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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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Above and Below

Something was tickling her closed eyes. She groaned, swatting the heat away from her face. Again it was there, she switched the way she was facing, trying to regain the realm of unconsciousness. As she put her head down on the pillow, she only realized then, she had woken up, much to her chagrin. ‘I guess I have to get up,’ She thought as she audibly sighed, ‘Why can’t I just sleep for a full day.’

Phoebe opened her eyes. She was looking at the booth’s seat. The back of her neck ticked, she turned around and spied the sun, almost fully over the horizon. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and stretched as she tried not to fall back asleep, she heard the various pops throughout her body. She shook her head vigorously, shaking away the sleepiness. She yawned and fell back onto the pillow she had slept on. She looked through the window, sun. She shot up as her eyes widened, “Finn!” She yelled, no reply. “I thought I told him to wake me up in an hour,” She said under her breath, “Not to let me sleep all night.” She sighed out.

The Former royal groaned she rubbed the back of her neck, just out of sight of the world. She felt the scar she received while escaping the collapse of the Flame Kingdom. ‘I can’t ever be off my guard like that again,’ She reminded herself, ‘I was lucky that…’ She shook her head.

‘Don’t think about it,’ Phoebe thought. She breathed in and out

She was quick to notice that the living room was completely empty, Finn, Marceline nor the weird Pony thing was present. She got out from behind the booth-table and donned what was left of her battle armor.

She struggled as she put on the tattered armor piece by piece. The various dents in the armor provided resistance as she donned it. Eventually, a quarter of an hour later, she was fully dressed in her armor, ready for what the world would throw at her. ‘Now, where are they?’ She thought, ‘They have to be near… or I’m just imagining them.’ She chuckled

She quickly checked the bedroom upstairs. She scanned the room for any sign of anybody. She saw the comfortable looking bed, but there was no pony on it. She looked at the dresser that she had used to get here. Her heart sank as she realized that it used to be Jake's bed. She moved over to it and ran her hand through the now tarnished sheets. They began falling apart, “Sorry, Jake,” She apologized to the dog, “I didn’t really know it was your bed,”

She went and inspected the bed, there were a couple of dark blue feathers strewn about. ‘Okay, so I’m definitely not imagining things,’ She sighed, ‘Now, where are they?’ She went back to the living room. She was immediately hit by a sweet smell, ‘Pancakes?’ She thought as she sniffed the air. ‘How did I not notice that before?’ She shrugged it off. Until her stomach grumbled, ‘Jeez, forgot to eat.’

She went down to the front door. She passed the massive amounts of treasure and loot that Finn and Jake had gathered from their various escapades. There were rubies and gold coins beyond counting.

She walked out the front door, and turned right, ‘Where did Finn keep the firewood?’ She spotted a small door on the side of the massive treehouse. She snapped a finger and a small flame appeared above her hand. ‘So glad I came up with this,’ She thought, ‘So much energy wasted just by giving off light,’ she spied a stray log in the corner. “Jackpot,” She said. Phoebe walked over and grabbed the log. It instantly burst into flames, Phoebe let out a sigh as her hunger was sated.

“... Are you sure this is a … idea?” The sound of a woman’s voice upon Phoebe exiting caused her to stop and listen.

“I know the guy, trust… he’ll help,” She knew the second voice all too well, ‘Finn…’

She followed the sounds of the voices. She was able to hear more as they grew closer.

“C’ mon, I know him, Luna,” Finn repeated, “Hudson will help us, if not then Prismo.”

“Finn,” The pony, Luna, said, “I still think summoning a demon is a bad idea.”

“Just trust me,”

Phoebe walked around the corner of the house. She saw the Pony’s face who regarded her in turn. Finn was facing away from her, looking Luna while pointing to the wall. Phoebe saw what it was. A fairly odd-looking face was crudely drawn on the wall. Phoebe looked farther to the right, Marceline was in the shadow in the house; tied and gagged.

“Well,” Luna said, “Maybe she’ll back me up and tell you that summoning a demon is a bad idea.”

Finn turned around, “Oh,” Finn said, “I didn’t realize you’d be awake so early,” He said.

Phoebe crossed her arms, “Really, I expected to be woken up hours ago,” She chastised Finn.

“Sorry,” Finn said sarcastically, “For letting you sleep for 8 hours.”

Luna walked past Finn and stood in front of Phoebe, “Sorry,” The pony Princess said, “But I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced,” She motioned with her hoof to her chest, “I am Princess Luna of Equestria.”

“I.. am uh… Phoebe,” She said.

“Really?” Luna asked slightly surprised, “I was under the impression that… nevermind,”

Phoebe rolled her eyes and walked up to Finn. “What’s happening here anyway?” Phoebe asked. She looked at the face again, it was cartoonishly silly and stupid. ‘This is supposed to summon a demon?’ she thought, ‘Yeah right,’

Luna opened her mouth, but Finn interrupted her, “Trying to help Marceline,” He said, “By summoning her… dad,” Finn finished, “Her demon dad.” He muttered under his breath.

“Exactly,” Luna said, “Here Demon Father.” She said, emphasizing her point. Luna stomped over to the face on the wall, “What do we do when this demon decides to kill us,”

“He won’t,” Finn said, “I know him personally,” He assured her.

Phoebe spoke up, “I’ve known Finn for a while, Princess Luna,” she said, gaining the attention of the named Princess, “And when Finn said something like this, he meant it.” Her words seemed to hit Luna like a hammer, she audibly sighed.

“Isn’t there something we can do to assure our safety?” She said dejectedly as if she was prepared to give up.

Finn rubbed his chin as he thought, “Actually yeah,” He said, Luna, who had taken to sitting on her haunches, slightly perked up, Finn continued, “There was this salt thing that… we used to make a circle,” He turned to Luna, “It kept demons and ghosts fro crossing the circle.”

Luna perked up even more, “Really? Do you have some here?”

“Yeah,” Finn said, “I think it was in-”

“Just go get it, Finn,” Phoebe said, interrupting Finn.

His mouth flopped open and then closed, “Okay,” He said, then he took off,” Phoebe heard the familiar sound of the door opening and closing shut, followed by quick steps.

Phoebe sat on the ground, her legs straight out. She looked at Marceline, who was also awake. She just stared back at Phoebe. Her right eye covered by her hair and the black ooze. ‘I hope her dad can help,’ Phoebe thought, ‘The last thing Finn needs to hear is that there is nothing he can do.’

Someone coughed to her left, Phoebe turned and saw Luna, looking at her. Phoebe managed to give a small smile, “Yes?” She asked.

“Are you not Flame Princess?” Luna asked, “Finn mentioned that you-”

“I'm not Flame Princess,” Phoebe interrupted, “She died when the Flame Kingdom fell.” She quickly said, preempting whatever Luna was going to say.

Luna gave a questioning look, “Finn mentioned you were his girlfriend.”

Phoebe nodded. “Have been for a little over two years, three if you want to count the year we were together before we separated.” Luna gave another questioning look, “Yes, we got back together.” She preempted again. Luna closed her mouth and looked off in the distance. Seemingly thinking of another thing to ask to pass the time.

Phoebe sprawled herself on the ground. The cool grass on her back felt amazing. She closed her eyes and felt herself begin to float away. “Finn told me that two years have passed since you saw him,” Luna said, Phoebe turned her eyes to Luna, “Is that true?”

Phoebe turned to the Pony. She gave a slight nod in conformation. The pony looked away from Phoebe. She thought she heard Luna sniffle a bit. ‘A year went in the blink of an eye,’ Phoebe thought, ‘I at least got to experience that time…’

“Sorry,” Luna said as she turned back to Phoebe, “I’m usually not as… emotional,” Luna sighed, “I just can’t imagine how my sister feels right now.”

“It can’t be that bad,” Phoebe reassured.

She laughed, a genuine, but sad laugh, “First I’m gone for 1000 years, then I’m back for a few,” Luna sighed, “Now I’m gone again,” Luna shook her head, “I’m sure she’ll blame herself.”

The two sat in silence, waiting for Finn to return. Both occasionally glanced at Marceline and each other. ‘What is taking Finn so long,’ Phoebe questioned, ‘I’m sure he’s probably tearing up his room.’

Finn, after what felt like hours finally rounded the corner to the backyard where, hopefully, the Luna and Phoebe were still located. He mentally cursed himself and his organization skills, ‘Why in the world would I ever put soul salt in the freezer?’

He looked at the three forms before him. Marceline’s single eye had locked into him the second he came into view. It was glowing a dark green, making Finn feel extremely uncomfortable. Phoebe had her eyes closed and was laying on the ground. ‘She looks calm,’ Finn idly remarked. He then looked at the Pony sitting on her rump. She was facing away from Finn. ‘Just how long was I in there?’

He quickly walked over to the Pony, who he had realized was deep in thought, her eyes closed. ‘I guess I’ll get set up then,’ Finn thought, he looked around, only Marceline was looking at him with her cold dead eye.

He began sprinkling the salt in a circle around the weird looking face. The coolness and crispness and breeze made Finn remove his hat, stuffing it in his backpack. He felt the air on the back of his neck as he worked and the breeze go through his hair.

He put his backpack on the ground, along with his sword. He sighed as he finished the circle, double-checking the salt barrier, ‘Jermaine knew this stuff better than me,’ He sighed at the thought of his other brother, ‘He practically disappeared with Lady and Jake’s kids the second the Lich reared its ugly head.’

Finn walked over to Phoebe and shook her shoulder. She looked up, “Hey Finn,” She said tiredly, “Mind helping me up?” She put her hand up. Finn grabbed it and pulled Phoebe up. Her armor that she was wearing adding some additional weight to her body, but after everything Finn’s gone through, it was no problem.

Once she was up she arched her back. She stretched her arms and sides. “You got it?” She asked.

“Yup,” he motioned with his hands to the salt circle before them.

“Good,” Phoebe said, glancing at Marceline, “I don’t like the way she looks at us,” Phoebe said.

Finn glanced at Marceline. She was staring at them. Finn shook his head, ‘Hopefully, Hunson can help you.’ He thought. Phoebe began to straighten out her armor.

As Phoebe was doing that, Finn walked up to Luna, still deep in thought, he put his hand on her shoulder. She turned to face him, her eyes were a little red, but it was rapidly fading, Finn saw streaks going down from her eyes, but were too, rapidly fading. He only just now noticed the blue hue surrounding the Alicorn’s horn. ‘Was she crying?’

He shook it off, ‘I shouldn’t intrude,’ he thought, ‘It’s not my business.’

“Are we ready to summon this, Hunson?” Luna asked.

“Yeah,” Finn said, “I’ve got everything set up.” He pointed to the circle of salt, “That should put a barrier between him and us.”

Luna nodded, “Okay, then let’s start.”

Phoebe, Luna and Finn walked over, “So how does this work?” Luna asked.

Finn pulled out a carton from his nearby bag, “I throw this at that,” he motioned with the carton to the face on the wall, “Do a small chant, then boom,” he said, “He’s here”

“He can’t save her,” A distorted voice from behind them said, the trio turned and looked at the infected vampire behind them. She was attempting to stand up but was quickly put down with a blast of Luna’s horn.

“Summon her father, Finn.”

‘Alrighty then.’ He turned and threw the carton at the face. The drawing absorbing the milk. Finn then said, “Maloso vovescom spiritam!”

A blast of Fire that even Phoebe had to shy away from erupted from the face, Luna raised a shield of magic then looked at Finn, Finn didn’t flinch. A grotesque amount of organs and flesh formed into the shape of a human. However it’s skin was a dark green and the eyes were yellow and the pupils were like a dragon, but red.

Luna already had a thousand curses and even more combat spells at the tip of her horn, ready to send whatever this thing is back to wherever it came from.

The thing was wearing a business suit, had fangs in its mouth. A mouth, that began to move, “Finn?” Luna looked over again, he didn’t move, “Really?!”

‘He’s aggravated,’ Luna thought.

“Nearly Two whole years and now you decide to summon me,” Hunson said, Luna was on the verge of attacking the demon until it started laughing. “I gotta say, you are one tough man to reap.

‘Did he just make a pun?’ Luna thought, ‘what kind of demon is this?’

“Hey Hunson,” Finn said.

“Finn the human,” He said in a much lighter tone, “Whazzup.”

“Did he just try to say Wazzup?” Phoebe asked with a whisper as she seemed just as confused when Luna looked at her.

“I think so,” Luna replied with a whisper.

“Uh, we’ve been pretty busy,” Finn replied, “And we need some help.”

“Sure Finn, What do ya need?” Hunson asked, “We need you to help Marceline and a way off Ooo and to her world.”

“Marceline? What’s wrong with her?” He tried to look past Finn, “Is she here?” He ended up asking. ‘At least he’s concerned,’ Luna thought.

He tried to walk forward but became aware of a massive barrier blocking his exist. He touched the barrier several times, “Mind letting me out?”

Finn looked at Luna, who, in turn, sighed then nodded. ‘You win this round Finn,’ She thought.

“Sure,” Finn said, he began to scoop up the salt and put it in a jar. Hunson stepped out the first second he could and moved towards Luna and Phoebe.

“So where’s my girl?” Hunson asked, looking at Luna.

“I… Uh, behind me.” Luna pointed out. ‘Is this one just like discoed?’

Hunson looked and saw Marceline on the ground and walked over. “Hey, Marceline!” He exclaimed. Marceline, in return bit at him. He parried back with. “Woah,” Marceline was then pushed back to the ground in Luna’s magic. ‘That was close,’ She thought, ‘We can’t have her infecting somepony as crazy as this.’

He walked over to Luna and Phoebe and leaned down, “This isn’t one of those weird fazes, is it? Because if it is I am no help.”

“Um,” Phoebe began to say, “She’s bee-“

“And who are you?!” Hunson asked, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before.”

“I’m Fla- Phoebe.”

“Well I gotta say, you just loo-“

Finn stood up, “Hunson, leave my girlfriend alone.”

He turned his head to the pony standing next to him, he whispered, “He has a girlfriend?” He asked Lun nodded, “Sheesh, I never thought he could at his height.” Hunson blinked, “Wait a sec,” he asked louder, “Just who and what are you?”

“I am Princess Luna Of Equestria,” Luna said.

“Ohh,” He turned to Finn who had Now rejoined the group, “Another Princess Finn?” He mouthed.

He turned back around, “So,” the demon said, “Marceline.”

“The Lich attacked the Candy Kingdom. It… killed P.B. And well…” Finn turned to Marceline, who was now actively trying to strike at Hunson, “Did this to her.”

A moment of silence followed. Hunson’s usual demeanor seemed to leave him, replaced by a serious one. He leaned down and moved her hair out of his way. Marceline’s arms and legs were still being held down with Luna’s magic along with the rope originally used to hold her down.

Finn saw Hunson’s mouth quiver and his eye twitch as he saw the black, stone-like substance blocking the right side of her face. He touched it. Marceline began to shake.

Finn sighed and asked probably the biggest elephant in the room, “Can you heal her?”

Hunson snapped out of his trance-like state. He turned to Finn, “Honestly Finn,” He turned back to his daughter, “I don’t know.”

“Isn’t there something you can do for her?” Phoebe asked, “She is your daughter.”

“A demon did this to your daughter,
Hunson,” Luna said, “You, yourself, are a demon, there must be a counter or something.”

“The Lich, isn’t a demon,” Hunson stated mater o factly, “It’s a monster. They are completely different.”

“The difference?” Phoebe asked.

He replied while still looking into Marceline’s sole eye, “Monsters existed before time,” He said, “Demons exist now; a weaker form of monsters if you will.”

“I… suppose that make-“ Luna nearly lost concentration of her spell on Marceline as something poked her rump. She turned, seething at the still floating crown nagging at her.

“Ice king’s crown?” Phoebe asked as she grabbed it. The blue hue that had been surrounding it faded away.

“May I see that?”

Phoebe fumbled with the crown. The sound of Hunson’s voice immediately behind her startled the former monarch. “U-uh… Finn?” She asked at the human who was currently giving Hunson the stink eye.

Finn shrugged, “I don’t see why not.”

Phoebe offered the crown to Hunson, who took the crown. “Hmmm…” He looked over the crown. “I’ll take it!”

Three pairs of eyes landed on Hunson. “What?”

“That thing…” Finn rubbed his chin, “Umm… how do I put this, insanity in a crown.”

Hunson Blinked. “How ‘bout this; I take the crown, and then I take and fix my daughter, a win-win!”

Phoebe again looked at Finn, who sighed, “As long as she gets the help she needs,” Finn said, he looked at the vampire queen, “I don’t care.”

“Then it’s settled,” Hunson yelled.

‘Why do I feel like this is a bad idea?’ Luna thought to herself.

Finn sighed, he looked back at the house he had lived his entire life in, all the memories he thought of had Jake in them, nearly bringing him down, he knew he couldn’t stay here, it would break his spirit. There were just too many ghosts.

‘Goodbye…’ he thought as he turned away from the tree. He saw Luna and Phoebe conversing and off to the side of them was Hunson, kneeling down and inspecting his daughter. Finn looked at the ball of cloth in his hand.

'The cloth represented someone who I am was, a Finn that no longer exists, that Finn had lost nearly all his friends, his home and his family,' He again looked at Phoebe again, then back to his balled up cloth hat. 'At least not all of them.' He reached around and stuffed the hat into his green backpack.

He walked over to his girlfriend and Princess. “Are you guys ready to go?”

“I am,” Luna said, “This world has given me a… a lot to think about.”

“I’m kinda sad to leave,” Phoebe said, “But I don't think I’ll stay sane if I have to be here alone,” Phoebe replied, she looked at Finn’s hair, “Man, I thought you’d never take that old hat off.” She said. She looked at the human’s hair, “And I can see why.”

“What? Why?!” Finn said.

“Your mane is… what one of my friends would say, is atrocious.” Luna said.

“When was the last time you had your hair cut?” Phoebe asked

Finn reaches up and ran his fingers through his hair. His bangs nearly covered his eyes entirely. His ears were covered too, “Maybe a year or two?” He said.

“Oh haha,” Phoebe said, “But should we be going.”

“Yes, I wish to be home as fast as possible,” Luna said, “It feels like we’ve been here for a month sitting around.”

Finn turned to the demons behind him. “You think you’ll be able to handle her?”

Hunson turned around, “Don’t you worry yourself, Finn,” Hunson said, “I think I can handle my own daughter.”

“You think,” said Marceline from the ground.

Hunson merely clapped his hands and both she and him were encircled by green flames. “I’ll call you when I get this infection thing out of her!” Hunson said.

“Please don’t,” Finn said, ‘Really, I don’t need any more of my friends getting hurt because of me.’ He thought. He saw the green fire go up and consume the pair. Then they were gone. The fire fizzles out and disappeared entirely.

Finn sighed after they were gone, this world would be empty, devoid of life. “Finn, are you ok?”

He turned around and looked at Phoebe, “Yeah, just thinking,” he replied. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

“So, How does this work?” Luna asked.

“Just put your ha-hoof in the P at the bottom of the letter.” He held the letter as both Phoebe and Luna put their respective appendages on the letter.

“Prismo…” he whispered. Immediately he felt his body begin to warp. After a few seconds, his surroundings changed entirely. From a gray and grassland devoid of life to a yellow-pinkish cube.

Finn smiled. “Prismo! Thank glob, I thought you were still dead.”

“Finn, I’ve been wondering where in the multiverse you were.” The figure in the wall replied, “Sorry about Jake, he was-“

“Yeah, I know,” Finn interrupted, “I know…” he repeated.

“Soo, Finn,” Luna said, “Care to introduce us?”

“Oh, this is Prismo,” he said, “Prismo I’m sure you know Phoebe and this is Lu-“

“Princess Luna Of Equestria,” she cut him off, “A pleasure.” That seemed to take Prismo by surprise.

“Equestria,” Prismo said, “Equestria, Equestria, Equestria… I think I know where that is.” He turned on his TV wall with a click of his ‘remote.’

“What do you mean by ‘know where it is?’ Luna asked.

“Well, it’s one of the dimensions within the multiverse,” Prismo explained, “A whole bunch of worlds,” he clicked a button on his remote, showing a black screen, “Oh-“

“Wai, Stop!” Phoebe said, gaining the attention of the room, “What do you mean by still dead?”

“I would like to know as well,” Luna added, “To cheat death… it is a skill very few have been able to attain.”

Finn and Prismo blinked at the two female’s in the room, “Looooooooong story,” Finn said, getting ready to explain the said story.

“For another time!” Prismo interrupted, “We have a lot to do right now. The Lich has been-”

He was cut off by the collective, “THE LICH!” From the rest of the group.

“Making gains.” The Wishmaster finished, "You really missed a lot."

Author's Note:

Been a while, eh?

Well, I've been working on SCP pretty much the entire time but got this finished now.

About time, right?

Well, if there are any errors, feel free to tell me.

Any questions or contridictions, tell me.

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