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A collection of short stories in which the inhabitants of the land of Ooo and the inhabitants of Equestria interact in various ways.

May contain farting, poo, swords, dogs, apples, and lumps.

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I've always thought there needed to be an adventure time crossover.:pinkiehappy:

Yay! Ice sculpture!

I am with you, Spike. Run for it.

HOLY SHITBALLS BATMAN!!!!!!!! JUST WHAT WE WERE LOOKING F- *gets slapped by Batman.* SHUDDUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THis could work.. But the second I see Adventure Times incredibly shitty lines, im goanna have to buy a new computer because i smashed mine out of anger.

4110969 Whaaaaaat is this? You see lines which are covered in poo? I see no lines which are covered in poo! THERE ARE NO LINES WHICH ARE COVERED IN POO!!

So her nickname is GB?

You know I can see why they be buddies since they're both smart, but one thing they might be in conflict over is the fact that Bubblegum doesn't believe in magic, whereas Twilight is a magical alicorn and her Element is magic.

4111737 Mmmmnnnn...yes, it was quite difficult at first...then Mother Princess realized pony magic is more scientific and that Princess Sparkle is as CRAZY AS SHE IS SO IT'S OKAY NOW BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH POIS--


Please, forgive me...it is...difficult.

:trixieshiftleft:...Acceptable :trixieshiftright:

The first chapter.... Strange but good. :pinkiecrazy:

I laughed so hard at this. You've nailed the disturbing tone of adventure time, though I'm hoping we get to see some ponies interacting with OOO in an interesting way.

PS: Long live lemonhope!

4116724 Lemon...hope...




...yes...Lemonhope...is accepta...


I absolutely love this story, so good!

no, Pinkie
it's just her name, she doesn't taste like grape bubblegum
no, not 'just one lick'
Pinkie stahp

Twilight and princess bubble getting together for experiments! For Science!

this is all so GOOD

Free ice sculpture!

4121227 The pink one stopped trying to taste candy people after Peppermint Butler ate her tail. Mother Princess was very displeased with him.

4121364 Yeeeeeeesssss... they are making SCIENCE TOGETHER EVERY NIGHT...I watch them...

I am so glad I found this.

Rarity showing Lumpy Space Princess whats what and not taking her shit!

I must admit, this recent chapter with Lemongrab did start to win me over. :twilightsheepish:

And nothing of importance was lost.

Hmmm,,, I sense a self-insert, Earl! Mmm... yes. Yes I do.

4150389 Haha! There will be no dungeon for anyone! Just let me grab my sword and... Hey, who stole my sword!? :fluttercry:


Ha ha ha. :rainbowlaugh:

So, I have been enjoying these. I have often wondered how those from Ooo and those from Equestria would interact, if they existed in the same world and were to one day meet. These are well written and fun to read.

Oh, I hope James Baxter makes an appearance!

*Cuts some more cheese for his crackers*

So, Earl, what have you learned about friendship?

4422496 James Baxter...mmmnnn..yes...he makes the ponies uncomfortable...they believe he is mentally ill...perhaps I'll write about that soon...I have been a very busy Earl lately...haven't had time to sit and write about things...SO MANY THINGS...THINGS HERE...THINGS THERE..


Friendship? Well..I've learned...eating your friends is unacceptable...mmmnn....that is all...

Poor James. He's a normal horse, that's the issue. Equestria ponies aren't normal ponies. They are to normal ponies what humans are to mountain gorillas.

Well, I mean he's not entirely normal. Normal horses can't speak and balance on beachballs. What I meant was that he is more akin to a normal horse than he is to Equestrian ponies.

As a pony who is more akin to normal ponies than Equestrian ponies, I find personal value in recognizing these distinctions.

If you were wondering, yes, it's okay to pet me. But just don't smack me, please. People have smacked me before, and it can throw me into a panic. It is very difficult to resist the urge to turn my butt and kick if I get smacked. It's a reflex, and I don't really have much control over it.

I find many people can't really understand my nature, I wish more people out there understood what it's like to be different in ways you can't really control.

4438144 What is this...?

You are a normal horse...that can read and...write....?

...possibly UNACCEPTABLE!! ...I think...I'm not really sure...

This was a fun addition to the series, but I hope we get to see Rainbow Dash interacting with another AT character in upcoming chapters.

Rainbow sighed. "Okay, fine. Um...after I stop by my house to pee. Cuz I really gotta pee."
The cloud she was hiding in suddenly turned yellow.

*whispers* no

4446620 I have heard Rainbow Dash speak of the time she took Lady Rainicorn slam dancing in Cloudsdale. Perhaps I will ask her to tell the story again, and take notes...

So Rainbow is color blind? And yeah, Angel is terrible, Finn.


Anyong haseyo!

those Cloudsdalians sure know how to party. Purportedly. I've never been to Equestria. I fret that I would be shunned because of my sideways - facing eyes, pointier face, and inability to resist the toxicity of onion sulphides. For all I know, the luminous Sunion might radiate dangerous onion sulphides in its light spectrum.

Plus I have no idea how to hold things between my frog and hoof wall. I presume considerable anatomical variation is at play here.

I wonder if Lady Rainicorn's inability to speak Equestrian was an issue... Rainbow Dash is adept in hoof-fu, but I'm not sure if she can understand and/or speak Korean.

I'm missing the updates. I like this series. Your Earlship.

4935615 Regrettably, we have been extremely busy of late, and do not know when the time to write accounts of life in Equestria will present itself.

The horse! The horse is staring at me with its eyes! The eyes! THE EYES! IT GIVES US POO BRAIN! ONE HUNDRED YEARS POO BRAIN!

4444690 Hooray, you're still alive!

What is your lemonheart telling you about sharing more EquestriOoo (mis)adventures?

4992125 oh no! At least it's just staring at you with its eyes. If it was staring at you with its teeth, that would be really strange. Still, that's pretty unnerving. I have the number of a hit man who might be able to hit it for you.

Hmmm. I bet no one has ever written of Scorcher in Equestria.

and next theyll be trying HORSE MEAT!!!! HAHAHA

I love this story. But the fact that it hasn't been updated for over eight months is UNACCEPTABLE!

I hope everyone and everypony ran the other way when they saw that yellow cloud...

7191331 I tried to photoshop one a while back. It didn't turn out so well. :unsuresweetie:

And that's the legend of how Flash Sentry came to be an ice sculpture in the Crystal Palace Gardens.


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