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Pinkie Pie challenges her friends to play a game in which they take turns being evil, with the rest of the players tasked to thwart the evil schemes. The stakes are high, and all of Ponyville is caught in the middle...

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Applejack should go first be putting poison joke on all her apple and everyone in ponyville gets infected!!! and the joke give lyra hand s just because it would be funny to see her running around screaming I HAVE HANDS!!!!!

I really want to save Fluttershy for later, if not the last one, as that would make it so much funnier if she comes up with the evilest plan. As such, my vote is for Applejack. It'd be interesting to see what she comes up with.

It's her idea, so lets have Pinkie go first. Let her evil be the bar by which all others are measured.

I would like to see Rarity go first. It would be a blast to see what she considers as evil.

I can't wait of rhs to continue! ^^ I love comedy.

2468238 I agree; Fluttershy should be the last of the mane 6 to have a turn. I can easily see her coming up with a plan more evil than the others. :rainbowlaugh:

Applejack first. I want to save Rarity and Fluts for later.

I say first should be Twilight since she's so confident and she's an excellent schemer. I can imagine her coming up with a plan so evil that no one could stop it, a checklist that you could never finish Muwahaha! :twilightsmile:

Rarity -- she smugged it up so much, it is ON....

Plus, what would she want from sugarcube corner when she wins?

*does the evil finger pyramid of evil contemplation* hmmmmmmmmm..... applejack :ajsmug:

Oh GODS, you have my full attention, but really the six ought to let the Elements of Disharmony take over if seriously want to be evil, you know do simpe dark things, such as burn down a tree house, releas the Widagos, bribe Discord (whose a God, so he can get away with it) simple....dark, heartless shit....I can aid you if you want ideas:rainbowlaugh:

I vote Fluttershy for the first one:ajsmug:


I say Applejack. Let her do something really evil.

Hmmm... interesting! Well then, I vote Pinkie Pie as the first 'villain'. Let's get her out of the way so that the other ponies can have more to work with :twilightsmile:

i vote for rainbow dash:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

Applejack, mostly just because I expect less from her in this game than I do from the others. I mean, she can't lie worth a damn, so I have a bit of trouble imagining her acting evil for more than a few minutes.

I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised, though.

Rainbow Dash, because I've only seen one other vote for her so far. :rainbowdetermined2:

Any of them except Rainbow Dash. Save her for the end.

Well, this could be very interesting...

(In later rounds, Spike is a shoe-in for a win! Though I would also love to see Celestia - or Cadance - get in on the game later on, because that could only end in hilarity!)

For this round, though, seeing as I'm commenting, random selection from the ponies by the PC suggests Rainbow Dash.

I vote Dash. Cause that set-up seems way too Dash-like. :eeyup:

go with applejack but you should also eventually get princess celestia and princess luna and princess cadence and shining armour in on it later


Rainbow Dash. Also, BONUS ROUND!


It should be Fluttershy for the lolz

Okay everypony! Voting for the first round is CLOSED!

Applejack's chapter will be posted as soon as possible!

Thanks for voting! :ajsmug:

(NOTE: Voting will reopen for the next chapter when AJ's chapter is posted.)

Comment posted by Vicron deleted Apr 23rd, 2013

I say it should be Rarity up first

Rarity and her henchman is Sweetie Belle!

Hmm, interesting. Thou have caught my attention.

I'd like to see Rainbow Dash go up first. Would be interesting to see what she comes up with.

It's sad when people don't see the Author's Note and a comment from said author saying voting is closed. :facehoof:

Okay, well it can't be Fluttershy. She should be last. Whatever she does will either be super cute or the evilest thing to ever evil......EVIL!!!!

So lets cycle through mares in descending order of normalcy. That would mean Rainbow Dash is next. Then Rarity, then Twilight, then Pinkie, then Fluttershy.

So Rainbow next.

Hmm, I'll second a vote for Rainbow Dash :raritystarry:

I say Rainbow Dash to give you more time to come up with something original for Twilight and Rarity.

Rainbow Dash. Mostly cause I would see AJ picking her out of that competition streak they share.

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