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This story is a sequel to Let's Be Evil!

Pinkie Pie's at it again! This time, she comes up with a game for her and her friends to play wherein they randomly choose eligible stallions out of a bag, and have a month to make a love connection with the stallion they choose.

Seems simple enough, right?

...yeah, right.

Please remember to vote!


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Comments ( 692 )

Rut him into submission? Pinkie, hon, you had Cheese Sandwich at hello. Sooo. . .
Pinkie Pie= Cheese Sandwich. Serious OTP here. If that's not cracky enough, leave Cheese out and put Pinkie with Davenport or something.
Twilight Sparkle=Stellar Eclipse
Rarity=Silver Shill
Fluttershy=Fancy Pants
Rainbow Dash=Flash Sentry
Applejack= Donut Joe

Were you looking for cracky? I wasn't sure.

Also--Poor Trend! I wish you hadn't said no Trend, but I'm trying to follow the rules! Hope I did this correctly.

4933822 You need to list matches for all six mares or I won't count your votes.

4933865 Thanks for the votes!

:raritystarry: AND Joe
:applejackunsure: AND Fancy Pants
:pinkiegasp: AND :moustache:
:fluttershysad: AND Bulk Biceps
:rainbowderp: AND Soarin
:twilightoops: AND :eeyup:

Tried to keep it a little random for the mares to pull out a few laughs
That's my vote.


1. Yay, sequel! Though I really wish you would continue Scootaloo's Sunrise Surprise (reminded about it, seeing in it the Stories list to the side :scootangel: ). Still, good to see a sequel story for this too.

2. This time, in opposite of Let's Be Evil!, I think it would be good to start with Princess Twilight Sparkle this time around. And for that subject, I suggest Princess Twilight and Lord Fancy Pants, giving a good angle for her to flex her royal muscles some. Or, for an easy comedic angle to open with, Princess Twilight and Spike; both how she protests over the random selection, and in her efforts to follow-through, and his reactions too.

3. For the latter half of your fan-fiction, I would suggest Pinkie Pie and Doctor Hooves (Time Turner). I can already see the initial scenes...

[Doctor Hooves]: She's just an earth pony mare... How can she be?

(TARDIS scanner *beeps*, showing Pinkie Pie's various Fourth Wall Breaks)

[Doctor Hooves]: *beeps* She can't be! *beeps* She is! *beeps* She can't be! She's not possible!

(cue iconic intro theme)

4933982 Could you perhaps submit a complete voting list for all six mares? And only one vote per mare? I'd appreciate it.

Also, there's no "you go first, then you, then you" this time around.

Why not? Here's my vote(s):

:twilightsmile: and Donut Joe
:yay: and Bulk Biceps
:pinkiehappy: and Time Turner
:ajsmug: and Fancy Pants
:rainbowderp: and Soarin
:raritywink: and :eeyup:

extra points?


Oh I missed that part (complete list). Okay, here is a full list... {Subject to later change if I think of better :raritywink: }

1. Princess Twilight and Spike - For an easy comedic start-up to the story, as mentioned previously.

2. Rainbow Dash and Bulk Biceps - The uphill build-up. The slow flyer and the fast flyer; similar to each other, yet different from one another.

3. Applejack and Lord Fancy Pants - The first real challenge for pairings.

4. Fluttershy and Soarin - Seemingly easy, yet sparks dramatic tension (envy, jealousy) between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

5. Pinkie Pie and Doctor Hooves (Time Turner) - A bit of wackiness and CrossOver themes. Even if Time Turner is NOT The Doctor, you can still make use of CrossOver themes for good Comedy.

6. Rarity and Flash Sentry - Dramatic tension between Rarity & Princess Twilight, going the (long) distance for this wager, and compatibility.


First of all
Pinkie pie + Cheese Sandwich (SERIOUS OTP HERE O3O like, FOR REAL!)
Twilight + Spike >U< because that would be really sweet
Applejack + Prince Blueblood, just because imagine how would royalty react to farm ponies C:
Rarity + tunderline
Fluttershy + big mac (i would love to see AJ'a reaction cx)
Rainbow Dash + Soarin (BECAUSE THE FEELS)

4934106 Thanks for voting!

By the way, forgot to mention this, but voting for Time Turner is NOT voting for "the Doctor", because I'm not doing that bit.


Rarity- Spike

Fluttershy- Bulk

Rainbow Dash-Fancy Pants

Twilight- Joe

Pinkie Pie- Big Macintosh


Time Tuner does not have to be The Doctor. But neither does that restrict you from including such CrossOver themes with Pinkie Pie courting him either, thus it still works out well for comedic storytelling regardless. :pinkiehappy:

iron will and randy savage

:ajbemused: and Flash Sentry
:fluttershysad: and Soarin
:pinkiehappy: and Time Turner
:rainbowderp: and Big Macintosh
:raritydespair: and Gizmo
:twilightoops: and Thunderlane

Well, let's see. I guess my choices (for comedic potential) would be:

—Twilight and Hayseed Turnip Truck
Obviously a terrible pairing for Twilight, and considering her high profile as a princess, the fear of being seen dating a schmuck like that would create some interesting situations.

—Fluttershy and Cheese Sandwich
This would throw Fluttershy way outside her comfort zone, which is always funny.

—Applejack and Hoity Toity
Hilariously incompatible.

—Rarity and Spike
Turning around their dynamic and putting Spike on the defensive could be hilarious, even if the joke won't get much mileage.

—Rainbow Dash and Gizmo Poindexter
I don't have any idea how to pursue this, but it can only be hilarious.

—Pinkie and Time Turner
Using the Doctor Whooves persona might allow a character to out-meta Pinkie.
Oh, you said you're not doing that. I'll edit something else in.

—Pinkie Pie and Bulk Biceps

:twilightsmile: : Prince Blueblood

:ajsmug: : Thunderlane

:rainbowwild: : Pinprick

:pinkiehappy: : Soarin

:raritywink: : Hayseed Turnip Truck

:yay: : Fancypants

I'll give my votes now, my critique later.

Rainbow Dash and Braeburn
Pinkie Pie and Joe
Fluttershy and Bulk
Rarity and Flash
Applejack and Hoity
Twilight and Thunderlane

OK, Let's see here.

Rarity & Blueblood (Round 2! FIGHT!)

Twilight & BULK BICEPS

Fluttershy & Big Mac

Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich

Rainbow Dash & Hoity Toity

Applejack & Time Turner

Okay, here goes:

:twilightsmile: I'm sorely tempted to say Flash... but let's mix it up and say Cheese Sandwich.

:pinkiehappy: Flash Sentry, because I want to see them switch their usual waifus :pinkiecrazy:

:raritywink: Thunderlane. Bonus points if there are misunderstandings with Flitter and Cloudchaser.

:yay: Braeburn, because opposites attract.

:rainbowdetermined2: Big Macintosh, because it would be hilarious to see how their personalities clash.

:ajsmug: Soarin, because Pie.

And if you decide to do a CMC edition:

:applecry: Button Mash

:unsuresweetie: Rumble

:scootangel: :moustache:

Rainbow Dash - Soarin :rainbowkiss:

Twilight Sparkle - Comet Tail :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy - Stellar Eclispe :yay: [I think this would be a touching couple since they both have crippling flaws, fluttershy being social anxiety and Eclispe being paralyzed.]

Pinkie Pie - Cheese Sandwich :pinkiehappy:

Rarity - Fancy Pants

AJ - Ancient Beast Dealer
Cratetoss :ajsmug: [They both dealt with fearsome beasts and I think they reflect eachother fairly well]

Let's see here...

:raritystarry: AND :moustache: (Oh the drama if he found out it was a dare.)
:applejackunsure: AND Fancy Pants (Potentially interesting dynamic, and Fancy Pants isn't one of stereotypical Canterlot elitists, so it could work.)
:pinkiegasp: AND Bulk Biceps (Was originally gonna say Big Mac, until I remembered the whole 'potentially family' thing :pinkiesick:)
:fluttershysad: AND Braeburn (I honestly don't have a reason, I just think it'd be cute.)
:rainbowderp: AND :eeyup: (More for the torment Dash will put AJ through more than anything else :rainbowlaugh:)
:twilightoops: AND Flash Sentry (To quote, "He's a wiener.")

My votes:
:ajsmug:--Caramel (provided he's eligible. Seemed that way in "Hearts and Hooves Day".)
:rainbowdetermined2:--Cheese Sandwich
:raritywink:--Time Turner
:yay:--Big McIntosh
:pinkiesmile:--:moustache: (And he should wear the mustache, too!)
Now let the shitstorm commence.

4934370 Got these, thanks! (I'm allowing some of the more...questionable votes on the conceit that there's no chance of them winning. :derpytongue2: )

Pair Twilight Sparkle with Bill Neigh.
Pair Applejack with Steamer.
Pair Fluttershy with Doctor Horse.
Pair Pinkie Pie with Toe Tapper.
Pair Rainbow Dash with Flash Sentry.
Pair Rarity with Filthy Rich.

Pinkie grinned evilly at them. "I thought you might say that. So here's the deal. Either (a) you go along with my crazy scheme to get random boyfriends, or (b) I make sure you all suffer the horror of eternal farting."
The others stared at her.
Pinkie gave them a half-lidded smug, superior stare. "Eteeeeernaaaaaal faaaaaaaartiiiiiing," she drawled.
"We don't have a choice in the matter, do we?" Rarity asked.
Twilight sighed. "If anypony can make good on a threat that ridiculous, it's Pinkie."
"Then we're all in?" Pinkie asked brightly.
"Yeeees," the others chorused in defeat.
"Yay!" Pinkie cheered, clapping her hooves.


:rainbowderp: - Soarin' Bolts

:fluttershysad: - Blueblood (:trollestia:)

:twilightoops: - Dr. Whooves (aka Time Turner)

:duck: - Big Mac :eeyup: (Eeyup)

:pinkiegasp: - Cheese Sandwich (duh :ajbemused: )

:ajsleepy: - SHINING ARMOR (MUAHAHAHHHAAA :pinkiecrazy:)

Twilight and Big Mac
Pinkie and Spike
Fluttershy and Cheese Sandwich
Rarity and Soarin
Applejack and Joe
Rainbow Dash and Braeburn

4934433 Got 'em, thanks.
4934452 Shining Armor isn't "Eligible", he's married. :ajbemused: Registered your other votes though.

Good:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Maybe you should literally choose stallions at random. Write all the names down on pieces of paper and throw them in a hat or something.

xD Ik... it was in my head. I HAD to get it out... :pinkiecrazy:

4934503 That'd defeat the purpose of a comment-driven story. Let's Be Evil was comment-driven, so is this.

SOARIN :rainbowkiss:
THUNDERLANE :fluttershyouch:
FLASH SENTRY:raritystarry:
Breuburn :twilightblush:
Bulk Bicep :ajsmug:
Pokey Peirce:pinkiecrazy:

This looks like fun.
:pinkiehappy: and Time Turner even if he isn't the doctor
:fluttershysad: and Cheese Sandwich
:rainbowderp: and Hoity Toity
:ajbemused: and Flash Sentry
:raritywink: and Silver Shill
:twilightsheepish: and Gizmo Poindexter

Twilight - Spike, just because of the sheer hilarity of how awkward it would be for her to try and seduce him.
Rainbow Dash - Thunderlane, after the whole situation that happened during the tornado attempt, I can see there being a level of animosity between the two(even if it's a small one) that can lead to something interesting.
Applejack - Soarin, she'll lure him in with pies
Pinkie Pie - Dr. Whooves, Time Lord and Destroyer of Physics and the 4th Wall going out together, yes please.
Rarity - Big Mac
Fluttershy - Caramel


These choices are no fun (except the Doctor of course)!

Let's go crazy or go home!

Rainbow Dash with Pokemon Trainer Red;

Fluttershy with Ira Gamagori;

Rarity with Ezio Auditore;

Applejack with SGT. MJR. Avery Junior Johnson;;

Pinkie Pie with the Master Chief;

And Twilight with LELOUCH VI BRITTANIA!! (Yes, you always have to say it with that much hamminess)

OH! And let's put Derpy with Code MENT's version of Suzaku Kururugi!

Fluttershy and Soarin (with jealousy from rainbow)
Rainbow dash and spike
Rarity and big macintosh (applejack freaks out)
Pinkie and donut joe
Twilight and doctor whooves
Applejack and cheese sandwich

Twilight- Soarin (totally wouldn't work so I ship it) :twilightangry2:

Rainbow Dash- Big Mac (AJ would get so mad so I ship it) :ajbemused: :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie Pie- Doctor Whooves/Time Turner (she would annoy him to death so I ship it) :pinkiehappy:

Rarity- Thunderlane (OTP City) :heart: :raritystarry:

Applejack- Spike (OTP City) :heart: :ajsmug:

Fluttershy- Flash Sentry (she would be heart broken because he likes Twilight so I DON'T ship it but I would read it) :fluttershbad:


Fluttershy- Cheese Sandwich (Pinkie Pie would be so mad and Cheese would be way to hyper active for Fluttershy so I DOUBLE ship it) :pinkiecrazy: :fluttershyouch: :heart:

Let's see what we got. Hmmm... let's see what fun I can come up with.

:applejackconfused: Thunderlane. Because why not?
:pinkiecrazy: Soarin. She can bake
:rainbowhuh: Fancypants. I see this playing out like My Fair Lady with Fancy trying to polish Dash a little.
:twilightoops:Bulk Biceps. I want to see him try to get Twilight in shape and for her to make him intellectual.
:raritydespair:Big Mac. He would treat her right
:yay:Spike. She might go for the nonthreatening dragon

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