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This group is dedicated Bronies who love Animation and its history.

Here you can talk about Cartoons old and new,voice acting,reviews ,and animating as well.

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410992 Why wouldn't they

Would 3D cartoons also count? Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Upin and Ipin?

400898 Should a big discussion start up, I'd be delighted to join and speak with you. I've been watching cartoons since '92, so I feel like something of an expert myself.

Plus, I've been re-watching several classics here

I've been researching cartoons since the 6th grade and now I'm a senior in high school. If anyone has any questions about animation, I can help.

Because "Similar Groups" is a misnomer. If I'm not mistaken, its actually based on groups that are more like "shared interests" depending on the members who join...


But why is my fan group a similar group? :rainbowlaugh:

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