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Literally a guy who likes games and tv. I write Dystopia/Dark Scenarios.


Finn the human, one of the greatest heroes in the land of Ooo, is alone; in a new, unsuspecting world with none of the hardships and pain from his own. He must find a way to fight his past and prevent the arrival of a force; strong enough to wipe out species from the face of planets. And he will do that by any means necessary, even if it costs him himself.

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It's good. I see this story going somewhere.

Don't think I've seen a story like this before, but I like where it's heading. Keep up the good work!

I haven't watched much of Adventure Time but I'm assuming this has something to do with the Lich?
I have plans to actually completely finish Adventure Time eventually... I just want to know when in the Adventure Time universe is this?

Around season 6 of Adventure Time; except there are several key differences
Season 5-6 of MLP

Seems like a good start so far. I'm definently interested.

the next was that there was a green background ack

A bit of a opps here


Autocorrect hates me
I fix now.

*begins fixing*

*ends fixing*

“H-her l-leg…” Both Celestia and Luna walked up to the pair. The sisters looked over the leg of the Pegasus. There were pulsating black spots all over it.


Comment posted by Happy2343 deleted Apr 14th, 2019

Hoo boy, this is REALLY getting intense

removing the limb is the 'cure' in this case

This is gonna be good:pinkiehappy: i cant wait to see what happens next

WAIT, hold ypur horses. Lemme grab my popcorn

*Cough* *Cough*
*Breathes in*


Hi this is a great story and I can't wait to see more

what does that spell translate to?

The lyrics to Country Roads

Lol. That is so fitting for what the spell does.

Next Chapter is looking to be around ~4000 words, maybe a bit more.

The chapter ends on an incomplete sentence, otherwise good chapter.

My god, I will fix that asap

wait, it says near the end he called his grass sword down to his left hand...

and then reached for his Finn sword with his left hand...


While it's pretty good some things need a bit touching up. The dialogue is the one Tisa when two charcters are talking thier dialogue should be split up in different paragraphs or lines. It is terribly frequent but when it does come up it breaks up otherwise nicely flowing dialogue.

Try to stretch out some of the scenes you have, the dialogue feels rushed a bit and the action scenes jump around alot.

The last thing is if you don't have one already is to try and find a editor to look over what you write. Getting another to look over your work is never a bad idea and can help catch some of those harder to see errors.

Besides that the story has been pretty good so far.

The Ice Crown looking for a new wearer perhaps?

Hey guys, I am going to be taking a break (10 chapters of SCP Breakout exactly) to rejuvenate the creativeness. It's a sorta-rule I promised myself to do in order to not get burned out.

I hope y'all understand.

Nevermind, can't get this story off my mind, gonna start soon.

Keep to one character per paragraph.

Ye, I am currently going on and editing the earlier chapters for mistakes like that.

Comment posted by Gorgeous Freeman deleted Jul 4th, 2019

I'm in the last few episodes of season 5, exactly how far into adventure time do i have to be to understand this story? (either way i'm hype to read this.)

And he will do that by any means necessary.

Really? That doesn't sound like Finn to me...

Take into account that he's lost practically everything to the Lich. That's my reasoning.

Might as well burn the castle.

Not bad it's well written (Despite the occasional fuck-ups with spelling) and enjoyable.

Now, Begins the hardest part of reading. Waiting for the next chapter.

Then there can be only destruction to come

Comment posted by Outis deleted Aug 26th, 2019

Mind if I join you in waiting?
I'll bring the customary Tea and Biscuits with ample discussion of the weather.

Theirs always room for more people to wait.
So sit and join me in my waiting.

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Aug 29th, 2019

Don't you think the RD scenes are a bit to ridiculous? I mean "No one" wants to ask her questions or take her seriously at all?

Good story, over all, by the way.

Looking forward to more.

The Monk
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