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For years, Fluttershy and her friends have enjoyed a weekly Pony-Pet Playdate in the park.

Discord wants in on this bonding activity of friendship. So one day, he shows up and introduces his new pet.

Some of the ponies don't quite know what to make of it.

(Slight crossover with Amanchu!.)

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Comments ( 15 )

XD Cute and gave me a little smile.

Well Discord will be Discord. And we don't want him to be any other way. This put a smile on my face. Thanks man.


"I decided to call him Buttler."


A little cat-like pet butt? Perfect choice for Discord.

After seeing that picture all I could think was: DAAAAAAAAWWWW THATS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!
After reading it I was like: WHERE CAN I WATCH THAT ANIME?!

7422823 Crunchyroll. First two episodes should be available for free users, week delay on new eps for free users. Simulcasts on Fridays for premium users.

Comment posted by Xenay deleted Jul 25th, 2016

7422929 Don't link or mention illegal sites on FiMF, it's against site rules. (Which is why your comment was deleted. And, uhh...maybe watch it at the completely legal site I just told you about since it's free AND legal? :twilightsheepish:

7422948 didn't know it was illegal, sorry my bad :twilightsheepish:

I really like Amanchu! Great crossover. Though I was always more concerned about Cha's horns than his butt-face (and why the heck Pikari or somebody thought it was a good idea to put a diaper on him at one point) but you're right he DOES have a butt face and it's funnier this way. Good pet for Discord.

What if I live in China? :pinkiehappy:

"Its face looks like a butt," Rainbow stated bluntly.

Yes! Someone said it! Thank you Dashie, it's face does look like a butt.

"And Turduckens," Rarity added with a shudder.

I'm sad that noone's bred those three birds together to make a literal turducken. That'd be the tastiest eggs and meat ever. Rather than fake Turduckens.


Then that sucks for you internet wise XD. But Crunchyroll can be viewed in China. And if apperantly there are plenty of legal options for looking at anime in China. Such as http://www.bilibili.com/. If the .com doesn't work for you. Use .tv (it's what I used but fimfic doesn't allow .tv as part of a url addr.).

Anyways. Regardless of where you're at. There's legal ways to watch anime online, as long as you either have internet access. Or know someone who does and is willing to share.

I accidentally found this again when I tried to search for another story that had already been in my browser. Taking a detour; this story is still funny - even after all this time! :D (He looks like a dog to me, lol.)

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