• Published 5th Apr 2019
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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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‘Another day, another walk.’ Twilight sighed. She was currently walking through the Everfree forest for what felt like the millionth time. ‘Why did you have to go after him alone?’ She questioned, ‘Now I’m stuck here… looking again.’

She ruffled her wings. The appendages feeling completely unused and left out. ‘When was the last time I went flying?’ She questioned herself, she thought back to the last time she used her wings. ‘Flying down and confronting Finn…’ she settled on, ‘Why couldn’t I just… reform him?’

She looked up in the sky, her eyes scanning for anything of note, ‘Just in case’ she saw Luna. ‘I already know she isn’t here.’ She thought, ‘It's been a week.’ She deflated. She's been deflated for the better part of a week. Not even one of Pinkie’s many parties would help cheer her up much to the party pony’s dismay.

Twilight glanced left, ‘Nothing.` She looked right, ‘Nothing.’ She sighed again. ‘For all, I know this is the millionth time I’ve searched the forest.’ A tap on her shoulder brought her back.

She turned, expecting to see one of her friends' faces. She deflated though. All that was there was a guard. She kept up appearances though, holding her smile up through sheer force of will. “How can I help you, sir?” The guard cocked their head to the side.

“Wow, you really are not doing well.” She heard him say. Twilight’s smile became more genuine. She perked up and practically tackled the guard to the ground while trying to hug him. And hug him she did.

“Twily,” Shining Armor said, “Can’t. Breathe.” Twilight only tightened more. “Oh Celestia,” He said dramatically, “I can see the light.”

She finally loosened her grip allowing her brother to actually hug her back. “What’s wrong Twilight? The last time you hugged me that hard was when I had been away for like, a year.” He hugged her with one of his hooves.

They finally stopped hugging each other. “Sorry Shiny… it’s just been… hard ... recently.” She slumped down slightly

Her brother followed suit, frowning slightly, “Yeah I heard about Rainbow on the way here, is she still sleeping?”

“Yes, she is, nearly a whole week now.” She slumped down even more, “I’ve tried everything to wake her, Nothing works.”

Shining frowned, “And you? How are you holding up?” Both began walking back to the castle.

“Okay… I guess…” she said. Twilight sighed, “Actually,” Twilight stopped walking, Shining followed suit, “I feel terrible,” Shining frowned again, “I mean.. Luna went missing, my friend lost her leg, Fluttershy’s depressed because of the whole situation.” She sighed again, “And Celestia, she blames me, ME, for all this.”

“She is?” Shining quickly asked.

“No,” Twilight admitted, “But I feel like she is,” Twilight answered. She sighed again. “There’s just… There’s just been a lot of things recently.”

Shining went and hugged his sister again. “Don’t worry Twilight, you’ll get through it. You always find a way.”


He broke off the hug. “Now, stop wandering around the forest and come back to the castle.”

Twilight nodded and the pair began to walk back to her castle. They were quiet for a while. The only sound was the clopping of their hooves and the crunching of leaves and sticks. There were the occasional breeze and chirping of bugs throughout the walk.

Finally, Twilight broke the ice, “So, why are you in your old armor?”

Shining turned to her, “When I heard that there could be a fight with an extra-dimensional being, I wasn’t taking any chances.” He looked at his sister, “Speaking if taking chances, why are you unguarded?”

“Oh, I just… needed some time alone.” She replied. She quickly changed the subject, “How’s Cadance?”

“Oh she’s fine,” he replied, ”We got something to tell you when things calm down.”

“Oh do tell brother.” She replied slyly.

“Not until things calm down.” He replied with a smirk, “Anyway, she’ll be here later this week, she still has some business to wrap up.”

“Ugggg…” She pouted. “You know how much I hate being out of the loop.”

You should stop trying to change the subject. You would not believe how much stress you put me through when you were foalnapped.” He retorted, “Whatever happened to that unicorn?”

“She‘s my student.” Twilight replied, “And she’s currently away. She met another one of my former enemies and they decided to travel. They should. E back soon.” She said, “Now can we talk about something else, please?” She smirked, “Or I’ll just order you to drop this topic.”

Shining scoffed playfully, “You wouldn’t.”

“Don’t test me, brother.” She replied in a serious, but completely playful tone.

He smirked, “Alright, alright. I give, let’s get back to the castle now,” Shining looked around, “This place gives me the creeps.”

The brother and sister walked into the giant crystal tree. The crystal table in the center also room covered with papers, maps, and that book. And sitting at that table herself was Princess Celestia, reading away at one of the many other books on the table.

Shining Armor, gave a bow in the Princess’s direction, “Princess Celestia,” He said.

She looked up and gave a nod, “Prince Shining Armor,” Celestia acknowledged, “You May dispense with the formalities, there is work to be done.” There was no elegance in her voice, none of the usual love present, just stoic seriousness.

“Of course.” He replied with the same stoic expression, “I guess the entire forest has already been thoroughly searched?”

Twilight spoke, “Four times if I remember correctly.”

“Five,” Celestia corrected while looking down at a paper. She didn’t even bat an eye at Twilight. “I ordered one while you were out.”

“I would like to be consulted on such things.” Twilight said, “I think tha-“

“You were unavailable, but with you two here we can come up with a new search pattern.” She raised a sheet in her magic and pointed at several lines on the paper with her hoof, “I believe this pattern if employed correctly, could yield results.”

“May I see it?” Twilight asked Celestia.

“Of course,” She replied as she floated the piece of parchment to the other Princess. Twilight and Shining both looked at the paper.

Twilight looked From the paper to Celestia. “Celestia, this was the first pattern we tried.” She said in a monotone voice, “I think we should change the strategy and take a look at the Enchiridion.”

“Enchiridion?” Shining asked.

“Twilight, we haven’t found a safe way to even open the book. Anything that touches the book gets thrown around.”

“I’m guessing it’s a book?”

“Celestia, we haven’t found anything by digging around in the dirt, we need to change strategies.”

“Maybe we should calm do-“

“Not now Armor!” Celestia yelled, “Princess Twilight, I know that we haven’t found anything yet, but that’s because you are not putting in the effort.”

“Okay, maybe we really sho-“

“Not putting in the effort!” Twilight seethed, “At least I’m not sitting here in my rump all day making useless patterns that won’t find anything at all!”

“Well Twilight, If somepony hadn’t let this Finn get away, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation!”

“How d-“


Both the princesses stopped and turned to the only other pony in the room. Shining armor had a stone cold face of seriousness, “We can’t let division tear us apart,” he turned his attention to Celestia, “For your sister’s sake and most definitely the sake of Equestria.”

Twilight breathed out, “Yes, I agree.” She turned to her former mentor, “We will work together, right Princess?”

Celestia nodded, “Yes,” she put her hoof to her head and sighed, “I… It’s probably... I don't know what came over me… probably lack of sleep.” She turned and looked The smaller Princess in the eye, “I am sorry, Princess Twilight.”

Twilight’s mouth went agape, opening and closing several times. She finally settled on, “I am sorry too, Princess Celestia.”

An awkward silence then persisted for the next few minutes. The three royals staring at each other, not knowing what to say. After a few more moments of silence and awkward, after argument staring, Celestia attempted to start a discussion.

“So,” She said in a tired voice, “How’s my niece?”

“Oh, she’s doing fine.” Replied the prince. “She’ll be down here in a couple of days, she’s still got an empire to run and all.”

Celestia laughed lightly, “I know how she feels.” She yawned, “I am going to retire after raising the moon.” She turned to Twilight, “Maybe it will do me some good.”

“Yeah, I will after I check on Rainbow.” Said Twilight, “I don’t know why she’s still asleep.”

Twilight was sitting next to Rainbow Dash. An IV tube going through one of her hooves, giving her vital nutrients and water. ‘What am I going to do?’ Twilight thought, ‘Finn was always so cryptic with his answers… he never even told us what he was fighting!’

Twilight sighed, ‘I feel like I’m doing a lot of that now.’ Twilight thought, ‘He said pure evil, death. What kind of creature would even want that?’

Rainbow gave a particularly hard breath. Twilight immediately focused on her bedridden friend. She put her hoof over Rainbow’s heart.

*Thump* *Thump*

‘Still beating good, must’ve been something else.’ She again retreated into her mind. Thinking about Finn, Luna, and exactly where they could be. ‘Maybe they just…’ all known locations left her. “UGHHHHH!” She was annoyed at not knowing, she used to have every answer, every solution to every problem. Now she didn’t.

Rainbow wheezed again, Twilight in turn, turned her attention toward her friend. ‘Just hope whatever this is, it can be beaten by the elements.’ She laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes. Tiredness beginning to take her.

Twilight yawned on the bed and closed her eyes. She heard Rainbow wheezing again. Then coughing. Then,


‘Wait a second.’

The Princess opened her eyes to the blue Pegasus sitting upright, looking down at her with worried eyes. ‘Am I hallucinating?’ She sat up and rubbed her eyes, upon opening them, her friend was still looking at her with a confused look.

“Are you okay Twilight?”

That woke up the Princess, “AM I OKAY? I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT!”

Rainbow winced at that. Rainbow proceeded to pop her joints in her forehooves, back, and neck. “Hey, so… how long was I out?”

“A week.” Twilight deadpanned, “I’ll catch you up to speed in the morning,'' she yawned again and got out of the chair. “I’m going to bed. You really should too.”

“But I just got up!” Rainbow whined, “Plus, I’ve been sleeping for over a week!” Rainbow actually tore the IV tube out of her hoof, intent on getting up.

“Rainbow I am ordering you to go to-“

Twilight stopped mid-sentence as Rainbow stood up on the bed. Mainly due to the fact she has all four of her legs again.

Twilight promptly fainted.

Rainbow looked at Twilight, whose eyes’ had just rolled up in her head. She then watched as Twilight collapsed backwards onto the floor. Rainbow was confused. Not for why her friend collapsed, but if she should laugh or if she should help. And for Rainbow, that was an easy answer.

“Oh MY Gosh HAHAHA!!!”

Rainbow spent the next several seconds laughing at Twilights’ fainting until she eventually hopped off the bed to help Twilight, while still laughing of course. Once all of her hooves were on the ground, she stumbled. Rainbow felt a certain numbness to on her back right leg. ‘Well duh,’ She thought, ‘Finn cut it off…’

Not anymore.

Rainbow looked around as if her head was on a swivel. ‘Have I gone insane?’
She questioned.

No. Don’t you remember, I’m the weird spider-thing.

She stopped her heads’ movement. “Then why are you talking to me? Weren’t you in my dreams?” She asked. “Y’know, in my head?”

I am not in your head, I’m in your body. When Finn cut you with the grass sword, I entered your bloodstream, didn’t I explain this to you?

“I mean, I think you did. Everypony here forgets their dreams really quickly and all.” Rainbow replied aloud. She unfurled and stretched her wings. She could actually hear the popping of her joints. She then stretched her back legs. Another series of pops and cracks followed. ‘A week in bed really cramps your joints, Jeez.’

Oh, you think a week is bad, when I was in the sword we stayed used for YEARS after being created.

Rainbow stopped stretching mid-stretch.

Uh, Rainbow?

“YOU CAN READ MY THOUGHTS!” She screamed without thinking. She began pacing. Keyword: began. Rainbow fell over completely, her back-right hoof still feeling numb and unable to control it. When she put it under the weight of walking, she collapsed.

I wouldn’t put too much weight on your new leg, it as created over the course of a week, it’s still very fragile.

“Fine,” Rainbow said through her teeth. She flapped her wings so she would hover just a few inches above the floor. She carefully and slowly grabbed the sleeping princess off the floor and gently put her on the bed.

Rainbow then quietly flew out of the room as to not disturb the sleeping Princess. As she flew backward out of the room her rump came into contact with a mass. A warm mass. A most definitely taller than Rainbow Dash mass.

“Hello Rainbow... Dash?” Said her motherly voice.

Rainbow immediately turned around. And came face to face with Princess Celestia.

“O-oh, Princess Celestia.” Rainbow winced as she touched down. “Uhhhh… when did you get here?”

“...” Celestia only stood there, mouth closed.

Well, that’s not as bad as I was expecting.

“Shut it,” Rainbow said under her breath.

“Rainbow? What did you just say?”

Rainbow went wide-eyed, “N-Nothing Princes,” She quickly stammered out.

“Really, because I have excellent hearing for my age, it sounded like you said, ‘Go die’.”

“NO, I would NEVER, never, say that to anypony! Let alone say that to YOU.” Rainbow said in her defense.

Real smooth Rainbow… Real smooth.

“Then what did you say? Because I would absolutely hate to have to assume you said that to me.”

“Shut it,” Rainbow said abruptly.


Realizing what she actually just said, she quickly moved to correct herself, “That’s what I said, ‘shut it’” Rainbow replied.

Celestia put her hoof to her head and sighed, “I’ll deal with this in the morning.” She turned her attention to Rainbow, “You should talk to Shining Armor in the map room, he is waiting for Cadance to arrive.” As Celestia walked off, Rainbow thought she heard Celestia say, “Gets them every time.”

Rainbow merely nodded as Celestia walked away. ‘I’m a dead mare.’

Well, in my opinion, I think that went well for first impressions.

Rainbow just bottled up her anger and powered through. “Can you just shut up right now. Please?” Rainbow asked, “It’s hard having two voices in the same head.”

Sure. Okay.

Rainbow took flight. Again, only hovering a few inches off of the ground. She relished the fact that her head was clear and quiet. She breathed in and out, calming herself down.

The blue Pegasus flew slowly toward the map room. Being sure to be quiet and not disturb anypony. She passed several windows, the moon was high in the sky. The stars and moon have her a calming feeling, her chest unwound, allowing her to relax more.

‘I wonder how the others will react when I show them my… new… leg.’ Rainbow thought, ‘I never really… looked at it…’

Rainbow touched down in front of a window. The feeling in her back-right hoof was still numb. In fact she was feeling a lot more tired than she was earlier. ‘Maybe I should get some sleep.’ She could barely see her reflection in the mirror. She turned, seeing her new appendage. It was covered in greenish-blue fur.

The green comes from me!

Rainbow sighed, ‘I was really enjoying that peace and quiet.’ Rainbow continued to walk to the door.

She slowly opened the door. Inside, sitting in Twilight’s chair, was Shining Armor.

‘Why would Celestia want me to check in with him?’

Maybe it has some medical reason?


Shining Armor was reading through various papers. On the edge of the table there was a large book.

Ohhh, the Enchiridion!

“Enchiridion?” Rainbow asked,

Shining turned around, looking at Rainbow Dash. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked as he turned back to his papers, “I hear…” he quickly turned back.

“How did you…”

“It’s a VERY long story.” Rainbow preempted. “I’m just letting you I’m going home.”


“I don’t know,” Rainbow said, “Just to make sure Twilight doesn’t think I got foalnapped again.”

“Yeah…” He said, “So did you just… grow… another leg?”

“I guess?”


“I’ll… tell you in the… morning.” Rainbow said, slightly out of breath. “Dang, I just went from fully awake to dead tired in like, ten minutes.”

“You just grew a leg.” Shining deadpanned.

“Yeah… So?” Rainbow said.

“Your body doesn’t have enough blood!” He yelled.

“Yeah… that makes sense…”

Rainbow Dash followed Twilight’s lead and fainted.


Author's Note:

Hey, I actually uploaded on time this time. Who could’ve thought.

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