclaimed. "A repurposed joy buzzer is triggered, giving her a jolt that's sure to get her attention."

Apart of myself isn't so sure if that is even a good invention or not... 😬

The judges looked at each other and shrugged. "Well, all things considered, you passed and get the extra credit, obviously," Celestia said. "Just...please, bury that thing in a hole and don't get any ideas about marketing it for real."

Agreed, it's practically a torture device. :fluttershyouch:

Sunset shrugged. "My grades are second in the class. I don't need extra credit. I mean, sure, it's kind of a fun challenge, but I just didn't feel like wasting time on a project I don't even need to do when there's so many other things I do need to focus on." She smirked. "Besides, after watching you all go up there and make fools of yourselves? I'm glad I skipped on this." She sat back in her chair and folded her arms. "So, Twilight, when's your turn?"

Should of gussed sunset wasn't gonna participate in this. :facehoof:

"A DEATH RAY!" Twilight cackled maniacally.

Wait what!!!

A tall, spindly creature with a bulbous head, huge, black eyes, grey-green skin, no nose or ears, and a tiny mouth appeared on the stage, dressed in flowing silver-white robes. It raised a three-fingered hand in greeting.

Talk about a weird way to end this story. :pinkiegasp:

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