A Lost Hero

by Happy2343

First published

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

Finn the human is alone; in a new, unsuspecting world with none of the hardships and pain from his own. He must find a way to prevent the arrival of a force; strong enough to wipe out species from the face of planets. And he will do that by any means necessary.

A Broken Soul

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Finn stumbled and fell down as the portal began to close behind him. He quickly looked back to make sure nothing came out after him. He readied his sword, its white and ceruleum colors shining in the sunlight overhead. The portal’s green and blue hue finally left in the cool and dry wind; carrying the magical essence away. His defensive stance finally faltered, then fell entirely. His staple green backpack slid off his back as he laid down against a nearby tree. The tree seemed nearly unnaturally alive. But the hero of Ooo didn’t care, he was exhausted. He closed his eyes and looked up, finally relaxing after what felt like a lifetime.

He opened his eyes and looked up to see birds in the sky; chirping and singing as all birds do. ‘At least I’m out,’ he thought. *Snap* He instantly looked back to the bag behind him, it was slightly farther away then he remembered putting it. Out of instinct, he snatched it up; revealing a root-like worm around the straps. Finn attempted to take the bag back but was stopped by the root. It was strong, pulling on the pack as much as, if not stronger than, Finn.

The root began slithering its way up the backpack and to Finn’s left arm. “I don’t… think so!” He said while struggling. His grass sword raced down from his left shoulder and activated; he sliced the root creature in half, causing it to give. He regarded the thrashed root before him. ‘What kind of creature is this?’ He questioned. He knelt down to examine the thing. Poking it a couple of times with his still drawn grass sword. ‘Nothing.’ The grass sword then slithered like a snake up to his left shoulder. He stretched the muscle a couple of times it still burned from the month-long fight he had undertaken. Finn stood back up and reached into his bag. He pulled out a bent and well-used compass. Finn looked a the compass, pointing himself eastward. He looked around a couple of times to make sure he didn’t forget anything, then began his trek.

He pulled out his main sword; swinging and swishing it around to pass the time. He eventually looked up to the canopies of the many trees. ‘Man the tree’s are sure tall here… or is that just me?’ Finn looked to his front, the darkness of the forest was evident despite the sunlight beaming down on him. It no longer concerned him, he had seen enough of the darkness back home. He shook his head, ‘No… not again.’ A voice called out to him, “RUN, Finn GET OUT OF H-” “STOP!” He screamed to nobody. He looked down at his hand and saw that his hand had clutched onto his sword even harder than before; it was hurting from the tension in his hand.

Finn put his blade up by strapping it in between his back and the backpack. He stopped walking, closed his eyes and breathed in and out deeply; attempting to forget. After a few minutes of having his eyes closed and breathing, the anxiousness went away. He opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. ‘It’s so dark here.’ Finn looked up to the sky to see the moon in the middle of it. ‘Man I really lost track of time this time.’ “Heh.” He chuckled at his own terrible pun. He shook his head and continued walking.

He reached behind him and grabbed his sword, he looked it over while walking. It had received many scrapes since he first got it. ‘It’s been with me this far,’ He thought, ‘ Maybe it will be with me till the end.’

Finn was now walking for well over an hour now; he was so lost in thought that he nearly didn’t see the massive bottomless pit in front of him. He jumped back from where he was, the piece of dirt he was standing on fell off of the land, tumbling on a no-doubt long fall. “That… was close…” He said aloud. He laughed, “I really need a therapist if I keep getting lost in thought, I might just end up dying on my own.” He frowned, ‘Since when have I been this dark?’ He questioned before facepalming himself. “STAY. ON. TASK.” He reminded himself. ‘Sleep when I’m safe, then go and goof off.’ He shook himself awake.

Finn scanned the area around him, spotting a rickety old bridge. ‘I wonder who made th-’ She slapped himself this time. ‘Just get across it Finn; get across it, then rest. Wonder about that later.’ He made his way over to the bridge and regarded it skeptically. He shook it a few times with his free hand. It did not sound well kept. ‘Am I really going to do this?’ He thought, “Yes.” He replied to himself.

He grabbed onto both sides of the rope bridge and began crossing. He made it nearly a few feet onto the bridge when he began having his doubts. ‘I can’t even see over to the other side.’ He thought as he peered across, only being greeted by fog and darkness. He looked up again, ‘At least there is a full moon.’ He thought as he put his foot down on one of the boards. He heard a sharp *Crack* a few moments later. He quickly moved his foot off of the now broken board. *Crack* ‘This is going to suck, isn’t it?’

After nearly fifteen minutes of jumping from board to board, Finn finally reached the other side. He practically collapsed on the ground and kissed it. “I will never, go on that stupid bridge… again.” He looked back, the bridge swaying in the wind. Finn then looked forward, his mouth went agape.

In front of him was the ruins of an old castle. It was horribly overgrown with trees and plants, many of the stones were thrown around, ‘Probably been abandoned for millennia or so.’ He reckoned, ‘A great place to find a place to rest.’ He sarcastically concluded. He got up off the ground and brushed the dirt off his knees, then proceeded to arch his back to stretch. “Well,” he said, “Let’s go Finn.”

Pushing one of the two giant wooden doors open Finn was greeted by an odd sight, to say the least. Two giant tapestries of what looked like winged horses with horns greeted him; one was yellow and white while the other was dark and blue. ‘Well great, I’ve landed in a world full of ponies.’ He joked with himself. He closed the door behind him and walked in further.

He saw what looked like miniature statues, paintings, and armor stands of ponies. ‘Yep, definitely ponies…’ He thought as he passed another set of guard armor. Way too small to be a regular horse. Finn reached dual thrones, long unused. ‘What kind of ponies are these. They’re obviously sapient and thinking, but whoever ruled here is long gone.’ He thought, ‘Has it already been here?’ He questioned, Finn looked to the sky, it was in pristine condition, ‘No, it hasn’t; the world would be uninhabitable.’

Finn went off to a side room, finding the library still full of books and scrolls. He walked up to the bookcases. ‘With any luck, the Enchiridion is here.’ He mused. Finn went through bookcase after bookcase only to find ruined books rife with mold and water damage. ‘Ugghhhhhhh.’ “This is hopeless.” He said aloud, “I’ll just look in the morning.” finishing the sentence In a yawn. He stretched his back and arms, earning himself several pops and cracks.
He winced at the pain coming from his left shoulder when he went to stretch it.
Finn instead rubbed it with his right hand. He could feel the grass blade around the wound when he rubbed the shoulder; attempting to heal the injury.

Finn sat down with his back to one of the many bookcases and closed his eyes. He could hear the wind rushing throughout the castle as he fell asleep. ‘So quiet…’ he thought, ‘So peaceful…’

Twilight was pacing around her castle’s table room. Her mood had deteriorated so much from a few hours ago. Instead of a relaxing day with her friends, there was a massive surge of magic that came from the Everfree that had knocked out or disrupted all types of magic. Her friends were all trying to tell her various things.

Rainbow was only making the situation worse by her various guesses at the situation, “Oh, oh; what if it was Tirek again.” She turned to the nervous princess, “You might have to fight Tirek again! That would be soooo-“ Rainbow found her mouth gagged with a recently picked apple. She turned to the farmpony who put it there, “Mmph eh ahh ah-“ This time Fluttershy, usually timid and reserved, spoke up, “Rainbow! Stop!” She said while pointing to Twilight. Rainbow looked and saw Twilight hyperventilating on the ground holding her chest. She finally realized what she had caused. She hastily ate the apple. “Oops, sorry Twi…” she trailed off.

After about ten minutes of coaxing by Fluttershy and Applejack, Twilight finally recovered from her tangent. She immediately began losing it… again. “WHAT IF TIREK GOT OUT?! WHAT IF SOMBRA INVADED?! Oh, this is bad… bad... bad... bad.” Rarity spoke up, attempting to calm Twilight, “Dear, you are jumping to conclusions. This could just be just another small, little thing that can be easily solved.” Twilight began to calm down, but then Pinkie interjected, “Oooh Whatifitissomesuperpowerfulwarriorfromanotherdimenaion *Breathes* andthey’recomingtofindsomesortad-” Applejack walked over and closed the hyper mare’s muzzle; the only things that could be heard were muffled cries of protest and explanations.

Twilight gave Pinkie a confused look as she tried to formulate words to make a reply. “Well... whatever did this is obviously… well versed and powerful in magic.” She began pacing around the table they were all sitting at, “I think… the best course of action is to… check the… Everfree forest for any signs of this magical signature, with any luck we’ll find it in less than a day.” She finished with a smile. The mares all nodded and made for the exit.

The land was a mix of gray and green. Finn looked to his treehouse, the one he had practically lived in his whole life. All that remained was a shattered and hull ruin, one long in the process of decomposition, he took a step away; he felt the crunch of the dead grass on his shoe. Finn looked down, ‘It always feels so… real.’ He thought. ‘So… lifelike.’

Finn looked off in the distance, he could see the outline of the nearby Candy Kingdom, or what was left of it. The creature that did this rarely leaves survivors. He began walking there anyway. He turned around, seeing a bright blue light in the distance. He looked at it quizzically. After a few moments, he looked back to the ruins in the distance, the gun all guardians still where they lay; dead and broken. Finn looked to where the light was. He slowly began walking toward it. The wind was howling, the sound of leaves and grass crunching became louder.

Finn opened his eyes to the faint sound of rustling nearby. ‘Stop being paranoid Finn.’ He chastised, ‘Go back to sleep.’ He pulled his hat over his eyes letting the cool breeze hit his neck. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get his eyes to close again for long; his body couldn’t let his mind sleep without knowing. “Ughhh.” He said out loud. He put his hat back in its place and stood up. His backpack lay a few feet away with his sword looking out. He walked over grudgingly and grabbed both items; dawning his backpack and keeping his sword drawn.

He looked up through the non-existent roof. The sun was beginning to break. Finn breathes in the crisp and cool predawn air while he still could. ‘Always liked the mornings,’ he thought,
‘So serene, so beautiful; which I could take a picture.’ He began walking around the library, keeping up his search for this dimension’s Enchiridion. He passed bookcase after bookcase, the light from the sun now helping his search. ‘Nope, nope, nope, no-‘ his mind stopped thinking of the sounds of talking.

“I’m telling you Fluttershy, whatever this ‘thing’ is, I doubt it’s hurt,” A brash and boastful voice said, “According to Twilight, the thing was strong enough to disrupt magic.”

“Well, you never know Rainbow.” A timid and quiet voice responded. The sound of footsteps, ‘hoofsteps?’ Got closer with each second.

“Well, let’s just search the place and get it over with, I really want to join up with Twi, and help fight some big monster.” The boastful voice, Rainbow, said. ‘She’s overconfident easily, I can take her.’ Finn thought. The human went from bookcase to bookcase; attempting to avoid the pair of voices, but stay close to here the conversation.

“Wow, I’m always amazed at how many books there are still here. No wonder Twilight’s always want to come back.” The timid voice, Fluttershy, said. “Yeah, well, she’s always gonna be an egghe- hey, look at this.” Finn looked at the pair. Both were winged, there was a yellow one with a pink mane, while the other had a cyan coat with a Rainbow mane. They were both looking at the spot where he was sleeping. ‘Uh oh.’

‘Fluttershy’, Finn guessed, rubbed her right forehoof on the spot. “It’s dry!” Fluttershy exclaimed. She looked up at the ceiling, “There’s no ceiling; this spot should be soaking with morning dew.” Finn mentally facepalmed, ‘Rookie mistake Finn.’ He would’ve released a groan of disappointment, but he didn’t want to give his position away. ‘Well,’ he reckoned, ‘time to go.’ He began to silently move away.

“It’s got to be n-near, r-right?” Fluttershy asked while backing up to the wall. Rainbow decided to say the most cliche thing as a joke, “Oh don’t worry Fluttershy, I’m sure it’s long go-“ *Crack* both mares turned towards a bookshelf in the corner. Rainbow Dash immediately went taut. ‘Oh great.’ She thought. Rainbow then did the only thing she thought sensible, protect her friend. She went headfirst into the bookcase that the crack came from; causing it to fall over the perpetrator.

Along with the sound of the crashing bookcase came a pony-like “Oof.” Followed by a groan of pain. Rainbow then immediately yelled, “Shy, go get the others. NOW!” Fluttershy immediately sprang into the air as fast as Rainbow and flew into the distance.

Rainbow looked back to the form under the bookcase. She could only see what looked like the top half, but she could see that it was wearing some sort of blue cloth on its upper half with a white animal ears hat that covered the top of its head. The unclothed parts had very light hair and were tan in color. “What are you?” Rainbow absentmindedly asked. The all white face turned around to reveal a tan oval with eyes, small nose, and a mouth. “The kind that doesn’t like to be messed with.” The bookcase began to shake as the creature got up. It began to crawl out of the crashed bookcase.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Rainbow remarked. She went on top of the fallen bookcase, adding her weight to the already considerable weight of the case; attempting to force the thing down.

But it didn’t matter. He made it out of the case, which fell to the ground, knocking some of the wind out of her chest. When she saw the bipedal in full, Rainbow saw three new things on the being: the lower half was covered by a blue cloth followed by more tan skin, the next was that there was a green backpack attached to its back, and the third was that there was a white and blue sword strapped to its side. The creature coughed a couple of times, giving Rainbow time to fly at amazing speeds towards the being; crashing into him, forcing the thing back down. “Argh!” He grunted in pain as he fell and hit the stone floor.

The being, on the ground, then said, “You want to play dirty? I’m game.” Rainbow Dash got ready to fly at him again. He quickly got back up and got in a defensive stance. As Rainbow flew at him, he moved out of the way at the last second; sending Rainbow flying headfirst into the nearby stone bookcase. She stumbled as she tried to get back up, her head was spinning. “Are you ready to give up?” ‘Give up?’ Rainbow thought, “That’s the last thing I’d ever do… thing!” She retorted. He deadpanned a the dizzy mare before him. “You’re in no condition to fight. Trust me, I’ve been there before.” The thing said back. “Just give u-” he didn’t finish, a blue mass began flying at him… again; this time, however, much slower and lazily.

He easily dodged Rainbow’s attack, and she continued on, this time into a stone wall behind him. He started to move towards her, drawing his white and blue sword and pointed it at the fallen Pegasus. “Look, you’re done. Any more and you’ll have hurt yourself more than me.” He stated, he used his sword to move a wing out of the way of her face. He knelt down to look above the mare, “Hmph… unconscious… well,” he stood up and looked around. “You’re coming with me, I need someone to answer my questions.” He put his pack on the ground and pulled out a rope.

When he was making his final check, something caught in the corner of his eye, he smiled, ‘Hello there…’ he reached down and picked up a book, the Enchiridion. He looked over the symbols on the book, ‘That’s strange…’

Twilight and Rarity were l looking around the area where this magical disruption was, however, despite sweeping the whole area, all they found was a dead Root Snake; seemingly cut in half by a sharp blade. She stares at the Root, the cut was so clean, there were no splinters poking out of it on either side. She lit up her horn and examined the cut. ‘Whatever cut this will put all our sharpest blades to shame.’ She levitated the object. The magenta aura dissipated when touched the root. ‘This sword also disrupts magic, any unicorn would be defenseless against it.’

“Twilight dear, you’ve been staring at that root for nearly twenty minutes; don’t you think it’s time to give it a rest?” Rarity walked up beside Twilight and looked at the root. “Just grab it and let’s go, we should go meet up with the-” “TWILIGHT!” Both friends turned and looked in the air to find Fluttershy coming down, way out of breath, “We… Rain...bow… found… thing… castle.” She collapsed on the ground, out of breath from the long flight across the forest. “Rarity,” Twilight snapped, “Take care of her, I’ll check the castle.”

Twilight charged her horn and her vision soon turned to the old castle’s throne room. She began running from room to room; not knowing where Rainbow is. ‘Darn it Twilight! Next time ask where she is.’

Eventually, she ventured in the library, it was a wreck; even more so than before. There were several bookcases knocked over, either intentionally or not, but there was a fight here. She looked over the many knocked bookcases, but she was looking for one pony in particular. After fifteen minutes she became frantic. ‘I can’t let something get one of my friends.’ “Rainbow Dash!” She yelled, “Where are you!” Nothing, no witty response or some “Ha, gotcha Twi!”, nothing; just silence.

Twilight kept looking despite the futility of the situation. She saw something blue in the corner, stuck under a bookcase. “Rainbow?!” She Dan over, instead of being greeted by her friend, there was only a blue feather. It probably came off in a struggle of some sort. ‘What happened?’

Eventually, the futility of the situation dawned on her. ‘Rainbow’s been ponynapped,’ she thought, ‘And it’s my fault.’

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Twilight was livid; ‘Let’s search the Everfree! The safest place on the planet, for a magical being that is somewhere in the forest and could possibly capture one of us!’ She put her head on the table, rubbing her temples with the tips of them. ‘Best. Idea. Ever.’ She chastised herself. She sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Her spirit, which used to be burning like fire, was no just embers.

Twilight turned her head and looked out one of the upper windows. The moon was back in the sky, ‘How long did we search?’ The moon looked like it was already past its zenith. ‘Probably one or two.’ She thought. Twilight had to fight to keep her eyes open. Her energy had left her. The group of friends had searched every inch of the library, the castle, then the forest itself. ‘Or what we could before monsters attacked.’ She thought. Twilight sighed, ‘Whatever this thing is… it’s very good at fighting and hiding. Not a good thing.’

The sound of sobbing brought her back to reality. She lifted and turned her head and saw the other girls comforting Fluttershy. She was blaming herself; Fluttershy saying she wasn't fast enough or she hadn’t told Twilight enough information. ‘They are basically sisters, they grew up together.’ Twilight thought, ‘What if this thing kills Rainbow; She’d blame herself.’ Twilight thought, ‘I need to take responsibility.’

Twilight got up from her chair and walked over to the crying Pegasus. She saw the frantic eyes of Pinkie, who was trying to do everything to cheer up. Nothing was working. She looked to Rarity, she herself had cried too, but not on the level that Fluttershy had. Twilight could tell her mascara and makeup was a mess. There were lines all over her face. Twilight looked around; Applejack was pacing near the end, probably scheming or planning on way to get their friend back. After exhausting her options, Pinkie became distressed, her mane and tail flattened, her personality left her, and she ran out of the door.

Twilight walked up to Fluttershy and put her right forehoof on her shoulder. She turned to Twilight, still sobbing. Fluttershy jumped out of her seat and grabbed Twilight to the point it was almost an attack. Twilight put her forelegs around Fluttershy just as Fluttershy had done to her. Fluttershy preempted Twilight’s response. She spoke in a broken voice, “It’s my fault! I-if o-only I-I-I had…” she trailed off, probably thinking of things to say, by now it was Twilights turn to interrupt, “Fluttershy. Don’t blame yourself, we had no idea what this thing is. For all, we know Rainbow is fine, No.” Twilight said, “She is fine. I know it. We can find her.”

Fluttershy nodded weakly. Twilight turned to Applejack, “Applejack.” Her voice was as weak as Fluttershy‘s nod. Applejack’s serious face met Twilight’s. “Can you take Fluttershy home?” She asked, “I need to… contact the princesses.” She stated. Applejack’s face softened and she replied, “Yeah… sure can do Twi.” Twilight nodded and then began to make for the exit. She turned to see Applejack comforting Fluttershy. Pinkie was noticeably absent; the room felt dead without her. Twilight looked to the floor for guidance; and continued onwards to her room. The walk took longer than expected, her mental state worsened with each step. She wanted desperately to say ‘I’m sorry’, but she didn’t want to make everything sound even worse.

She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, ‘We failed.’ She thought, ‘I failed.’ The gut-wrenching feeling hit her like a train. Her hooves carry her to her bedroom unconsciously. Her head was down the entire time. Every inch of Twilights body aches despite not exerting itself. When she reached her room she lazily fell on the bed, magically curling the sheets up around her. She levitated a piece of paper, pen and ink vial over to her. She hastily wrote a letter to Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia,

There was an incident in the Everfree forest that disrupted magic throughout Ponyville. I’m sure you felt it. My friends and I went searching and found out that there was something now inhabiting the forest. We don’t know what it is but we do know it has Rainbow Dash. I am sorry, but I need to cut this letter short.

Princess Twilight

The hoof writing was sloppy, barely legible, Twilight knew she should’ve just called Spike to write the letter for her, but he was most likely long asleep by now. She levitated the letter in her magic and hastily wrapped a ribbon around it. Twilight then sent the letter directly via a teleportation spell. She then proceeded to smother herself in pillows and sheets. The warm embrace of the bedsheets was a stark contrast to how she was feeling at the moment: cold as ice.



Rainbow heard the cracks and pops of wood burning. She would’ve been content, but there was something nagging at her bones, ‘Something’s not right.’ she concluded, *Crackle* *Pop*, Her mind churned, slower than usual, “Ugh.” She groaned, ‘When did I go to sleep?’ She asked herself. She didn’t remember when she had exactly reached her bed. Her mind began moving faster. ‘Okay Rainbow; recap, Let’s see… magical disturbance in the Everfree, we went to check it out… I was with… Fluttershy?’ *Pop*, ‘… we were in the old castle’s library… then there was something…’ Her mind was then flooded with images of the fight that ensued. *Shuffle* *Pop*

She shifted her wings subconsciously at the thoughts,‘I-I was captured…’, her wings failed to move much. Rainbow’s eyes shot open, she attempted to flare her wings, but they were bound with what felt like a rope. Her next instinct was to run, but when she moved her hooves all she did was tumble to the ground. She looked down, all of her hooves were tied together. A familiar voice greeted her.

“Well, that’s not the worst reaction to being kidnapped.” The voice said, ‘I know that voice…’ She turned her head from the dirt to the direction of the creature. She sent an angry glare at it. The creature obliged and sent one back. The staring contest continued for nearly a minute before the creature broke it off by sitting down on a log next to the fire. He motioned for her to do the same on a log opposite of him.

Rainbow was understandably nervous and, as much as she’d hate to admit it, scared. ‘What does he want with me?’ she nervously thought. She got up, but stayed where she was; not wanting to give anything to the thing. He gave Rainbow his equivalent of a death stare. ‘...creepy.’ He again motioned her to sit down across from her. This time her hooves carried her, whether she wanted to go or not. She sat down in front of the log on her haunches; her back relaxing on the hardwood.

It shrugged, “Not what I had in mind, but… whatever.” He said. They again looked at each other again; the rubbing it’s hand on the back of its neck several times. ‘Is he just as scared as me?’ She questioned, ‘Wow… awkward…’ The creature finally spoke up, “I… don’t really know what to do… I’ve never really kidnapped somebody before…”, Realization dawned on her, ‘Oh he’s embarrassed…’ Rainbow deadpanned. He continued, “I guess introductions are in order, my name is Finn the human. You are?” She was able to say, “Rainbow Dash…” ‘I can’t give him any information on the Elements… NO ELEMENTS RAINBOW DASH…’ she told herself.

The ‘human’ then began asking questions to Rainbow’s dismay, “Who do you serve?” “What?” was Rainbow’s frazzled reply, “It’s like… Who is your leader?” Rainbow didn’t respond, “Look, I know you don’t want to give away any information, but you need to help me here.” She didn’t say anything. Finn sighed audibly. “How about this; you answer a question, then you get to ask a question. Fair?” She nodded. “Now, who is your leader?” He asked. She looked to the ground, “There are 3 here and one up north…” He nodded, “Names?”, “The one up north is Princess Cadance, then there are the royal sisters Luna and Celestia… they rule from Canterlot.” She stopped talking. Eventually, Finn said, “You missed one.” She immediately looked at him “Not before I ask a question.”Rainbow quickly said, trying to change the subject. “You know her? Personally?” She stopped talking dead in her tracks. She looked back a the fire. “Hmph. Well… an I am a man of my word, now you get to ask.”

Rainbow thought for a good minute. “How long have you been here?” His reply was fast, “A day, maybe two.”

He then asked, “Who was that yellow pegasus? I saw her in the Library with you.”

“She’s a… friend.” She said. He nodded.

“Is it just you?”
He seemed to grit his teeth together. “Yes. No one else came with me.” ‘Man I hit a nerve or something.’ She thought. He facepalmed, “You never told me the last leader. Who is she? I know you know her personally.”

“Do you promise not to hurt her? It’s just that, we were friends before she became a ruler.” He nodded, “I give you my word, no harm will come to her.” She sighed, ‘That seemed sincere.’ “Her name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. She rules from Ponyville nearby.” He laughed, “HEY! What’s so Funny?!” His laugh tapered off. “It’s just that… *Clears throat* Whew… It’s just that, all the rulers from my land were also princesses.”

She looked to Finn, a question coming to her mind, “Where did you come from?” she asked.

Now it was Finn’s turn to turn away. His demeanor changed in an instant. His gaze found comfort in the tree’s canopies. He swallowed a lump in his throat. “I can’t answer that.” He said quickly, “It’s a bit…” he trailed off; going deep into his mind. His arms fell to his sides and went limp.

“HEY!” Rainbow yelled, Finn didn’t move, “I answered, now you will.” He was unresponsive. “Hello, Equus to Finn.” She said trying to get his attention. ‘What is up with him?’ Rainbow, with much pain and hardship, got up and began to walk around the fire and over to the now dormant human. When she was right in front of him she began having second thoughts. ‘I should run, what am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ She was now in front of the human, his eyes were on her, but he didn’t see her. Her bound hooves couldn’t raise properly so instead of hitting him, she instead ran her head into his chest. The effect was instantaneous.

Finn reached behind him and drew his sword while pushing Rainbow down to the ground. Rainbow felt her left-wing break free of the rope. She flared it to try to push him off, but instead, it was forced into the fire. “AHHHHH!” She screamed from the pain. Tears began forming in her eyes. She felt something grab her wing roughly, taking it out of the fire, but the damage was already done.

Rainbow looked to Finn’s face, the look of guilt was all over it. “I’m… very sorry.” He said. He wasn’t looking at her, but instead, he was looking at her now burned wing. He was wrapping something around it. Rainbow looked off to the right and saw his bag was on the ground. It was opened up. “Stay still.” She nodded. Rainbow grunted in pain as she felt his rough hands begin to wrap something tightly around the base of the wing.

After a few minutes of pain and medicine, her wing was properly set and bandaged. Finn turned around, his hands on his head. “I’m extremely sorry… I’ve never done anything like that before.” “First aid?” He turned back, “No, attack like that…” was his hasty reply, “Well, then again, I was never interrupted during those before.” He sighed’ “What was your question, I believe I still need to answer.” He said it while trying to put on a light smile.

‘Okay rainbow, let’s not ask him where he’s from…’ “Uhhhh… can I go home?” “No, not yet at least, there is one more thing I need to know.” He reached over to his backpack and pulled out a book. She recognized the mark on the cover. He preempted her, “I know you probably hate me, but I need to know, Where are the Elements of Harmony?”

Rainbow kept silent. “Rainbow Dash, I need to know, what and where are they?” He looked down at the book’s symbols, then back to her. He scrutinized the book, “What the…” ‘Uh oh…’ was all Rainbow could think. Finn looked to the mare’s Flank. “Hey, have some decency! Do you have any Idea how-” “You’re an Element?!” He screamed; he stood up.

‘Okay Rainbow, if there is any time in your life to play dumb, now is that time!’ “What are you talking about?” She said in her most, ‘I have no idea what’s going on’ voice. Finn, however, disregarded the question. “This changes everything.” He said. Rainbow put on a worried face. ‘Definently not good.’ He looked to the Pegasus and began talking in a stern voice, “Where are they?!”

“...” ‘Super definitely not good.’

Finn walked up to Rainbow without emotion, “Rainbow, you will tell me what and where they are…” He said, his voice and the human was an imposing force. Finn was easily taller than Princess Celestia, if only by a little. Rainbow looked off to the side, trying to avoid the humans’ gaze. “Rainbow, you will tell me, whether voluntarily or not.” He smirked, “I wonder if your friends will tell me.” He kneeled down to her level. The tied up mare began shaking, “MAybe I’ll start with the other pegasus…”

“NO!” She finally found her voice. “I won’t let you touch her!” She tried to headbutt him, but he moved his head out of the way. Finn grabbed the mare with his right hand on her neck. “Those Elements are the-” She moved her hind legs and swung them into his face. “Ah!” He dropped her and held his nose. Rainbow made a run for it.

“Oof!” She tumbled forward, completely forgetting that her legs were tied together. She picked herself up and attempted again. Only to feel something cold and pointy on the back of her neck. Rainbow, while not the smartest mare, knew when to quit. “Another good attempt Rainbow…” He looked off in the distance, “But, it’s time to get some sleep.” He looked back to the mare. “I don’t have any intention of keeping you… here especially,” a howl in the distance drew both their attention, “So…?” she asked, “What do you want?”

“Look, I don’t have enough supplies to feed you,” He mused, “If you were to tell me, hmm… say three facts about the elements, I’ll let you go, right here and now.” He said matter o factly.

Rainbow, despite her skepticism, jumped at the prospect. “Okay let’s see, there are six of them… In order to activate them, you need all six together, and you’ll also need all the bearers, which are chosen to be worthy of holding them… Can I go now?”

He put his hand to his face and laughed. Rainbow frowned.”You said I could-” “Yes… you can go.” Rainbow found a smile. “It’s just that,” He turned to her, “I’ll probably be seeing you again.” Rainbow lost her smile.

“Yeah, I guess I will…” Rainbow gravely said.

“Huh…” He sighed, “I truly am sorry,” He sat down next to Rainbow Dash. “I always thought as a hero, I’d never have to do anything like this before.” He walked over to Rainbow Dash, his sword drawn.

‘He’s not going to kill me… right?’ Rainbow started backing away slowly, “Wha… Oh no, I’m not going to hurt you.” He said after she backed up a few inches. She stopped. Finn put his sword to her wing and cut off the rope. He then set her hooves loose.

Finn pointed with his sword, “Your town’s that way.” Finn stomped at the fire, putting it out. “Hey… Finn…” Finn turned toward Rainbow Dash. “Yesss…?” He said awkwardly. She motioned to her wing. “I can’t fly safely.” She said.

Really…” He replied. He looked around the site once more. “Alright… Let’s go.” He said annoyingly.

“Soooooo…” Rainbow said. Finn looked down to the mare on his right. “How did you come to Equestria?” Finn just looked forward. “I don’t want to talk about it.” was his hasty reply. “Come on, you need to give me something!”

Finn glanced back down to the cyan Pegasus, “You said you were a hero?”

“Yes…” He replied.

“Sooo… what did you do?” She asked. ‘Something must’ve really happened to him to him…’

“Did missions, fought world ending monsters, saved a couple royals… lost…” He said the word ‘lost’ much quieter than the rest.

“Lost?” Rainbows' jaw flopped open. Finn turned to Rainbow Dash, stunned, “Man… you ponies have really good hearing.” Rainbow, however, didn’t hear the comment. “Wait waitwaitwait… you said you lost.” “Yes, and you leave it at that. I have no problem with tying you up again.”

Rainbow said out of earshot, “Well if you told me....” She grumbled the rest out.

The pair saw lights in the distance; Finn spoke up, “Well we’re here, guess I’ll be going.” He turned

Rainbow’s hoof grabbed Finn, “Don’t you at least want to try to do this peacefully?”

“...” Finn began walking into the woods. He looked back to Rainbow, who was still looking at him, “Maybe, not yet though. I… just can’t deal with a lot of things right now… It might… you know, overwhelm me.”

“Well, till we meet again Finn the human.”

He gave a nod, “Rainbow Dash.” Rainbow kept looking at Finn until she was sure he was gone. Rainbow walked out of the forest and into the light of Ponyville. ‘Twilight is not going to believe this.’ She thought, smirked, then made her way the castle.

An Eventful Meeting

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Twilight looked up at the night sky. The stars were endless, bright and beautiful. Like an endless sea of both imagination and wonder; constantly moving, ever-changing. ‘I should be thinking about finding Rainbow: not doing this.’ Twilight contemplated. ‘Losing Rainbow was my fault; I should be out looking for her.’ Twilight laid down on her stomach. The cool summer night making the grass crisp and cool feeling.

Twilight again took solace in the night sky. Every once in a while, in the corner of her eye, a shooting star would shoot across the sky, adding to the sky’s ever-increasing beauty. Twilight’s ears twitched at the sound of crunching grass on hooves. ‘Who else would be in my dream?’ She sarcastically questioned.

“Princess Twilight? Does something concern you?” An angelic voice said. Twilight would recognize that voice from anywhere.

Twilight turned to be greeted by a dark blue Alicorn with a starry mane. “Luna!”

She smiled, “Princess Twilight.” Luna acknowledged with a bob of her head.

Twilight frowned, “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you, Luna, you don’t have to call me ‘princess’. Just call me Twilight.”

Twilight stood up and walked over to the Night Princess. Princess Luna nodded to her statement and then said, “You didn’t answer my question young Twilight.” She said, “Is there a problem?”

Twilight’s smile faded altogether, “Yes…” She looked up, the sky was now dark, drab and filled with clouds, blocking out the stars that had shined so bright. She turned to Luna, who had a concerned look on her face. “It’s… something that’s happened recently, the magical disruption.” Twilight said, “You know about it, right?”

“Yes, both Tia and I had momentarily had our control of the sun and moon severely weakened, it hurt us considerably,” Luna replied.

Twilight dipped her head down, “Oh, I just couldn’t use magic…” Twilight replied. “Anyway, the girls and I found the source of it.” Luna’s posture changed. “I think it was a portal of some kind.” Twilight continued, “There is something in the Everfree forest. I… I think it has Rainbow Dash.”

Luna’s face contorted into a painful look, “Hm… that might complicate things.” Luna said, “I saw her dream bubble, something about being first in a Race…” Twilight smiled, “So she’s safe… for now, but this isn’t a good situation. Are you sure she’s been taken?”

Twilight nodded, “While Rarity and I were searching the source of the magical signature, Fluttershy flew in; she was completely out of breath…” Twilight paused to take a breath. “She said something about a ‘Thing’, I teleported there to get there as fast as possible,” Her head dipped, “But she was gone.” Twilight saw Luna give a pained expression “We searched the entirety of the old castle There were only signs of a fight; we found a few of her… feathers.”

“Fluttershy is taking it pretty hard, they grew up together, Rainbow was her only friend as a foal, they’re practically sisters; she’s making it worse by blaming herself on not flying fast enough.” Twilight looked away and then back, “I could tell that was her best though, she passed out right after landing…” Twilight looked at Luna, “Could you… see how she’s doing?”

Luna only nodded. “Thanks.”

Twilight breathed in and out heavily, “Later, after she recovered, Fluttershy said she felt like she was being watched the entire time they were in the library while searching.” Twilight paused,
“Is there anything else I should know?” Twilight could tell she was serious, ‘Nightmare Moon level serious.’

“I… found a destroyed rootworm, cut clean through, like, it was cleaner than a magical blade.” Twilight replied, ‘And those things are the sharpest things I’ve ever seen.’ She finished in her mind. “Is there anything else?” Princess Luna asked.

“That’s all I have to say… can I expect you here tomorrow?” Twilight asked, “I know how you are about these things sometimes.” She said playfully, trying to lighten the mood. ‘Celestia knows it needs to be lightened,

Luna smiled, “I suppose so Princess Twilight,” She said, “Goodnight.” The clouds seemed to dissipate as Luna left.

As she was leaving Luna’s mind was roaring, ‘If there’s anything I’ve seen out of that thing’s dreams, then it’s more damaged than evil.’ Luna reentered the dream realm and found a certain yellow pegasus’s dream.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash walked into the castle that Twilight called home. She began walking the halls, searching for Twilight’s room. ‘I can’t have her worrying about me when I’m fine.’ She thought. The halls were more imposing in the night than in the day. She instinctively looked over her shoulder, making sure she wasn’t being followed.

‘Next chance I get, I ask Twilight if she can install some sort of lighting system.’ Rainbow kept on walking, ever so often she looks back to see nothing. She couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched no matter how fast or slow she went.

Rainbow again looked back, this time to see shadows moving behind her. “Twilight?” She turned around and walked towards the moving shadows. She was able to hear the slight murmur of what sounded like a spell. “yeib snmdriw nirigrware nb ngttyhnm o odp oigl b” ‘What the buuuuuck?’ Rainbow thought. She turned into the circular map room. ‘Wait a second.’ She facehoofed, ‘I’ve been walking in a circle for the past ten minutes, haven’t I and now I’m hallucinating; I must really be tired.’

Standing on the map table was a large figure, easily five times her height. It was the one speaking, “esdmtwngd ng oadyhr oetlli rtbho wir”, Rainbow just stared at the being and slowly backed up. ‘I’ll just… leave and come back tomorrow.’ She thought while backing up, ‘No… It’s doing something to the map.

“Hey! Stop!” She yelled. The shadow turned and stopped its chanting. The shadow jumped off the table, ran to Rainbow Dash and began wrapping itself around the pegasus’s left forehoof. Rainbow reeled back and flared her wings. As did the shadow, taken aback by the equine with wings.

The thing raised its arms in the air and a bright light filled the room. “Wha...,” Rainbow said as the blindness left her eyes. She rubbed her hooves over her eyes and looked to where the figure was. ‘Where’d it go?’

A door burst open, startling the Pegasus. She jumped up at least five feet in the air. “Rainbow?” Rainbow Dash landed and turned to see Twilight. “Oh thank Celestia you’re alright!” She ran up to Rainbow and hugged her, nearly choking her.

“Twi-Light... can’t… breathe” She stammered out. Twilight gave a “huh.” and then let go, “Sorry… Sorry,” Twilight apologized, “Umm… so… what happened?” Twilight asked trying to sound noninvasive as possible.

“Can we talk later… I’ve been walking most of the night.” She pointed to her wing.

“Sure,” Twilight said, “You can stay here, the sun is due to rise soon, so be ready.” She said playfully.

“Oh yay,” Rainbow replied sarcastically, “Just what I want.”

“I’ll go tell Fluttershy. Okay?” Twilight said, only Rainbow nodded.

“Okay, it’s right over there.” She motioned with her hoof. Rainbow happily walked over, opened the door, and flung herself at the bed. Right when she hit it, she was out.

The midday sun provided more than enough light for reading. Finn, however, was still having a hard time reading the books. They were, at times, usually the beginning and end, unreadable. It was by a stroke of luck Finn had found this dimension’s Enchiridion and the same luck that had brought him a very helpful book.

Finn kept rereading the same lines over and over again. His mind was dead set on these ‘Elements of Harmony’ and how they could be used to defeat his enemy. Finn closed the book, making sure to keep his thumb where he was reading. ‘Talk about powerful magic… by the sound of this … these things are super weapons. If I had them when...’ Finn shook his head, no use in thinking now.’ He opened the book.

The six Elements of Harmony: Magic, Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, and Laughter, were created out of the Tree of Harmony. The Tree has been described as a ‘Giant Crystal Tree’. The elements can only be used in unison with each other; any other attempt to use them by themselves will result in failure.

Finn closed the book. The book's title, while heavily damaged, was still legible. ‘The Elements of Harmony’. Finn looked around the library. The books here could yield a wealth of information if used correctly. ‘Too bad I don’t have enough time to study these books. I could really use this.’ Finn thought. Finn stood up out of the somewhat uncomfortable chair and began walking out of the castle. ‘Man… I used to really hate books and stuff… my, how the times have changed.’ Finn reread the page again. ‘Time to get these things.’ He thought.

He reached and felt his left shoulder, ‘It still hurts…’. Finn cautiously moved the blue fabric aside. It gave way to reveal black and scarred skin. Finn took his right hand and moved it to the infection. He slowly touched the skin. “ARGH!” The amount of pain that had shot through his body was the equivalent to that of an arm breaking. He breathed out heavily, riding out the pain. “Let’s… let’s not do that… again, Finn…” He said to himself. Finn looked back to see the grass sword wrapped around the ends of the infected skin, stemming the growth. Finn rearranged himself, putting the shirt back into place.

Finn nearly walked off before noticing he had dropped the book on the ground. He set his backpack on the ground and put the book in. Finn’s eyes gazed over to a vile no larger than a bottle holding a bright liquid. ‘I could’ve used this stuff to heal her wing…’ Finn mused, ‘Why in the world would I set her free when I need her?’ He sighed. Finn zipped up the bag and slung it over his back. Finn heard the distinctive clink of the bottle.‘Maybe… I just felt bad about holding her?’ He questioned.

He walked into the throne room, ‘No… It was because I couldn’t feed her; It would’ve been wrong to starve her.’ Finn reached the door and slowly pushed the door. There was more resistance than normal and Finn failed to see a light blue glow on the door. “What the… why is this so much harder than normal.” He pushed against the door even harder.

The door suddenly gave away, opening so suddenly so that Finn fell on the ground when the door moved away. “Ow.” Was all he said as he got back up.

“Hello there Finn the Human.” A beautiful and powerful voice roared. “I do believe we need to have a little chat.” The voice, while elegant, was stern. ‘Chat my…’ Finn shook the thought out of his head.

Finn got up fully, his vision had stabilized. He saw in front of him several what looked like bat-pegasi and a blue pony with both a pair of wings and a tall horn. ‘Only seven of them…’ Finn thought, ‘I’ve seen worse odds.’ He drew his white and blue sword, “Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time.” Finn replied, “Let me guess, you’re Princess Luna?”

The blue horned and winged one nodded, “Yes, we are the Alicorn of the Night.”

‘Good, Alicorn, because saying horned and winged one over and over again was getting repetitive.’ Finn said internally. Finn got in a defensive position. The other bat ponies, which were previously standing with their spears straight up, all got into a defensive position with their spears pointed at Finn. “Steady…” She said, turning her attention away from Finn. She then turned back, saying, “We would like for you to come peacefully, so we can… discuss this in a more… civil manner.” She said.

Finn’s stance faltered a bit, ‘Just like the last ones…’ Finn sighed. “I mean no disrespect, but I refuse to let history repeat itself… Go now or I will attack.” He said with a stern and equally demanding voice as Princess Luna.

“History repeating itself?” She mused, “Please explain.”

“I will attack if you don’t leave now,” Finn replied, dodging the question when none of them moved he sighed, “Alright then.” Finn moved into an attacking pose and ran towards the princess. ‘If I could just escape… then no one needs to get hurt.’

Princess Luna seemed taken aback by his sudden attack, ‘I was sure he was bluffing…’ She thought, ‘no matter.’ “Only incapacitate him. I want answers.” She said to her guards as Finn reached her. She immediately put up a shield spell around her as his sword met, not her head, but near her hooves. ‘He doesn’t want to hurt us either.’ She quickly thought.

Her guards quickly joined in the battle, within seconds, Finn was surrounded. The guards were in a circle around him, all pointing their spears at the human. He turned around to asses the situation, at the same time she dropped her shield. ‘All too easy…’ Luna thought. She prepared a stun spell to hit him in the back.

Finn, however, expected something like this; he quickly turned around and, with as much force as possible, punched her square in the muzzle. ‘Gotcha.’ Luna fell backward, taken completely by surprise at his sudden attack. Her guards were too focused on helping their princess and moved to protect her.

“I’ll be seeing you, princess.” He mocked as he began running away. Princess Luna, still recovering from the punch, shot another stunning spell at the now running human. The spell only managed to hit a nearby tree, sending shards of wood and droplets of sap everywhere.

Finn looked back to the mare, who was still being helped up by her guards, ‘My is she a beauty…’ He thought, turning away and escaping into the brush, ‘Why do they always have to be deadly?’

“This Finn... escaped from you; well Lulu, you must be getting rusty.” Celestia finished with a snort. “I told you to bring a larger amount of guards.”

“You don’t have to keep reminding sister.” Luna huffed, “I think now, the best option is to protect the tree of Harmony.” She turned to Twilight,” That is where the elements reside, correct?”

Twilight nodded. “I will depart immediately then,” Luna replied. She began to walk out but was interrupted by her sister.

“Sister, there is something else that must be discussed. Rainbow Dash… has a disturbing report.” Luna huffed and then turned around. “Then… I’ll prepare to leave…” Luna turned to Twilight, “Can you get her… I’d like to hear this… report.”

Celestia turned to Twilight, “Is she still sleeping? You told me she was up all night?”

“Yes.” Twilight replied, “I’ll go get her.” Twilight walked off to one of the side rooms and went in.

In the meantime, the two sisters talked. Luna talked, “What is this ‘disturbing report’?”

“We only talked briefly, but she told me that there was something messing with the map. She said it looked like a-”

“AHHH!” A high pitched scream rang throughout the castle. In seconds, the room, which was Dash’s, was surrounded by Guards and Princesses. The guards were waiting outside. “Wait are you waiting for!” Celestia screamed, “Open the door!’

The guards nodded and burst in. Twilight was in tears looking over a slumped over Rainbow Dash. Luna asked, “What is the matter?”

“H-her l-leg…” Both Celestia and Luna walked up to the pair. The sisters looked over the leg of the Pegasus. There were pulsating black spots all over it.

A Damaged Soul

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‘Jeez, can’t they leave a guy alone.’ Finn thought while running farther and farther away from the castle. ‘I just… need to fix this…’ He thought. Finn ran over a couple of fallen trees and stopped. He sat down near the logs.

‘They just… don’t understand what’s hunting me…’ His mind continued, ‘They’re so closed-minded.’ He continued. Finn put his hands to his head and brought up his knees. Something dawned on them, “Why am I even running?” He said aloud. “I should be helping the ponies not attempting to fight them.” A voice in his mind answered the question, ‘You’re running because they don’t understand. And you did kidnap one of their own.’

Finn brought out his sword from behind him and looked at the blue circle. “Hey man… I know it’s been a while, but I could use some… an outside opinion.” An image of the human appeared there. “What do you want?” It seethed.

“Help,” Finn said in the most I-need help-but-t-really voice as possible. “I-I know you don’t want to talk to me after… you know… but, I need your opinion.”

The picture of himself visibly and audibly sighed, “What for?” He asked, “And this better be serious.” His anger perked up again.

“Should I help these ponies or should I try to fight the... Lich on my own?” Finn answered.

“Alone.” The picture answered without emotion, “You remember what happened last time you tried to gather friends to fight the Lich?” Finn nodded. His eyes drooped down. Sword Finn looked at the sight before him, He sighed, “Look, you CAN talk to me… I think I need to talk to you.” Finn perked up at this, “Just… next time you do something like that, ask me for my opinion first.”

“Yeah… I will.” Finn answered. “I’ll ma-”*Crack* Finn immediately jumped up and began running again. He didn’t spend any time putting his blade back up. Finn heard in the distance, “Hey he’s over here…” It was obviously a search party.

‘How did they get so close without me noticing? Without us noticing?’ He asked himself. After stopping and looking for another direction to run he looked to the group of searchers. There were three of them all with wings on their backs. ‘Of course…’

Finn, when he was obvious he had escaped, had slowed down to walk. Finn was constantly looking over his shoulder, making sure he was not being followed by the wily ponies. After doing this for nearly 2 hours, Finn breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Now I need to find these… Elements of Harmony.’ Finn thought, ‘Now where are they…?’

Finn’s stomach grumbled. He had only just realized that ‘I haven’t eaten in days…’ Finn thought, ‘Jake would kill me.’ He chastised himself. He thought back to the last time he had seen his brother.

“Finn, we have to get out of here!” The yellow dog shouted to the human, Finn, who was holding the body of another human, tears were flowing down his face. The dog stretched over to the human, grabbing Finn, “Come on! We can’t stay here any longer. The Lich could be anywhere at this point!” The ground began to turn from a dark red to black and gray.

Finn looked idly to the corpse again and then back to the dog. He nodded and dropped the form and stood up. “Yeah…” Finn said, “Le-let’s go…” The dog, Jake gave him a skeptical look, “Alright.”

Before the brothers could make any headway on escaping they were stopped by a large-skeletal creature. The creature seemed to morph out of thin air. Finn and Jake stopped their walk. Jake hastily turned to Finn, “Where are… the… … head… bands…?” Jake fell to the floor, limp and unconscious. Finn was already on his knees struggling to get the headbands out. All the while the Lich walked closer and closer to him; cackling with each step. ‘Need to get… the headbands…’

When the Lich was a mere ten feet away Finn was barely holding onto his consciousness. His eyes took seconds to open. He was moving sluggishly. ‘Where are they…?!’ Finn then looked up to see the Lich staring down at Jake’s body. He poked it with one of its fingers. It had been for nearly the last minute.

It spoke in a deep echo-y voice, “You… are expendable.” Finn’s felt his consciousness fading. He acted fast. His grass sword sprung into action and carried the near-limp human with him and attacked the lich.

The Lich merely sidestepped the human. Finn, or rather the sword, turned around and attacked. The Lich grabbed Finn’s left shoulder as a father would a son. He came down to eye level with the no-placid Finn. He put one of his skeletal fingers to its mouth and made an “Shhh!” sound.

The human collapsed, but not before hearing the Lich say, “You are… one to watch. When he awoke what was presumably hours later, Finn was understandably feeling terrible. Jake was shaking the human. He beckoned Finn to get up, and he did. The dog stretched around the human and began to bring the pair away. Finn looked at Jakes fur. Where the Lich had been poking there were now several black spots.

Finn found his voice, “Jake, wait…”

“Finn,” Jake said like a concerned parent, “don’t you think we’ve been thoroughly kicked in the butts for one time today?”

“I don't want a rematch,” Finn replied, “I need to get something else.”

A large blinding light followed by a boom brought Finn back to reality. Finn looked up and saw a massive rainstorm that looked like it covered the entire forest. ‘Just need to put an even bigger damper on the situation… really.’ Finn sighed. A large flash of light hit the ground about 25 feet in front of him, making Finn fly back into the ground. The rain had also begun in mass.

‘Gotta find shelter.’ Was Finn’s first thought. He began looking for anything that could provide an inkling of shelter. Finn began running with his backpack on his head, the sword bouncing against his head with each step. ‘Is it bad that I want to be captured now?’ He thought, ‘I’d give being warm and captured right now than cold, wet and free.’

‘Glob, I swear that the old castle is around here some-” Finn stumbled. His foot got stuck in a massive hole in the ground. Before he knew it, the rest of his body was dragged down with him. Finn looked up, dazed; a large piece of earth and rock was falling quickly towards him. Finn put his hand up to stop them, but only got pain in his right hand and head. Then he was out.

When Finn woke up, the rain had stopped falling, it was, however, night time. He could see the moon overheard through the hole He fell through. Finn looked around, the only thing he saw of note with his blurry vision was a large bright tree-like thing at the opposite end. ‘Cave. Cool.’ Finn concluded. He looked around the cave, as his vision cleared of blurriness, he saw what looked like a crystal tree.

The bottom portion of the cyan Pegasus’s hoof was now completely covered in a dark, black substance. Any attempt at removal only made it spread faster and brought extreme pain to Rainbow Dash. Twilight had locked herself in The Castle’s Library, Boeing to find a cure for this disease. Her sister had been forced to return to Canterlot, lest there be a riot in the streets due to inactivity. The midnight blue Alicorn looked again to the bearer of the Element of Loyalty, ‘We cannot lose her.’ She thought.

Luna looked to what was, apparently, Ponyville’s best doctors and nurses attempting to treat the infection. There was no change no matter what cure they used. ‘There has never been an Infection like this in Equestria before.’ Luna thought, ‘That human, he must know…’ Luna concluded.

The night princess walked out of the castle flanked by two of her night guard. ‘He must be looking for the Elements of Harmony,’ Luna thought, she turned to her two guards, “We are going to check on the tree of Harmony.” They nodded. The bat-ponies spread their wings along with their princess and took off.

The wind felt great on Luna’s fur, but she didn’t have time to bask in how good it feels, there was work to be done. ‘That human knows what it is… He must.’ Luna looked up at the stars, she relaxed and smiled, ‘At least there’s one thing that never changes.’

Luna and her guards landed above the cave to the tree of Harmony. There was a large hole in the ground leading to the cave. Luna could faintly see the glowing of the tree. She could also hear the occasional frustrated groan and grunt. She smirked, ‘I guess he never knew how to get them out.’

She turned to the guards next to her. “You two stay here, make sure he can’t escape.” She commanded, “He must come back alive. He is the only one knowledgeable on the subject of Ms. Dash’s condition.” They nodded, “Yes my princess.” They said in unison.

Luna jumped into the cave, magically silencing her hooves as to not give her away. SHe saw his green bag on the ground next to him. Finn was currently trying to pry the elements off the tree with his sword. “I don’t think this is working.” She heard him say, but what drew her attention more was what he said next. “Yeah. No duh.” It was replied like it was a conversation, not one sarcastically talking to themselves.

“Maybe you should use the gr-” “And risk it spreading… no.” Luna raised an eyebrow, ‘Now talking to oneself is one thing, interrupting…’ Finn got even more frustrated. Eventually taking it out on the tree. He punched it viciously. So much so that it pulsated. “I would stop that if I were you,” Luna said to the human.

Finn lifted his head up so it was looking at the roof of the cave, then groaned. He then turned around. His face was the definition of annoyed, “Great you’re here.” He spat out, “I assume you’re here,” He strapped his sword to his wait and held up his fingers, “ ‘bring me to justice.’” He said.

Luna’s eyes narrowed, “As much as I want to… we need your help.” She begrudgingly said, “Rainbow Dash is infected with a disease we’ve never seen before.” Finn’s attitude instantly dropped. Luna continued, “It is making her skin black.”

Finn seemed unable to respond. Luna continued talking, “We assumed you kno-” “Yes. I do.” He responded before she could finish. He turned away from Luna, “I-I…” Finn said, “I’m sorry.” He said.

“Can you help?” Luna asked, “She is in much pain.” Luna added, trying to make him more sympathetic. ‘I need his help, I know he knows.’

Finn turned back to Luna, “I can’t help.” He said. Luna’s face scowled, “How could you leave her to die?!” Her horn lit up, readying a stun spell. “You will help!” She commanded. Finn’s face dropped, “I know how it feels to have someone you know suffer at the hands of that infection.” Finn said grimly, “It’s the worst feeling in the world.”

“Then you must help Rainbow Dash! She was in your custody, which was ponynapping when she was infected.” Luna said, “It is your responsibility.”

Finn shook his head, “I-I can’t…” He trailed off. Luna, however, was having none of it. Her horn shot off a stun spell, Finn raised his sword to deflect it. However, instead, it deflecting away from him, it hit his left shoulder; causing a tremendous amount of pain.

‘That surely would’ve knocked him flat.’ Luna thought. Meanwhile, Finn screamed in pain, momentarily deafening the Night Princess. Luna shot another spell at the human, this time a sleep spell, hoping to end the battle before it began. The beam of magic hit head-on, sending Finn back into the Tree of Harmony. ‘Is he resistant to magic?’

He was breathing heavily, using his sword to raise himself off the ground. The two Lunar guards also joined their princess; the pair jumping down and quickly ran up to their princess for orders. Finn, by now, had recovered partially, grabbing his sword and sluggishly holding it with his right hand. His right eye was closed from when he hit the ground. Luna looked to the warrior, ‘He can’t put up much of a fight.’ She thought.

Luna then bellowed, “This is your last chance Finn the Human; Surrender NOW!” He slowly shook his head. “Hmph. That is your choice then.” Luna began pulling together another stunning spell. Finn began running at her and the pair of bat-ponies.

Luna meanwhile had shot off the stunning spell, specifically aiming for his now exposed shoulder. It only grazed his left shoulder, which was enough to evoke a yelp in pain from Finn, causing him to tumble to the ground while screaming in pain.

Now fully recovered and mad as Tartarus, Luna barked orders, “Seize him!” She yelled in her royal Canterlot Voice. The Bat-ponies were on Finn in a heartbeat. He was barely standing due to the pain throughout his body. He was breathing heavily, out of breath. His sword was lazily held up and pointed at the soldiers. His eyes were, just like Rainbow’s, taking seconds to blink fully.

Princess Luna looked at the human in piny, “You’ve fought well Finn the human,” She said in a soothing voice, “But there is no running this time.” She prepared a more refined sleeping spell to cast on the now damaged human. The two bat ponies slowly inched their way towards Finn.

Finn seemed to realize his position and, with much grimace and malice, dropped the sword on the ground. Luna merely nodded at the display; she then released the sleeping spell. When the spell hit the human, he immediately fell to the ground, soft breathes came from him as he slept. No, they weren’t, they were pained. Luna walked up to the human and examined it.

‘We don’t have time for this.’ She thought, ‘At the rate of Rainbow Dash’s infection, it should have already covered more than half her hoof.’ She thought, ‘We need to get back as soon as possible.’ Luna concluded. Luna went to magically grab the human, but when she did so, her mind immediately went spinning.

Luna just shook her head to get rid of the dizziness. “It’s… no matter.” she huffed. She pointed to one of the guards, “Grab that bag,” She commanded, she pointed to the other one, “You grab his blade.” They both nodded and took off to their respective tasks. Luna magically took Finn in her grasp.

They departed back to Twilight’s castle soon after. The flight took much longer due to the added weight of the human. Luna herself was having trouble carrying the human and flying at the same time. ‘This is… the worst… flight... Ever…’ Her mind huffed out. When the group landed they were greeted by more Solar and Lunar guards. By the time she had reached her temporary bedroom, Luna was exhausted. She had seen to it that Finn is put under guard and checked on regularly. Now she had a certain Lavender Princess to check up on.

Luna knocked on the doors to the library, “Twilight Sparkle, we have need of you.” there was the sound of shuffling beyond the door. After a few seconds, the door unlocked to reveal the short lavender Alicron. “Princess Luna!” she greeted, “Thank goodness you’re here, I think i’m close to a breakthr-” Luna cut off Twilight, “Young Twilight, the disease is not from this world.” Twilight’s face drooped.

“Oh.” She said, she then quietly began chastising herself, “All this time…” She then turned back to Luna, “How do you know?”

“I confronted Finn the Human… he admitted to it being from his world.” She said, “I also took the liberty of capturing him and bringing him here.” She paused, “How is your friend’s condition?” Luna asked.

Twilight’s face fell to the left, “Not good, it’s about halfway up her hoof right now,” Twilight replied, “I don’t think there’s a cure…” Twilight’s mood then changed significantly, “Oh… you said you had him?” Luna nodded. Twilight turned around and ran into the library. She came back with a notepad, a quill, and an inkwell. “Good, because I’ve got some questions.”

The Dreamscape Questionnaire

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‘Well… they have comfy beds… I guess…’ Finn pushed down on the bed again, ‘How in the world do they make them so soft?’ Finn laid down fully on the soft bed sheets. His arms out away from him making a ‘t’ with his body. His Legs lazily hung off of the side.

Finn looked to the nearby window, the moon was still high in the sky. The stars shined around it like lights in an eternal sea of darkness. Finn sighed. ‘I guess I never took the time to really enjoy life.’ He contemplated, ‘I was always so focused on fighting and running,’ Finn looked back to the ceiling, ‘Never on living I guess.’

Finn his hand out and called on his Grass sword, he looked over it before feeling a familiar pain in his shoulder. He let go and it immediately slithered back to the affliction. His head rolled towards the door, “Are they just going to leave me in here?” It went back up to the ceiling, “That’s just cruel.” He said aloud. ‘I guess I should try to get some sleep.’

Finn sat up on the bed and kicked off his shoes and socks, surprisingly, they didn’t smell like a dead rat. Finn prided himself in his cleanliness and neatness. ‘What’s one without a system?’ He thought. Finn reached up and took off his hat, revealing his short and golden hair.

Finn moved up onto the bed, the rattle of the chain around his foot rang out throughout the room. Finn promptly ignored it or at least tried to. He looked down to his feet. Around his right one was a chain that held an enchanting glow around it, ‘It’s sorta mesmerizing.’ He thought He reached his hand down to it, ‘I wonder…’ His hand stopped a few inches from the metal. He frowned, ‘Probably shouldn’t.’ He quickly retracted his hand and instead pulled up the sheets around him. ‘I’d never treat a prisoner this nice.’ He thought.

Finn sighed. ‘I’d never do a lot of things I guess.’ He laid his head on the fluffy pillow. The cool feeling on the bed slowly gave way to the humans’ heat. Finn, despite the comfiness of the bed, did not close his eyes. ‘What if they just… experiment or something like that in my sleep. What if this is all just a ruse to get me to go… to… sleep…’

Finn’s body couldn’t resist the comfiness of the bed and he fell asleep.

Finn sat on the hill near his home, he looked to the sunset; the colors giving him a sense of calmness and serenity. The wind on his recently-cut open hair felt amazing on him. In his left hand, he grasped his hat firmly. His other hand held his white and blue sword, ready for any action.

Finn closed his eyes, enjoying the sounds of the birds chirping and grass swaying in the wind,
His hands relaxed on both the items, he breathed in and out many times, attempting to remain calm and vigilant. He heard the sound of grass crunching encroaching on him. Almost instantly he tensed up, turned around and, without thinking, lunged.

His brother stretched out of the way, various black spots, which by now have grown. “Jeez man, *Cough*, you gotta funny way of showing love to your family.” Finn turned back around and looked to the sunset. “Sorry, I’ve just been… on edge.”

“Finn, com'on man, you’re worrying over nothing. By now the Lich is probably long gone.” His brother said, “I’m sure this will blow over in a couple of weeks.” Finn rubbed the back of his neck, the green sword that usually wrapped around his wrist was noticeably unusual. “I don’t know man… maybe we should go talk to PB, she might be able to, ‘Science’ an answer.” Finn replied.

Finn could’ve sworn he heard some someone say something, “Who’s this PB? And is that a -” It was followed by a much softer “Hey!” It was a soft flute-like voice, but it was cut off before any more could be said. Finn turned back to Jake, “Hey, Jake, did you h-” Finn turned and saw that his brother was gone. Well, he was there but was somehow not.

Finn jumped up, his sword drawn. He looked down at his hand, it was gone. ‘I’ve never had a dream like this before...’ He stuck his hand through the somewhat-present Jake. It passed right through. “Hmmmm” ‘This is really weird.’

Finn began walking around the hill, ‘Okay Finn, weird voices, glitching… I’m most likely dreaming…’ He thought, ‘Alright, I’ve just gotta wake up!’ He concluded. He began to bring his hand to his arm but found it unable to pinch, almost like if some force was blocking it.

‘Wierd voices!’ Finn put his white hat on over his head, turning it several times to get it facing the right way. “Okay, I know you're here!” He yelled, “So come and face me already!” There was a bout of silence. Finn was continuously looking around, waiting for any type of movement or anything out of the ordinary.

Finally, after what felt like an hour, but was only really a few minutes, a large light blue flash revealed two ponies, both Alicorns, one, Finn knew, “Princess Luna,” He turned to the smaller Lavender one, “I assume you’re Twilight?” She nodded.

“Yes, you must be Finn the human.” Twilight asked him.

“Yes, I don’t think there were any other humans who followed me.”

“Okay; stupid question,” Twilight said. Finn turned to look to Luna, who in turn, looked away.

After about a minute of tense silence and a game of looking back and forth, Luna finally spoke up, “We are… sorry for the way we were trying to divulge information from your mind… It was… not ethical.” She hung her head in disgrace.

“Honestly, I don’t care,” Finn replied, Luna perked up slightly. “I’ve had a lot worse things happen to me than a bit of… whatever this is.” He gestured around his dreamscape with his hands.

“Well…” Finn turned his head toward to Twilight as she began to talk, “Do you mind if we ask you some… questions.” Finn shrugged, “Why not in the real world?” Finn retorted

“This is the safest place where no harm can come to any of us, and technically speaking, takes up the least amount of time,” Luna interjected.

Twilight continued, “Annnnnd we can at least try to make you feel welcomed,” She turned to Princess Luna, “Right Luna?”

“Yes.” She quickly replied while looking away from Twilight.

“Least amount of time?” Finn asked, “What; every hour in here is a second out there?”

“Something like that,” Luna responded. “It’s actually really misunderstood,” She followed up, “There are factors to take int-” Luna’s gaze traveled to Twilight, who was giving her the ‘Not right now’ look. “I will, um… tell you later.”

Twilight looked back to Finn, “I can assure you these questions won’t get too personal.” She said, “Unless of course...”

Finn huffed and sat down on the grass, the two Alicorns also followed suit. “Okay,” Finn said, “I’m game for some questions. Fire away.”

Twilight began with some, in her mind, menial questions, “What exactly are you?” asked, Finn was about to respond, but looked at Luna. She was grinning at Twilight. Finn moved his gaze to Twilight; her muzzle was stuffed in a notepad and quill, there was an inkwell off to the side of her.

She was writing stuff down intensely. She looked up to Finn and stopped writing, giving a confused look. Finn, however, looked to her notepad, “You’re in a dream.” He said.

Twilight looked even more confused, “Yeah... So?”

Finn facepalmed, “Why are you writing this down? It will be gone when you get back” Luna muffled herself as Twilight’s face went dark purple in embarrassment.

She threw the items behind her. “What are you?” She asked again, this time looking at Finn intently. “Me? I’m human.” She nodded.

“What exactly do you do?” She asked next, “Like in a job sense.” ‘A job sense…’ Finn thought, ‘Be vague.’

“I… used to work for my friend, err, sometimes that is… She was really smart. Other than that, We-I went out and did quests for her.”

The correction was fast, very fast, too fast. Twilight winced at the its speed. “We’ll come back to who you were with later, who is this ‘friend’, of yours?” Twilight asked.

Luna, who was mainly meditating off to the side, then added, “I am assuming it is this ‘PB’?

Finn nodded, “Princess Bubblegum.” He said, “She was possibly the smartest person in the world.” He sighed at the memory of her. ‘And a very good friend…’

“Your companion?” Luna asked.

Finn shook his head, “No,” Finn turned to where Jake once stood, “You’re talking about my brother, Jake. He really was something.” He gave a shallow laugh, “We practically grew up together.”

After a moment of silence, Twilight spoke, “You’re speaking in the past tense. What happened?” Luna then followed up, “Yes, I’ve noted that too, what exactly happened Finn?”

Finn looked to the ground. “That hits a little too close to home, I don’t want to answer.”

“Does it have something to do with the infection on Miss Dash?” Luna asked. Finn numbly nodded.

“Luna maybe you should stop this line of questions.” She turned to the now demoralized human.

She begrudgingly said, “I am sorry for that, it was unprofessional of me to say that.”

“No problem… it’s just a… hard subject.” Finn replied.

Twilight continued the interview. “Alright, you said quests, what kind?” Despite putting on a smile, Twilight internally was screaming at herself. ‘Come on Twilight, ask if there is a cure!’, but she kept her composure and stayed calm.

“Quests, hm…” Finn contemplated, “Well, I fought evil monsters, explored dungeons, I’m pretty sure I saved Bubblegum a couple of times.” Finn said, “I fought world destroying demons etcetera, etcetera.” Finn finished. “Next question.”

“Now… concerning Rainbow’s, erm, condition… Is there a way to cure the disease?” Twilight asked hopefully, Finn, looked down and shook his head. Twilight sprang up and began walking in circles.

“NO!” She screamed, “No, no, no, no…” all types of emotion flowing through her: Hate, sadness, fear. Her horn lit up, defiant, she pointed it at Finn, who was still looking down to the ground, his memories returning. Twilight snapped, “I refuse to believe that, I refuse to even acknowledge that!” By now Luna was also up magically pulling on Twilight. Finn had barely registered the fact that Twilight was yelling at him. Twilight herself was in tears. The dream world around the group seemed to be breaking and warping around them.

The human idly looked to the swirling dreamscape, Finn didn’t care though. “Twilight! Restrain yourself!” Luna yelled, bringing Finn back to reality. The dream world suddenly stopped shifting from landscape to landscape. The vibrant green, pink and yellow of the setting sun on a grassy hill was replaced by the mundane brown, black and grey of a wasteland.

Twilight seemed to have calmed down only to realize what had happened and where she was. “L-luna, what h-happened,” Her speech was still slurred from her sobbing mere moments earlier. “Where- where are we?” The midnight blue Alicorn comforting Twilight seemed just as confused as she was horrified. She turned to Finn.

“What happened here?” She asked exasperated. Finn put his hands to his eyes, he began breathing heavily. Luna continued questioning, “Finn, tell us.” He kept shaking his head, “TELL US!” She commanded.

Finn snapped, He instantly lifted his head and faced them, “I LOST, ALRIGHT!” He sat back down, “I failed them all…” He barely whispered, hoping the mares wouldn’t catch the remark.

The did however, “What beat you?” Finn went back to holding his head in his hands over his eyes. “Pure evil…” he replied, “It wanted only death…”

“Is there a way to beat this thing?” Asked Luna.

“After Jake… well, I had to pick up the slack.” He started, “The thing, this thing, is pure evil; I had to find the counter to it. I read through every book, every text, I called in all the favors, but I was too late. Eventually it had an army and attacked the Candy Kingdom.”

“Princess Bubblegum?” Twilight asked, Finn nodded.

“She sent me a message right before the attack, she told me there were these four elementals in our world that had the power to beat them.”

Luna asked, “So that’s why you went to find our Elements of Harmony?” Finn again nodded.

“By the time I found out what they were, it was already too late. Bubblegum was one of them, she was already gone, Slime princess had left to a remote Island and the Ice elemental had never been found.”

“The fourth one?” Twilight spoke up. “Who was it?”

“Flame Princess, she and I were friends, still are if she’s alive. I managed to get a message to her in time before the Flame Kingdom fell.” Finn finished up.

Finn then finally lifted his head up to look at the Lavender Alicorn, “How’s Rainbow?” He asked. Twilight unconsciously moved her head to the side, “Not good, her entire hoof is... covered… the doctors said that she isn’t in any condition to move.” She replied, “She’s trying to play it off as nothing, but I can tell, the rest of us can tell…” she paused, “I was hoping that you’d know something.”

“For what it’s worth,” Finn said, Twilight looked him in the eyes, “I am truly sorry. I understand how it feels to lose someone.” Twilight and Luna were tear eyed again, Luna asked, “Who did you lose?” “Everyone.”

The Alicorns went up to comfort him, but he reeled back, “I don’t need your pity right now, right now I just need to be alone.” ‘That’s the last thing you need right now.’ Thought Twilight.

Finn sighed, “I think we’re done here anyway.” Luna nodded, followed by a hesitant nod from Twilight. Finn saw both Alicorns leave his vision before waking up.

He hesitantly looked around, he was still in the same position he was in when he fell asleep. He looked out the window, the moon hadn’t moved. ‘I guess she was right.’ He thought. Finn sighed, ‘Am I really going to do this?’ He asked himself, he could almost hear his Finn-Sword answer, ‘Yes you are.’ He continued, ‘I am so dead.’ Finn reached down and out his shoes and socks on, soon followed by his loose hat.

Finn jumped off the bed, the chain rattled. ‘Here we go.’ He summoned his grass sword, slicing the chain in half, the shackle losing its distinctive blue glow. ‘An enchantment?’ He questioned before being brought back to reality, ‘No time to think now.’

The door immediately burst open. Finn turned around and, instead of being greeted by an angry blue Alicorn or a depressed lavender one, there was just a white unicorn in gold armor. ‘Guard. This should be easy.’

The unicorn shot a yellow glow from his horn at the human. Finn easily blocked it with his sword, which surprisingly, absorbed the magical blast. Finn, after recovering from the sudden attack, charged the guard; the guard, in turn charged as well.

After a short struggle and more magic being fired from the guard, the white unicorn found Finn’s grass sword around his neck. Despite the amount of pain his shoulder was in, Finn dares not retract the sword. “Where. Is. My. Stuff?” Finn said through gritted teeth. “T-the room in the left.” The unicorn stuttered out.

“Good.” Finn said. He wrapped his hands around the guards neck and choked him out. When Finn left he was able to hear light breathing behind the bed. He simply nodded and continued out. The pain in his shoulder was starting to impact him now, so he let the grass sword slid up his arm.

‘Come on, where is it?!’ Finn reaches what looked like a closet and opened the door. True to the guards word, there was his stuff, but also a certain sleeping purple Alicorn. Finn looked to his ankle. Despite cutting the chain, the shackle was still there with a small part of chain still attached; the problem was that it still rattled like hell. ‘Oh glob.’

Finn, with much trepidation, sneaked around the room slowly gathering the things he’ll need. ‘Life-juice, check. Rope, check. Sword,’ Finn summoned his grass sword, ‘check.’ Finn then grabbed his backpack, his Finn-sword still attached.

‘Rainbow must be in the castle,’ He thought, ‘She said that she was in no condition to move.’ He reasoned. Finn began silently opening each door in the circular castle. ‘Empty.’ He moved on, ‘Empty.’ He moved on, when he opened the door he was greeted with a giant blackish-blue floating orb, ‘No… just no.’ He turned around and moved on. He opened the door and saw a I.V. tube going into the covers of the bed. He entered and closed the door.

He looked around, there was a fire in the fireplace opposite of the bed, there was a bookshelf in the corner, and a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane in the bed. Finn walked up to the bed and put his hand over her mouth.

She instantly woke up, “Fimph what the…?” She said through his hands. Finn silenced her with him putting a finger to his mouth. She nodded. “What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Trying to save your life, then I’m leaving.” He replied, “I’ve caused enough damage just by being here.” He looked Rainbow Dash in the eyes, “I doubt you’d object.”

He took the role out of the backpack. “What are you doing?” She asked, he promptly ignored her comments, he pulled up the covers to reveal her blackened hoof. “Finn, What are you doing?” He tied the rope firmly around her hoof, eliciting a yelp of pain. He put it just passed the infected tissue. He quickly checked the rest of her body, ‘Just here,’ He thought, ‘Good.’

“F-finn?” Her voice was full of fear. He calmly turned to her, “Rainbow,” he started sternly, “If it gets passed your hoof, then it’s over, you’ll be the equivalent of dead.” He paused, “Do you understand?”

Finn walked up to the wooden bed frame. Taking his sword he sliced a large chunk of wood off of it. The sheer sight of the wood nearly made Rainbow burst to tears. “I said do you understand?”

She eventually nodded to his question, “Good.” He replied, he stuck out the piece of wood, “Bite down on this, cause this is gonna hurt.”

The Fall

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“Are you ready?”

“Not really.”

Sigh, “C’mon, this is our only chance to save Jake.”

“Don’t you mean the Candy Kingdom?” A pause, “Finn?”


“Finn, you have to really consider this, if you abandon your mission Bonnie gave you… well, it might be bad. Not just for you and Jake, but everyone ” The vampire queen put her hand on Finn, he involuntary flinched at the pain.

“Look, Marceline, I need to save Jake,” Finn pulled away and began walking into the dungeon, “He’s in pain, I need to help him…”

“Finn…” Marceline said as she began to follow him, “ understand that, but this is more than just Jake, the whole land of Ooo is in danger.” The vampire got in front of the human and stopped. Finn soon stopped as well, he was being colder than usual.

Finn looked into her eyes, “Are you going to help me or not?” He asked, “If you’re not, get out of my way.” He shoves Marceline aside and continued walking.

“Finn! You’re being completely unreasonable!” She yelled, “The Lich and his army are more important than Jake!” Finn stopped. Marceline realized what she said, “LookFinn, I-I'm sorry, I shouldn’t have-“ She then was on the receiving end of a punch to the face. She stumbled backward and fell on the ground. She looked up and saw the unemotional face of her friend.

“If you’re going to antagonize me for trying to save Jake, go help Bubblegum, I don’t care.” She looked and for the first time realized, Finn scared her. He turned around and left. ‘What is wrong with you Finn?’ The vampire queen then turned in the direction of the Candy Kingdom and took off flying.

The air was noticeably crisper than usual. The air seemed to be somewhere in the 30s (Fahrenheit). Marceline, possibly one of the most menacing creatures in Ooo, shivered. ‘What is with the air?’ She thought, ‘It’s gotten so cold over the past few weeks.’

Her mind trailed off, ‘Just like Finn…’ She sighed. Marceline looked up to the Candy Kingdom. The giant bulbs of the Gumball Guardians were now in sight. ‘Can we win?’ She thought, her face dropped, ‘At this point… I don’t know anymore…’

Marceline idly recalled memories of the good times. ‘Finn, what will we do with you?’ She thought. The Candy Kingdom came into view in the distance, she could see the individual guards now. All of its defenses have been prepared to the max. ‘Well at least someone is trying.’ She thought. Marceline looked off and found herself staring at black clouds and smoke.

She landed in the middle of the square. The banana guards all there in rows doing drills and training. “Intruder! Alert! Alert!” Marceline turned around and saw even more guards, this time, with Spears pointing at her.

“Guards!” A voice yelled from the tower. “Please, this is not the time for false alarms.” She trailed off. The guards stopped pointing spears at her. Marceline turned and saw her friend. Bubblegum’s face was droopy and visibly tired. ‘Geez, how long has she been up?’ She flew up to her. Bubblegum beckoned her inside.

“Hey… Bonnie, we need to talk.” Marceline began, “It’s about-” “Finn.” Her friend finished, she sat down at her desk while Marceline leaned up against a nearby wall, “I know, his condition isn’t… great, but I think he’s still in the right place.” She said that much trepidation and anxiety in her voice.

“You know all he wants to do is help Jake right now; everything else is not his concern.” Marceline replied, “He needs a therapist or something like that, he’s only sixteen, he doesn’t really cope with things that well.”

Bubblegum sighed, she put her hands to her face, she spoke through her hands, muffling her voice, “I agree, but…” Marceline could tell something was bothering her friend. ‘What is wrong with her?’ She thought, ‘What’s wrong with everybody?’

A few seconds after she stopped talking, Marceline pointed out, “I didn’t catch that last part.” She paused, “Can you say it again?” She tried to ask in her nicest tone possible as to not get reprimanded or chastised for not listening.

“Arghhhhh!” Bubblegum groaned, “I said, how do you expect to get him back here?” Marceline began pacing around the room and took a moment to contemplate the question. She snapped her fingers together, “I got it!”

“Won’t work,” Bubblegum said flatly.

Marceline turned to face her, completely flabbergasted, “But I haven’t even said anything.” Bubblegum cocked her head back on her chair so she was looking at the ceiling. She sighed again. It was a pained and frustrating expression.

“It doesn’t matter.” Replied the pink princess, she smiled idly at the vampire queen, “I’ve thought through every possibility, every decision, every scenario; they all end with him leaving.” Marceline sighed, followed by the princess; she turned away.

Bubblegum brought her head up, “We should’ve run when we had the chance.” Her voice was easily full of distraught and pain, ‘Something Bubblegum rarely has in her voice.’ She turned out the window. “Now it’s too late…” Bubblegum continued, She looked back to her friend. “Marceline…” Her voice was shaky, she shook her head, “We’re not going to win.” She said, there were tears growing in her eyes. “We’re out of time…” She turned back to the window

She saw the black clouds approaching in the distance. She turned back around, “Marcy… If you don’t want to be here, I won’t blame you.” Bubblegum began walking to her desk, she sat down and opened a book.

Marceline was flabbergasted, “No way Bonnie, I’d never, NEVER, leave you to do something like this,” She gestured with her hand, pointing to the black clouds, “alone.” She finished. Bubblegum turned around and smiled, it was a sad one, but one nonetheless. “Thanks… that… really means a lot to me…”

After breathing heavily for a few minutes, Marceline had finally calmed down her friend more. The two entered an embrace. They said nothing as they held each other tightly. Eventually, Bubblegum broke it off, stood up and held her arms, one of which went up to hold her eyes. “I need to check on Finn.” She said. Marceline nodded.

She took out a pink dot and tapped it a couple of times. After some time, an image popped up in the air above the dot. “Finn,” Bubblegum started, the image, one of Finn’s face, was obviously annoyed, “I know you don’t like being interrupted, but this is important.”

Finn grunted in acknowledgment, Bubblegum continued, “There should be a temple of sorts near your position, a tower if the legends are to be true. It’s where these Elements are.”

“I understand.” Finn replied, “I’ll call you when I find them.” Bubblegum nodded. Finn had become short and to the point, rather than his usual fun personality. The image of Finn then disappeared, going into the pink dot.

Bubblegum sighed and put the dot around her neck, “What lead is Finn on now, the fourth?” Bubblegum asked. “Fifth,” Marceline replied, she brought out her base, which had been on her back till now, and strummed it a few times. “I don’t even know what he’s looking for.” She giggled out.

“Elements or Elementals or something like that.” Replied the Princess. “I don’t know what they are, but it said something about pure magic.” She turned and looked at the vampire. “That might count for something.”

“Do you know anything about them?” Marceline asked, “Cause I could go and find them myself if need be.” Bubblegum sighed, she put her hands to her face, “There are four of them,” she replied, “And… that’s about it.”

“That’s not a whole lot of information…” Marceline said.

“No, it’s not…” Bubblegum trailed off.

“Sooo…” Marceline and Bubblegum stared at each other awkwardly. “H-how’s Jake? He’s in the infirmary right?” Bubblegum perked up at the change of questioning. “He’s… *Sigh* Not good. He probably doesn’t have long now.” She paused, “It’s covered his whole body.

“Sorry to sort of ask you to leave, but…” Bubblegum stumbled out, “But…” Marceline preempted, “Yeah, no problem, just promise me that you’ll help me with Finn when this is all over.” Bubblegum nodded. She turned back around and looked into her book, “... if you want, you could go help the guards get prepared or you could go check on Jake. I’m sure both will need it.”

“I’m sure they will princess.” A deep and distorted voice said. The vampire turned into her demon form instinctively and moved to protect her friend, “Fall.” The voice said again. Marceline immediately fell to the ground, she felt tired, more tired than she had ever felt in her life. She had barely enough energy to continue looking onward.

A large skeletal figure walked out of the shadows. Its eyes were black as night, Marceline began breathing heavily. “Noooo…” she wheezed out. ‘Need… to… leave…’ She thought. Her eyes followed the Lich.

The Lich walked over to Bubblegum, who, instead of being on the ground, was standing up, completely petrified. The Lich was slowly making its way over to her. Bubblegum, coming to her senses somewhat, began moving backward toward the window. “H-how?” She was barely able to stutter out. The sound of screaming behind her. Bubblegum turned around.

Her city was burning with black fire, the guards were fighting ancients, but being slaughtered. The guardians were on the ground, their heads cracked. “NO!” Bubblegum finally broke free and began to turn to rally her forces. However, Marceline could only look on as the Lich grabbed Bubblegum by the neck with its skeletal hands. Black ooze began to cover her neck and lower face. She brought her hands to her neck as the Lich began strangling her.

The vampire queen now seemed to break free. She ran to Bubblegum, her friend; the Lich turned and faced her. He dropped the princess, her crown rolled off her head. Bubblegum by now was a husk of her former self. Her neck and much of her face were black, showing very few spots of her former bright pink.

Marceline did nothing as she watched her friend die. Marceline did nothing as a being of pure evil walked up to her. And she did nothing as it grabbed her. The last thing she heard was Finn’s voice, “Princess Bubblegum! YOU NEED TO… PB?” Then her world went dark.

The image displayed of Princess Bubblegum was wrong, distorted, broken. Despite it being her face, being her, it was wrong. ‘That doesn’t matter right now.’ He quickly thought. ‘I need to warn her.’ “Princess Bubblegum!” he shouted, “YOU NEED TO…” Something was even more wrong, there were black spots all over her neck, her eyes were looking, but they weren’t seeing. “P.B.?” The communicator got picked up from behind so Finn couldn’t see who it was.

The communicator turned around, revealing the sight of the Lich King. “You!” Finn gasped, his mouth agape. Finn could begin to hear the slight murmur of the Lich’s spells. Finn immediately turned off the communicator in fear of having his mind taken over. His mind twitched, “THE KINGDOM!” He yelled.

Finn ran down the tower as fast as he could. “Oh, Glob. Oh, Glob.” He reached the bottom out of breath. He practically ran out of the ruined tower, tripping over several rocks along the way. “No, no, no,” Finn took out his binoculars.

He wrapped the string around his neck tightly. “C’mon, C'mon…” Finn looked around and spotted a high tree. He quickly ran over to the tree and began climbing. Due to his hastiness and speed, he slid down a few feet several times during his climb, catching several splinters and rashes from his efforts.

Out of breath and tears brimming in his eyes, he shakily raised the binoculars to his eyes. In the distance, he saw smoke coming from the Candy Kingdom. ‘I…’ his mind, despite thinking a thousand thoughts a minute, refused to think even one coherent thought.

The tears that were brimming in his eyes, we're now going in full. He sat there silently crying into his hands. ‘I failed them… I failed my friends, I failed Jake…’ His mind finally thought as it slowed. He sat with his back to the trunk, laying on one of the trees’ branches.

Finn looked to the now gray sky; it was always gray now. Gone were the days of VIbrantly colored sunsets and the days of serene moonlight, now there was only gray. “Finn put his hands back to his head. Trying to forget. He wanted to forget all he lost. His companions, his friends, and now his brother.

Finn looked down, he was at least 20 feet above the ground. Finn stood up on the branch, and he began walking out to the edge of the branch. It got slimmer and slimmer. He looked down again. ‘I wonder…’ He put his arms out and took a step into the air, and fell.

Finn rubbed the white liquid-like substance on Rainbow’s now, stump leg. The wound began to immediately fix itself. After a few seconds, the stump had a mass of skin over it with a little bit of blue fuzz. ‘Well, glad that’s over.’ He thought. He turned away, wiping the sweat off of his head with his arm.

He turned to face the cyan pegasus. Her eyes were closed in what looked like deep-thought or out of pain. He could tell she was awake through the ordeal, which had been at most ten minutes. Her fur was all “Hm,” He acknowledged, “Rainbow,” She slowly opened her eyes, the piece of wood fell out of her mouth, her teeth marks were very visible on it. “It’s over,” Finn said. Rainbow looked at her stump foreleg.

“No,” She replied. Rainbow shifted her eyes to the human, “It’s not over.” She said. Her eyes began to brim with tears. Finn looked away, ‘She’s right’ He thought, ‘She’ll never have a normal life now…’ He turned back to Rainbow Dash, ‘Damn the Lich…’

Finn looked at the now, amputated, foreleg. There was still a piece of rope attached to it. ‘Safe to grab.’ He seized it and threw into the fire without a second thought. After a few minutes, only the non-infected parts were burning. The rest was still black, but not on fire, “What the?” Finn began, the sound of rushing armor clambering, however, brought that line of thought to an end. ‘Time to go.’

Finn turned around, away from the door and to the window. ‘Hello there.’ He thought. He grabbed his bag, the jar of white substance and his Finn sword. “Hey- WHat the-” The Finn inside yelled. “No time,” Finn said in response, “Gotta go.” He took his sword’s pommel and butted it against the window. *Thunk* He could hear the pon guards talking outside, “...in there…” He hit the window again, *Thunk* “Three..” *Thunk* “Two…” *Thunk* “One!” *SMASH*

Finn immediately grabbed the now broken window sill and jumped out. He could hear the sound of clambering guards rushing in behind him. Finn briefly turned around to revel in his victory, but quickly turned towards the forest. He bolted.

Despite a few onlookers and confused guards patrolling, there was nothing stopping him from entering the forest. He was able to easily shove one of them aside and continued, he was at most fifteen feet from the edge of the forest.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” He could immediately tell who said that. “FINN THE HUMAN, YOU WILL STOP OR I WILL MAKE YOU STOP!” He didn’t give into the Night-Princess’s demands and kept running. ‘Five feet, just keep running.’ With about one foot to spare till he got into the forest a blue barrier erected around him.

Finn turned around, he looked up and saw Princess Luna high in the air, Finn folded his arms. “Really, that’s the best you got?” Luna flew down to his level. “No, Finn,” An uncountable number of guards, both in gold armor and blue armor rushed around him. Finn idly looked on, he shrugged, “I don’ know, maybe twenty?” He said.

“What?” Luna asked puzzled, “What do you mean?” She cocked her head slightly to the left.

“No, definitely twenty-five.” He replied smirking, he unconsciously called his grass sword into his left hand, it began slowly sliding down the backside of his arm. His right hand went for his Finn sword.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked again.

“Why… that’s how many I can kill before being taken down.” He replied, “So you let me go… right now.”

For the first time in her life, Luna was truly scared.

You Can't Help

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Luna, still in the air, cautiously flapped her wings as she contemplated, ‘He only has his one sword,’ She cautiously thought, ‘He bluffing. What can he do against a company of well-trained stallions and mares.’ She smirked. Luna weighed the options in her mind.

“You truly believe that you can take down my ponies?” She scoffed. “I’d like to see you try.” She said. She had reason to be arrogant, he was outnumbered, thirty-six to one, Finn was tired still, barely an hour has passed since he had gone to sleep, and finally, Finn had no idea where he was. ‘This should be easy.’ she thought, ‘... should... be…’

Her mind began reeling back a bit. ‘He’s defied odds before.’ She idly noted that she had been flying in place for five minutes without saying anything. Finn caught up on that as well, “What’s going on, cat got your tongue?’

She flew down in front of the guards and in front of Finn. Her face took on an annoying appearance. ‘I can’t read him.’ She thought. She looked at his face, the night sky making it easy for him to conceal his face. ‘His poker face is better than Celestia’s.’ She studied him for a moment.

“What is wrong with you?” She asked, “How could one be so… heartless?” Her voice had a tint of despair in it.

Finn lowered his head so his eyes were barely visible; Luna thought that she heard a sniffle or sob come from him. “A year of constant fighting, running, always looking behind your back... “ He brought his head back up, “It does tend to have that effect.”

Luna turned her head away from the human. ‘I guess it will.’ She thought, she turned back to and opened her mouth to respond. “Fin-” He was closer, much closer, nearly pressed up against the shield. She tried to step back, but then all she saw was white and felt a massive pain in her horn. The guards seemed to react quicker than she did, or so Luna thought, she still couldn’t see or hear, but she felt the ground shake.

‘The shield shattered,’ Luna thought she squinted her eyes at the amount of pain to her head and her magic and put an incessant ringing in her ears. She felt something grab her, “Wha-?” She croaked out. She could barely feel her body, but she could feel two… things around her. One around her neck, the other, a sword, flat against her barrel.

Luna could feel the vibrations shouting in her right ear. She attempted to buck the ground and destabilize Finn, but he swiftly kicked her back hooves and put an end to that plan. Her head still felt like it was on fire, burning up as if she had the flu. The thing around her neck tightened, making it harder for her to breathe. She finally was able to catch the tail-end of another shouting match, “-and I’ll do it if you don’t BACK OFF!” She could tell the voice was Finn’s, it was much louder in her right ear. The thing around her neck loosened.

‘What is that thing…?’ She thought, ‘I need to escape…’ She brought her head to in front of his and got ready to headbutt him, but he seemed to be ready for it. “Oh, I don’t think so Princess.” With a tug of what she assumed to be a whip or rope, her head was brought back to its original position and again tightened. An audible ‘hck’ came from the princess as the whip tightened again; she struggled to breathe. After a few more seconds of this new tightness, it relaxed, allowing her to breathe again. The guards took a step forward instinctively.

“You…*breathe* won’t…*breathe* get...*breathe* away… Finn.” She stammered out. “You’re... surrounded.” True to the Princess’s word, there were guards now on nearly every side of him. Finn looked around himself. Luna continued, “You… should-*hck*” He tightened the thing again, “Be quiet.” The guards instinctively moved forward again, “Ah, ah, ah…” He said to the guards as if they were foals. “Wouldn’t want somebody to get hurt now, do we?”

The guards were all on the line of attacking or backing down, Luna again moved her head, ‘We can’t let him go.’ She thought. “Stop before you pass out.” It tightened slightly, she stopped. “You won’t get away,” Luna said defiantly as much as she said quietly. She gritted her teeth, she wanted to attack them, ‘But how would he act?’ she questioned, ‘probably cut off my airway.’

“Luna!” another voice entered. Luna’s eyes widened, Finn turned his head to the voice. Seeing an opening, Luna pushed her head into Finn’s left shoulder. Her horn made contact with his shirt, she heard Finn gasp, she pushed onward, it was hard. He screamed in pain. The whip around her neck immediately left her throat, finally allowing her to breathe, however, she fell to the ground with an audible thump; this was followed up by a clang to the ground. The guards seemed to be frozen.

Finn was on the ground, convulsing in pain. Twilight landed next to Luna and the human; she looked to Luna and then Finn, then back to Luna, “What did you do to him?” Luna, still slightly dazed, said, “I uh… hit his shoulder with my horn.” She felt the spiral on top of her head, it had a tingling feeling as if it was hit hard on concrete. She next rubbed her neck, feeling the indentations of where the rope or whip once was.

The guards seemed to finally snap out of it and began moving to the pair. Finn laughed from the ground, Luna turned to him, “What is so funny Human? We have you surrounded.” The guards around them began swooping in like vultures. Finn shakily grasped his sword and stood up. His legs were shaking, “We’re not d-done yet.” He said.

The guards still surrounded him, but stopped moving, Finn’s response was to laugh. “You think a whole bunch of Ponies is going to stop me?” He yelled. Luna, stoic as ever, replied, “Yes,” She replied as readied her horn. Twilight hesitantly did the same, “Finn, we can help you, just put down the swo-” “The last princess who told me to put down my sword, who said she could help me, was killed because I put my sword down,” Finn cut her off, Twilight eeped at the outburst, “I don’t think you want to be the next.”

“YOU WILL NOT THREATEN ROYALTY FINN!” Luna roared, now enraged, either because of the insult or lack of oxygen, “Seize Him!” The guards rushed and attempted to seize him. ‘Emphasis on attempt’ Luna thought. Despite his immense pain, Finn was able to fight off the guards. Either pushing them off or throwing them off.

After the tenth guard was thrown off Luna had to take action. ‘I can’t let more of them get hurt by some senseless being.’ She charged Finn, displacing several guards who were in the way. Her horn roared magic, sending spell after spell at Finn, all being deflected back at Luna or blocked outright.

Finn was, however, being slowly pushed back. With each shot of her magic, Luna was taking a step toward Finn, and with each deflection, he had to step back as to have enough time to deflect. ‘It’s only,’ stun spell, blocked; step, ‘A matter,’ knockback spell, deflect; step, ‘Of time,’ stun spell again, deflected; step. Luna knew Finn’s situation was untenable.

The guards and Twilight watched the fight unfold, lest they become pawns in the fight. Twilight would’ve helped if she wasn’t encapsulated by the fight and the intensity of it. Finn’s face and Luna’s face were ones of pure concentration; only on the fight at hand, not of those around him. Finn had barely realized he had hit the edge of the forest. ‘Finally.’ Luna thought, ‘It’s almost over.’

‘Shit.’ Finn thought. He turned around and then turned back to Luna, barely blocking another blast of magic. He couldn’t back up anymore, his back was pressed to the forest’s edge. Luna stopped stepping and shooting her magic and looked at the human. “Finn,” She said in a soothing tone, her horn flared up, “Just give up.”

“You think I’ve gone anywhere in life by giving up?” He yelled, “I’ve never given up or in, and I don’t plan to.” He brought his sword up and tightened his stance. Luna sighed, she turned her head and nodded to the guards. They began, again to swarm around the human’s position. “Finn you are outnumbered. Surrender.”

Finn didn’t respond. The ponies stuck out their spears and swords. Luna stayed behind. ‘I see where this is going,’ He stuck his sword in his sheath, but maintained his stance. ‘Now, just how Rattleballs taught you.’ He placed his right hand on the grip of the sword while the left one moved to the sheath. He kept his eyes on the ponies in front of them.

They stepped forward, Finn tensed up; he could feel sweat dripping from his brow. His grip tightened, ‘C’ mon, just a bit closer.’ Finn looked to the sea of ponies in front of them. He idly regarded Luna and Twilight. The former still standing and looking at the human. The latter was flying in the air, trying to see what is taking place.

They stepped forward again, Finn’s grip tightened again. His eyes shifted from side to side, keeping track of his targets. ‘Shadowless thrust... Don’t fail me now.’ Finn fixed his eyes on Princess Luna, she was studying him equally as hard.

The guards took another step forward, Finn breathed out. If Finn were to take a step forward, he would be impaled on a spear. He breathed in and out, his eyes moved again, he could see several townsponies had woken up to see the commotion. He thought he recognized one of them, but he didn't have time to think about it.

Finn saw one of the guards look to Princess Luna with a questioning look. She returned the look and nodded. That was all Finn needed to see. He swung his sword. Dust and dirt from the ground got thrown in Finn’s eyes, Finn, coughing was completely astounded. ‘It worked!’ He brightened up.

Finn cleared his eyes and turned, nearly all the pony guards were on the ground and coughing, their weapons lay at their hooves, cut in half. Finn smiled. Until he realized Princess Luna was gone.

‘Whatever.’ Finn thought. He turned to the forest and ran.

Finn stopped and put his hands to his legs, panting hard. ‘Did they follow?’ Finn turned back to look at the non-existent path he came down. He took his hands off his legs and stood up straight, and slowed his breathing. ‘Good.’ Finn continued walking, constantly looking off to his sides, ever cautious.

After a short amount of time, Finn stopped and took off his backpack, gently setting it on the ground. He began to take inventory. ‘White healing goop, check. Enchiridion, check. Flute, he pulled out his flute and scrutinized it, check.’

Finn put all the items except the Enchiridion back into his bag. He slung the backpack over his back, made sure his sword was sheathed properly, took the book in his hands and continued walking.

“Let’s see…” He said, “Home…” He flipped through several pages of the book.

Finn walked out of the crass laden forest. His arm was horribly bent. He huffed the pain out of him or at least tried. His eyes were full of tears, barely open and were bloodshot red. ‘What was I thinking?’ He thought.


He turned to the voice, ‘Oh… great.’ She was wearing her dark magenta and brown armor. Finn would’ve run, but the pain had spread from his arm to his head and to his legs.

“I thought I lost you!” She screamed at him, “We need to go back to hel-” “No,” Finn interrupted. Flame princess went taut at his interruption. “WHAT?!” She yelled at him in response. She looked away, to the Candy Kingdom, “They-” “Are already gone… It was burning an hour ago, we’d never make it in time.” He turned away, preparing to walk off.

“What happened to you? You’re like a whole different person Finn.” She walked up to Finn and put her hand on his shoulder, he barely winced. She was thankful, blue, meaning she wouldn’t burn him when she touched him. Finn pushed her away, holding his arm.

“Finn,” She cooed, “At least let me help you.” Finn turned away but gave up his broken arm. She took it in her hands immediately. “What did this?” She asked distressed. Finn mumbled out, “...fell… tree…” She just shook her head.

“You’re gonna need help.” She said, “C’mon, let’s go to the flame kingdom, we can help you there.” Finn pulled his arm out of her grasp. He unintentionally winced at the pain. “I’ll be fine, I’ll just set it and-” “Let it get infected?” She interrupted, “Finn,” She cooed at him, “You can’t fight everything alone… Please… let me help you…”

Finn put his head up and nodded slightly. “...Ok. Let’s go.” She said. She eventually began walking, Finn hesitantly followed. Flame Princess occasionally looked back at Finn, making sure he was still following. The walk dragged on, Flame Princess, trying to break the ice every once and a while with questions like, “How are you holding up?”, and, “Does it still hurt?”

Finn only answered with short answers, “Yes.” and, “No.”, trying to end conversations as quickly as possible. He only wanted to get his arm fixed and leave.

After an hour and a half of walking, the pair finally entered the great Fire Keep. Finn was goaded into accepting a Flame shield spell by Flame princess. Flame Princess, despite knowing she had more pressing matters, such as the imminent invasion of the Lich, she personally led Finn to the infirmary, in fear he would instead leave.

Finn laid on the bed, and time passed. He idly stared out the window, watching the sun and moon rise and fall, the colors always stayed the same, a dark gray signified night, a light gray, day.

Any time she had to spare, Flame Princess used it to make sure Finn was recovering.

2 Weeks Later

‘Phoebe… what are you going to do?’ She looked through the window of the infirmary to the sole occupant of the room. Finn was sitting on the bed, his backpack beside him with his sword on top of it. Finn’s chest rose and fell slowly, ‘He’s given up, hasn’t he?’ she thought. She looked at his once-broken arm. ‘At least that weird white stuff worked.’

“Your Highness!” A gruff voice said behind her.

“Gahhhh!” She cried loudly, she turned around. Still startled, she replied, “Cinnamon Bun?!” She exclaimed, “Don’t scare me like that.”

“Sorry, Princess!” He yelled, still not lowering his voice, “But this is an urgent matter.”

“I swear CB if this isn’t the Lich then I’ll-” “It is the Lich.” He interrupted, “Our scouts have seen a large cloud moving through the abandoned Ice Kingdom.”

Immense dread filled Phoebe, “Council. NOW!”

He saluted and left. Flame Princess, instead went into the Infirmary. The loudness of her entry stirred Finn from his catatonic state. He looked at his former girlfriend. She, however, preempted him, “Finn, we need your help,” She said, “You’re the only one who’s ever fought the Lich.” She grabbed the Human and practically dragged him out of the bed.

For the first time in a fortnight, Finn spoke, “I understand, lemme get my things.” She nodded., “Meet me in the council in ten minutes, otherwise, I’ll find you,” She threatened, “And believe me, you don’t want me to come to get you.”

“J-jeez Phoebe, don’t worry, I’m not that…” He trailed off, he looked up at Flame Princess. She was a bit taken aback at the informal use of her first name. He actually chuckled lightly, “Let’s go.”

Finn put the book down a rock, as a sort of table. “Okay… Home…” Finn began to read off the spell. “ekmai, h ooh o aog nt ,ot.” Finn heard the rustling of the wind, its cool and crisp breeze, starting Finn to have second thoughts.

“oaaean mtekb l ieeapeho,” The breeze stopped, making Finn shiver as the coldness lingered.

“Tmemmtmmeunole.” Finn finished the chant. Before the sound of the portal opened up, Finn heard the snap of a twig. He turned around and at the last moment, a blue blur tackled Finn through the green portal.

Ruins Of Old

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Luna’s eyes opened up and she breathed in through her nose. She smelled the smell of old trees and wood, akin to Twilight Sparkle’s old library home. ‘A time travel spell?’ Luna thought, brooding for a moment, ‘No, Finn was never that powerful.’

Luna got up, her hooves extremely strained, stretched even. Luna looked around the room, the room was quite roomy. There was a couch with an adjacent table, with a torn portrait of what looked like a female human above it. She turned her head, there were various tree branches around her; a large metal contraption near a door, ‘There are sure a lot of things here,’ she thought, ‘Speaking of which… where is here?’

She took a few steps around, ‘It sure is dark in here.’ She thought, though she barely noticed; her being the Alicorn of the night allowed her to see much easier. Luna walked up to a window, ‘What,’ Her eyes widened, ‘What is the…’

She saw the light of the moon barely showing through the blackened clouds, but it wasn’t right. There was no break in the clouds as if it was just a bad day weather-wise, but the clouds were wrong. Luna couldn’t put her hoof on why they just were.

Luna took a step back from the window in horror; several steps actually, attempting to find out where she was. ‘Let’s see Luna, what exactly did you do?’ she began to think deeply, going through every possibility. ‘Finn escaped, he did… something with his sword, dust, I gave chase,’ Her eyes widened at the revelation, “He was chanting something…” She said aloud.

Luna took another step back, this time stepping on something akin to a body. Her head turned around in both surprise and curiosity. She quickly stepped off. There on the ground was Finn, the one who transported them here, ‘Wherever there is.’ Luna thought, ‘however…’

She began pulling up his sleeve, ‘A horn to the arm wouldn’t hurt that much.’ Though Luna had night vision, it was hard to tell exactly what was around his shoulder. ‘Well there is something there…’ Luna surmised, ‘It is obviously darker than the rest of his arm.’

Luna brought up her hoof to touch it. It was hard as a rock with a hint of some sort of grassy thing on top of it. “So this is what my horn hit…” She mused quietly, She knocked her hoof against it. It definitely sounded like some sort of stone. ‘Or…’ something dawned on her mind, ‘That infection.’ She immediately withdrew her hoof.

After a few moments of holding her hoof, scanning said hoof and staring at the human, Luna decided to attempt to wake him. ‘Probably not the best idea,’ She thought as she carried out several pokes along his body and head, ‘He might attack me…’ She continued to do so anyway; she craved information as much as her sister’s student once had. ‘He will answer my questions.’

Her attempts began to bear fruit. “Ugh…” Finn groaned, he put his hand to his head. Luna stopped as he sat up. “What happened…?” he asked while looking around. ‘He must not be able to see.’ She thought and smirked. She sat down and smirked at the display, the human meanwhile, trying to make his way around the massive hollowed tree.

“Where the heck is that light?” He asked to himself. He began to scour the ground on his hands and knees. With her night vision, Luna could see what he was looking for, an odd and small metal contraption. She could also see how close he was to grab it. ‘That will not do,’ she thought.

Luna blocked out the light of her horn and took hold the object in her magic. It screeched off the floor for a moment, “What was that?” Finn questioned. ‘He must’ve heard something.’ Luna stood up, the creaking of the wood giving away her position, she saw Finn rise and draw his alabaster sword, “Who’s there?!” He asked angrily.

'He seems a bit taller than before...' She thought, but shrugged it off,‘Time to restrain him.’ Her horn glowed to life, revealing her location, “Of course it’s you.” He said with a sigh. Her magic sputtered out, “What not in the mood for a fight?” She asked condescendingly.

He put the sword down, “This is what the third time we’ve fought…” He said dejected, Her horn went to just a light, barely staying lit, “I know when I can’t when.” Luna’s face scrunched up.

“That’s… I guess so…” She said, ‘I’ve never met an opponent who would just give up like that.’ Luna walked towards him, “Can you answer some questions then Finn?” She asked, her sternness coming back.

“Sure,” He replied, sheathing his sword on his back, “Lemme just grab a few things first.” Luna hesitantly nodded.

Finn began walking around the room, “Let’s see… where are you BMO…” He said while looking at the ground. Finn walked over to the couch. “AHA!” he exclaimed, as he pulled a greenish-blue box. Finn smiled at it, Luna, however, was aloof.

She cocked her head to the side, “What is that?” She asked.

Finn turned around, still tinkering with it. “It’s BMO,” He replied, “He seems to be…” He turned his backpack around, “Out of power.” He unzipped, then put ‘BMO’ in the bag. Finn put the bag back around his back.

“Is this… BMO… the only thing you wish to retrieve,” Luna asked, “I have many questions.” She sat on her haunches, on a relatively comfortable part of the room. “No, there are a couple of more things.” Finn replied, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna be back quick.”

He practically ran up a ladder behind him. Luna was about to go after, but Finn was back by the time she was at the ladder. Finn had in his hand, a flute and a piece of paper. He folded the paper neatly then placed it in his backpack alongside the flute.

Finn walked over to the couch and sat, Luna, obliged and squished in on the couch opposite Finn. Luna began her questions.

“Where exactly are we?” She asked.

“My home,” Finn replied while looking around, “I lived here at one point.” A strong gust of wind hit the house, Luna looked out the window, It began raining a black substance. “Once…” Finn repeated and trailed off.

“I’m sorry.” Luna quickly said, “I’m sure it must be-” “There was nothing you could’ve done,” Finn interrupted, “You were a world away.” Finn looked down, the edges of his hat around his face falling with gravity, allowing Luna to see the short golden strands underneath.

After a brief silence, Finn looked back up, Luna took it as him being ready for another question. “What happened to it?”

“The storms,” Finn looked out the window, “It might look like rain, but there is a reason the grass is all dead here.” He looked Luna in the eye, “It’s nearly all acid.” He paused, “PB basically forced me to live with her. I had no time to grab anything, not even BMO.”

“What is wrong with your arm?” Luna asked next, “I can assure you, I know what normal skin feels like.” She pointed with her hoof to his left shoulder, “It’s not that.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He replied. Luna pressed the issue, “You’re infected, correct?” He nodded, “And that’s all we’re going to say on the issue,” Finn said angrily, “Don’t bring it up again.”

Luna huffed, “You speak ill of this PB…” Luna said, “Do you… despise her?” Luna asked.

“Bonnibel was an amazing person!” He defended, sitting upright in the chair, “I’ve nearly defended her to the death several times.” He slumped down. “I wasn’t there to protect her in the end, I was off in some glob-dammed cave…” He looked Luna in the eyes again, “Looking for the Elementals.”

“And this Princess Bubblegum, was one of them, correct?”

“Yes, by the time I found out…” He choked up, “The city was already lost…”


“I don’t need your pity.” Finn said, “I need a way to beat the Lich, and you constantly interfering put an end to that idea.”



“S-so, what now?” Luna asked, “Can you at least send me home?”

“Yeah,” Finn replied, he put a hand to his head, stopping the beginning of tears, “I just need the- BOOK!” He turned his backpack around and dug through it. “NO, NO, NO!” He closed it, “The book is gone.” Luna began sweating, “Well, you remember the spell, right?” Silence “Right?!”

“No…” Finn groaned, “I don’t.” Luna nearly broke down, ‘Stuck… in a world… with a being on the verge of being a villain… being hunted by a being that wants all life destroyed.’ She put her hooves to her temples; calming her a little.

Despite her impending panic attack, she stayed calm, or at least some semblance of calm. “D-do you have any allies?” She asked, Finn, looked at her with a blank stare. Finn sighed, “Maybe…”

“I’ll take it,” Luna said matter o factly. “Let’s go find them.” She looked to the window, the rain stopped. Finn followed her gaze. “Yeah, let’s go. I need to see something first.”

Finn got up, followed by Luna, “Where are we going?” Luna asked as she followed Finn to the ladder that goes, presumably, to the bottom floor.

“To see an old friend,” Finn replied. He turned to the blue Alicorn, “You um… might just want to teleport outside, Luna nodded. Finn jumped down the ladder while Luna charged her horn. “I’ll meet you outside. Luna’s spell released alongside the double vision of the inside and outside of the treehouse.

Luna turned around and saw the tree house’s door, Finn was only a few seconds behind her. He opened the door and walked out, closing it behind him. “You’re are certainly fast,” Luna stated. Finn nodded, “You learn to be fast on your feet when running for your life.”

Finn had his hand on the hilt of his sword the entire walk, ready to pounce on any enemies that might stray their way. ‘Or be pounced on…’ Luna thought She looked around to the dead grass and trees, ‘This world is truly dying…’

After a few minutes of silence, Luna spoke up, “Where exactly are we going?” She looked at Finn. He, looked back, “We’re going to the Candy Kingdom.” Luna stopped, “But you said-” “I know what I said, but it’s probably abandoned by now.” He looked forward, “I just need to say goodbye,” Finn turned back, “Alright?”

“That is…” ‘Sad, morbid, dangerous, careless?’ “Fine,” Luna said.

Finn looked at her as if she had said all those things aloud, but then turned back and kept walking. Luna looked ahead, there were ruined walls and giant monoliths on the ground, destroyed and decayed. The walls were stained with an ink-black taint. ‘Signs of a battle that they could never have hoped to win.’ Luna surmised.

As they approached the gates, it began abundantly clear that the city was in complete ruin. Not only was there a black ink-like substance on the wall, but several bent spears, chipped swords with black all over them, and broken bows and arrows. If the signs of battle weren’t enough, there was smoke coming from the walls,‘There surely was a fight…’ Luna thought as she looked up at the wall.

Finn didn’t stop to admire the signs of battle, he had one thing to do, and he was going to do it. He walked through the ruined gate, as he stepped inside he saw what happened. His eyes darted from the sights of ruined buildings to the deserted palace grounds.

‘Where are the bodies?’ he thought as he took a step forward his foot stepped on something. Finn moved his foot and looked down, a yellow substance was stuck to his foot. He leaned down, getting a closer look. He stuck his fingers in the substance and brought it to his nose, smelling it. “Banna?” He asked out loud. He looked around, “No bodies…” His face contorted in horror, “Dear Glob…” He said in realization, “They ate them…” he looked around the city, nothing, ‘They ate all of them…’

Finn felt cold he put his arms around himself. ‘I…’

“Finn!” A voice behind him yelled it was a voice he hadn’t heard in a long time. He turned and saw what he thought was Bubblegum. Her pink face and hair were unmistakable, but there was one thing off about her. Her eyes. They were green and had an abnormal glow about them.

“How?” He asked meekly, unable to comprehend what he was seeing, “That… that can’t… be possible.” Finn began backing up, “You… you’re dead…” Finn grabbed his arm where the infection was. It was burning, pulsating, it felt like there was the sun itself under the grass-like bandage, slowly heating up his arm. Finn began tearing at it with his hand, desperately trying to relieve the pain. “What are you doing!?”

“Yeah man, you’re acting crazy…” Finn, despite his pain, stopped. ‘That voice…’ He turned around, in front of him, was his brother, Jake. He blinked, then he was gone, his voice carried off in the wind, and the pain, coming back. Finn got down to knees, screaming in pain, “GET… OFF…!” He screamed. He heard the pitter patter of footsteps coming behind him.

Bubblegum was running up to him, screaming, “Finn, you must stop, it will spread and then you will-” “Get OFF!” He pushed the apparition away and tried to run away, but something grabbed onto him. He turned around and instead of being met by the face of his old friend, it was the blue Alicorn staring at him, magic alit.

“Dear Celestia Finn!” Luna screamed, barely wincing at using her sister’s name in such a manner, “What is wrong… with…” Finn turned, his eyes were a terrible dark green, Luna looked to his left arm. Just under the sleeve, she could see it, ‘It’s spreading…’

The ink black substance had slowly begun to creep out from under the grass patch. Finn’s constant tearing didn’t help in the slightest either. ‘I have to act quickly.’ Luna thought, only barely thinking, she lit her horn and her magic unleashed it at Finn.

Finn immediately tumbled to the ground, coughing and sputtering. Luna ran up to him and saw the black infection slowly stall out and then, slowly but surely, receding back into the depths of the green substance. Luna magically scanned Finn, ‘What set him off?’ She thought, ‘PTSD, the infection…’ her mind raced.

Finn stopped coughing and sat straight up on the ground, “You ever have that feeling, like you just want to sleep and not wake up?” Finn asked he fell flat on his back, “Cause I have that feeling right now.”

He brought his hands to his head and took off the white hat, throwing off his head and onto the dirt ground. He ran his hand through his hair several times as he calmed down. “What did I do?” He asked Luna. He looked at her.

“You… began clawing at that thing covering the black.” Luna replied, “Your eyes… they were also green. What did you see?” She asked Finn.

“My friends…”


Finn looked at the ground. “I just hope your friends can bring you back.”

Luna cocked her head, “Don’t you mean us?”

Twilight sat next to Rainbow Dash, who, at the insistence of a certain purple princess, stayed in bed. Rainbow normally would’ve fought staying in bed tooth and nail, but now, she was tired; tired of everything, including her friends who would berate her every half a second. ‘Speaking of which ‘she thought.

The door opened up slightly, “Um… I’m just wondering if you need anything.” The yellow Pegasus timidly spoke, “For the both of you, I mean.”

“I’m fine,” Was Twilight’s hasty reply.

Rainbow on the other hoof, “Yeah,” She said, “Could I get out of-”

“Rainbow, you need rest.” Twilight interrupted. Twilight turned to Fluttershy, “A glass of water perhaps.” Fluttershy nodded and closed the door.

Twilight went to a nearby desk and sat down. She groaned, unusual for the lavender mare. Rainbow shifted in bed, uncomfortable, “Ya’know, I’d get a whole lot more rest,” She spread her hooves out wide to emphasize her point, “If you weren’t constantly moving around.”

Twilight turned her head around, “I Know,” SHe smirked, “But then I’d have to go looking around town for you.” Her smirk turned into a frown, “And I don’t think I am mentally prepared to do that right now.”

After a few moments of silence, Rainbow decided to change the subject, “Where’s Princess Luna?” She asked while looking around, “I haven’t seen her for a few hours.”

Twilight turned around, “I’m pretty sure she’s still chasing Finn.” Her face drooped, “Poor guy,” Twilight continued, “He’s been through a lot…”

“Enough to- ahh!” Rainbow’s retort was interrupted. Her other forehoof went to the stump of its opposite, “It’s hurting again!” She was able to seeth through her teeth. Twilight immediately jumped out of her chair and ran to her friend. At the same time, Fluttershy returned with a glass of water in her hoof.

Twilight began applying healing magic to the stump leg. Rainbow’s body tensed up then relaxed. “Better?” Twilight asked, Fluttershy put the glass of water on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah,” She replied, Rainbow rubbed the stup with her forehoof, “It feels… tingly,” Rainbow added, “As if I can still feel it...”

Rainbow looked to Fluttershy, “H-hey ‘Shy.” Rainbow said, “Are you doing okay?” Rainbow asked.

“I should be asking you that…” Fluttershy trailed off, “But, I’m fine for now.” She said. “I just can’t stop thinking about what I could’ve done different, like if I had gotten to Twilight faster at the forest,” She turned to Twilight, “Then we could’ve captured Finn, helped him... “ She turned away.

“Hey…” Twilight began, “We… never could’ve predicted this… It’s not your fault.” Twilight replied.

“I… I know, but…” Fluttershy had tears forming in her eyes, “But, I can't stop thinking that it is.”

Fluttershy grabbed Rainbow and hugged her. Rainbow hugged back. Twilight sorta just stood there awkwardly.

After a few minutes of the hug, Twilight spoke up, “I know you guys uh… don’t want to stop, but Rainbow needs rest.” Fluttershy broke the hug and nodded.“ Twilight looked to Fluttershy, she was a mess. Twilight then turned to Rainbow, “And I mean it Rainbow.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I get it. Sleep.”

Twilight nodded, she lit her horn and all the candles went out. She put her hoof in Fluttershy and led her out.

“Goodnight Rainbow.”

A Dead Land

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Twilight closed the door behind her, the purple princess quickly sneaking a look of Rainbow Dash under the covers, ‘Good, looks like she’s out for now.’ She thought as she closed the door. Twilight slowly backed up and turned around and began to walk back to the map room only to be stopped by a yellow Pegasus right in front of her. “Oh,” She said, slightly startled, “I thought you went back Fluttershy?”

“I was just… waiting…” Fluttershy said. Her head dropping slowly off to the side, as if she were embarrassed or in shame. “Can we um… talk… about something?” She asked timidly. Her eyes moving to Twilight, but her head stayed facing away as if asking to be rejected.

“Ooooo K?” Twilight answered, “… what did you want to talk about?” Twilight asked with a hint of curiosity. Fluttershy gave silence as an answer, her eyes closing, ‘It’s not like Fluttershy to push a friend away,’ Twilight thought, ‘I should be careful, I don’t want to hurt,’ “What was it?” Twilight repeated this time her voice was filled with a caring tone.

Fluttershy kept looking away and spoke softly, “It’s just that, you girls say it wasn’t my fault,” She turned back, her voice becoming shaky and broke, “But I-i...I think it really is.” Tears began forming in her eyes again, She looked back down, ‘She’s gonna keep beating and berating herself,’ Twilight thought. Fluttershy, eyes and head still down continued, “If-”

“Fluttershy,” Twilight said, interrupting her friend, Fluttershy’s head popped up and looked at Twilight, “We’ve been over this, nopony- not me, not Rainbow, not any of us -blame you for what happened,” Twilight said reassuringly. Fluttershy whimpered, her head dropping back down, “Now, let’s go back and let Rainbow rest. It’s going to be a long day today.” Twilight finished, Fluttershy nodded. Twilight spied a look at the yellow pegasus’ face, ‘She doesn’t look convinced…’

This was affirmed when tears began dripping down her face. Twilight could hear each of the tears hit the floor. Twilight used one of her wings to wipe the tears away. “Fluttershy…” Twilight trailed off, her own head moving off to the side. “It will all be okay,”

She reached out with her wing and wrapped it around Fluttershy, her other wing soon joined in hugging the semi-sobbing mare. “It will all be okay,” Twilight said, muffled by her pink mane. The two friends stood like that for nearly a minute before Twilight pulled away, She looked down at Fluttershy, who was staring at the floor, “Fluttershy, are you okay?”

She didn’t respond, “Do you want to talk about it?” She shook her head beneath Twilight. Twilight let her grip loosen, “It’ll be ok,” Twilight reassured. She gave a light smile, “We’ve always come out on top before, haven’t we?” Fluttershy nodded, Twilight could feel the movement of her fur beneath her, “Then why should this time be any different?” Twilight let go and moved a bit away from Fluttershy, who in turn stood up straight.

Fluttershy’s breath shuddered as she breathed in and out deeply several times. She closed her eyes in concentration, continuing to breathe. Twilight noticed that the tears in her eyes were gone and only dampened streaks remained. Fluttershy opened her eyes to reveal their azure color. Then, Fluttershy talked, sounding much like herself than her now too often timid self, “I do now,” Fluttershy announced, “Thanks Twilight.”

“Anytime Fluttershy,” Twilight said. She smiled, ‘Princess Celestia taught me to do the same exact thing when I get stressed.’ Her mind drooped, but her face didn’t lose its happy appearance, ‘Celestia…’ Her mind repeated, ‘ How am I going to tell her that her sister has been gone…’ Her mind continued, ‘In possibly the most dangerous place-’ She shut down that line of thought, ‘LATER.’ She announced in her mind. ‘I don’t need to deal with Celestia right now, I’ve got two friends I need to worry about.’

The pair walked to the central map room, Twilight tentatively watching Fluttershy as they did so. Weary of her mental health and overall well-being. ‘I really have my work cut out for me, don’t I?’ Fluttershy had a slight smile on her face, but the dried up tear marks on her face immediately broke the facade.

When they entered, Twilight looked around at her friends, Applejack was off in a corner, looking at the ground, Rarity looked like she was confused, her mouth open as if she were talking to somepony just moments prior, ‘Pinkie…’ Twilight mused. Twilight moved her purple eyes again and they fell upon Fluttershy, she was talking with Pinkie Pie and seemed a bit overwhelmed.

Twilight moved over to the pair, “Hey Pinkie…” Twilight said, she took a hoof around her neck and moved out of earshot of Fluttershy. “Maybe lay off for right now,” Pinkie looked back to Fluttershy, she was standing there awkwardly, Pinkie turned back, “Okay?” Twilight asked though it was more of a command.

A rare serious tone dawned on Pinkie Pie’s usually carefree face, “I understand.” She whispered back. Twilight let go of her. Pinkie moved back to Fluttershy, this time much slower and visibly as to not startle Fluttershy.

Twilight watched, with much trepidation, the Pinkie party pony converse with Fluttershy. ‘I hope Pinkie can cheer her up…’ Twilight sighed internally. Twilight moved towards Applejack, who Rarity also seemed to be moving to. She approached the orange Farmpony. Before the Princess could even open her mouth, Applejack began to talk, “Ya’know Twi, I just don’t get it,” She said.

Twilight blinked, along with Rarity who was also now standing next to her and just as confused at the statement that their friend had offered, “Get what AJ?” Twilight asked. “That is a bit of a vague statement dear.” Rarity gave.

“This situation,” She said in a serious tone, “It seems a bit...off,” Applejack brought one of her hooves to rub the back of her neck, nervously.

“Off how dear?” Rarity asked. She looked behind her, “Other than… Rainbow Dash that is.” Twilight followed Rarity’s gaze to Fluttershy, who was currently being comforted by Pinkie. Applejack continued, “Like… like there’s something mysterious going on in the background.” Applejack lowered her head, “I-I don’t know how to say it,” She fumed, “Just be careful, k?”

Rarity nodded followed by Twilight. “Now c’ mon,” Twilight said, “Fluttershy isn’t taking it well, we need to help her.” The two other ponies nodded. They began to walk over to Fluttershy and Pinkie.

Rainbow was walking through a great and wide green plain. In the distance, she saw blue mountains capped by white snow radiating. She looked up and saw the sun, radiating comfort and joy throughout the land, the sky was a bright baby-blue, clouds dotted the sky like islands in an ocean. She could feel the heat from the sun on her coat, she could feel the occasional breeze whiz by, it moving her mane, she could feel the life around her. But there was one problem, ‘Where am I?’

Rainbow began to walk in circles, trying to gain her thoughts and bearings. She looked to her hooves. She blinked, they were both there. She held up her forehoof, ‘This should be gone,’ She thought, ‘Why is it here?’ She questioned.

“Oh, you’re here!” A surprised voice said. It sounded like a young colt’s voice, one with a high pitch but obviously masculine. “A hello or something would be nice.” It added after waiting for a few seconds. ‘Where the heck is this-’ “Hello?” it came up again and asked in a condescending tone.

“Where are you?!” She yelled while looking around. A light tap on one of her back hooves brought her gaze behind her. She still didn’t see anything and got ready to yell again. There was another tap, this time on her forehooves, her gaze was brought down.

A green spider-like creature looked back at her. She immediately took flight, “What the heck are you?” The spider’s eyes’ moved around as if trying to avoid the question, “Well…” Rainbow said, trying to fish an answer out of him. ‘This thing really is stupid.’ Rainbow noted.

“I’m a… grass spider?” It asked as if it were a question. Rainbow gave a ‘Oh really’, look. “Okay,” It said in defeat, “I’m a sort-of emissary.”

“From where?” Rainbow asked, her tone growing more curious and mad at the same time. ‘And what the heck are you actually?’ She asked herself, ‘A grass-spider, really?’ Her mind refused to accept the fact.

“The grass-sword!” It proudly announced. It said it as if it had gotten a good mark on a test, or won some sort of prize at a fair. ‘The grass sword?’ Rainbow questioned. She stayed silent and in the air as she thought, her mind brought images of Finn, ‘He lifted up his sleeve… and there was a green…. Thing there?’ She questioned herself, ‘A bandage maybe?’

‘No,’ She brought back the repressed memory, ‘It came down his arm, it shaped itself into a sword…’ Rainbow nearly stopped flying as she remembered. “GRASS SWORD!” She yelled, “You mean Finn’s green weird sometimes a sword, sometimes bandage, sometimes a whip?” Rainbow asked in a questioning manner.

After a few seconds of silence, it replied, “Yep,” in a quiet voice, “That was… ummm… oddly specific.”

“How are you here?” She questioned, “Wait a sec, This is a dream!” She said, “You’re not real, none of this is!” She felt relieved like a weight was lifted off of her back, “I’ll just wake up in the morning and not remember any of this…” She trailed off.

“Umm…” The spider began. Rainbow turned to face the thing, “Sorry to burst your bubble Rainbow, but, this isn’t a dream,” It explained, “Well, I mean it is,” It said as it gestured to everything around them, “But me, no, I’m not.”

“Then what are you?” Rainbow asked, “Cause I’ve never seen you before in my life.” Rainbow began combing her thoughts, trying to see if it was just one of Twilight’s experiments gone wrong.

“I’m, well, as a said, an emissary of a sort, from the grass sword,” Rainbow Dash cocked her head in confusion, “You see, when you got cut by the grass sword, I got sort of, implanted in your blood.” It explained.

“So, you’re like, an alien?” Rainbow asked, “Like an infection?”

“Oh no, I don’t really spread, like an infection, I just sort of persist in life.” It offered, ‘That seems wrong somehow, but, I’ll just ask Twilight later.’

Rainbow facehoofed and flew down. She took a few steps toward the grass-spider, “So,” Rainbow began, “Where are we?” Rainbow looked around again, “Cause, I’ve never seen this place before.”

The spider thing looked around, “Oh that’s an easy one!” it proclaimed. Rainbow looked at it and it looked back at Rainbow. “...” ‘What is up with this thing?!’ The spider fixed its eyes on Rainbow and looked at absent-mindedly, ‘Creepy.’

“Well?” Rainbow said, “Are you gonna tell me?” Rainbow began getting frustrated at his silence. It nodded, “We’re in Ooo!” It looked around again, “Well, before the Lich attacked.” It said it with more trepidation and sorrow.

“Finn didn’t really tell me much about this,” She brought her hooves up in quotation marks, “Ooo or his home,” She put her hooves back down. “Just that he was some sort of hero before… the Lich I guess.”

“Yeah,” The weird spider thing nodded, “He didn’t, he felt like telling you would be scarred somehow.”

Rainbow reeled back, “How do you…?” “The sword is part of Finn, I am a part of him,” It paused, “Heck, I’d probably reckon I knew more about Finn than Finn did himself.” It squinted at her, “I bet you have some questions.”

“Yeah… I do,” She replied. A thousand questions shot through her minds, ‘What is the Lich?’, ‘What is the Finn sword’, ‘What exactly did Finn do’, ‘He said some-’ “Well, shoot!” The spider replied.

Rainbow looked around, seeming to have no question that shot through her mind coming to her lips. Rainbow hoped that when she opened her mouth, a question would come out, “How old is Finn?” Rainbow immediately regretted her question, ‘Really RD? Age? That is so not awesome.’

“Age? Huh, well he’s seventeen years old. Does that satisfy you?” It asked back. “Yes!” She quickly said, “Uhh, next question… next… question…” Rainbow dropped her head, trying to find a question.

“Do you want some more time?” It asked condescendingly.

Rainbow’s head shot up, “What is the Lich?”

Finn leaned against Luna’s back for support, taking slow steps forward throughout the ruins of the Candy Kingdom’s central castle. “Where are we going?” She asked, her voice showing off signs of strain from supporting a nearly fully grown human. “Because, it better be an infirmary or hospital, or so help me-” “It’s the castle infirmary Luna.” She huffed at the informal use of her name.

“Despite our predicament, I am still royalty, you should address me as such,” Luna said, a hint of both seriousness and lack of caring in her voice. ‘The situation we’re in, and you care about how I call you?’ Finn thought, ‘Really?’

“Keyword, should,” Was Finn’s stoic reply. The pair continued in silence, walking through the streets and then entering the castle itself, it was a wreck. The windows were all either cracked to the point where it was impossible to see through or shattered entirely. There was the occasional spear or sword on the ground, bent or broken like the castle. Finn looked around the castle, seeing if there was anything useful.

Luna looked at the human, noticing that he was looking around, “Is there anything of note?” her voice showed signs of tiredness and the tone of the voice was much more somber than before.

“No,” Finn replied, his voice mimicking the tone and tiredness of the Lunar Princess. Raspy, full of tiredness and reeked of somberness. Finn looked forward, “They must’ve taken everything of value…” Finn said.

Luna continued to study the back of Finn’s head. After the breakdown, Luna questioned his mental state, and after he attempted to ‘walk it off’, he collapsed. ‘He really does blame himself.’ Luna thought, He also, for some reason, refused to put his white hat back on, showing off his short, dirty, blonde hair. ‘Maybe he feels like it’s keeping him in the past?’

“Is your leg… feeling any better?” She asked, really wanting to get the human off of her aching and sore back. She swore she could feel the bones grinding against each other, causing pain to herself.

Finn let go of Luna’s back and limped forward, “I… think I can stand on my own now.” Luna just nodded. They began walking again, and with each step, Luna could hear the clang of his things in the backpack and the eventual metal chime of his ‘Finn-Sword’ against another metal of glass object.

The sound began to assault Luna’s ears with an unprecedented volume. Her teeth ground against each other, trying to distract her ears from the pain. ‘Stallions,’ She thought, ‘Always so considerate of Mares…’

“Sorry about the noise, princess…” Luna heard Finn say, “But there really isn’t anything I can do about it.” Luna opened her mouth to retort or insult the human who was obviously chastising her, but got cut off, “We’re here.”

“Finally,” Luna said with relief, ‘No more clanking or metal scraping-’ She looked at Finn, he was stuck in the door. ‘No,’ Luna thought, ‘He was, scared in the door? Frozen in fear?’ Finn backed up slowly, pushing Luna with him.

“Hey,” Luna said, “Watch where you’re going!” She said to the human. Finn ignored Luna, instead opting to back up. A few words sputtered out of Finn’s mouth. “I… He…. can’t…” Luna pushed past the frozen human to see what was the matter. She too stopped at what she saw.

In one of the beds, there was a form, one she remembered quite well, despite the partition between them, Luna could still see it. Luna’s mouth went agape at the sight of Finn’s adopted brother. ‘From what I remember, they practically grew up together,’ Luna thought, ‘Raised each other.’ Luna tentatively took a step forward. Finn absentmindedly followed her.

With each step, Luna could feel the tension rise in the room, both in her and in Finn. The pair crossed the cloth partition between them and the form. In the bed, was Jake, but not the vision Luna saw with Twilight, ‘That…’ Luna’s mind could barely comprehend what had happened to the dog.

The dog was covered completely in the ink-black substance. On the surface of what was once yellow-like dog fur, there was something more akin to dragon scales, but black. There were pores on the surface of the scale-like skin, secreting some sort of black ooze. Jake’s eyes were unnaturally green and bloodshot. They seemed like they haven’t closed to blink in weeks.

Luna turned her head away from the sight, ‘What kind of monster could do this?’ she questioned. Her eyes landed on Finn, who had not only not turned away but seemed to move closer. “Finn stay away from him!” Luna warned, “He… he’s not your brother anymore.” Finn stopped.

Luna immediately went stiff, ‘Okay, poor choice of words,’ Luna thought before continuing, “I erm… I probably-” “Should shut up before I shut you up.” Finn finished, “I don’t care what you think,” Finn said, he pointed to Jake on the bed, “He will always be my brother.” Finns said, looking back to Jake.

Luna closed her mouth and nodded. ‘Maybe hit too close to a nerve there Luna…’ “Now,” Finn said, Luna looked at Finn, “Can you… leave…” Finn paused, “There is something I have to do.” Luna somberly nodded.

Luna didn’t ask what Finn did exactly to Jake, but Finn had given her a good impression. ‘She really needs to stop sticking her err… muzzle where it doesn’t belong.’ Finn thought. The pony and human continued to walk throughout the castle until Finn reached a familiar door and stopped.

Finn wasn’t talking, shooting down any of the conversations and questions Luna tried to ask him. ‘Being alone is not where you want to be right now Finn.’ She thought as she studied him. She sighed, ‘I know what it feels like…’

The walk throughout the castle dragged on, feeling as if there was no end to the halls, corridors and actually doors, ‘Feels like Canterlot,’ Luna thought, ‘When I returned.’ The minutes of silence was seeming to have a prolonged effect on Luna. ‘I’m going to go crazy if I don’t break the silence.’

Finn stopped at a door and stared at it. “Where does this lead?” Luna asked quite hastily as she stopped behind Finn. Finn looked at the door.

“This…” Finn began, “Is where Princess Bubblegum coordinated the war effort.” Finn said.

Luna quickly replied, “You don’t have to go up if you don’t want to!” she said, trying to preserve Finn’s mental state.

“I need to know Princess Luna,” He turned to her, “I need to know.” Finn looked to the door and began walking.

“Are you sure?” Luna asked, “Are you sure you want to know? You just lost somepo-one close to you.” Luna attempted to play off her mixing up of grammar.

Finn stopped and nodded. He opened the door and walked inside. Luna hesitantly followed behind her, wary of what lay inside. Her eyes moved around and spied what was inside. ‘A desk, window, balcony, something akin to my sister’s and my room…’ The only thing that showed there was a fight here was the black mass on the ground, which Luna assumed to be Bubblegum.

Finn was already there, standing over the form, unmoving. Luna walked up next to him and looked at his face. She could tell he was on the verge of tears. ‘Learning of first your brother’s demise and one’s closest friend’s demise within the hour would break anypony…’ She thought. Luna looked to the black mass on the ground, there was a crown on the floor nearby, three red crystals adorned it. Luna took it in her magic.

She heard Finn say something, “We should leave.” Luna turned to Finn, about to say something when Finn turned and began to walk out. ‘Alright then.’ Luna thought, ‘That was… quick…’ Luna followed him.

After a few more minutes of walking, Luna noticed that they were heading to a familiar section of the castle, the exit. “Where are we off to now?” Luna asked, “There isn’t much left to do here.”

Luna looked down to Luna before continuing to look forward. “We’re heading to the Flame Kingdom,” He replied, “As far as I know, that’s the last place with life in this world.” Luna nodded.

“You said something about a Flame Princess?” Luna asked, “Who was she to you?”

He looked down smiled, “A good friend.” He said in a certain tone before his smile left his face. He popped up and turned to Luna as if he knew what was going to happen.

“Mhm,” Luna grunted in acknowledgment, “And… Only friends?” She again inquired.

“Yes,” Finn replied, “ONLY friends.” He emphasized while slightly blushing. Luna gave a wry smile. “Mmmhm.” She affirmed with a somewhat knowing tone. Finn only looked away, but Luna could feel him trying not to blush.

“Drop it, Luna,” Finn demanded, “Love for me is a sore topic…” She rolled her eyes, “Alright, alright.” Luna relented. Finn glanced back at her, then turned around completely. “What’s that in your Magic?” Luna stopped, “My magic?” She turned around and saw that there was a blue hue around a floating crown behind her.

Luan double checked her magic. ‘It’s shouldn’t be…’ she felt her magical pool not being tapped, “Hmm…” She took the crown in her magic again. “Do you know what this is Finn?” He turned away, “It was my sometime enemies crown. The Ice King’s…” Finn paused, “He actually stayed…”

Finn shook his head. “It doesn’t matter…” He turned back to Luna, “Why is just… I don’t know… floating behind you? Is it like… following us?”

“You should tell me that, Finn,” Luna said, “Whoever this… Ice King was… he was your friend.” She again tried to dispell the blue magic around the crown. Finn turned away and looked into the distance.

“We should be getting close to the Flame Kingdom, but…” Finn said then trailed off. “But what Finn?” Luna asked. Luna turned, giving a huff, to face Finn. “It’s not going to be good, isn’t it?” Finn shook his head. “There should be smoke rising from just beyond the ridge.” He paused, But there isn’t any…”

A Long Day

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“J-jeez Phoebe, don’t worry, I’m not that…” He trailed off, he looked up at Flame Princess. She was a bit taken aback at the informal use of her first name. He actually chuckled lightly, “Let’s go.”

Finn quickly got out of his bed, grabbed his backpack, sword, and hat. He nodded to Flame Princess. She nodded back and walked out of the door. Finn followed her out the door hastily. He caught a glimpse of her face, it was a mixture of concern, sadness, and anger. The last emotion, no doubt being directed at him.

Finn and Flame Princess walked in silence other than the clanking of her armor and Finn’s occasional grunt. The atmosphere reeked with tension, not just between the friends, but Finn could feel it throughout the castle. Every stray guard they passed was tense, ready, waiting. ‘This matter must really be important…’

Finn sighed, “What’s wrong Phoebe?” Finn asked.

FP looked to Finn, then looked back and continued walking, “There’s been a large black cloud sighted over what’s left of the Ice Kingdom.” She replied while quickening her pace, “The Lich is coming.” She stated.

Finn nearly stopped walking at that, ‘On its way… here…’ He surmised in his head. He wanted to kill the thing that ended his life, he wanted to kill the Lich so very bad. But at the same time, he wanted to turn tail and run, ‘I can’t face the Lich… I’ll just screw it up somehow,’ he thought.

Finn’s face dropped into a depressed look. Phoebe looked over and saw this, “Finn…” She began to speak, “Don’t worry, we’ll win…” She reassured. She added under her breathe, “We have to…”

Phoebe moved her eyes to look at the passing windows as they walked. The ominous cloud now entirely encompassing the mountains far away in their shadow’s. “They’re about a day and a half away,” She stated with trepidation, “A day and a half to…” She trailed off, not knowing what to say.

“Live,” Finn stated, he turned to her, Phoebe did the dame to him, “A day and a half to live.” He restated. Phoebe turned away, her face growing slightly hotter than usual.

“Guess I’ve still got it in me.” He confidently said FP turned back and rolled her eyes at him, ”Yeah, Yeah, sure, sure.” She said.

They were both smiling, nearly laughing, ‘It feels just like the old days…’ Fin thought, ‘We had so much fun back then…’ His smile started to leave his face, Phoebe noticed. She stopped walking, Finn did too. They looked into each other’s eyes, both, however, not knowing how to proceed.

It was obvious to both of them there was some sort of old flame still between them. ‘Or the imminent prospect of death,’ Finn thought. Finn and Phoebe continued to look into each other's eyes. Both faces were getting redder, hotter. Their breaths began to grow shorter.

The tension in Finn only seemed to grow. ‘What the heck do I do!!!???’ He screamed at himself. He went with his gut. ‘Let her take the-’

Phoebe closed the distance between their lips and kissed him. Finn’s eyes went wide while hers closed. “Don’t expect to get any more of those Finn.” She said playfully, then smirked at the humans’ shocked face and continued on walking. Finn merely tried to process what just occurred. His heart was beating with all its might. ‘What the?!’ He thought, ‘Why in the world would she do that?’, ‘Is there some overarching plan?’, ‘Was this her idea; heal me, make me fall in love wit-’ He snapped back to reality and looked to where she was just standing, ‘She’s gone.’

He looked down the hallway and saw her and her maroon battle armor walking off. He practically sprinted to catch up with her.

She walked past Finn and began to open the door. Finn put his hand on hers, stopping her.

“Phoebe, I want to talk,” Finn stated, “not about what just happened.” He finished. She quickly retracted her hand off the doorknob and put it near her chest. She gave a concerned look on her face. Finn’s hand went back to his side.

“Sure,” Phoebe said as if nothing had happened, “What about?” For some reason, her cheeks seemed more orange. Finn tried disregarded that. ‘Don’t focus on the cheeks man, the MISSION!’

“The Lich,” Finn replied sternly, “It um… did something to me…’ She immediately stopped and turned. “What?” She asked seriously, “What did it do?”

“It uh, actually, first, promise me you won’t tell anyone.” Finn said, “And one of those fancy princesses promises you can’t break.” He elaborated.

Phoebe only nodded, ‘How did he know?’ “I swear on my honor.” Finn breathed in deeply.

“Okay…” He said Finn began pulling up his shirt. Phoebe blushed slightly but watched intently. He pulled up the portion of his sky-blue shirt all the way to reveal the green patch around his shoulder. He moved it slightly with his hand to reveal a black mass all around and over his skin.

Phoebe gasped and moved her hand to pull it back down. “Finn!” She steamed, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?” She half asked, half yelled. “Ugh!” She groaned annoyed. She put her hands to her head. “You ARE SO… Hmph…”

Finn rubbed the back of his head. Phoebe exhaled audibly, “We’ll… talk later…Finn.”

She turned back to the door and prepared to enter, then she turned her head to Finn. “Why did you tell me, Finn?” Phoebe asked, “You didn’t tell me like, two weeks ago.” She finished.

“Well....” He rubbed the back of his head, “I trust you, and uh… you should know those types of things.”

She cocked her head forward toward him, “I kissed you?” She asked suggestively. He nodded. She shook her head playfully, She looked to the door, “I thought so,” She said, “Thanks for telling me, though, we will have to talk about this later.”

“I… uh… no problem FP…” He replied.

She turned back to the door, Flame Princess walked into the war room. There, there were several members of the Flame Kingdom council. One of these members, was Flame Princess’s brother, Flint. Another was Cinnamon Bun, who was standing in the corner idly and then a few other military commanders.

They all rose out of their seats as Flame Princess entered the room. She swiftly walked over to her seat at the head of the table. Finn followed her, trying not to notice the gazes of Flint and the others. ‘Well,’ He thought, ‘This is going to end badly.’ He quickly checked his hand, ‘Still blue…’ He thought. Finn looked forward, ‘This might get a bit… heated.’

Finn stood behind a seat next to Flame Princess. She looked at all the faces at her. All of them were looking at her, except for Flint. Flint was looking at Finn, scrutinizing him, studying him, judging him.

Finn ignored the look, he had already felt it several times before. Finn instead looked to Phoebe with a stern and serious look, ready for whatever she throws at him. ‘Figuratively or literally…’ Finn thought. Flame princess sat down. This was mirrored by every other person in the room.

As if sensing the tension in the room, Phoebe cleared her throat. “We are here to discuss plans to defend the Fire Kingdom against the Lich,” Flame Princess stated to the gathered officials, “Not to antagonize our allies.” She seethed.

Finn could feel eyes on him, piercing him. He tried to somehow hide, making himself smaller and looking away. ‘Thanks for shining the spotlight FP.’ Finn thought. He looked at her, she was too busy looking at the rest of the room.

Finn sighed.

The room gave a series of grunts and affirmations. FP nodded and sat down. This was followed by everyone in the room, including Finn, sitting down in their respective chairs. Flame Princess turned to Finn. “Finn,” she said. He perked up and turned to her, “You’ve fought this thing before, what would you do?”

“Well…” Finn began, “Uh… the way I beat him the last time was by trapping him in an unwinnable situation.”

FP and the others nodded, “And the first time?” She asked again.

“I stuck something through its head,” He stated, “Then it exploded.”

Flint stood up, “Frankly, sister, I feel ‘sticking something through its head’, would the most sensible option of the two.” He sounded dejected at the prospect.

“I agree,” Flame Princess said, she turned to everyone in the room who gave their nods; then she turned back to Finn. “Is there anything you can tell us about how to exactly fight the Lich?”

Finn looked down, trying to think about any advice he can give. “It’s alright,” FP said, “We still have time.”

“Sister,” She turned her attention to her brother, her arms folded, “I want to urge a pre-emptive strike on the Lich’s forces,” He suggested, “Catching him off-guard will easily give us an advantage.”

Finn raised out of his brooding, “I’d advise against that Flame Princess,” He said, making sure to use her official title instead of her name. She looked at him, he continued, “The Lich… he has some sort of… sense… when it comes to fighting and scouting.” He finished.

“There’s been no report of this,” Flint stated.

“There’s no report on the Lich at all,” Finn retorted, “All we have to go off is experience.”

Fp tried to step in and stop the conversation, “Let-”, “Your experience!” Flint interrupted, “As a failure!”

Flint turned his attention to his sister, “Finn is obviously not going to help us.” Flint Shrieked, “We don’t have time for this,” He stood up and pointed at Finn, “He’s been in the castle’s infirmary for weeks! He’s had plenty of time to recover.” He then pointed his head directly at Finn, “I don’t care what hardships you’ve had to go through, and frankly, I don’t care about your well-being, I care about this Kingdom!” He emphasized his point by waving his arms around the room. “Sister, I want to have Finn removed from this council, his strategies are flawed and are obviously made up by pure dumb luck.”

FP had her fingers rubbing her temples, “Be that as it may,” Flame Princess started, “Finn is the only one who has fought the Lich-” “What about that dog, Jake? What happened to him?” He asked mockingly, “Exactly what’s going to happen to us if we listen to him.”

Finn stood up and began yelling back, “If you want to show me how much you care then come at me!”

“Flint!” FP beamed, “I said we are not here to antagonize our allies, I was hoping you could pick up on the subtlety.” She said, Flint stared back, and an angry look on his face. “Obviously I overestimated you brother!” She pointed to the door, “GET OUT!”

Flint folded his arms, “Really sister, and here I thought you had gotten over your little tryst here.” He nodded his head toward Finn, “I believe you could do much better.”

FP’s and Finn’s faces went red; Finn for embarrassment, Flame Princess for a mixture of embarrassment and anger. She thrust her hands into the table, causing it to shake, “Flint you stop right now before I throw you to the Lich.” Flame Princess seethed through her lips.

Flint ignored his sister, instead, turning his attention back to Finn, “Your dog friend listened to you, and look where he is now!” Finn, angry as hell, drew his grass sword despite the pain in his arm. He got ready to lunge at the insolent Prince.

A bolt of fire flew across the table, silencing both of them. “Both of you! SILENT!”

Flint didn’t move; neither did Finn, they stared across the table, The rest of the room was silent, “Flint, I never would’ve thought that you were capable of this.” She shook her head, “Guards, take him away, I will deal with him later.” Two guards that were in the corner of the room flanked Flint.

Sister,” He said mockingly. The guards shoved them and Flame Princess watched as the left the room.

“Now that that is… settled,” She turned to Finn, “Was there anything Princess… Bubblegum was able to come up with?” She said the second part in a more soothing voice. ‘It doesn’t make a difference, I’m gonna tell you.’ Finn thought.

“Yes,” Finn stated, “She did.” The several members of the table had sighed in relief. Finn only continued, “P.B. developed the Gumball guardians into a fierce Lich-fighting force. They nearly destroyed the Lich the second time I encountered him.”

He looked at FP optimistically, “You have some of these guardians right?”

“It’s… complicated,” Flame princess replied, “The, Fire Guardians aren’t as powerful as the Gumball Guardians were.” She paused, “And there is only one…”

“What!?” Yelled one of FP’s brothers, “There were at least six!” He stated.

“No, Ember,” FP paused, “There is only one left… Princess Bubblegum saw them as a… threat to the Candy Kingdom.” She continued, “She destroyed all but one.”

“Well…” Finn began, “I guess that was like her…” He put his elbows on the table and hung his head on his hands. Finn let out an annoyed groan. “Is there anything else you know about?” Flame Princess asked optimistically.

Finn spoke through his hands, “Yes, but it’s at my house, it’ll be long of a walk to get there and back safely.” He lifted his head up, “But last I checked the… the thing I have is out of power. There’s no guarantee it’ll even work.”

Silence. The room grew incredibly silent as the officers and higher-ups took in the situation. Their most powerful asset was underpowered while Ooo’s main hero was beaten and demoralized, and an army of powerful monsters march on them before tomorrow.

Flame Princess turned around and looked out the window. She was able to clearly see the cloud of dust and darkness marching toward them, tearing through the Ice Kingdom like a hot knife. She silently came to peace with the situation, ‘We’re not going to win this…’

She moved her eyes to see her troops, lining the walls hastily and disorganized. Bows and arrows with fire tips sat in buckets nearby them. She spied their blackened swords of obsidian and whatever other materials they were able to scour together. Her eyes moved again, the castle’s gate had been shut and sealed, preventing it from working any more even if they were to win. ‘But we’ll give them one hell of a fight.’

She turned to the men behind her. Finn had sat up in his chair, waiting for some sort of divine sign from the heavens, or some sort of words from FP.

“Well,” Flame Princess began, “I don’t intend to die without doing something.” She turned to Finn, “You have the Enchiridion, right?” Finn nodded, “Good, that book has some serious power, see if there is a spell in it that can allow at least some of us to escape.” Finn again nodded. He got up from his chair and began walking out, “I’ll come back later to see what you found.”

“Yes your highness,” Finn responded.

Finn turned another page of the Enchiridion, taking in the page’s info into his mind, ‘Okay, the sword of endless enemies?’ He read the page, ‘A sword that when grabbed an endless horde of monsters begin to attack…’ He turned the page again, ‘The cloak of invisibility…’ He turned the page again, ‘The Citadel. No.’

Finn looked up to the ceiling and groaned, annoyed, ‘There’s nothing…’ He thought. He looked back to the book. His anger grew. He took the book on the desk and threw it against the wall. It fell to the ground with a thump.

He stared at the book on the ground intently; studying the book, its pages, its creases, and the seams of it. ‘So much power…’ He thought, ‘But not enough time.’ He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, ‘Not enough time left.’ Finn looked out the window, the cloud wasn’t far now.

He heard the sound of rushing footsteps, soldiers, manning the walls, the fruits of several last-minute defense changes. ‘She’s really gotta stoop changing plans…’ Finn thought. Finn got out of the chair.

He stumbled as he began to walk, ‘Jeez… sitting for hours really doesn’t do any good for my legs…’ Finn went over to the wall and picked up the Enchiridion. He looked at the page it had turned to. ‘Portals and Teleportation.’

He began to skim through the words on the page, ‘Sister dimensions… magical disruptions…’ His finger followed the words, ‘if used recklessly, damaging effects.’ His finger followed the words along the page, ‘Random locations or random teleportation.’

A tingling sensation in his arm began to etch its way into Finn’s feeling. He put the book down. He looked at the sleeve with trepidation. He reached his right arm and began to pull up the sleeve. It revealed the dark-green grass sword still around his left shoulder. Finn could see the black underneath begin to pulse. He shuddered.

A knock at his door made him retract his arm. The sleeve fell. Finn was able to croak out a “Come in.” He already knew who it was.

To no surprise on Finn’s part, it was Phoebe. She was awkwardly standing in the doorway “Hey Finn, I wanted to… see how you’re doing.” She paused, “So, Finn… how’re you doing?” She asked sheepishly.

“I’m doing… as best as can be given the current circumstances.” Finn replied.

Phoebe nodded, “There’s not much time left now.” She said sheepishly. She folded her arms. Finn looked over Phoebe, she wasn’t in her normal dark maroon battle armor, rather, she was in the sundress that she used to wear.

“Feeling nostalgic or something?” Finn asked sarcastically.

She looked over the dress and remembered a very fortuitous event that started with this specific dress. Her face began to burn up, “No!” Phoebe replied, slightly embarrassed, “It’s just… you can only wear armor for so long…” She explained.

“Mhm…” Finn gave in reply suggestively. “Well, I was looking through the Enchiridion,” Finn began, “I found very little that could help save the Fire Kingdom.” Phoebe went over and sat on the bed the nearby bed. Finn decided to stay at the desk chair. “However,” He began, she visibly got brighter, “There is this portal spell that, if given enough time and thought, could help us escape to an alternate or sister dimension.”

“Do you know how long it would take?” She asked with optimism.

Finn looked at the book again, “I dunno, maybe fifteen minutes.” Finn continued reading.

“Alright…” Phoebe started, “That’s good, I’m gonna-” “Why kiss me?” Finn interrupted, “I mean… we clearly broke up and all.”

Pheobe’s face went redder, “Um,” She paused to think, “The concept of imminent death?” She offered.

Finn nodded. Finn stood up and walked over to her, “That’s what I thought too,” Finn breathed, “But I’m pretty sure it’s that y-”

A yell from outside interrupted him.


A Final Stand

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You have been warned...

Phoebe immediately went rigid. Her eyes moved from Finn to the open window. She hastily walked over to the balcony, Finn followed closely behind. Both basked in the terror before them; a great black and gray cloud had seemingly covered the front end of the Fire Kingdom.

Phoebe took a breath and held it in, trying to remain calm. Her eyes fixed to the troops on her walls, ‘There aren’t enough…’ She realized, ‘I… I should go and… get… more…” She raised her hand to her eyes and stroked, she could feel the small amounts of fire beginning to fall from her eyes. She shook it off and turned back to the enemies.

Phoebe recoiled at the attacking force before them. She could see the ridgeline outside her walls, completely filled to the brim with ancients and monsters, all of which had a black or gray taint to them. Her eyes moved around and looked for the Lich, but she found only more monsters.

Phoebe’s hands rested on the window sill. Her eyes moving ever faster, trying to find the enemies leader. Her breathing had increased and grew more and more shallow with each monster she saw. Their features and weapons were always worse than the last. Always more dangerous. Her eyes widened, and despite having not blinked on over a minute, didn’t close. Her hands began to shake and tremble. ‘W-we’re going to die here…’ She thought.

She had already come to terms with the fact that they were going to die, but she didn’t realize it until it was staring her in the face, or in this case, across the wall. Slowly encroaching on their defenses. She thought of the monsters killing her citizens, her friends, her; slowly killing them, torturing them.

Her eyes felt like turning the valves again, they began to close, her eyes didn’t want to see any more. ‘I...can’t…’ Phoebe’s mind completely shut down. Her shining intellect, her defiance, her bravery; all of it left her at that moment. Her mind began retreating into itself, trying to preserve her. Her hands moved to her sides, holding her stomach, keeping her from vomiting.

All this time, Finn stared on at the enemies with the same amount of fear and trepidation, but he did that, he stared. He saw them and instinctively grabbed his sword, ready to fight at a moments notice. He then turned his attention to Phoebe.

His eyes widened. He’s not only seen this before but experienced it. ‘Jake…’ He let go of his sword and moved to comfort her. ‘She’ll probably hit me.’ Finn thought, ‘Eh, what the heck, I love her, I don’t want to see her fall apart.’

Finn hesitantly put his hand on Phoebe’s shoulder and shook her. Phoebe snapped. She turned around and immediately punched him square in the face. As if on instinct, she cupped her hands to her mouth. “OhmygoshfinnI’msososorry!” She quickly said. The force of the punch had sent Finn careening backward. She was immediately on the ground, kneeling next to him.

Finn put his hand to his mouth, feeling where she hit him. He gave a small laugh. “That was one heck of a punch Phoebe,” Finn exclaimed. She gave a nervous laugh in return. He continued, “I bet you could kill the Lich with that kind punch.” Both gave a slight chuckle.

Phoebe stood up and she stuck out her hand, “Sorry again…” She sighed, “I didn’t mean to do-”

Finn grabbed her hand and, instead of getting helped up, he thought he should get some revenge. He pulled her down. She fell on top of his stomach with an audible “oof” from both of them. This time, they actually laughed, as if they were having not a care in the world, and, if only for a moment, forget the impending doom that was upon them.

Phoebe opened her eyes after finishing laughing. And looked directly into Finn’s eyes. Both the green and blue one. She knew that each of his eyes was different colors, but didn’t really look into them until now. To Phoebe, she spent at least an hour studying each aspect of Finn’s eyes. The way they looked, their color, and their shape.

It felt like time had stopped, it was just her and Finn. She looked down and only just realized she was straddling him. She blushed harder but didn’t get off. Instead, she leaned down and put her face right in front of the human’s.

His face moved up without hesitation, as if he had already made up his mind, and kissed her. She closed her eyes and moved into the kiss. He did the same, closing his eyes and moving in. She gave a moan as she began to feel something she hadn’t felt for a long time. Pleasure. ‘This might be the last time I get to… do this…’ She thought.

Phoebe broke off the kiss. Finn smirked, “Well, I guess we're a couple again?” Finn asked.

Phoebe blushed even harder than she was already and smiled, “Shut up and take off your clothes Finn,” She replied as she began to undo her dress.

Phoebe was standing out in the courtyard, her maroon battle armor was on and a sword at the hilt. Finn was there too, his clothes were still slightly off from earlier. Cinnamon bun stood beside her with his fire wolf, spear in hand. With them, there were several lieutenants and officers, ready to receive their orders.

Flame Princess looked around at the gathering. With the exception of Finn, CB and her, everyone else was scared witless. She could see many of them shaking or moving uncomfortably. Flame Princess sighed, ‘They’re just as scared as me.’ She thought, ‘but at least I’m not showing it.

Flame Princess immediately began giving orders. “You’ve all been briefed so I’m giving the short version: Defend the walls, if they fall, hold the town if that falls retreat to the castle.” She breathed in and out, “Are there any questions?” She asked. Flame Princess gave no time for a response. “Good.”

The officers scoured. Men began to move again, there were no complaints, no questions. Everyone knew what was at stake. ‘The fate of the world relies on our success.’ Flame Princess thought, ‘Let’s not disappoint.’

She turned to Finn, “Finn I know you want to fight,” His face immediately drooped, “But I want to study that portal spell, as a last resort.” He gave a ‘Really?’ look. Flame princess gave a, ‘We just had sex,’ look, ‘Do what I say.’

“Sure thing Princess.” He began to walk off.

“Finn wait!” He stopped and turned around.

He saw FP talking with CB; he was able to catch the tail end of their conversation. “...just be safe, okay?”

“Yes, Princess.” Was CB’s reply.

Finn watched as Flame Princess watched as CB walked off with his fire wolf. He could imagine her face and the way it looked, concerned, worried. But when she turned to Finn, she was smiling. She walked over.

“What was that about?”

Phoebe smirked, “What, jealous?” She replied. Finn’s face began to turn red, but was hard to see due to him being blue because of the flame shield, she somehow did see. “Relax Finn. I just wanted to be safe so I sent him away.”

“Alright,” Finn said, they began walking to the castle.

Silence persisted between the pair as they walked. Both were trying to look at each other while the other wasn’t looking. That meant both were constantly looking at and looking away from each other. The awkwardness only grew as they grew closer to the destination.

Finally, Finn decided to speak, “So,” he began. Phoebe turned towards him, “Are we a couple?” Finn asked with trepidation.

She immediately turned away to contemplate. ‘Are we a couple?’ She thought, ‘I mean… we did…’ She turned back, “I mean… we kinda... sealed the deal already.” She added under her breath, “I can kinda still feel it...”

“You mean resealed, right?” Finn asked.

“Yeah, I… guess so.”

They reached the door to the castle. Finn continued, “So, we are?”

“Yeah,” She replied, “Yes we are.” She affirmed.

Flame Princess smirked and added, "And if we make it through this, we'll see how far we can go."

She opened the door and stepped inside. Finn followed closely behind. Now very happy and giddy. They walked through the bare castle. The guards were all needed at the walls. The pair reached the makeshift laboratory, which was just Finn’s room.

Finn opened the Enchiridion to the portal page and began to read. “The portal will cause a large magical disruption when it appears.” He read further, “At both the location we go to and here.” He turned to Phoebe, “We have no idea of what it will do to the fire troops. Heck, we don’t know what will happen to you!”

“Finn, that’s a chance I'm willing to take, we can’t fight off the Lich forever.” She shook her head, “it might be dangerous, but that’s nothing compared to what the Lich will do.” She looked at the book, ‘It also can’t have this…’

She looked Finn in the eyes, “Finn, No matter what, you can’t let the Lich get that book.” She said, “Promise me,” She took his hand, “As your Princess, friend, and lover, You can’t let the Lich have that book.” He nodded. Phoebe turned and looked out the window.

Finn exhaled, “Okay, let’s begin the ch-“

"What the?" Phoebe said.


Fin felt tired, much more than usual. He tried to go back to unconsciousness, but something was stopping him. He just felt like there was something wrong. There was also some loud ringing in his ears. He moved his hands to cover this ears. Only one responded. Begrudgingly, he forced his eyes open.

There was nothing there. It was dark, hot and smelled like burns. He felt his right arm. It wasn’t moving; he felt it with his other arm. ‘Well, it’s there.` He felt up his arm until he hit the shoulder, there was a massive pain, causing Finn to hiss in pain. ‘Dislocated.’ He moved his arm and popped it back into the joint.

The events prior caught up to Finn, ‘Phoebe..’ He moved to get up and went face first into a rock, “Ah!” He exclaimed in pain. “That’s gonna leave a mark…”

He moved to get up again, much slower this time. With his hands, he felt around. ‘The wall must’ve collapsed on us or something. His eyes widened. Flame Princess!” He quickly summoned the grass sword and sliced the wall in two. He stood up, but nearly collapsed, ‘My legs feel like they’re made out of beans…’ He used the broken rock as a support as he dragged himself across the room. He idly notes his flame shield was gone.

He spied the Enchiridion under some debris. He moved to get it. However, once his body left the destroyed rock, he fell over. “Not beans, Jelly.” He crawled to the Enchiridion and successfully scooped it up and put it in his (thankfully) not ripped bag alongside the jar of white liquid.

Finn’s legs finally studied up and stood up without support. He breathed in and out, steadying himself. He shook his head, the ringing that had been there been there for what felt like ages. He exhaled.

His mind finally settled, his thoughts only settling on only one thought, ‘Where’s Phoebe.’

Finn looked around the destroyed room. His eyes settled on the giant hole in the wall. Outside he saw fire soldiers outside in the courtyard fighting various monsters. There was only a handful still on the walls, ‘The city is about to fall.’ Finn thought, ‘I need to get Phoebe.’

He began to scour the room, the various bookshelves were on the ground, the table overturned, the wall in ruins. “She had to have gotten away.” Finn said desperately, “She has to be alive.” Finn looked hastily through the wreckage; overturning the large piece of the wall revealed nothing, the bed, nothing, the desk, nothing.

Finn’s heart was beating faster as the adrenaline rush tapered off. “She’s not here…” Finn said aloud.

“No, she’s not.” A gruff and terrible voice said. “HA HA hahaha…”

Finn went white. He quickly reached behind him and pulled the Finn sword out. He turned and faced the source of all the pain and suffering in the world, The Lich.

Finn pointed his sword at the Lich, “You.” Was all he could say.

“Me?” The Lich said He leaned down to the tip of the Finn sword touched his skull, “What about me?” The Lich looked at Finn, “FALL.” He commanded.

Finn wavered. His feet beginning to waver along with his spirit, but she was able to regain control. He put his attention back to the Lich. And nearly into those green eyes; he already knew what it felt like to be controlled, he turned away from the eyes but didn’t take his eyes off the skeletal body in front of him.

“You're much smarter than before.” The Lich said, “But I can’t have you in my way child.”

The Lich raised his hand and smacked Finn’s entire body across the room like it was nothing. Finn, while dazed, quickly shook it off and reassumed his defensive stance, being much more careful now about the Lich. ‘He’s toying with me.’ Finn deduced.

Finn looked at the Lich’s hands, they were glowing with green, dark magic. The Lich raised his hand again, ready to strike Finn. Finn shut his eyes, dug his feet, and raised his sword. A massive force hit the white and cerulean blade, nearly sending Finn tumbling. Finn opened his eyes only to see the Lich’s other hand raising. He quickly called on the Grass sword to his left hand. The force of the hit nearly bent the grass sword and sent splinters of bone from the Lich into Finn.

The Lich began applying force to the two swords, forcing Finn to a knee. Additionally, the strain being put on Finn’s left arm and shoulder were beginning to cause his grass sword to falter. Finn Grit his teeth as the Lich applied even more pressure.

“You are strong child,” The Lich said, “But I am beyond strength.” The Lich raised its skeletal foot and kicked Finn in the gut, sending the human into the nearby wall. Finn slumped down the wall as the Lich walked toward him.

His eyes were barely open and all he saw was a giant blurry mass. ‘Stop… please.’ was all Finn thought. He looked up and saw the fuzzy outline of white across the black wall. He reached off to his left and grabbed the Finn sword there. “C’ mon Finn, you can do this! FIGHT!” Was what he heard the Finn sword say. Using it as a support, he stood himself up.

Only to be immediately grabbed by the neck. The Lich raised Finn off the ground and studied the human. The human, on the other hand, raised his sword and struck its face. The Lich flinched at the slight surprise and pain, then proceeded to throw him through a nearby wall.

Finn was again disoriented, he reached to his back where he felt a warm liquid flowing down his back. He applied pressure to stem the flow of blood. With his other hand, he used to get to his feet. Finn breathed in and out. He looked at where the Lich should be.

He saw it, but several rooms across and with too much wreckage in the way to walk through, Finn breathed a sigh of relief. He again felt his back, ‘With that kind of force, I should be dead.’ He brought his hand up from his back, there was no blood.

He got down on his knee and flung his bag around. There was the jar with glowing, white, liquid, but a little less than before. He looked at the jar and spied a crack being fixed by the liquid’s properties. Finn laughed, ‘No wonder I thought that jar was indestructible, it was being continuously fixed. I guess some just got out.’ Finn looked at the book it was next to, the Enchiridion.

He looked back to the Lich, it was still there, staring at him. ‘I can’t win,’ He thought, ‘I gotta move while there’s time.’ he thought. He took the book out and flung the bag around one of his shoulders. In one hand was the book, the other, his sword. He turned to the page with the portal spell and began saying the spell. ‘Okay, the chant.’

“u wi l a ctlsaoelnftnceo d rwomra psy eoohpll,”

Finn was seriously confused, ‘I coulda sworn I said, “I call upon the powers of old to answer my call”, that’s odd.’

He nervously looked back to the Lich, it was slowly cutting through various rooms full of rubble. ‘Gotta go fast!’ He read the next instruction, ‘Who to bring? What kind of-’

A crash behind him brought him back.’

“yent mad kis amde efrn,”

‘Next, where.’ Finn said to himself, ‘I DON’T KNOW WHERE!’ He nearly screamed out loud. Another crash brought him back to reality. He turned. The Lich was now two rooms away.

Finn tried to utter, “Someplace safe”.

“mpas ceoselaef.”

A giant crack that sounded like lightning sent Finn, once again, against the wall. Finn raised his head and looked at the Lich, it was also sent against a wall, thankfully, one opposite of him. Finn was able to jump out of the hole in the wall relatively easily. He looked at the Lich, it began to turn into some sort of black smoke.

Finn began to back up. ‘Where’s the portal?’ He questioned. As if on cue a bright blue light flashed in Finn’s eyes followed by a giant crack. Finn turned around into the nearly blinding light. ‘I have to get out of here.’ He spied the seam of the Enchiridion. He quickly scooped it up, put it in his bag, and ran at the portal.

Mere inches away from safety though, he felt something grab him; Finn turned his head. He saw the Lich’s body seeping with black goop and streams of black smoke. Finn fell flat on his face. His hand hit the pommel of a sword, he grabbed it and swung it at the unusually dense smoke around his feet, breaking it.

Finn stumbled into the portal in front of him.

He heard the Lich before entering, “I’ll always find you, Finn!”

Back in Equestria

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The Emissary looked at Rainbow, pondering the question. “The Lich is…” It stopped itself. The Emissary just kept repeating, “The Lich…” Eventually, it just went quiet.

After a few moments of silence, it spoke, “Well to understand the Lich, you first need to understand Finn,” The Emissary said. It looked off in the landscape of the dream as it began to change, eventually resembling a grassland. Rainbow made a 360, looking at the excruciating detail the land offered. The Emissary continued speaking, “This,” It pointed to the landscape with its spider-like legs, “Was Ooo, Finn’s home.”

Rainbow looked around, ‘A large tree,’ she turned her head, ‘a mountain that looks like a face,’ she turned her head, ‘A…’ She squinted her eyes, ‘Pink Castle?’. Rainbow turned back to the Emissary. “Okay,” She said, “Well…” The Emissary was gone. She instinctively took flight.

A voice spoke from behind her neck, “Good thinking, we can see more from up here.”

She turned her head. Only to look right into its green eyes. “AH!” She screamed. Fear took over Rainbow’s body, her wings went stiff from the surprise. She turned her head and shut her eyes.

Rainbow felt colder all of a sudden. There was more wind hitting her coat. She opened her eyes and looked around. She shook her head. It took her a moment to realize that she was now falling to the ground. Her wings, however, eventually flapped.

“Jeez spider thing, don’t scare me like that,” Rainbow said, “It’s just rude.”

The Emissary deadpanned, “And here I thought that the great Rainbow Danger Dash was never scared.” Rainbow turned her head and looked at the thing, “You sounded like your friend Fluttershy when you screamed.”

Rainbow laughed, “Yeah I… guess…”, She froze, only her. “Wait, how… how do you…”

The Emissary interrupted her, “I’m a part of you Rainbow, I can read your thoughts like a book.” It looked off in the distance, “Here, fly over to that giant tree.” It said.

Rainbow obeyed and began gliding over to the giant tree. As she got closer, she could see windows, bridges, and doors on and in it. It slightly resembled the old Library Twilight used to live in, but it was much larger.

“What is this place?” She asked.

“This,” The Emissary said, “Is Finn’s house, he lived in it with his brother, Jake.” Almost instantaneously, two forms sprung up near a table in the corner. Rainbow studied the forms; one was obviously Finn, the other, however, she couldn’t recognize.

“Who is that?” She asked while pointing her hoof at the orange figure.

“That’s his brother, Jake the Dog.” The spider pointed out.

Rainbow walked up to ‘Jake’. It and Finn were sitting at the table with little weird things in their hoo-, ‘Hands,’ Rainbow thought, ‘He told me they were hands.’ She looked at what the pair were looking at. A moving picture. SHe looked back down to their hands and the little things in them.

“What they are doing right now is playing video games,” The Emissary said, “That’s what they would do to unwind.”

“And they were also hero’s right?” She asked, “Going around on missions and quests; saving other ponies? Right?”

“People.” The Emissary corrected, “But, everything is pretty much correct.” It continued. “Finn and Jake saved the world a number of times you know.”

“I didn’t.” Rainbow deadpanned, “He didn’t tell me anything while he had me.” She shook her head, “He did let me go through. He did stick to his word.”

“Finn, despite his… many many problems, he tends to stick to his word.” The Emissary said, “He holds the truth in very high regard.” Rainbow refocused on the human. He was smiling, looked refreshed, he seemed to be in high spirits. ‘Nothing like what I encountered with him.’ Her face scrunched, ‘He was brash, tired, hurt…’ Her mind continued.

She turned to the green spider on her back, “What does this have to do with the Lich?” Rainbow asked, she turned back and looked at Finn, “I already know about Finn.”

“It’s what Finn embodies, Rainbow,” It said, “He embodies the Blue Catalyst Comet.” It deadpanned, “He embodies all that is good, per se.”

Rainbow turned to the spider on her back, “And the Lich?” she asked with trepidation.

“The Lich embodies the Green Catalyst Comet, all that is evil.” It explained further, “Do you understand what I am saying here?”

Rainbow shook her head. ‘Do I want to know?’

“The Lich tried to break Finn,” The green spider said. Rainbow refocused on the human in front of her, he was laughing and smiling. He and Jake were having a conversation, one that probably happened long ago. ‘If it is a part of me and knows my memories, it probably knows Finn’s.’

“If it could do that, Ooo was the Lich’s for the taking,” The Emissary continued. The world began to change. It resembled a dark and gloomy area. It was gray, say for a giant green pool in the center of the room.

Rainbow looked over and saw Jake on the ground, horribly stretched out of proportion, wearing something on his head, and Finn wearing a pink sweater standing a few feet away, standing awkwardly. There were a floating blue and pink person above the green pool. And across the pool itself, was an abomination. It looked like a skeleton with skin on it, barely clinging to its form. There were old drapes on it, dirty and tattered.

Rainbow flew up to get a better view. When she got to where the blue and pink person was, she looked at Finn. His eyes were green. It sent chills down her spine. Eventually, Finn’s eyes returned to normal, Finn took off the sweater and rushed the Lich. He stuck the sweater through its eyes, The Lich opened its mouth and did what looked like laughing as it was being killed, Finn then pulled harder on the sweater, The Lich’s skull fractured, then exploded.

The image of the treehouse returned in an instant. It’s calmness filled the air instead of the creepiness and eeriness of the Lich’s lair, Rainbow, however, was exasperated, “But… they won. Finn and Jake WON!” She caught her breathe “How did the Lich ever come back from that?” She turned to the Emissary, awaiting an answer.

The spider merely nodded, “Yes, they won… that time,” It sighed, “But they couldn’t keep it up.”

Images began flashing in Rainbow’s mind. She saw Finn, sword drawn, in some red crystal place. She saw the Lich, grab Finn’s shoulder and throws him aside. She saw Jake, again terribly mangled.

The flashes continued. Jake in a hospital bed, covered in black spots. Finn pulling up his sleeve, showing a black mass covered by something green. ‘His grass sword,’ Rainbow surmised. She saw a body on the ground, that looked somewhat like Finn, but larger and all gray. There was a large hole in the chest of the human.

Finn was crying over the body. He was shaking, both Finn and shaking the body as if trying to see if the man was alive. Jake stretched over to him and put his arm around Finn. Comforting him. She heard a voice, Jake, “Come on Finn, let’s go home.”

The flashes stopped, Rainbow was left in the treehouse. It wasn’t as bright as it was earlier. ‘How could something so evil exist?’ Rainbow thought, ‘Not even any of the villains we faced wanted to destroy the world.’

Another thought hit her, “He lost everything, his friends, his family, maybe even his mind.” The Emissary said, seemingly reading her mind, “Finn at one point was a hero, heck, maybe he still is, but that fight against the Lich, it changed him.” The Emissary's face seemed to grow even more depressed.

"Finn was looking for the magic bullet to destroy the Lich... he spent months trying to perfect his swordsmanship after Jake was infected and, well, after he found a lead on a bullet, he struck out on his own despite what his friends said." The Emissary looked at the Pegasus, "The Candy Kingdom was destroyed while he was off; he lost everything, when he found out, he climbed to the tallest tree he could and jumped, hoping to end his life."

‘This is so not cool,’ Rainbow thought. A question hit Rainbow. “If you knew the Lich was trying to… break Finn, why didn’t you tell him?”

The Emissary jumped off Rainbow’s back and crawled in front of her. “Finn wasn’t exactly er... stable after he lost his father after just finding him. Plus the swords… well… brain didn’t figure out what the Lich's plan was until well after he’d won.” The spider-like creature gave an audible sigh, “I guess Finn put it best; we lost.”

Rainbow was somehow on the verge of tears, “C-can we talk about something else?”

“Yeah, this is getting me all down.”

They sat in silence for a few moments.

The Emissary spoke up, “Is there anything else about Finn you want to know?”

“No… I don’t think there is.”

The Emissary looked at Rainbow Dash. “Here, I’m going to wake you up and try something.”

Rainbow cocked her head, “Okay?”

Twilight was used to late nights studying; staying up to complete some mission given to her by the Princess back when she was still just her student. She wasn’t accustomed to staying up late doing anything else. Especially waiting.

Twilight was shaking, she was nervous, She once again looks over the letter sent to her. Her hooves nearly began to move unconsciously as she picked up the letter she had received mere moments before.

Princess Twilight,

The report you sent me on the human, Finn, is, simply put, disturbing. I will shortly depart from Canterlot with a contingent of guards to help assist you. Please keep Luna from doing anything too rash in the meantime. If you do apprehend him, make sure he is kept under guard. We can’t risk him getting away. If he is indeed after the Elements of Harmony, have them moved to your castle for safekeeping. I shall see you soon.

Your friend and mentor,
Princess Celestia

Twilight glanced up to the door again, the pit in her stomach grew more. ‘Luna hasn’t come back yet from trying to catch Finn,’ her mind raced, ‘It’s been nearly a day, Celestia will get here at any second,’ one of her hooves reaches up and rubbed her temples. But the thoughts wouldn’t leave her mind, ‘Celestia. Coming here.’ Oh boy, was she not prepared.

She kept asking herself one question over and over again, “What am I going to do?” She said aloud, “Oh Celestia, what am I going to do?”

Twilight suddenly realized she was pacing again. ‘Once she gets here she’ll see that everything’s a mess, she’ll be disappointed for losing her sister, she’ll be disappointed for losing Finn.’ Her mind continued to rant, the thoughts in her mind growing darker.

She shook her head several times. She looked down to her hooves, she was pacing again. ‘Calm down Twilight,’ She thought, ‘I’m sure everything will be fine.’ The purple pony Princess took several deep breaths.

Twilight’s ears perked up, twitching slightly, ‘Hoofsteps,’ Her stomach sank, ‘She’s here early?’

The door to the map room opened up, the lunar guard captain walked in flanked by two of her guards. She marched with power up to the Princess and gave a bow along. The guards did the same.

She and the guards rose, “Your majesty,” The captain started, “My guards and I scoured the entirety of the Everfree, there was no sign of Princess Luna or the human Finn,” Somehow Twilight’s stomach sank even further. “There was, however,” Twilight perked back up, “This book.”

The captain, using her leathery wings, reached into her saddlebag and pulled out a large and obviously well-used book. Twilight read the title of the book, ‘The Enchiridion.’ She turned to the Lunar guards, “Was there anything else found there?”

“Nothing physical Princess,” Twilight’s eye’s perked up, ‘Physical eh?’ She smirked, 'Something magic perhaps?'

The captain continued, not noticing the obvious delight Equestria's newest monarch was having, “However, there was a large amount of magical ambient magic. It was strikingly similar to the magical disruption that occurred a few days ago.” The captain swallowed, "We also found the magical signature of Princess in the general area."

Twilight nodded, “Thank you, captain,” Twilight rubbed her head, ‘I am tired.’ She looked back to the captain. “You and the Lunar guards have had a rough day. Enjoy the rest of the night off.”

“Thank you, your highness.” The captain and guards both bowed to the Princess, rose, then walked out of the room.

Twilight yawned. She looked over the seams of the book on the table. ‘Well used obviously.’ She ran her hoof over the book’s cover. Parts of it began falling off. She pulled away. Her hoof shaking slightly. ‘Ok Twilight,’ She thought, ‘A Restoration spell,’ Her magic took hold of the book. ‘Let’s be careful.’

She began applying the spell to the book. The purple hue growing brighter as she began applying more power. Twilight spied a look at her work. The book’s cover began to look much less used and youthful. She smirked at her work. ‘Should be readable now,’ Twilight began lowering the amount of magic in her spell.

Her horn was still growing brighter. Her smirk fell into a flat line, then took on a scared face. Her horn, despite trying to cut off the spell, was still giving magic to the book. ‘How in the world!?’ She shut her eyes tight, putting all her effort into closing the spell.

Her mind went into overdrive into closing the spell. At the same time, her spell went into overdrive, draining her magic by the second. Her mind could barely process what was going on. The magical drain began to take its toll on the Princess.

On a whim, she reached with her hooves out to the book resting on the table. The Princess then threw the book to the wall. The extreme change in distance between her and the book broke the magical connection.

Twilight huffed, sweat was dripping beads down her head. She could already feel her magic replenishing Twilight’s wings ruffled as she breathed in and out, her brain returned to her, ‘How in the… How could a book? What the…’

Twilight hesitantly got up. She looked out one of the many windows in the room. The moon had moved significantly, the colors of morning began breaking the dark blue of the night. Twilight hesitantly tore her gaze away from the window and to the book that had stolen hours from her.

She reached out with her hoof this time and touched the cover. Flakes were still falling off. Twilight barely cast a silencing spell on the room.

“That INFERNAL BOOK!” She screamed.

After a shower, quick nap and breakfast, Twilight finally calmed down. She rested her head on the map table as she waited for her friends to arrive. Her head moved on its side, making her look straight at that book.

‘I didn’t even get to start reading that book!’ She thought, frustrated, ‘If that was Finn’s book…’ she sighed and shook her head. “How could a being with no magic wield such magic?” She questioned out loud. She turned her head away from the Enchiridion.


Twilight’s ear twitched at the sound of a distant hoofstep. ‘At least they’re finally here,’ Twilight relaxed a bit more at the thought of her friends.


‘I just hope that all this gets sorted out soon. The last thing we need is war.’

The hoofsteps stopped, working on; Twilight could tell that there was some sort of pause in whoever is outside of the majestic door to her ‘Throne room.’ Twilight balked at calling it that though, she rather preferred calling it the ‘Map Room’, or ‘Table Room.’

After waiting a few more minutes, Twilight raised her heavy head and looked at the door. She expected to see her friends any second; Applejack and her helpful nature, she’d probably tie Twilight to a bed and tell her to get some sleep, Pinkie and her energy would probably be comforting Fluttershy, Fluttershy would be as shy as ever given recent events, Rarity would comment on some new dress, Rainbow....

Twilight’s mind trailed at her incapacitated friend. ‘She’ll never be allowed to join the wonderbolts without her leg.’ She sighed, ‘Not even with my help…’

Her mind doodled on Rainbow and the incident that took her leg, ‘She said it wasn’t Finn, but… who else could it be?’ She thought, ‘There’s literally been nothing else other than him, it’s like death and destruction follows him everywhere.’ She shook her head, ‘Finn foalnaps Rainbow, gets caught trying to steal the elements, he escaped the castle, he cut off Rainbow’s leg.’

‘I just can’t get a reading off of him,’ She put her hooves to her temples, ‘He said he was a hero, Rainbow said he was a hero, but a hero would never do anything like that… unless there-’

“Princess Twilight?” A concerned, elegant voice said.

Her mind went blank.

She turned around and put on a semi-fake smile, “Princess Celestia!”

Conflicting Objectives

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The midnight blue Alicorn Princess gazed across the strange land before her. Off in the distance lay the ruins of the candy kingdom. ‘One of the most technologically advanced kingdoms in the world if Finn was to be believed.’ Luna thought, She looked off to the left; the snow-capped blue mountains and blackened snow. ‘How could something so terrible exist?’ She thought. Luna sighed.

The Alicorn flew down from one of the large spires on the ruined castle. Her gaze fell over the ruins of the city, the giant magnificent walls, and the castle. ‘A Fortress fit for a Princess I suppose,’ Her mind and body both wandered more. ‘Or it was…’ Luna wandered more around the castle.

‘This was certainly a castle,’ Luna thought, ‘Not as grand or noble as the Canterlot castle, but it looks grand nonetheless.’ Luna looked at the black obsidian walls, showing scars of a battle that was fought long ago, showing scars of wear and tearing of the natural elements. She wandered, aimlessly, not knowing where Finn was.

All she knew was that Finn was in the Fire Kingdom. ‘Or what’s left of it.’ Her mind corrected, ‘Poor Finn…’ She thought, ‘He really lost it all. I don’t know what I would be able to do without my sister…’ Her mind ended that line of thought, her not wanting to pursue it any further.

There was no doubt about it, a once majestic city and castle were falling to ruins. ‘A civilization used to thrive here.’ Luna thought, ‘Pon...People used to live here.’ Luna walked around what looked like a courtyard of the castle. Her hoof made contact with something that felt like burnt wood, plunging her hoof straight through it.

Luna inspected what exactly she stepped in. There was a distinct shape to the rock she had stepped in. ‘A… Rock Person?’ She hastily took flight and attempted to shake any remnant of the rocks on her hoof. A cold presence pressed against her rump.

She immediately turned around and saw the crown. She nearly screamed at the sheer surprise of the crown still following her. After recovering from the surprise, she began to seethe with anger. ‘Can you just… STOP, following me,’ She sighed internally. She again took the crown in her magic… and threw it as far as possible. ‘That’s the third time…’ She sighed, ‘I give it twenty minutes.’

Luna looked back to the body she had stepped on. It was considerably charred, beyond recognition in fact. Finn had assured her however that the beings were made out of fire or were bound by fire. The fire had been infused with magic, giving the fire citizens life. ‘Twilight Sparkle would’ve loved to study this type of magic,’ Luna thought. ‘Magic that gives a being life… incredible…’

She looked across the courtyard and her there were bodies everywhere. ‘An entire field of death and destruction.’ Luna thought, ‘I still can’t believe this… how could a creature do this to anypony?’ She looked to her left, more dead bodies, to her right, even more. She sighed. Tears nearly formed in her eyes at all the death that had taken place in this world. ‘Two kingdoms, gone. So many lives extinguished….’ She sighed again.

The princess saw a light flowing through a hole in the castle’s wall. Luna flew up to a hole in the castle wall. Inside she saw the human, Finn, sitting on a banged up chair. He was muttering something in a hushed tone. She was only able to catch snippets of what he was saying, “Where… ...obe?” Finn repeated it a few more times. She spied him looking down at something in his hand

She touched down. “Finn?”

He slowly turned around, “Hey Luna.” He said, “Find anything interesting out there?”

Luna turned her head and looked out the hole in the wall. The city was in ruin, its people, dead, She turned back to Finn, “No, nothing other than that crown still following me around.” She saw Finn turn back away from her, “How come the crown is doing that?”

Finn begrudgingly turned around again, “I read that the crown was supposed to… bond to its wearer. I guess when you picked it up in your magic… it might’ve, I don’t know, partially bonded to you?”

Finn stood up out of the chair. He rubbed his temples, Luna noted that one of his hands had some sort of paper in it, being crushed by Finn’s fist. ‘A picture mayhaps?’ Luna thought, “So Finn…” She started. Finn turned to her, looking straight in her eyes.


“Where is this ice king?” She asked.

Finn rubbed his chin, thinking. “Last time I talked to him, he said something about an island and a girl.” He explained.

“Then why leave the crown?” Luna followed up. “The whole crown is where his power comes from as you’ve told me.”

Finn shrugged, “The girl I guess.”

Finn then turned back around and grabbed his bag, which had been resting on the ground nearby. “I assume you’re done in your search for survivors,” He turned back to her, “right?”

Luna nodded, “Regrettably I am.” She was desperately hoping Finn had some news to lighten the mood. ‘Something good must’ve come out of this’

“I was actually hoping you would find someone…” Finn sighed out. He put on his backpack. “I have an… an idea on how to get you home.”

“You still think I would leave you here in a desolate wasteland Finn?” She moved closer, “We can help you, Finn.” She paused, “Twilight and her friends are capable of helping anypony.”

“I’m sure they are…” Finn said, “But everyone I came in contact with died or got hurt. Glob, look at what happened to Rainbow Dash.” Finn began moving toward the door. “She lost her leg because of me,” He said, “That black on her leg… that was the Lich’s magic.” Finn began walking to the door.

“I assumed so,” Luna said, “But that doesn’t matter, Equestrian medicine has come a long way in terms of magic and traditional medicine. I’m sure there’s some solution.” She teleported in front of Finn, “Finn, please, we could use a fighter like you, you could… help the guard.” he tried to step around her. “Finn, we are having this conversation now, I am telling you, you are coming back, that is an order.”

“You know, Princess bubblegum said something along those lines, saying that I needed to ‘find the elementals’, I’m sure you know what happened to her, Princess Luna.” Finn again tried to step around her.

“Finn, I don’t care, nobody, not even you, deserves to be left here to die, alone.” Luna bellowed, ‘This is harder than adjusting to my subjects manner of speech.’

Finn again tried to step around her, she mirrored the move, blocking the human. He frowned, frustrated.

“Finn, we are not putting off this conversation any further,” Luna said, “I can’t just… leave you here and sleep during the day. It’s not right!”

Finn huffed, his shoulders sagged and he rolled his eyes. “Fine,” He said. Luna relaxed, “We’ll see how it works out,” He sighed out, “But,” Luna perked up, “If anypony else gets hurt, it’s on you.”

Luna nodded and, to Finn’s amazement, moved out of the way, “Agreed,” She beckoned with her hoof to lead on, “Now what was this about a plan?” Finn crunched the item in his hand a bit more, then relented.

He slowly drew his hand up and showed her a piece of paper. The note left on the paper read, ‘If you want to come back and hang out sometime. Call me. -P.’

Luna looked at the paper, then back at Finn, then the paper. Finally, she settled on looking on Finn. ‘Maybe he’s lost it? Or maybe this is some joke?’

“How is this supposed to help us exactly?” Luna asked, “It’s only a piece of paper.”

“It’s who wrote the note on the paper. They’re a cosmically powerful being.” The human replied, “With a little luck, we can get sent back to Equestria in no time.”

“And how do you know that this being will help us?” Luna asked skeptically.

“He’s a friend,” Finn pulled the white sword out from being his back, “He gave me this sword. Or the means to make it…” He sheathed the blade.

“I… suppose that is a good sign,” Luna replied. She again looked at the note, “How do we get this friend?”

“Well, I was thinking we should go tomorrow. Ya’know, get some rest, food, all that stuff.”

Luna immediately felt the drowsiness and immense headache hit her. It only just dawned on her that she’s been up for nearly a full day. Luna nodded, “I could do with some rest.” She put her hoof to her head and felt it thumping. “And something to eat…” she added.

“Yeah,” Finn looked behind them to the setting sun in the distance, “They really didn’t keep much in the way of food here, so we should go back to the treehouse.”

“I’ll be right behind you,” Luna replied.

It was incredibly dark when the pair walked into the treehouse. Luna instinctively lit up her horn while Finn took out his odd metal contraption from his bag. Both the lights broke the blanket darkness in the house.

Luna spied several candles on the window sill’s throughout the house. “Perhaps we should light the candle’s, so we don’t have to constantly keep our lights on.”

Finn merely nodded. “I’ll go upstairs and light the candles in the bedroom,” Finn said, “Can you do here and the kitchen?”

“That is acceptable,” she replied. She lit her horn with a fire spell. She shot several small beams at the wicks’ of the candles. Nearly instantaneously, they caught fire.

Finn laughed, “Heh, show-off.”

Luna looked at him and smirked. “I’m pretty sure I can light the candles myself, can you get something to eat?”

Finn smiled, “If you can call pancakes food, yeah.” He said.

Luna’s pleasant smile faltered, Finn took notice. His did the same, “It wasn’t something I said?” He asked in a dejected tone.

“N-No,” Luna stammered it, “It’s just that… my sister always made pancakes for me when we switched off…”

Finn’s smile returned, “Well, we’ll get you back there tomorrow.”

Luna nodded, “I’ll just… light the candles. You make the food.”

“Yeah, I'll do that,” Finn said, his seriousness returning and smiling leaving.

Luna charged her horn and teleported herself up to the kitchen. She heard the creaking of the house and passed behind her. She turned just in time to see Finn’s white hat stick over the top of the ladder.

He was visibly out of breath. “Okay… now was that really necessary?” He said, panting.

“What?” She asked as she lit the candles in the kitchen, allowing Finn to see.

“Teleporting,” Finn said, “was that really necessary?”

“It’s not like I was going to climb the ladder, Finn,” Luna replied. “It would be too cramped.”

Finn walked up to the stove. “Point taken,” he said, “But can you warn me before you do, it’s sorta blinding after being in the dark and all.”

Luna charged her born to go up to the bedroom. “Fair enough,” She said, “I am about to go up.”

Finn nodded and turned around, “Alright, just holler if you need anything.” He said.

“I will be back,” Luna said as she released the teleportation spell.

Something immediately felt off. It was darker and more evil in some way. Luna thought she heard quiet labored breathing. She looked around the room, being sure not to make much noise. At a glance, there was nothing wrong.


Luna stopped and tensed up. The breathing, very noticeably, faded away. ‘Somepony trying to be stealthy.` She thought. Her eyes moved from the bed to the nearby window then back. Her eyes, despite their natural night vision, didn’t spy anything. She slowly turned around and did the same thing. ‘Nothing.’

There was nothing that she could see that was off. ‘I should go tell Finn… there might be something in here.’ Her horn lit up as she charged her spell.


The only thought that shot through her mind was, ‘Oh no.’

Luna was pinned on the ground by a black figure. The figure looked like a taller version of Finn but had a significantly different build. Luna lunged her horn up, attempting to throw or maim the human. The human countered her though, one of their hands grabbing her horn and sending her face down to the wooden floor. Her horn began burning badly. The magic being sucked straight out of the appendage.

Luna did the next thing she could do. “FINN, THE-“

The human, with their hand, clamped her mouth shut. Luna’s wings flailed, continuing her efforts to throw off the attacker. Her head was then hit against the floor repeatedly until she stopped all movement. Her eyes barely stayed open. The entire days travel along with lack of sleep and now the fight was taking its toll on the Alicorn.

The human, still gripping her, sucking her magic, then said, “I’ve never seen you before.” The voice was distinctly female. The tone, while it at first seemed playful, actually changed to a sadistic tone.

“What are you?” She asked. The hand around her mouth loosened.

Luna, despite her better judgment, decided to play along. “A pony.”

“Well that bit was obvious,” she said, her horn finally being released, a wave of exhaustion hit her. “But What are you doing here?” She asked.

A cream came from the ladder behind the human. Another voice registered in Luna’s ears. “Hey, whatever you are, you need to leave.”

‘Thanks for being on time, Finn.’ Despite her blurry eyes, she was able to make out Finn’s figure holding a sword in one hand and a candle in the other.

The figure wrapped its hand around Luna’s neck. She began to struggle to breathe. Luna only heard the figure’s words, “Shhh… sleep. He’ll take care of you when you go back.”

As the loss of air began to take effect on the Lunar Princess the figure on top of her turn, “Well, isn’t it the Man of the hour,” she said, her voice was distorted, “I thought you’d come back here.”

Finn’s stance faltered a bit. “Marcy? Marceline, Is that you?” Her vision went to black

Finn looked at the vampire queen currently holding down Luna. “How did you-“

Finn was cut off as Marceline pounced from Luna to Finn. He hit the ground, hard. He reached behind him to draw his sword, but all that was there was the wooden floor. ‘Why did I leave my bag downstairs?’ His grass sword immediately drew it off instinct; barely being able to block the vampire from grabbing his neck.

She kept going for his throat. Her hands grabbing at the sword and his neck. ‘She’s acting like an animal!’ Finn thought.

“WHAT’s WRONG WITH YOU?!” He screamed at her. Marceline’s left hand left the grass blade and again, went for Finn’s throat. Finn panicked. He reared his head back and the head butted her face through her black hair. Marceline withered in pain, both her hands left Finn and went to the front of her head. Finn took the opportunity to push the deranged vampire off of him.

As Marceline fell off and screamed in pain, Finn did the same. ‘Hard: like a rock. The Lich.’ Finn sat up only to realize that the candle he brought with him had caught fire to a nearby dresser.

As the flames began to illuminate the room, Finn saw what was wrong with Marceline. Half her head was covered in black. “You took her, Finn.” Marceline said in a distorted tone almost like the Lich, “You took Bonnie.”

Finn pulled himself over to a nearby wall. He saw Luna in the ground only a few feet from the Vampire. He straightened out, “Took her? Marcy, we did everything we could.” He said. Finn tightened his grip on his sword, “The Lich took P.B., we tried to-“

“Grrrr… QUIT LYING!” She screamed, “You- you kept fiddling around, procrastinating, you just always… didn’t do what needed to be done!”

She got up and crawled around on all fours eerily. Finn kept his eye on her, making sure she was a good distance away. He pulled his sword to his lap, just in case. She stopped next to Luna.

“And who is this?” She asked, “Some weird pony-thing?”

She’s not supposed to be here. I tried returning to Ooo alone, but she tackled me.” Finn gritted his teeth at the memory, “I’m just trying to get her back to where she be-“

Finn felt himself get thrown against the wall. He stole a glance to the right. The small fire had begun to eat away at the top shelf of the dresser. He looked back to the vampire attacking him. Her hands gripped his neck hard. He immediately began to try and throw her off.

He moved his right hand, still holding the grass sword, and attempted to stab the rogue vampire. However, Finn’s lack of oxygen began to take its toll on the human. His sword moved just slow enough for Marceline to push the arm back to the wall.

He attempted to headbutt her again, but Marceline dodged the attack and retaliated by headbutting Finn back. His head throbbed.

With the last of his air, Finn decided to go down fighting. His other arm gripped Marceline’s throat and his knee repeatedly hit against her stomach. As if it were clockwork, Marceline headbutt Finn again. This time sending him to the ground. ‘We should’ve just gone and seen Prismo then and there…’ he thought with his fleeting strength.

He breathed heavily as Marceline let Finn fall down the wall. He attempted to get up several times, but all were stopped by Marceline’s boot. Marceline then began talking, “The Lich knows I’ve beaten you, Finn. Once I turn you over to him, he’ll give Bonnie back.”

Finn tried to open his mouth, but nothing came out. ‘She really strangled me…’

“Don’t try to talk Finn, after that, I’m surprised you’re even conscious,” she said.

Finn coughed. Blood splattered on the floor. He coughed again, then again. A familiar smell began to get wafted into his nose. ‘Smoke.’

He barely looked up, the fire had grown even more. He then looked at his feet, he saw in between them was Marceline’s legs. He lunged and pulled Marceline’s rightmost leg, hoping she’d fall into the fire. The lack of oxygen, however, had sapped all strength from the hero.

She kicked Finn square in the face, sending his vision in a tizzy. “I hope you’re all out of ideas Finn.” Marceline mocked, “cause I am really starting to get annoyed at putting them down.”

“I’m not out of Ideas yet.” A voice said.

Finn saw Marceline’s legs turn. Then they were engulfed in fire.


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‘Another day, another walk.’ Twilight sighed. She was currently walking through the Everfree forest for what felt like the millionth time. ‘Why did you have to go after him alone?’ She questioned, ‘Now I’m stuck here… looking again.’

She ruffled her wings. The appendages feeling completely unused and left out. ‘When was the last time I went flying?’ She questioned herself, she thought back to the last time she used her wings. ‘Flying down and confronting Finn…’ she settled on, ‘Why couldn’t I just… reform him?’

She looked up in the sky, her eyes scanning for anything of note, ‘Just in case’ she saw Luna. ‘I already know she isn’t here.’ She thought, ‘It's been a week.’ She deflated. She's been deflated for the better part of a week. Not even one of Pinkie’s many parties would help cheer her up much to the party pony’s dismay.

Twilight glanced left, ‘Nothing.` She looked right, ‘Nothing.’ She sighed again. ‘For all, I know this is the millionth time I’ve searched the forest.’ A tap on her shoulder brought her back.

She turned, expecting to see one of her friends' faces. She deflated though. All that was there was a guard. She kept up appearances though, holding her smile up through sheer force of will. “How can I help you, sir?” The guard cocked their head to the side.

“Wow, you really are not doing well.” She heard him say. Twilight’s smile became more genuine. She perked up and practically tackled the guard to the ground while trying to hug him. And hug him she did.

“Twily,” Shining Armor said, “Can’t. Breathe.” Twilight only tightened more. “Oh Celestia,” He said dramatically, “I can see the light.”

She finally loosened her grip allowing her brother to actually hug her back. “What’s wrong Twilight? The last time you hugged me that hard was when I had been away for like, a year.” He hugged her with one of his hooves.

They finally stopped hugging each other. “Sorry Shiny… it’s just been… hard ... recently.” She slumped down slightly

Her brother followed suit, frowning slightly, “Yeah I heard about Rainbow on the way here, is she still sleeping?”

“Yes, she is, nearly a whole week now.” She slumped down even more, “I’ve tried everything to wake her, Nothing works.”

Shining frowned, “And you? How are you holding up?” Both began walking back to the castle.

“Okay… I guess…” she said. Twilight sighed, “Actually,” Twilight stopped walking, Shining followed suit, “I feel terrible,” Shining frowned again, “I mean.. Luna went missing, my friend lost her leg, Fluttershy’s depressed because of the whole situation.” She sighed again, “And Celestia, she blames me, ME, for all this.”

“She is?” Shining quickly asked.

“No,” Twilight admitted, “But I feel like she is,” Twilight answered. She sighed again. “There’s just… There’s just been a lot of things recently.”

Shining went and hugged his sister again. “Don’t worry Twilight, you’ll get through it. You always find a way.”


He broke off the hug. “Now, stop wandering around the forest and come back to the castle.”

Twilight nodded and the pair began to walk back to her castle. They were quiet for a while. The only sound was the clopping of their hooves and the crunching of leaves and sticks. There were the occasional breeze and chirping of bugs throughout the walk.

Finally, Twilight broke the ice, “So, why are you in your old armor?”

Shining turned to her, “When I heard that there could be a fight with an extra-dimensional being, I wasn’t taking any chances.” He looked at his sister, “Speaking if taking chances, why are you unguarded?”

“Oh, I just… needed some time alone.” She replied. She quickly changed the subject, “How’s Cadance?”

“Oh she’s fine,” he replied, ”We got something to tell you when things calm down.”

“Oh do tell brother.” She replied slyly.

“Not until things calm down.” He replied with a smirk, “Anyway, she’ll be here later this week, she still has some business to wrap up.”

“Ugggg…” She pouted. “You know how much I hate being out of the loop.”

You should stop trying to change the subject. You would not believe how much stress you put me through when you were foalnapped.” He retorted, “Whatever happened to that unicorn?”

“She‘s my student.” Twilight replied, “And she’s currently away. She met another one of my former enemies and they decided to travel. They should. E back soon.” She said, “Now can we talk about something else, please?” She smirked, “Or I’ll just order you to drop this topic.”

Shining scoffed playfully, “You wouldn’t.”

“Don’t test me, brother.” She replied in a serious, but completely playful tone.

He smirked, “Alright, alright. I give, let’s get back to the castle now,” Shining looked around, “This place gives me the creeps.”

The brother and sister walked into the giant crystal tree. The crystal table in the center also room covered with papers, maps, and that book. And sitting at that table herself was Princess Celestia, reading away at one of the many other books on the table.

Shining Armor, gave a bow in the Princess’s direction, “Princess Celestia,” He said.

She looked up and gave a nod, “Prince Shining Armor,” Celestia acknowledged, “You May dispense with the formalities, there is work to be done.” There was no elegance in her voice, none of the usual love present, just stoic seriousness.

“Of course.” He replied with the same stoic expression, “I guess the entire forest has already been thoroughly searched?”

Twilight spoke, “Four times if I remember correctly.”

“Five,” Celestia corrected while looking down at a paper. She didn’t even bat an eye at Twilight. “I ordered one while you were out.”

“I would like to be consulted on such things.” Twilight said, “I think tha-“

“You were unavailable, but with you two here we can come up with a new search pattern.” She raised a sheet in her magic and pointed at several lines on the paper with her hoof, “I believe this pattern if employed correctly, could yield results.”

“May I see it?” Twilight asked Celestia.

“Of course,” She replied as she floated the piece of parchment to the other Princess. Twilight and Shining both looked at the paper.

Twilight looked From the paper to Celestia. “Celestia, this was the first pattern we tried.” She said in a monotone voice, “I think we should change the strategy and take a look at the Enchiridion.”

“Enchiridion?” Shining asked.

“Twilight, we haven’t found a safe way to even open the book. Anything that touches the book gets thrown around.”

“I’m guessing it’s a book?”

“Celestia, we haven’t found anything by digging around in the dirt, we need to change strategies.”

“Maybe we should calm do-“

“Not now Armor!” Celestia yelled, “Princess Twilight, I know that we haven’t found anything yet, but that’s because you are not putting in the effort.”

“Okay, maybe we really sho-“

“Not putting in the effort!” Twilight seethed, “At least I’m not sitting here in my rump all day making useless patterns that won’t find anything at all!”

“Well Twilight, If somepony hadn’t let this Finn get away, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation!”

“How d-“


Both the princesses stopped and turned to the only other pony in the room. Shining armor had a stone cold face of seriousness, “We can’t let division tear us apart,” he turned his attention to Celestia, “For your sister’s sake and most definitely the sake of Equestria.”

Twilight breathed out, “Yes, I agree.” She turned to her former mentor, “We will work together, right Princess?”

Celestia nodded, “Yes,” she put her hoof to her head and sighed, “I… It’s probably... I don't know what came over me… probably lack of sleep.” She turned and looked The smaller Princess in the eye, “I am sorry, Princess Twilight.”

Twilight’s mouth went agape, opening and closing several times. She finally settled on, “I am sorry too, Princess Celestia.”

An awkward silence then persisted for the next few minutes. The three royals staring at each other, not knowing what to say. After a few more moments of silence and awkward, after argument staring, Celestia attempted to start a discussion.

“So,” She said in a tired voice, “How’s my niece?”

“Oh, she’s doing fine.” Replied the prince. “She’ll be down here in a couple of days, she’s still got an empire to run and all.”

Celestia laughed lightly, “I know how she feels.” She yawned, “I am going to retire after raising the moon.” She turned to Twilight, “Maybe it will do me some good.”

“Yeah, I will after I check on Rainbow.” Said Twilight, “I don’t know why she’s still asleep.”

Twilight was sitting next to Rainbow Dash. An IV tube going through one of her hooves, giving her vital nutrients and water. ‘What am I going to do?’ Twilight thought, ‘Finn was always so cryptic with his answers… he never even told us what he was fighting!’

Twilight sighed, ‘I feel like I’m doing a lot of that now.’ Twilight thought, ‘He said pure evil, death. What kind of creature would even want that?’

Rainbow gave a particularly hard breath. Twilight immediately focused on her bedridden friend. She put her hoof over Rainbow’s heart.

*Thump* *Thump*

‘Still beating good, must’ve been something else.’ She again retreated into her mind. Thinking about Finn, Luna, and exactly where they could be. ‘Maybe they just…’ all known locations left her. “UGHHHHH!” She was annoyed at not knowing, she used to have every answer, every solution to every problem. Now she didn’t.

Rainbow wheezed again, Twilight in turn, turned her attention toward her friend. ‘Just hope whatever this is, it can be beaten by the elements.’ She laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes. Tiredness beginning to take her.

Twilight yawned on the bed and closed her eyes. She heard Rainbow wheezing again. Then coughing. Then,


‘Wait a second.’

The Princess opened her eyes to the blue Pegasus sitting upright, looking down at her with worried eyes. ‘Am I hallucinating?’ She sat up and rubbed her eyes, upon opening them, her friend was still looking at her with a confused look.

“Are you okay Twilight?”

That woke up the Princess, “AM I OKAY? I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT!”

Rainbow winced at that. Rainbow proceeded to pop her joints in her forehooves, back, and neck. “Hey, so… how long was I out?”

“A week.” Twilight deadpanned, “I’ll catch you up to speed in the morning,'' she yawned again and got out of the chair. “I’m going to bed. You really should too.”

“But I just got up!” Rainbow whined, “Plus, I’ve been sleeping for over a week!” Rainbow actually tore the IV tube out of her hoof, intent on getting up.

“Rainbow I am ordering you to go to-“

Twilight stopped mid-sentence as Rainbow stood up on the bed. Mainly due to the fact she has all four of her legs again.

Twilight promptly fainted.

Rainbow looked at Twilight, whose eyes’ had just rolled up in her head. She then watched as Twilight collapsed backwards onto the floor. Rainbow was confused. Not for why her friend collapsed, but if she should laugh or if she should help. And for Rainbow, that was an easy answer.

“Oh MY Gosh HAHAHA!!!”

Rainbow spent the next several seconds laughing at Twilights’ fainting until she eventually hopped off the bed to help Twilight, while still laughing of course. Once all of her hooves were on the ground, she stumbled. Rainbow felt a certain numbness to on her back right leg. ‘Well duh,’ She thought, ‘Finn cut it off…’

Not anymore.

Rainbow looked around as if her head was on a swivel. ‘Have I gone insane?’
She questioned.

No. Don’t you remember, I’m the weird spider-thing.

She stopped her heads’ movement. “Then why are you talking to me? Weren’t you in my dreams?” She asked. “Y’know, in my head?”

I am not in your head, I’m in your body. When Finn cut you with the grass sword, I entered your bloodstream, didn’t I explain this to you?

“I mean, I think you did. Everypony here forgets their dreams really quickly and all.” Rainbow replied aloud. She unfurled and stretched her wings. She could actually hear the popping of her joints. She then stretched her back legs. Another series of pops and cracks followed. ‘A week in bed really cramps your joints, Jeez.’

Oh, you think a week is bad, when I was in the sword we stayed used for YEARS after being created.

Rainbow stopped stretching mid-stretch.

Uh, Rainbow?

“YOU CAN READ MY THOUGHTS!” She screamed without thinking. She began pacing. Keyword: began. Rainbow fell over completely, her back-right hoof still feeling numb and unable to control it. When she put it under the weight of walking, she collapsed.

I wouldn’t put too much weight on your new leg, it as created over the course of a week, it’s still very fragile.

“Fine,” Rainbow said through her teeth. She flapped her wings so she would hover just a few inches above the floor. She carefully and slowly grabbed the sleeping princess off the floor and gently put her on the bed.

Rainbow then quietly flew out of the room as to not disturb the sleeping Princess. As she flew backward out of the room her rump came into contact with a mass. A warm mass. A most definitely taller than Rainbow Dash mass.

“Hello Rainbow... Dash?” Said her motherly voice.

Rainbow immediately turned around. And came face to face with Princess Celestia.

“O-oh, Princess Celestia.” Rainbow winced as she touched down. “Uhhhh… when did you get here?”

“...” Celestia only stood there, mouth closed.

Well, that’s not as bad as I was expecting.

“Shut it,” Rainbow said under her breath.

“Rainbow? What did you just say?”

Rainbow went wide-eyed, “N-Nothing Princes,” She quickly stammered out.

“Really, because I have excellent hearing for my age, it sounded like you said, ‘Go die’.”

“NO, I would NEVER, never, say that to anypony! Let alone say that to YOU.” Rainbow said in her defense.

Real smooth Rainbow… Real smooth.

“Then what did you say? Because I would absolutely hate to have to assume you said that to me.”

“Shut it,” Rainbow said abruptly.


Realizing what she actually just said, she quickly moved to correct herself, “That’s what I said, ‘shut it’” Rainbow replied.

Celestia put her hoof to her head and sighed, “I’ll deal with this in the morning.” She turned her attention to Rainbow, “You should talk to Shining Armor in the map room, he is waiting for Cadance to arrive.” As Celestia walked off, Rainbow thought she heard Celestia say, “Gets them every time.”

Rainbow merely nodded as Celestia walked away. ‘I’m a dead mare.’

Well, in my opinion, I think that went well for first impressions.

Rainbow just bottled up her anger and powered through. “Can you just shut up right now. Please?” Rainbow asked, “It’s hard having two voices in the same head.”

Sure. Okay.

Rainbow took flight. Again, only hovering a few inches off of the ground. She relished the fact that her head was clear and quiet. She breathed in and out, calming herself down.

The blue Pegasus flew slowly toward the map room. Being sure to be quiet and not disturb anypony. She passed several windows, the moon was high in the sky. The stars and moon have her a calming feeling, her chest unwound, allowing her to relax more.

‘I wonder how the others will react when I show them my… new… leg.’ Rainbow thought, ‘I never really… looked at it…’

Rainbow touched down in front of a window. The feeling in her back-right hoof was still numb. In fact she was feeling a lot more tired than she was earlier. ‘Maybe I should get some sleep.’ She could barely see her reflection in the mirror. She turned, seeing her new appendage. It was covered in greenish-blue fur.

The green comes from me!

Rainbow sighed, ‘I was really enjoying that peace and quiet.’ Rainbow continued to walk to the door.

She slowly opened the door. Inside, sitting in Twilight’s chair, was Shining Armor.

‘Why would Celestia want me to check in with him?’

Maybe it has some medical reason?


Shining Armor was reading through various papers. On the edge of the table there was a large book.

Ohhh, the Enchiridion!

“Enchiridion?” Rainbow asked,

Shining turned around, looking at Rainbow Dash. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked as he turned back to his papers, “I hear…” he quickly turned back.

“How did you…”

“It’s a VERY long story.” Rainbow preempted. “I’m just letting you I’m going home.”


“I don’t know,” Rainbow said, “Just to make sure Twilight doesn’t think I got foalnapped again.”

“Yeah…” He said, “So did you just… grow… another leg?”

“I guess?”


“I’ll… tell you in the… morning.” Rainbow said, slightly out of breath. “Dang, I just went from fully awake to dead tired in like, ten minutes.”

“You just grew a leg.” Shining deadpanned.

“Yeah… So?” Rainbow said.

“Your body doesn’t have enough blood!” He yelled.

“Yeah… that makes sense…”

Rainbow Dash followed Twilight’s lead and fainted.


A Good Night

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Finn’s eyes fluttered open, but he could barely see anything. To call it blurry would be an understatement, everything was a giant blob of color. There were no defined borders, just a transition from one color to another.

Over the course of a few seconds, something orange came into his vision, blocking his view of everything else. ‘What Happened?’ Finn thought as he tried to recall the events of the night before.

Something was said, but when the sound hit his ears, it came back distorted and twisted. He couldn’t make out a single thing. He opened his mouth and attempted to say, “What”, But it came out as a raspy breath.

His hand swept to his head, he felt a bump. He gritted his teeth at the touch on his head. ‘Something… attacked us?’

He felt the heat on his skin. It wasn’t as hot as the fire was. ‘Maybe Luna put it out?’ He coughed. It was a pained cough; one done due to the pain and hurt he had sustained. ‘What did I fight?’

Finn’s vision and hearing began to clear. He looked to his right, the dresser was no longer on fire, instead, it was only scorched black, as if it had only been touched by the fire. ‘Glob, I need to sleep…’ Finn tried to look past the orange mass in front of him to see where Luna is, but was unable to. The orange mass just moved to wherever he looked.

Finn coughed again. His vision sliding from blurry to extremely blurry. He thought he heard someone say, “Sorry Finn.” He recognized the voice.



Immediately his vision had fixed itself along with his hearing. Now clearly in front of him was his girlfriend, tears of flame going down her face. She fell backward into her butt, exhaling hard. She was mumbling something Finn couldn’t hear.

“Flame Princess!” Finn exclaimed.

Her hands were clasped over her mouth, “S-sorry,” She said with trepidation, “And please don’t call me that…” She added with a somber tone, “I’m not really qu-”

“You-you’re alive!”

Phoebe tensed up, then smiled, “Well yeah you dummy,” she said with a laugh, “I was able to escape, but, glob,” she looked Finn in the eyes, “I never thought I’d see you again.” She smirked, “Or do this.”


Phoebe lunged forward hugged him. Her deep red armor rubbing against his sky blue cotton shirt. She buried her head in his chest. Finn, still on the ground, hugged her back. “How’re you?” He’s asked.

“I thought you were gone, dead, and that’s the first thing you ask?” She said as she nestled her head into his chest.

“Wait, how am I not-“

The initial surprise of it gave way to concern, ‘How am I not on fire right now?’ He finished in his mind. He eventually just leaned into it and closed his eyes, ‘Whatever, I’m not on fire am I?’ The warmth in his chest nearly sent him to sleep again.

“Can we just stay here for a minute?” She asked. “I’ve really missed you.”

Finn tried to break off the hug after it hit the 3-minute mark. He wasn’t able to get to say much as he was still weak after fighting Marceline. His eyes popped open, ‘Marceline!’

He was able to break and open his eyes at various points to speak, “Maybe we… could… do this… later.” He said through the various grunts both from Finn and Phoebe. “We’ve got a-“

She squeezed tighter. Phoebe replied in the same manner, “No… way… Finn. I’ve… waited… for years to…” She slightly pulled away, “See you again.” She said, “I knew you didn’t die. I knew it…” She scrunched her eyes scrunched together, holding back more tears. Finn felt Phoebe grow slightly cooler.

Finn was a bit more preoccupied, to admire his girlfriend, “Years?!” Finn said, “Just how long was I gone?”

Phoebe finally broke off the hug with a grunt of disappointment and folded her arms. They both stood up, face to face. Finn was finally able to get a good look at her. She was obviously taller, but they were still the same height, as he was looking directly into her eyes. ‘Did I age too?’ Finn questioned, ‘How?!’

Her armor she was wearing was the same dark reddish armor she had on the day before, but it was dented and bruised and battered beyond repair Chunks of it on the arms and legs were missing entirely, “Well, I guess you do look taller.”

“Yeah, you do too,” Phoebe said.

As Finn was looking at her he only just realized something, “Where’s your crown?” Immediately after asking the question, he felt like turning around and jumping out the window.

“It’s… I’m not a queen anymore… so that means no crown.” She laughed out. It was a forced laugh, a sad one.

Finn saw her depressed look and heard the depressing laugh, ‘Change. The. Subject!’ Immediately went through his head, ”Umm… How’d you find me?”

“Finn,” She deadpanned, “I am made out of fire, I can feel fire.” She explained, “When I felt fire coming from your house again, I just, went…” she said, “Imagine my shock when I found you.” The smile on her face became more genuine.

“Ummm,” Finn then looked down, “I really should’ve known that,” Finn said, he looked at Phoebe. Then he looked at his arms and chest, “So, how come I am not on fire?”

“Oh, just some elemental power.” The former queen replied nonchalantly, “I can choose who or what to burn,” she grabbed Finn’s hand, intertwining their fingers, “And who not to hurt. It did take me a while to figure it out.”

“So,” Finn huffed, retracting his hand, “What do we do now?” A groan behind Phoebe drew their attention.

“Who is that is” Phoebe gestured to Luna with her hand, “A good start,” Phoebe said.

“She’s a Princess from another universe, her name’s Luna.” Finn said, “I’ve been trying to get back to her dimension.”

“And…” Phoebe said, trying to get more information. When Finn didn’t continue she facepalmed, “Can I have more details?”

“Y-yeah,” Finn stammered out, “The dimension under threat from the Lich… I think.”

That gained Phoebe's attention. Her eyes widened and she went taut, “What! How?! Are you sure?”

“Nearly positive,” was Finn’s response, “One of the ones I ran into got infected.” He said dryly, with barely any emotion at all.



“Damn,” Phoebe said, she folded her arms “What are you going to do when you get there?” She asked, “You’re going to live there?”

Finn rolled his eyes, “Yeah, she insisted for me. Said she would vouch for me and all.”

“What, do they just not like outsiders or something?” Phoebe joked.

“Noooo,” Finn seethed through his teeth, “I mighta sorta cut off the infected hoof of that one pony, and I tried to steal their versions of the elementals… and I did k-“


‘Well, at least she didn’t burn me.’ Finn stumbled a bit and looked back at Phoebe, the look on her face radiated anger and disappointment, “Yeah, I know, I know.” Finn said, standing back up and dusting himself off, “I really was just trying to find a way to kill the Lich… I mean… look I thought I had just lost you, my emotions were guiding me…” The human explained, “Making me act… out of turn.”

Finn sat on the bed nearby. “I’m not saying I’m proud of it,” He buried his head in his hands. “I just… did what I felt was necessary.” Phoebe sat down next to him and put her hand on his back.

“I’m sure they’ll forgive you, if you ask for it, Finn.” She asked, “Trust me, I had a hard time controlling my emotions too… you know, when we broke up?”

“Yeah,” Finn replied. He looked to Luna, still on the ground, “Help me move her to the bed,” Finn said, “She’s been up way longer than me.”

Phoebe nodded and looked to the left at the other form on the ground, “But what do we do with her.”

Finn and Phoebe set the vampire queen down on the hard wooden floor. Finn checked the bindings on her wrists and legs. ‘Nothing’s breaking these ropes.’ He looked at the vampire’s face, her eye was still closed. Out of curiosity, he touched the other side of her face where the left eye would be. It was hard, like a rock.

Finn sighed as he stood back up and followed Phoebe to the booth across the room. He sat down across from his girlfriend and sighed. He looked at her, if a fire elemental could sweat, she did.

“So…” she huffed out, “What now?”

“I um… wait till morning maybe?” Finn replied, ‘Why do I never know what to say or do around here?’

She nodded, “That’s, *yawn* fine by me,” Phoebe said as she arched her back, “I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in ages.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Finn said, “You can sleep, I’ll watch Marceline.”

She straightened out, “You sure Finn? There’s still sixish hours left in the night.”

Finn gave his most convincing smile, “Don’t worry Phoebe, I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’ve had to stay up all night.”

Phoebe stood up and began taking off pieces of her armor. “Sorry, but I just can’t sleep with this armor on,” She stopped and turned around, “Do you think I’m giving you a show,” Finn’s cheeks turned bright red, “Avert your eyes.” He quickly turned around.

A few seconds of shuffling followed by clanging of what Finn assumed was discarded armor. “Okay Finn,” She said. He turned back to her. She was in the dress she was in when they first met, an orange and yellow sundress, “If you’re sure.” Phoebe laid down the length of the couch. “Wake me up in an hour so I can take over.”

“Sure, Phoebe.” was all Finn was able to stammer out.

He scooted around the booth to where her head is and leans down. He gave a quick peck on her cheek. She mumbled a bit, seemingly already on the verge of sleeping, “What was that?”

“I’m your boyfriend, or at least I think I am,” Finn said, “I just gave you a goodnight kiss.” He gave a light smile, “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay…” she mumbled out followed by another yawn. “Night.” Finn prepared to go back to where he was at the opposite side of the booth, but, seemingly sensing the warmth next to her, Phoebe pulled herself next to Finn’s thigh. Finn’s face went bright red. She meekly mumbled out, “don’t go…”

He nearly pulled away anyway, until her head picked itself up and laid down on his lap. Finn was stunned at what to do. ‘Okay, Ummm.’ She began to turn into a much grayer tone of orange. Soon soft breaths and snores came from the fire elemental beneath him. He broke his head away from the scene below him to instead stare at Marceline’s ties and unmoving body.

As the hours slowly passed, Finn found his gaze subconsciously slipping to the flame below him. Whenever he somehow snapped out of his mesmerizing stare, he would look at Marceline. ‘Why can’t I just stay focused.’ He blinked, only to realize he was looking at the orange flame hair on his girlfriend, no not looking, studying it, memorizing it. He again forced his gaze away from the flames, ‘This isn’t going to stop, is it?’ He sighed, ‘It’s going to be a looong night.’

Luna easily recognized the familiar scenery around her, ‘I do not remember going to sleep,’ She walked through her dreamscape, a lush field of grass and flowers, trees dotted the land. Luna looked up and saw her moon in the sky, slowly inching its way across the sky. She smiled at the serenity of the scene, everything was so peaceful, at rest.

She continued to look at the stars. ‘What is the last thing I remember?’ She closed her eyes. She saw Finn holding a candle and a sword. She opened her eyes, “I was attacked!” She began hyperventilating, “I need to wake up!”

She began to run, trying to get her heartbeat up. She kept looking around as if her head was on a swivel, “There must be a cliff somewhere!” She kept up her pace. Her heart began beating faster. ‘C’ mon, I need to wake up!’

She kept running, and as she did so, her memory began to come back to her. Her going upstairs, something around her neck, Finn’s face, then nothing.

‘What happened?’ She thought, ‘I need to wake up, there could be a fight going on.’ She looked left. A cliff.

There was no hesitation, she turned and began to run to the edge. Time seemed to stretch on as she neared the edge. The clopping of her hooves radiated as she ran. Her heart began to pound faster. Then she jumped.

She didn’t bother to use her wings. She saw the bottom of the cliff. Crashing waves on rocky shores.

Luna hit the ground.

Immediately, the lunar Princess says up in her haunches, breathing heavily. She looked around the room, there was no sign that a fight had occurred other than a scorched dresser. She looked at where she was sitting, the bed. ‘I thought other human held me down on the floor.’ She shook it off and looked around again, ‘Finn’s gone.’ She stood up in the bed. A light hit her eyes. She put her hoof up.

She turned and saw the sync creating over the horizon, ‘Just how long have I been out?’ She put her hoof down and turned away. She jumped off the bed, using her hooves to lighten the fall.

She did one more quick sweep of the room, ‘Nothing.’

She teleported downstairs.

“Hey Luna,” A dejected voice said. Luna turned around and looked at the table. She saw Finn sitting below the torn painting of what looked like another human. He was staring straight at Luna. “Could’ ya move, I was watching that.”
He gestured behind Luna.

She turned and saw there, on the ground, a gray-skinned human. Half of its head was covered in black ooze and its hands and legs were tied together.

“Who is that?” Luna asked as she moved away from it.

“Marceline,” Finn said, “She was a good friend of mine at one point.”


Finn sighed, “Now, she’s under the Lich’s power.” He shook his head, “I don’t know what we can do with her.”

Luna knelt down and looked at the face of Marceline. She touched her skin with the side of her hoof. Even though her fur she could feel how ice cold it was. “Her father was a demon,” Finn said, “that’s where the gray skin comes from.”

“A demon father?” Luna said in awe and shock, Finn nodded, “and the mother?”

“I dunno,” Finn shrugged, “I never asked her.”

Luna stood up on her hooves. She saw an orange-gray pair of feet barely in the booth of the table. Luna walked over and saw what looked like a fire-person sleeping. She looked up and down the sleeping form.

“And who is this?” Luna pointed with her hoof.

“Fla-“ Finn coughed, “Phoebe. She’s my… girlfriend.”

“Really?” Luna asked Finn nodded, “Hmph. I guess she is responsible for the scorched dresser upstairs?”

“Yeah, saved my life from Marceline.”

Luna again looked over the form. She then walked to the end of the table not supported by a chair and sat in her haunches. Her head still towered over the table. “Do you trust her?”

“O-of course I do,” Finn replied hastily.

“Okay,” she looked at Phoebe, “Then I do too.”

They sat in silence, each staring at each other. “Soooo…” Finn said, “Yeah…”

Luna merely stared at the human, “You said there we pancakes?”

With some magical finessing Luna was able to swap Finn for a pillow. Phoebe not even seeming to notice the change, something Finn was grateful of. “The worst thing you can do is wake up a girl from her sleep,” he said. ‘I suppose Rarity doesn’t like it when she is woken up prematurely.’ Luna thought.

The sizzling of the pan on the stove drew her attention, Finn said his ‘brother’ tried to teach him how to make pancakes at one point. ‘Celestia said she wanted to one day teach me…’ Luna thought, ‘I hope I get the chance.’

Finn walked over to her with two plates. “Here you go.” There was some syrup on the pancakes, “Sorry, the butter was all bad.”

She magically took a fork from the middle of the table and stared down at the circular saucers. She half expected to see a smiley face pop out of nowhere. Her face drooped, but she maintained the smile. “It is no problem, Finn.” She said as she stabbed the pancakes.

“So… Luna began, “How did you and Phoebe meet?”

Finn stuck his fork in the pile of pancakes, “Jake set her up with me… It was really convoluted…” Finn said, “It would probably take like fifteen minutes or so to explain the entire thing.”

Luna finished chewing and swallowed, “Please continue.”

“Okay, okay… let me think. I was wallowing in pain or something and Jake wanted to cheer me up.”

“So,” Luna swallowed another bite, “His logic... was to get you a girlfriend?”

Finn’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah…” He said eventually, “Kinda odd when you put it like that.”

Luna balked, “That’s because it was weird!”

“Hey, she’s still sleeping,” He chastised, “Be quiet please.”

Luna blinked, “I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you say the word please.”

“Well that’s because I’m asking, now lower your voice.”

Luna stabbed the pancakes again, “What is the plan as of now?” She took another bite.

“I say… we summon Hudson, knowing him, he has no idea what is going on here.”

“Hudson is her father, correct?” Luna asked while pointing to Marceline.

Finn nodded, “Then, we can try and see if Prismo is still kicking. If he is, well, maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Luna scoffed, “So we are basing our survival off of luck?”

“That and… time…” Finn’s eyes widened as he looked at Luna, “Oh.”

“Is there something wrong Finn?”


A Day at the Spa...

View Online

Celestia seethed at the book on the table in front of her. The small parts of the cover had begun tearing off again, a testament to its age and the ancient knowledge the book must contain. Her little ponies had tried everything to open the book; from using Pinkie’s idea of ‘using a long stick,’ to even calling in one of Rainbow’s Griffin friends to see if they could open it, everything short of begging the darn thing to open up.

Celestia again glanced at the book’s cover. A series of holes in the shape of various gems adorned the cover. She yawned, ‘I must unlock those secrets,’ Celestia thought, ‘I can’t let Lulu stay in someplace we can’t even find. ‘

The alabaster Alicorn has been staying in Twilight’s castle for the better part of a month now, refusing to leave until the confines of the Crystal keep until her sister is found. An idle thought came to her head. A smile crossed her face for a short time, the memory was of her reunion with her sister. It was a pristine memory, so well remembered that she could almost feel her sister’s muzzle on her coat. The smile gave way to a frown. The thought of her not seeing her sister again terrified her.

`I've already lost you once,’ She thought, ‘Why must I lose you again.’ A knock on the door to her temporary bedroom took her out of her thoughts. It was a timid knock, ‘Twilight perhaps?’

“C-come in,” she was able to choke out. The door opened to reveal the familiar face of Twilight Sparkle. Celestia smiled, “Hello Princess Twilight, do you need something?”

“Yes, um, I guess everypony does.” Was her timid reply. Twilight was barely holding her posture together.

Celestia chose to ignore the issue for now. “What is it Twilight?” She asked seriously, her face went stoic.

“Well… um… I guess…” Twilight stuttered out.

“What is it?” Celestia asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s just that… Well…” Twilight sighed, “Nopony has seen you in months, it’s always just me and Cadance.” Twilight looked at the ground, “ It would put our subject’s minds’ at ease if you were to go outside and reassure them.”

Celestia sighed, ‘She’s right, but I can’t give up on my work, I need to fix this…’ Celestia looked at Twilight, she was obviously disappointed in herself too.

“Celestia, please, I don’t think I can keep dodging questions for much longer.” She said, “There is always some reporter whenever I walk outside, they’re always asking me questions.” She shook her head.

Celestia sighed, “Alright…” She said, “I never did warn you of the horrors that those ponies are.”

The remark elicited a small laugh from the smaller princess. “Well I know now,” she replied with a small smile, “I’m going to go out with the girls, if I were you, try and relax for a bit.” Twilight turned.

Celestia laughed a bit, stopping Twilight, “A few years ago, I said that exact thing to you.” She smiled.

Twilight smiled again, “I guess you did.” She turned again and walked out.

Celestia yawned, “I suppose I should go out and get some sun…” she remarked. She turned and walked into the circular hallway. The two guards who were guarding the door snapped to attention at the Princess leaving and fell in step behind her. She glanced at a passing window. She stopped dead in her tracks at her reflection.

‘I look horrid.’ She thought. Her regalia was all messed up, her normally wavy mane and tail were placid, and her eyes were bloodshot red from lack of sleep. Then, a flash burst through the window. She stumbled back, ‘Damn reporters.’ She thought as she ground her teeth.

With a quick spell, she restored herself to what her normal, more regal self looked like, but she Immediately regretted ever stopping. Frustration carried her the rest of the way to the front door of the castle. She took a deep breath. She magically took hold of the doors and opened them.

She was hit with the blinding light of her sun. Then she was hit with gasps and whispers of nearby ponies. She spied Twilight, visibly relaxed at her sight outside of her castle. Then finally, what she was expecting the flashes of more cameras and reporters, blaring questions.

“Where have you been the past month?”

“Did the Element of Loyalty lose her hoof and regrow it?”

“Has there been any sign of this ‘Finn?’”

“Where is Princess Luna?”

“Is it true there’s a sword-wielding monster in the forest?”

“There is some sort of book that even Princess Twilight can’t read. Do you have any comment?”

Celestia felt the oncoming headache. She put her hoof to one of her temples. She looked at a passing pony, who was obviously not part of the paparazzi. “Excuse me,” Celestia said in her voice, shushing the gathering crowd. The aqua blue mare turned around, completely stunned that she had been called

“Ummm.. y-yes, y-your majesty?”

“Do you know where Ponyville spa is?”

“Y-Yeah,” she pointed towards a nearby building, “Just past there.”

“Thank you,” Celestia replies in her motherly voice. She began walking and the crowd followed.

Twilight and her friends were sitting around in Fluttershy’s small cottage. Rainbow and Rarity we’re discussing something while Fluttershy seemed to be quietly listening in. She was smiling again, something Twilight hasn’t seen her do in a while. ‘Rainbow losing a hoof really hurt her, I just hope she’s ok.’ Twilight moved her head and saw Applejack and Pinkie talking. Both seemed to be tense about something. She decided to join them.

She was just able to catch the tail end of the conversation they were having.

“-I'm telling you, I’m gonna be outta apples soon.”

Twilight walked up, “Hey you two. How’s it going?”

Pinkie perked up, “I mean, ooookaaaay, but business is booming!” She punctuated by standing on her two hind hooves with her forehooves in the air. “There are sooooo many ponies wanting to interview me, they just walk in. I’m like, ‘Helllllloooo, welcome to Sugarcube Corner, What can I get you?’ And they’re like, ‘I don’t need anything, but can I get an interview,’ or, ‘Statement,’” She finally got back on all four hooves. “I mean, sometimes they are back to back, they hear me give the whole shpiel, and they say the same. Exact. Thing.” She collapsed on the ground, heaving, from not taking a breath the entire rant.

Both Applejack and Twilight stared at the pink party pony. AJ turned to Twilight.”Yeah, that’s what happens to me too,” she said while still looking skeptically at Pinkie, “But I guess not on the scale it’s happenin to her.” She nodded to Pinkie.

“Yeah, I can't walk ten feet without being asked ten questions.” Twilight remarked, “How does Celestia deal with that on a daily basis?”

“Ah do not know Twilight.” AJ replied, “Ah don’t know.” She was smirking for some reason.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Twilight nearly fell over as she heard a voice in her unsuspecting left ear. She stared at the assailant, “Rainbow dear, please, the last thing we need is her to have a heart attack.” She heard Rarity say.

Yeeeeaaaaah,” Rainbow drew, she offered her left forehoof to the Princess, “Sorry.”

Twilight took her hoof, only to realize that it was her “new” hoof. Once she was back on her hooves she didn’t release it. She instead just studied it, its texture, which feels different from normal skin. ‘I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to study what exactly this material is.’

“Um Twi, can you let me go.” Said the weirded out Rainbow Dash.

Twilight blinked, “Sorry,” she let go, “I’m going to need to study your new leg later.”

“What?” Rainbow laughed out, “I mean sure, but,” she paused.

‘It’s as if she’s listening to somepony else,’ Twilight thought as she looked at her friend. The others soon took notice.

“Eh…. Dash,” Applejack Said, “You sorta stopped mid-sentence, you sure you’re okay?”

She shook her head, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied, “Just a little tired.”

“I’d imagine so,” Rarity remarked.

“Yeah! You sprouted a whole new leg in like a week.”

Fluttershy just nodded.

Twilight looked at Rainbow’s leg, “I’m sure it’s because your body is trying to readjust.” Twilight said, “You ugh time be out of the count for a while.”

“Yeah right, me, out of the count,” Rainbow replied to Twilight’s tired face, “I’ll never be-“

Rainbow’s eyes looked up with an annoyed look as if she was trying to look at her brain. “Out of the count!” She quickly finished. The other mares in the room exchanged questioning looks. Even Pinkie Pie was bewildered at what was going on inside Rainbow’s head.

“What?” Rainbow asked for nopony in particular, “What?!” She said louder this time.

“Dash are you okay?” Applejack asked, “You’ve been acting all different all day.”

“Of c-course I am,” She defended, “Why wouldn’t I be?” She said on a shaky voice.

Applejack walked up to Rainbow and looked her in the eyes. Twilight trotted up behind her, followed by Rarity, the. pinkie. Fluttershy got in between Rainbow, who had begun backing up, and the others, who were advancing. “Wait,” She said, “she’s been through a lot, I’m sure that it’s just some sort of trauma.”

“Sorry Fluttershy,” Applejack said, “as much as I want to believe you, we need to be sure.”

Fluttershy stood her ground, “I can’t just…”

“Fluttershy,” Twilight Said, “We need to be sure, Finn said this creature wants to destroy all life.” She shifted her focus from Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash, “We need to be sure.”

Fluttershy turned around to Rainbow. Then turned back and nodded. Rainbow had literally been backed into a corner. Applejack spoke with power, “Rainbow,” Rainbow shied away, “Are you okay

She burst up, “Of course I am! I don’t know what you all see-“ She paused for a moment, “SHUT UP!”

All the other mares narrowed their eyes. “Did I say that out loud?” Rainbow asked, her friends all nodded. She flipped her head back, “UUUUUUUUGH ALRIGHT.” She said, “When I got the new l got the new leg, I mighta sorta started hearing voices.”

“Rainbow,” Twilight Said, “That was 3 weeks ago, why didn’t you tell us?”

“I just thought it wasn’t important.”

Applejack cocked her eye.

“Alright, okay,” She repeated, “I just didn’t want you thinking I was going crazy.”

Applejack turned around, “That’s honesty there.”

“Now then,” Twilight started, “We need answers,” the Princess said.

“Uuuggghhhh, do we have to?”

“Yes,” Twilight responded, “But I feel like we should do that back in the castle.”

The group, minus Rainbow, all gave various approvals to the idea.

Celestia walked out of the Ponyville Spa, completely refreshed. ‘Best half-hour I’ve spent this month.’ She looked at the mare guard who took her offer to also get a massage. She was smiling ear to ear. “How was the massage lieutenant Chaser?”

“It was amazing, your highness,” she replied, “Thank you.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.”

She turned to the stallion, a sergeant Wind Breaker, “And thank you for making sure we were not disturbed, Sergeant.”

“It was no problem, your highness.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. The smile plastered on her face wasn’t forced. Celestia places a bag of bits in the counter. The two pony sisters who ran the spa thanked the Princess with a small bow of their heads.

“So sergeant Breaker, how many journalists tried to get in?” The Princess asked.

“Only four your highness.”

“Really?” Celestia said, he merely nodded again, “I would’ve thought more.” She moved to the door.

“Well,” She said, “Let's go deal with this.”

When the door opened, she was met with many more journalists and reporters than there were earlier. The questions began even before the Princess even left the door.

She sighed, preparing for the headache ahead of her. ‘Luna’s disappearance really has riled up the press.’ She thought, ‘I should get back to work.’ She set a brisk pace as she trotted back to the castle. The press surely followed, taking pictures and asking questions.

As she and the guards neared the castle she was able to see the doors closing, ‘Looks like that returned from their break early.’ Celestia sighed, ‘Something happened, didn’t it?’ She sighed again, more audibly this time.

The guards at the doors to the castle saluted and opened the doors. The two guards who were with Celestia followed her and took up positions at the door leading to the map room. Celestia walked into said room.

As she entered the room, Celestia saw that the element bearers had taken up their respective seats and that they were all targeting Rainbow, as they were all looking at her with looks to a varying degree from confusion to anger, from sympathy to disappointment.

“What is the matter,” Celestia asked as the door shut behind her. Her horn flared, soundproofing the room.

“Princess Celestia,” Applejack said, “Rainbow Dash here,” Celestial looked at Rainbow Dash, “Has been hearing voices.”

Celestia’s eyes widened, “Rainbow Dash,” she asked.


“When did these voices start?”

The Pegasus stood on her chair, “When I got this!” She pointed with her right forehoof to her left one. “Whatever Finn used to cut it left some sort of- I SAID SHUT IT!”

She collapsed in her seat and put her hooves to her temples, “I just said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” Twilight said. She looked mortified. Twilight’s face was filled with a mixture of confusion, anger, sadness, pity.

Celestia again turned to Rainbow. She walked up to the table and sat on her haunches, “Rainbow Dash,” The cyan Pegasus looked up, defeated, embarrassed, out of energy, “What are these voices telling you?”

Rainbow looked back down, “There’s only one voice actually,” She said, “And it mainly has been annoying as Tartarus.” She shook her head. “If it were up to me…” She stopped talking, instead choosing to look at the crystal table.

Celestia sighed, “I really wish I didn’t leave the spa…” She said under her breath; Celestia cleared her throat, and, this time in a more stern tone, spoke to the rainbow-maned pegasus, “Rainbow, what has the voice been saying to you?”

“Mainly nonsense,” Was Rainbow’s reply, it was a tired response. Rainbow sighed again, choosing not to look Celestia in the eye. “About… Finn…”

Celestia, in turn, looked at Applejack. Applejack quickly looked at her friend then to the Princess. She nodded. Celestia looked back at Rainbow. “Tell us something about Finn then,” She commanded, Celestia turned to Twilight, “Twilight, you talked to this Finn, see if it lines up with the way you think he acts.” The Princesses former pupil nodded.

Rainbow briefly looked up and muttered something under her breath. She looked around the room, “Uhhh… gimme a sec,” She paused for a moment, “Finn… used to… save princesses… and he’s a hero.” she said with trepidation.

Celestia looked at Twilight, the purple pony princess said, “He said that to me,” Twilight said.

“Some hero who ponynaps ponies?” Rarity interrupted, “Really? That sounds more like a villain to me.”

“We haven’t met him yet Rarity,” Fluttershy said, “And you know what they say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’”

Rarity spoke again, “I understand, but, I mean,” She pointed and looked to Dash, a concerned look on her face, “Just look how much stress and pain this human has caused Dash.”

Celestia was deep in thought, ‘This… is a troubling predicament…’ She thought, ‘Why is there so much conflict? A few months ago they were thick as thieves… an unbreakable bond.’ She sighed, ‘And this voice Rainbow Dash is hearing, who’s is it?’

Celestia looked up, she could sense the tension between the friends. So much conflict, all because of this human. ‘It seems that everything this human tries to do ends in conflict…’ Celestia cleared her throat, stopping the brewing argument in its tracks. “We are getting off-topic here,” She stated, “Rainbow,” the named Pegasus looked at the solar deity, “Whose voice are you hearing? Is it Finn’s or somepony else?”

She lifted up her left forehoof, “I think it’s the hoof’s?” She replied, “I mean…” She paused again.

“Are you hearing the voice right now?” Twilight asked.

Rainbow merely nodded, still listening to the voice inside her head. Rainbow preempted the Princess’s next question, “It’s telling me about itself,” she said, “He said that he came from the sword Finn used to uh… cut off my old left forehoof.”

Pinkie of all ponies stood up, “So is this thing inside your head or something?”

“Uhh… I think he’s the hoof.” Rainbow replied.

“So,” Twilight began, “You’re saying that your err… hoof is it’s own living thing?”

Rainbow waited, listening in her head, “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well that…” Twilight said, “Doesn’t help at all.” She sighed out. The other ponies in the room all turned to the lavender mare, “I just don’t see how this helps us, there’s nothing we can do.”

Celestia opened her mouth to offer a retort at her former student, then she realized, ‘Twilight’s right, this downstairs help in the slightest.’

‘We were should be trying to find Luna or looking into Finn,’ her thoughts continued, ‘This conversation should end.’

“I agree,” Celestia said to the ponied gathered, “Rainbow Dash is certainly not under any sort of spell, and even if she were,” she paused, “She would’ve made her move by now.” The bearers of the Elements of Harmony all nodded.

Rarity spoke up, “I think we should discuss what we should do if Finn ever shows his face here again.”

“Yeah,” Pinkie said, “We could like super show him to never mess with us again.”

“But we should give him a chance, right?” Applejack said, “I mean we are all for reforming evil ponies and all, how is this any different from Discord or Starlight?”

Well, I mean they just tried to take over Equestria, not hurt anypony,” Rarity said, “while in Finn’s case, he cut off Rainbow’s hoof.”

“But If he didn’t, I would’ve died,” Rainbow said, “There was this infection… okay.”

Rarity started again, “But who gave you this inf-“

“Rarity, stop it, we can’t judge Finn on something like that. He saved RD’s life,” she looked at Twilight, “And if he’s to be believed, he's fighting evil, just like us.”


Celestia looked across the table to Twilight, her face also looked tired, ‘This is going to be a long day…’ Celestia sighed.

“So it’s settled then?” Twilight asked, “We give Finn one chance to atone, we reform him, and if he doesn’t-“

Pinkie jumped onto the table, her two forehooves in the air, “Orbital Friendship CANNON!”

“Pinkie,” Twilight sighed as she put a hoof to her face, “I told you not to call it that…” She sighed.

Both Rarity and Fluttershy nodded. Applejack gave a “Eyup” and Rainbow said, “ok.” Twilight looked at Celestia as her friends began to trickle out, “Well, I think that was a terrible day of relaxation…”

Celestia walked up to Twilight and put her majestic wing around her. “That’s what it feels like to be a princess.” She said. Celestia then sighed, “Now I think I have long overstayed, I’m sure Cadance is going to kill me for having her run Equestria for me.” Twilight gave a slight laugh.

“Not as much as my brother is going to kill me for egging you on,” Twilight laughed.

The door closed, signifying the rest of Twilight’s friends left the map room. Celestia began charging her horn to teleport away, “I’d suggest you get some sleep, Twilight.” She looked out the window, “It is almost time for me to raise the moon.”

Twilight nodded, ‘This experience is taking a lot out of everypony.’ Celestia thought. She was able to see Twilight turn around to leave the room. She thought there was a flash of pinkish magic on the table, she quickly scanned the room, but she dismissed it as nothing was out of place, ‘It was probably nothing.’ She thought.

She released her spell.

Her surroundings changed from Twilight’s castle to the pristine marble hall of Canterlot. She walked down the halls to the Rhône room where Cadance and Shining Armor were undoubtedly located.

The halls were filled with more guards than usual, heightened security due to Luna’s sudden disappearance. Celestia walked through the winding halls, eventually finding herself at the doors to the throne room. She took a deep breath, then walked in.

She saw her niece, sitting at her old throne next to Celestia’s and Luna’s throne and her husband standing next to her. The immediately saw her and froze. ‘Well this is going to go well.’

Celestia had ordered the guards and petitions out. The petitioners begrudgingly accepted after the guards were recalled before being asked out again. Celestia then soundproof the room. Cadance stood up out of her chair and walked over. Shining followed

“Well,” She started, “Let’s discuss what-“

Cadance interrupted, “As much as I love to see you Auntie, a little heads up would belt next time.” Celestia closed her mouth, “I mean I thought this was going to be a social call, not a ‘Hey, need to run the kingdom for a few weeks,’ sort of call…”

Celestia opened her mouth to interrupt her niece, but stopped when she saw Shining Armor’s face. Pure terror. He was shaking his head. Celestia tried to stay neutral, but couldn’t help, but smile. Cadance has resorted to pacing back and forth throughout the throne room. She eventually turned and saw Celestia’s smirk.

“Why are you smiling, I’ve had so much to deal with, running the Crystal Empire, Running Equestria, I’m pregnant, I have no time to relax, these stupid mood swings…”

Celestia attempted to calm down Cadance, “Well, I’m sorry, but…” her eyes widened, “WAIT WHAT!?” Shining meanwhile, was babbling incoherently.

Cadance seemed to snap out of her rant. Her eyes going wide, “Uhhh… surprise?”

Shining seemed to find his tongue, “For how long?”

“About two weeks…” she admitted.

“So you were here?” Celestia semi asked, and semi stated, “And I know for a fact you were sharing my bed…” Celestia deadpanned

Cadance and Shining’s cheeks went red. “L-look, we... we’re all adults here…” Shining stuttered out, “We-“

“Had sex… in my bed,” Celestia cocked an eye, “Well, seeing as that happened,” Cadance began nervously twirling her hair with her hooves.

“Auntie… I… um…”

“I think I am going to be staying here until something more significant happens.” She looked at Cadance and Shining Armor, “I think you two could help Twilight in Ponyville as I try to forget the thought of you two… sleeping in my bed,” Celestia began walking off, “I am going to go burn my sheets…” she muttered as she walked to her room.

She was able to hear the Armor say, “You could’ve at least told me,” Celestia quickly looked back and saw, Cadance, her face was still red with embarrassment. ‘Knowing them two, I should probably torch the room.’

Above and Below

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Something was tickling her closed eyes. She groaned, swatting the heat away from her face. Again it was there, she switched the way she was facing, trying to regain the realm of unconsciousness. As she put her head down on the pillow, she only realized then, she had woken up, much to her chagrin. ‘I guess I have to get up,’ She thought as she audibly sighed, ‘Why can’t I just sleep for a full day.’

Phoebe opened her eyes. She was looking at the booth’s seat. The back of her neck ticked, she turned around and spied the sun, almost fully over the horizon. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and stretched as she tried not to fall back asleep, she heard the various pops throughout her body. She shook her head vigorously, shaking away the sleepiness. She yawned and fell back onto the pillow she had slept on. She looked through the window, sun. She shot up as her eyes widened, “Finn!” She yelled, no reply. “I thought I told him to wake me up in an hour,” She said under her breath, “Not to let me sleep all night.” She sighed out.

The Former royal groaned she rubbed the back of her neck, just out of sight of the world. She felt the scar she received while escaping the collapse of the Flame Kingdom. ‘I can’t ever be off my guard like that again,’ She reminded herself, ‘I was lucky that…’ She shook her head.

‘Don’t think about it,’ Phoebe thought. She breathed in and out

She was quick to notice that the living room was completely empty, Finn, Marceline nor the weird Pony thing was present. She got out from behind the booth-table and donned what was left of her battle armor.

She struggled as she put on the tattered armor piece by piece. The various dents in the armor provided resistance as she donned it. Eventually, a quarter of an hour later, she was fully dressed in her armor, ready for what the world would throw at her. ‘Now, where are they?’ She thought, ‘They have to be near… or I’m just imagining them.’ She chuckled

She quickly checked the bedroom upstairs. She scanned the room for any sign of anybody. She saw the comfortable looking bed, but there was no pony on it. She looked at the dresser that she had used to get here. Her heart sank as she realized that it used to be Jake's bed. She moved over to it and ran her hand through the now tarnished sheets. They began falling apart, “Sorry, Jake,” She apologized to the dog, “I didn’t really know it was your bed,”

She went and inspected the bed, there were a couple of dark blue feathers strewn about. ‘Okay, so I’m definitely not imagining things,’ She sighed, ‘Now, where are they?’ She went back to the living room. She was immediately hit by a sweet smell, ‘Pancakes?’ She thought as she sniffed the air. ‘How did I not notice that before?’ She shrugged it off. Until her stomach grumbled, ‘Jeez, forgot to eat.’

She went down to the front door. She passed the massive amounts of treasure and loot that Finn and Jake had gathered from their various escapades. There were rubies and gold coins beyond counting.

She walked out the front door, and turned right, ‘Where did Finn keep the firewood?’ She spotted a small door on the side of the massive treehouse. She snapped a finger and a small flame appeared above her hand. ‘So glad I came up with this,’ She thought, ‘So much energy wasted just by giving off light,’ she spied a stray log in the corner. “Jackpot,” She said. Phoebe walked over and grabbed the log. It instantly burst into flames, Phoebe let out a sigh as her hunger was sated.

“... Are you sure this is a … idea?” The sound of a woman’s voice upon Phoebe exiting caused her to stop and listen.

“I know the guy, trust… he’ll help,” She knew the second voice all too well, ‘Finn…’

She followed the sounds of the voices. She was able to hear more as they grew closer.

“C’ mon, I know him, Luna,” Finn repeated, “Hudson will help us, if not then Prismo.”

“Finn,” The pony, Luna, said, “I still think summoning a demon is a bad idea.”

“Just trust me,”

Phoebe walked around the corner of the house. She saw the Pony’s face who regarded her in turn. Finn was facing away from her, looking Luna while pointing to the wall. Phoebe saw what it was. A fairly odd-looking face was crudely drawn on the wall. Phoebe looked farther to the right, Marceline was in the shadow in the house; tied and gagged.

“Well,” Luna said, “Maybe she’ll back me up and tell you that summoning a demon is a bad idea.”

Finn turned around, “Oh,” Finn said, “I didn’t realize you’d be awake so early,” He said.

Phoebe crossed her arms, “Really, I expected to be woken up hours ago,” She chastised Finn.

“Sorry,” Finn said sarcastically, “For letting you sleep for 8 hours.”

Luna walked past Finn and stood in front of Phoebe, “Sorry,” The pony Princess said, “But I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced,” She motioned with her hoof to her chest, “I am Princess Luna of Equestria.”

“I.. am uh… Phoebe,” She said.

“Really?” Luna asked slightly surprised, “I was under the impression that… nevermind,”

Phoebe rolled her eyes and walked up to Finn. “What’s happening here anyway?” Phoebe asked. She looked at the face again, it was cartoonishly silly and stupid. ‘This is supposed to summon a demon?’ she thought, ‘Yeah right,’

Luna opened her mouth, but Finn interrupted her, “Trying to help Marceline,” He said, “By summoning her… dad,” Finn finished, “Her demon dad.” He muttered under his breath.

“Exactly,” Luna said, “Here Demon Father.” She said, emphasizing her point. Luna stomped over to the face on the wall, “What do we do when this demon decides to kill us,”

“He won’t,” Finn said, “I know him personally,” He assured her.

Phoebe spoke up, “I’ve known Finn for a while, Princess Luna,” she said, gaining the attention of the named Princess, “And when Finn said something like this, he meant it.” Her words seemed to hit Luna like a hammer, she audibly sighed.

“Isn’t there something we can do to assure our safety?” She said dejectedly as if she was prepared to give up.

Finn rubbed his chin as he thought, “Actually yeah,” He said, Luna, who had taken to sitting on her haunches, slightly perked up, Finn continued, “There was this salt thing that… we used to make a circle,” He turned to Luna, “It kept demons and ghosts fro crossing the circle.”

Luna perked up even more, “Really? Do you have some here?”

“Yeah,” Finn said, “I think it was in-”

“Just go get it, Finn,” Phoebe said, interrupting Finn.

His mouth flopped open and then closed, “Okay,” He said, then he took off,” Phoebe heard the familiar sound of the door opening and closing shut, followed by quick steps.

Phoebe sat on the ground, her legs straight out. She looked at Marceline, who was also awake. She just stared back at Phoebe. Her right eye covered by her hair and the black ooze. ‘I hope her dad can help,’ Phoebe thought, ‘The last thing Finn needs to hear is that there is nothing he can do.’

Someone coughed to her left, Phoebe turned and saw Luna, looking at her. Phoebe managed to give a small smile, “Yes?” She asked.

“Are you not Flame Princess?” Luna asked, “Finn mentioned that you-”

“I'm not Flame Princess,” Phoebe interrupted, “She died when the Flame Kingdom fell.” She quickly said, preempting whatever Luna was going to say.

Luna gave a questioning look, “Finn mentioned you were his girlfriend.”

Phoebe nodded. “Have been for a little over two years, three if you want to count the year we were together before we separated.” Luna gave another questioning look, “Yes, we got back together.” She preempted again. Luna closed her mouth and looked off in the distance. Seemingly thinking of another thing to ask to pass the time.

Phoebe sprawled herself on the ground. The cool grass on her back felt amazing. She closed her eyes and felt herself begin to float away. “Finn told me that two years have passed since you saw him,” Luna said, Phoebe turned her eyes to Luna, “Is that true?”

Phoebe turned to the Pony. She gave a slight nod in conformation. The pony looked away from Phoebe. She thought she heard Luna sniffle a bit. ‘A year went in the blink of an eye,’ Phoebe thought, ‘I at least got to experience that time…’

“Sorry,” Luna said as she turned back to Phoebe, “I’m usually not as… emotional,” Luna sighed, “I just can’t imagine how my sister feels right now.”

“It can’t be that bad,” Phoebe reassured.

She laughed, a genuine, but sad laugh, “First I’m gone for 1000 years, then I’m back for a few,” Luna sighed, “Now I’m gone again,” Luna shook her head, “I’m sure she’ll blame herself.”

The two sat in silence, waiting for Finn to return. Both occasionally glanced at Marceline and each other. ‘What is taking Finn so long,’ Phoebe questioned, ‘I’m sure he’s probably tearing up his room.’

Finn, after what felt like hours finally rounded the corner to the backyard where, hopefully, the Luna and Phoebe were still located. He mentally cursed himself and his organization skills, ‘Why in the world would I ever put soul salt in the freezer?’

He looked at the three forms before him. Marceline’s single eye had locked into him the second he came into view. It was glowing a dark green, making Finn feel extremely uncomfortable. Phoebe had her eyes closed and was laying on the ground. ‘She looks calm,’ Finn idly remarked. He then looked at the Pony sitting on her rump. She was facing away from Finn. ‘Just how long was I in there?’

He quickly walked over to the Pony, who he had realized was deep in thought, her eyes closed. ‘I guess I’ll get set up then,’ Finn thought, he looked around, only Marceline was looking at him with her cold dead eye.

He began sprinkling the salt in a circle around the weird looking face. The coolness and crispness and breeze made Finn remove his hat, stuffing it in his backpack. He felt the air on the back of his neck as he worked and the breeze go through his hair.

He put his backpack on the ground, along with his sword. He sighed as he finished the circle, double-checking the salt barrier, ‘Jermaine knew this stuff better than me,’ He sighed at the thought of his other brother, ‘He practically disappeared with Lady and Jake’s kids the second the Lich reared its ugly head.’

Finn walked over to Phoebe and shook her shoulder. She looked up, “Hey Finn,” She said tiredly, “Mind helping me up?” She put her hand up. Finn grabbed it and pulled Phoebe up. Her armor that she was wearing adding some additional weight to her body, but after everything Finn’s gone through, it was no problem.

Once she was up she arched her back. She stretched her arms and sides. “You got it?” She asked.

“Yup,” he motioned with his hands to the salt circle before them.

“Good,” Phoebe said, glancing at Marceline, “I don’t like the way she looks at us,” Phoebe said.

Finn glanced at Marceline. She was staring at them. Finn shook his head, ‘Hopefully, Hunson can help you.’ He thought. Phoebe began to straighten out her armor.

As Phoebe was doing that, Finn walked up to Luna, still deep in thought, he put his hand on her shoulder. She turned to face him, her eyes were a little red, but it was rapidly fading, Finn saw streaks going down from her eyes, but were too, rapidly fading. He only just now noticed the blue hue surrounding the Alicorn’s horn. ‘Was she crying?’

He shook it off, ‘I shouldn’t intrude,’ he thought, ‘It’s not my business.’

“Are we ready to summon this, Hunson?” Luna asked.

“Yeah,” Finn said, “I’ve got everything set up.” He pointed to the circle of salt, “That should put a barrier between him and us.”

Luna nodded, “Okay, then let’s start.”

Phoebe, Luna and Finn walked over, “So how does this work?” Luna asked.

Finn pulled out a carton from his nearby bag, “I throw this at that,” he motioned with the carton to the face on the wall, “Do a small chant, then boom,” he said, “He’s here”

“He can’t save her,” A distorted voice from behind them said, the trio turned and looked at the infected vampire behind them. She was attempting to stand up but was quickly put down with a blast of Luna’s horn.

“Summon her father, Finn.”

‘Alrighty then.’ He turned and threw the carton at the face. The drawing absorbing the milk. Finn then said, “Maloso vovescom spiritam!”

A blast of Fire that even Phoebe had to shy away from erupted from the face, Luna raised a shield of magic then looked at Finn, Finn didn’t flinch. A grotesque amount of organs and flesh formed into the shape of a human. However it’s skin was a dark green and the eyes were yellow and the pupils were like a dragon, but red.

Luna already had a thousand curses and even more combat spells at the tip of her horn, ready to send whatever this thing is back to wherever it came from.

The thing was wearing a business suit, had fangs in its mouth. A mouth, that began to move, “Finn?” Luna looked over again, he didn’t move, “Really?!”

‘He’s aggravated,’ Luna thought.

“Nearly Two whole years and now you decide to summon me,” Hunson said, Luna was on the verge of attacking the demon until it started laughing. “I gotta say, you are one tough man to reap.

‘Did he just make a pun?’ Luna thought, ‘what kind of demon is this?’

“Hey Hunson,” Finn said.

“Finn the human,” He said in a much lighter tone, “Whazzup.”

“Did he just try to say Wazzup?” Phoebe asked with a whisper as she seemed just as confused when Luna looked at her.

“I think so,” Luna replied with a whisper.

“Uh, we’ve been pretty busy,” Finn replied, “And we need some help.”

“Sure Finn, What do ya need?” Hunson asked, “We need you to help Marceline and a way off Ooo and to her world.”

“Marceline? What’s wrong with her?” He tried to look past Finn, “Is she here?” He ended up asking. ‘At least he’s concerned,’ Luna thought.

He tried to walk forward but became aware of a massive barrier blocking his exist. He touched the barrier several times, “Mind letting me out?”

Finn looked at Luna, who, in turn, sighed then nodded. ‘You win this round Finn,’ She thought.

“Sure,” Finn said, he began to scoop up the salt and put it in a jar. Hunson stepped out the first second he could and moved towards Luna and Phoebe.

“So where’s my girl?” Hunson asked, looking at Luna.

“I… Uh, behind me.” Luna pointed out. ‘Is this one just like discoed?’

Hunson looked and saw Marceline on the ground and walked over. “Hey, Marceline!” He exclaimed. Marceline, in return bit at him. He parried back with. “Woah,” Marceline was then pushed back to the ground in Luna’s magic. ‘That was close,’ She thought, ‘We can’t have her infecting somepony as crazy as this.’

He walked over to Luna and Phoebe and leaned down, “This isn’t one of those weird fazes, is it? Because if it is I am no help.”

“Um,” Phoebe began to say, “She’s bee-“

“And who are you?!” Hunson asked, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before.”

“I’m Fla- Phoebe.”

“Well I gotta say, you just loo-“

Finn stood up, “Hunson, leave my girlfriend alone.”

He turned his head to the pony standing next to him, he whispered, “He has a girlfriend?” He asked Lun nodded, “Sheesh, I never thought he could at his height.” Hunson blinked, “Wait a sec,” he asked louder, “Just who and what are you?”

“I am Princess Luna Of Equestria,” Luna said.

“Ohh,” He turned to Finn who had Now rejoined the group, “Another Princess Finn?” He mouthed.

He turned back around, “So,” the demon said, “Marceline.”

“The Lich attacked the Candy Kingdom. It… killed P.B. And well…” Finn turned to Marceline, who was now actively trying to strike at Hunson, “Did this to her.”

A moment of silence followed. Hunson’s usual demeanor seemed to leave him, replaced by a serious one. He leaned down and moved her hair out of his way. Marceline’s arms and legs were still being held down with Luna’s magic along with the rope originally used to hold her down.

Finn saw Hunson’s mouth quiver and his eye twitch as he saw the black, stone-like substance blocking the right side of her face. He touched it. Marceline began to shake.

Finn sighed and asked probably the biggest elephant in the room, “Can you heal her?”

Hunson snapped out of his trance-like state. He turned to Finn, “Honestly Finn,” He turned back to his daughter, “I don’t know.”

“Isn’t there something you can do for her?” Phoebe asked, “She is your daughter.”

“A demon did this to your daughter,
Hunson,” Luna said, “You, yourself, are a demon, there must be a counter or something.”

“The Lich, isn’t a demon,” Hunson stated mater o factly, “It’s a monster. They are completely different.”

“The difference?” Phoebe asked.

He replied while still looking into Marceline’s sole eye, “Monsters existed before time,” He said, “Demons exist now; a weaker form of monsters if you will.”

“I… suppose that make-“ Luna nearly lost concentration of her spell on Marceline as something poked her rump. She turned, seething at the still floating crown nagging at her.

“Ice king’s crown?” Phoebe asked as she grabbed it. The blue hue that had been surrounding it faded away.

“May I see that?”

Phoebe fumbled with the crown. The sound of Hunson’s voice immediately behind her startled the former monarch. “U-uh… Finn?” She asked at the human who was currently giving Hunson the stink eye.

Finn shrugged, “I don’t see why not.”

Phoebe offered the crown to Hunson, who took the crown. “Hmmm…” He looked over the crown. “I’ll take it!”

Three pairs of eyes landed on Hunson. “What?”

“That thing…” Finn rubbed his chin, “Umm… how do I put this, insanity in a crown.”

Hunson Blinked. “How ‘bout this; I take the crown, and then I take and fix my daughter, a win-win!”

Phoebe again looked at Finn, who sighed, “As long as she gets the help she needs,” Finn said, he looked at the vampire queen, “I don’t care.”

“Then it’s settled,” Hunson yelled.

‘Why do I feel like this is a bad idea?’ Luna thought to herself.

Finn sighed, he looked back at the house he had lived his entire life in, all the memories he thought of had Jake in them, nearly bringing him down, he knew he couldn’t stay here, it would break his spirit. There were just too many ghosts.

‘Goodbye…’ he thought as he turned away from the tree. He saw Luna and Phoebe conversing and off to the side of them was Hunson, kneeling down and inspecting his daughter. Finn looked at the ball of cloth in his hand.

'The cloth represented someone who I am was, a Finn that no longer exists, that Finn had lost nearly all his friends, his home and his family,' He again looked at Phoebe again, then back to his balled up cloth hat. 'At least not all of them.' He reached around and stuffed the hat into his green backpack.

He walked over to his girlfriend and Princess. “Are you guys ready to go?”

“I am,” Luna said, “This world has given me a… a lot to think about.”

“I’m kinda sad to leave,” Phoebe said, “But I don't think I’ll stay sane if I have to be here alone,” Phoebe replied, she looked at Finn’s hair, “Man, I thought you’d never take that old hat off.” She said. She looked at the human’s hair, “And I can see why.”

“What? Why?!” Finn said.

“Your mane is… what one of my friends would say, is atrocious.” Luna said.

“When was the last time you had your hair cut?” Phoebe asked

Finn reaches up and ran his fingers through his hair. His bangs nearly covered his eyes entirely. His ears were covered too, “Maybe a year or two?” He said.

“Oh haha,” Phoebe said, “But should we be going.”

“Yes, I wish to be home as fast as possible,” Luna said, “It feels like we’ve been here for a month sitting around.”

Finn turned to the demons behind him. “You think you’ll be able to handle her?”

Hunson turned around, “Don’t you worry yourself, Finn,” Hunson said, “I think I can handle my own daughter.”

“You think,” said Marceline from the ground.

Hunson merely clapped his hands and both she and him were encircled by green flames. “I’ll call you when I get this infection thing out of her!” Hunson said.

“Please don’t,” Finn said, ‘Really, I don’t need any more of my friends getting hurt because of me.’ He thought. He saw the green fire go up and consume the pair. Then they were gone. The fire fizzles out and disappeared entirely.

Finn sighed after they were gone, this world would be empty, devoid of life. “Finn, are you ok?”

He turned around and looked at Phoebe, “Yeah, just thinking,” he replied. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

“So, How does this work?” Luna asked.

“Just put your ha-hoof in the P at the bottom of the letter.” He held the letter as both Phoebe and Luna put their respective appendages on the letter.

“Prismo…” he whispered. Immediately he felt his body begin to warp. After a few seconds, his surroundings changed entirely. From a gray and grassland devoid of life to a yellow-pinkish cube.

Finn smiled. “Prismo! Thank glob, I thought you were still dead.”

“Finn, I’ve been wondering where in the multiverse you were.” The figure in the wall replied, “Sorry about Jake, he was-“

“Yeah, I know,” Finn interrupted, “I know…” he repeated.

“Soo, Finn,” Luna said, “Care to introduce us?”

“Oh, this is Prismo,” he said, “Prismo I’m sure you know Phoebe and this is Lu-“

“Princess Luna Of Equestria,” she cut him off, “A pleasure.” That seemed to take Prismo by surprise.

“Equestria,” Prismo said, “Equestria, Equestria, Equestria… I think I know where that is.” He turned on his TV wall with a click of his ‘remote.’

“What do you mean by ‘know where it is?’ Luna asked.

“Well, it’s one of the dimensions within the multiverse,” Prismo explained, “A whole bunch of worlds,” he clicked a button on his remote, showing a black screen, “Oh-“

“Wai, Stop!” Phoebe said, gaining the attention of the room, “What do you mean by still dead?”

“I would like to know as well,” Luna added, “To cheat death… it is a skill very few have been able to attain.”

Finn and Prismo blinked at the two female’s in the room, “Looooooooong story,” Finn said, getting ready to explain the said story.

“For another time!” Prismo interrupted, “We have a lot to do right now. The Lich has been-”

He was cut off by the collective, “THE LICH!” From the rest of the group.

“Making gains.” The Wishmaster finished, "You really missed a lot."

Too Little, Too Late

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‘Making gains,’ Finn thought, ‘What does he The trio stared at Prismo “What do you mean, ‘Making Gains?’” Luna asked the projection on the wall.

The Wishmaster pressed a button on a nearby remote, turning the wall-screen on, showing static. “I mean, he’s been conquering worlds,” He said, “Worlds, very similar to Ooo,” he said, “We don’t have much time until he conquers the one he’s dealing with right now,” His arm stretched again and pressed another button. The screen switched; the skies of the world that was before them were grey. Finn looked at the horizon on the screen, the forests were on fire.

“Is there anything we can do to help them?” Phoebe asked, “There has to something!” She and Luna looked with pleading eyes at the Wishmaster, his singular eye closed.

“There’s nothing we can do, the world is already lost,” Finn said to the girls, “It’s how the… it’s what Ooo looked like when it was in its death throes.” He sat on the ground and looked at the screen. A human or at least something that looked like a human girl, wearing a green dress and obviously younger than him ran across it. The camera... or whatever was watching the fight trained from the landscape to her.

She had something in her right hand, it was a circular object with a handle, which was being held, a star, half-broken, was crested onto it. ‘A wand?’ The human boy thought, ‘So she’s magical.’ Another form, this time a boy, who looked around the same age was running, now alongside her.

“Who are they?” Phoebe asked, “If they’re going to die, then they should at least be remembered.”

Luna’s response was hasty, “You’ve already resigned them to death?” She asked, “There must be some way to help, a message, anything!”

“My powers can’t be effective in a world affected by the Lich, let alone on a person at that range,” Prismo explained, “All we can do is… well, make sure their sacrifice isn’t in vain.”

Phoebe sat down next to Finn, turning to face Prismo as she rested her hand on Finn’s shoulder, “Do they have a chance of victory? Of… stopping the Lich?”

Prismo frowned, “No, the… powers that were on that world have been shattered, and their… relics have been… well…” Prismo trailed off. The silence dragged on for nearly a minute.

“Well, what?” Luna asked.

“It’s complicated…”

Finn listened idly on as he watched. One of the Lich’s minions, a large worm, broke out of the ground and grabbed hold of the human boy and began to get dragged down. ‘...’ The girl was holding onto the boy’s hand, her feet dragging in the dirt to hold onto him. ‘...’ The girl let go of him with her right hand and grabbed the wand, which had since fallen to the ground. She reached for it… it was too far away. ‘She’s just like me…’

“Star! You have to let go!” Marco screamed at the Mewman princess, “Star!” She looked into his eyes, those pleading brown and pleading eyes. ‘There needs to be away!’ SHe thought, she looked left and right, there were only trees swaying in the wind.

A large boom startled her, making her jump, nearly making her let go of Marco’s red hoodie sleeve. She wrapped it around her hand again, then gripped his hand. “Marco, just try and dig your way out of there.”

He nodded, but as he moved she could see pain begin to climb to his face, “St-Star… it’s not good,” With his shaky left hand, he reached into his pocket, “You need to let go.”

“Shut… up… MARCO!” She screamed back, tears welled up in her eyes as she reached as far as she could, grabbing at her wand, just out of reach. “I’ve lost everyone, I… I can’t lose you too.” The beast clenched its jaws around Marco’s torso, followed by a scream of pain from the human. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a swiss army knife, he flipped out the blade.

“Marco, Please Don’t!”

“I can’t let them get you too,” He responded. With a shaky hand, he stabbed at his hoodie’s sleeve. Penetrating the soft, but much-dirtied fabric. He threw his head back as he cut, mumbling. When the hole was big enough, he let go of the knife, but it stayed in his arm.

“M-Marco, please, w-we c-can still win!”

A large flash

She reached for her wand once more, her arm straining to hold her best friend’s failing arm, “Come on!” Rain lightly began to coat the two. The beast began squirming, dragging Marco in its jaws, forcing Star further from her wand.


The creature tried to close its jaws again. She looked back at the grey worm. ‘What even are you!’ She looked back to her wand again, just barely out of reach. She gulped down a lump in her throat, ‘I’m sorry, Marco.’ She let go of his hand and jumped for her wand. She turned around to the beast that was holding Marco.

“Knarwal BLAST!” She screamed, a beam emitted from the followed by the named creature shooting out at the other creature. But it was gone. And so was Marco.

She climbed next to a nearby tree, her arms going around her knees, “I’m sorry, I’m s-sorry, *hic* P-please… be alright...”

She closed her eyes. The only things to keep her company being the constant pitter-patter of the falling rain and her shivering. ‘I’m sorry Marco, don’t worry, though, I’ll find you.’

*Kkkkkkkkrrrrraaaacccccck BOOOOOOM!*”

A bright light flashed through her eyelids and Star woke up from her dreamless sleep. She was still clenching her wand in her right hand. She closed her eyes again, but it was no use, the rain constantly pelting her despite the cover of the trees was too much for her to go back to sleep’s dark embrace.’

The thunder, lightning, and rain had shown up in earnest. She idly looked up at the darkening sky, she, however, continued to breathe heavily, tears continued to fall alongside amid the total downpour of rain. She finally looked down at the hole where Marco was taken down. She stood up on wobbly legs, unlike the times she’s faced down Toffe or some other villain, this was different. Somehow she knew that. She took a step forward.

She fell to her knees, the tears that were welling up in her eyes. She looked to the sky for an answer, but only found gray and dark death. The sound of thunder in the distance took her out of her trance. ‘Who’s left to fight alongside now?’ She thought to herself. She got up and began to walk northwest again. ‘What’s even up there? Marco…’ She stopped walking, her mind going blank at his name, ‘He… he...said that he read something in that old book,’ She looked in front of her, the sound of rain filling her ears.

She breathed in and out. ‘I need to do this… for them.’ she looked behind her, a large even darker, a blacker cloud was following them. She shut her eyes, ‘Just me now…’ she thought, ‘But I can still do this, I need to.’ She turned and faced the mountain before her, ‘I just need to find this weapon Marco was talking about, then I need to save him… again.’

She started walking forward, the mountain looking ever daunting as she approached it. She eventually left the confines of the forest, from crunching leaves beneath her feet to light snow. ‘At least he told me to wear clothes for the cold,’ She thought, ‘But they’re all wet now…’ She shivered and fulled her jacket’s damp hood over her head. She looked down at her feet, but her eyes never made it to her shivering feet, they stopped at her right hand. Part of Marco’s red hoodie was still attached to it her forearm. She rested her left hand on top of it.

She breathed in and then out, she looked back. “I need to move.” She took a step, then another. She pulled out her wand, “Cloudy, now.” Her wand glowed and a pink cloud with wings appeared, she pointed to the mountain. The aminate cloud nodded, then moved down for Star to get on.

Almost once she had gotten on, she had fallen onto her back. Rain still hit her head and clothes, preventing sleep, but she, at last, could relax. She closed her eyes; she could feel the softness of the cloud on her back, she felt something tickle her eyes. When she opened them she saw the sun breaking through the clouds and mist. She saw the rays of light glistening off the tip of the mountain and the snow atop it. She stood up, she saw the sun’s rays on the fresh rain, which had stopped. She smiled, ‘I can do this.’

Her face hardened as the light of the sun began to get covered up by more smog. She didn’t break eye contact with the sun until its attempt to shine on the world had been quashed. She turned back to the mountain, she was close now. “Go up, to the peak.” The pink and winged cloud obeyed her command, and she began to feel the wind rushing past her as she climbed in altitude. The hood to her heavy coat was swept off her head and her golden hair with accompanying headband was exposed to the ever colder air.

Her eyes scanned as best as they could, ‘Temple… temple… temple…’ She thought to herself as she scanned back and forth. She breathed in the cool snowy air. “There!” She pointed at a stone pillar protruding from the ground. “Stope over there!”

The cloud obeyed, and as soon as Star had jumped off of the magical entity, it poofed out of existence. The Princess of Mewni continued forward, not looking back. She already knew what she would see. She began to trudge through the deep snow, some of the white fluff undoubtedly getting into her boots from not being adequate enough for the deep snow.

Her hands traveled along the side of the broken stone wall of the temple, she pulled the hood back over her hair and headband. As she walked and breathed, she saw her breathe in the cold and wet air. She took step after agonizing step, her feet getting ever colder due to her short boots. She took another step.


She looked down at her feet. “Huh?”

The next thing she knew she was on cold stone ground, looking at a hole in the ceiling, she shook her head to stop it from spinning. She took out her wand and touched it, earning a light to light up the cavern. ‘This looks just like that book!’ She sprang up; the princess began to walk around, ‘Alright, I need to find a… tree? I think,’ She closed her eyes to concentrate. ‘There were three… jewels… I think…’ She opened her eyes and raised her wand.

She smiled, “There you… are?”

“What do you mean that you took them?” Luna asked, “Are you saying that you just willingly let them die!?”

“NO!” Prismo said, raising his arms above his head, “It’s just... when a world passes a certain threshold… I need to take the elements and… dispose of them.”

Luna deadpanned, “You just resigned that young girl to STARS KNOWS WHAT!”

“I am well aware of the consequences, but it's my responsibility!” Prismo said, “So you need to worry more about yourself, and I’ll worry about my job!”

Luna opened her mouth to retort but was cut off by Phoebe, “Give it a break, Princess, I’m sure I would’ve done the same thing given the circumstances.”

“And if you’ve been here as long as him, doing his job as long as him” Finn added, “You’d probably too.” Finn turned away from the wall and faced Prismo, “You never answered who they were.”

Prismo sighed, he closed his eye, “you know, even if you are my friend, Finn, I shouldn’t tell you this, it’s breaking major universal laws,” He looked at Luna, then back to the human sitting down and looking at him, “But, seeing the current situation… I don’t think anyone higher than me really cares.”

He looked at the screen, the girl was looking around the empty pedestals, “She is Star Butterfly, a Mewman, but basically a human, and she is the current heir to the crown of Mewni. The boy you saw earlier is Marco Diaz, a human who’s been helping Star throughout her many adventures,” Prismo paused, “Sound familiar?”

“Just like me and Jake,” Finn said.

“Right.” Prismo said, “The Lich was always a cosmic-level threat, I thought after you beat him the second time that would be the end of it, but I can’t see the future, can I?”

“No one blames you Prismo,” Phoebe said, “But can you get to the point here,” She finished with a hardened face.

“The Lich is a cosmic-level threat because it is the incarnation of the Green Catalyst comet,” Prismo said, “Only something with equal or greater power could beat the Lich.”

“And the Elements of Harmony is this power?” Luna asked, “If you can send us back, we can eas-”

“They aren’t, actually.”

A collective, “What!?” from the three of the heroes.

“The Lich,” Prismo said, “Can only be defeated by its polar opposite, another Catalyst comet.”

Phoebe groaned, “I am not going back to Ooo.” Her lips began to quiver, “There’s just… too much death there.”

“You won’t have to, he’s sitting right next to you.”

“They’re not HERE!” Star dropped, she put her hands to her head. “No, th-they need to be here, the-they have to be here.” She began to shake. The natural light began to drain, leaving only her wand light. She looked to the hole in the ground that let her in here. It was covered in blackness. She hid behind one of the pedestals.

She disregarded her heavy and wet coat, revealing her aqua, sundress. She heard her heavy breathing echoing throughout the cavern. If she was trying to stay hidden, then she was doing a terrible job of it. ‘I should be running,’ She thought to herself, ‘I should leave…’

A green light flashed, temporarily illuminating the cavern. Her eyes went wide, ‘N-no,’ She thought. She’s only seen that one other place, ‘The Castle…’ she thought, ‘Not again...’

“Come out… little… princess…” A raspy voice said, “I… hehe know you’re there…” Star looked at the being that had brought her world to ruin. A large skeletal monstrosity with two green eyes and two horns, one was broken. She readied her wand.

“Come out…” It began walking around, “You don’t want me to repeat myself…”

Star jumped out from behind the pedestal, her wand drawn, she made sure not to look it directly in its eyes. “Stop right there!” She demanded from the monster. The monster didn’t respond, instead, it took a step toward the princess. “I said STOP!” She took a step back, it took another forward.

“You will submit,” It said.


It smiled a maniacal smile. It’s grin stretched on. It looked back, a rumbling in the Earth caused Star to stumble. A green flame burst through the ground, forms began to take shape inside it. Star readied a spell to shoot at the flames.


“Star?” She heard Marco’s voice say. The flames subsided and gave way to her friends and family. Marco, Tom, Janna, her Mom and Dad, Eclipsa… everyone she had ever met. Everyone, she had thought was dead or worse. Her arm began to feel heavy and her grip on her wand began to falter.

“You will stop your fight,” The creature demanded, “Or I will kill them all now.”

Her arm dropped.

“What do you say?”

She dropped to her knees, she looked up with tears in her eyes. She again looked at her friends, they all had green in their unmoving eyes. Aside from Marco, they all had black splotches on their bodies or faces. She looked back down at her wand. She threw it at the feet of the Skeleton.

“Good...good…” It said in its raspy voice, “You were so much easier than the last world…”

Those words stung her.

“Now… stay very still.”

Finn bottled his anger, unlike one certain pony Princess, which Phoebe was trying to stop from destroying the time box. “Luna, fighting won’t stop anything, what’s done is done,” Phoebe said, “It’s too late for-”

Luna turned to the flame person, “You should be angrier than me right now,” she pointed her hoof to Prismo on the wall, “He withheld information that led to the end of not only your Kingdom but also your world.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Phoebe said, “We just need to get back to your world and help it prepare.”

“He’s the “so-called” wish-master,” Luna said, “Can’t he just poof us there?” She said in a condescending tone.

“Actually I can, the Lich’s presence on your world was destroyed,” He stated matter-of-factly, “But do you want that to be your wis-”

“Just teleport us there Prismo,” Finn interrupted.

Prismo stared at Finn, wide-eyed. Finn stared back, looking up at him. “Okay, I’ll teleport you, but I can’t guarantee when you’ll actually get back,” Luna sighed.

“How long would we’ve been gone?”

“Well taking in the time you were on Ooo, and the fact I can negate the year-long teleportation layover,” He put his hand to his chin, “Maybe just before the two-month mark.”

“Great!” Phoebe said, trying to hurry this along before another fight breaks out. “Then let’s go.” Prismo nodded. Beams consumed both Phoebe and Luna, teleporting them away. Finn, however, hasn’t been teleported.

“I… never said sorry…. About Jake and… well,” Prismo said, “I’m sorry.”

Finn sat down and sighed, “Yeah, it’s fine, everything was a little… screwed from the day the Lich got out.” He looked at the now static wall-screen. ‘I hope she fared better than me against the Lich,’ He looked back at Prismo.

“Goodbye Finn, if you need me-”

“I know. Letter.”

Prismo smiled, “I’m surprised she didn’t wish that the Lich never existed,” he said, “you tell her earlier?”

“Yeah, I did,” Finn replied.

“See ya then.”

“You to Prismo.”

Pink beams consumed and carried Finn up into space.

Prismo sighed, “I can’t believe you’ve lost it that bad, Finn…” He turned around and a desk manifested out of the ground. A piece of paper manifested ontop of it alongside a pen. He looked at a list of worlds under threat, ‘Let’s see, after Equestria and Mewni… its…’ He began to write, ‘To the Heros of...