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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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Ruins Of Old

Luna’s eyes opened up and she breathed in through her nose. She smelled the smell of old trees and wood, akin to Twilight Sparkle’s old library home. ‘A time travel spell?’ Luna thought, brooding for a moment, ‘No, Finn was never that powerful.’

Luna got up, her hooves extremely strained, stretched even. Luna looked around the room, the room was quite roomy. There was a couch with an adjacent table, with a torn portrait of what looked like a female human above it. She turned her head, there were various tree branches around her; a large metal contraption near a door, ‘There are sure a lot of things here,’ she thought, ‘Speaking of which… where is here?’

She took a few steps around, ‘It sure is dark in here.’ She thought, though she barely noticed; her being the Alicorn of the night allowed her to see much easier. Luna walked up to a window, ‘What,’ Her eyes widened, ‘What is the…’

She saw the light of the moon barely showing through the blackened clouds, but it wasn’t right. There was no break in the clouds as if it was just a bad day weather-wise, but the clouds were wrong. Luna couldn’t put her hoof on why they just were.

Luna took a step back from the window in horror; several steps actually, attempting to find out where she was. ‘Let’s see Luna, what exactly did you do?’ she began to think deeply, going through every possibility. ‘Finn escaped, he did… something with his sword, dust, I gave chase,’ Her eyes widened at the revelation, “He was chanting something…” She said aloud.

Luna took another step back, this time stepping on something akin to a body. Her head turned around in both surprise and curiosity. She quickly stepped off. There on the ground was Finn, the one who transported them here, ‘Wherever there is.’ Luna thought, ‘however…’

She began pulling up his sleeve, ‘A horn to the arm wouldn’t hurt that much.’ Though Luna had night vision, it was hard to tell exactly what was around his shoulder. ‘Well there is something there…’ Luna surmised, ‘It is obviously darker than the rest of his arm.’

Luna brought up her hoof to touch it. It was hard as a rock with a hint of some sort of grassy thing on top of it. “So this is what my horn hit…” She mused quietly, She knocked her hoof against it. It definitely sounded like some sort of stone. ‘Or…’ something dawned on her mind, ‘That infection.’ She immediately withdrew her hoof.

After a few moments of holding her hoof, scanning said hoof and staring at the human, Luna decided to attempt to wake him. ‘Probably not the best idea,’ She thought as she carried out several pokes along his body and head, ‘He might attack me…’ She continued to do so anyway; she craved information as much as her sister’s student once had. ‘He will answer my questions.’

Her attempts began to bear fruit. “Ugh…” Finn groaned, he put his hand to his head. Luna stopped as he sat up. “What happened…?” he asked while looking around. ‘He must not be able to see.’ She thought and smirked. She sat down and smirked at the display, the human meanwhile, trying to make his way around the massive hollowed tree.

“Where the heck is that light?” He asked to himself. He began to scour the ground on his hands and knees. With her night vision, Luna could see what he was looking for, an odd and small metal contraption. She could also see how close he was to grab it. ‘That will not do,’ she thought.

Luna blocked out the light of her horn and took hold the object in her magic. It screeched off the floor for a moment, “What was that?” Finn questioned. ‘He must’ve heard something.’ Luna stood up, the creaking of the wood giving away her position, she saw Finn rise and draw his alabaster sword, “Who’s there?!” He asked angrily.

'He seems a bit taller than before...' She thought, but shrugged it off,‘Time to restrain him.’ Her horn glowed to life, revealing her location, “Of course it’s you.” He said with a sigh. Her magic sputtered out, “What not in the mood for a fight?” She asked condescendingly.

He put the sword down, “This is what the third time we’ve fought…” He said dejected, Her horn went to just a light, barely staying lit, “I know when I can’t when.” Luna’s face scrunched up.

“That’s… I guess so…” She said, ‘I’ve never met an opponent who would just give up like that.’ Luna walked towards him, “Can you answer some questions then Finn?” She asked, her sternness coming back.

“Sure,” He replied, sheathing his sword on his back, “Lemme just grab a few things first.” Luna hesitantly nodded.

Finn began walking around the room, “Let’s see… where are you BMO…” He said while looking at the ground. Finn walked over to the couch. “AHA!” he exclaimed, as he pulled a greenish-blue box. Finn smiled at it, Luna, however, was aloof.

She cocked her head to the side, “What is that?” She asked.

Finn turned around, still tinkering with it. “It’s BMO,” He replied, “He seems to be…” He turned his backpack around, “Out of power.” He unzipped, then put ‘BMO’ in the bag. Finn put the bag back around his back.

“Is this… BMO… the only thing you wish to retrieve,” Luna asked, “I have many questions.” She sat on her haunches, on a relatively comfortable part of the room. “No, there are a couple of more things.” Finn replied, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna be back quick.”

He practically ran up a ladder behind him. Luna was about to go after, but Finn was back by the time she was at the ladder. Finn had in his hand, a flute and a piece of paper. He folded the paper neatly then placed it in his backpack alongside the flute.

Finn walked over to the couch and sat, Luna, obliged and squished in on the couch opposite Finn. Luna began her questions.

“Where exactly are we?” She asked.

“My home,” Finn replied while looking around, “I lived here at one point.” A strong gust of wind hit the house, Luna looked out the window, It began raining a black substance. “Once…” Finn repeated and trailed off.

“I’m sorry.” Luna quickly said, “I’m sure it must be-” “There was nothing you could’ve done,” Finn interrupted, “You were a world away.” Finn looked down, the edges of his hat around his face falling with gravity, allowing Luna to see the short golden strands underneath.

After a brief silence, Finn looked back up, Luna took it as him being ready for another question. “What happened to it?”

“The storms,” Finn looked out the window, “It might look like rain, but there is a reason the grass is all dead here.” He looked Luna in the eye, “It’s nearly all acid.” He paused, “PB basically forced me to live with her. I had no time to grab anything, not even BMO.”

“What is wrong with your arm?” Luna asked next, “I can assure you, I know what normal skin feels like.” She pointed with her hoof to his left shoulder, “It’s not that.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He replied. Luna pressed the issue, “You’re infected, correct?” He nodded, “And that’s all we’re going to say on the issue,” Finn said angrily, “Don’t bring it up again.”

Luna huffed, “You speak ill of this PB…” Luna said, “Do you… despise her?” Luna asked.

“Bonnibel was an amazing person!” He defended, sitting upright in the chair, “I’ve nearly defended her to the death several times.” He slumped down. “I wasn’t there to protect her in the end, I was off in some glob-dammed cave…” He looked Luna in the eyes again, “Looking for the Elementals.”

“And this Princess Bubblegum, was one of them, correct?”

“Yes, by the time I found out…” He choked up, “The city was already lost…”


“I don’t need your pity.” Finn said, “I need a way to beat the Lich, and you constantly interfering put an end to that idea.”



“S-so, what now?” Luna asked, “Can you at least send me home?”

“Yeah,” Finn replied, he put a hand to his head, stopping the beginning of tears, “I just need the- BOOK!” He turned his backpack around and dug through it. “NO, NO, NO!” He closed it, “The book is gone.” Luna began sweating, “Well, you remember the spell, right?” Silence “Right?!”

“No…” Finn groaned, “I don’t.” Luna nearly broke down, ‘Stuck… in a world… with a being on the verge of being a villain… being hunted by a being that wants all life destroyed.’ She put her hooves to her temples; calming her a little.

Despite her impending panic attack, she stayed calm, or at least some semblance of calm. “D-do you have any allies?” She asked, Finn, looked at her with a blank stare. Finn sighed, “Maybe…”

“I’ll take it,” Luna said matter o factly. “Let’s go find them.” She looked to the window, the rain stopped. Finn followed her gaze. “Yeah, let’s go. I need to see something first.”

Finn got up, followed by Luna, “Where are we going?” Luna asked as she followed Finn to the ladder that goes, presumably, to the bottom floor.

“To see an old friend,” Finn replied. He turned to the blue Alicorn, “You um… might just want to teleport outside, Luna nodded. Finn jumped down the ladder while Luna charged her horn. “I’ll meet you outside. Luna’s spell released alongside the double vision of the inside and outside of the treehouse.

Luna turned around and saw the tree house’s door, Finn was only a few seconds behind her. He opened the door and walked out, closing it behind him. “You’re are certainly fast,” Luna stated. Finn nodded, “You learn to be fast on your feet when running for your life.”

Finn had his hand on the hilt of his sword the entire walk, ready to pounce on any enemies that might stray their way. ‘Or be pounced on…’ Luna thought She looked around to the dead grass and trees, ‘This world is truly dying…’

After a few minutes of silence, Luna spoke up, “Where exactly are we going?” She looked at Finn. He, looked back, “We’re going to the Candy Kingdom.” Luna stopped, “But you said-” “I know what I said, but it’s probably abandoned by now.” He looked forward, “I just need to say goodbye,” Finn turned back, “Alright?”

“That is…” ‘Sad, morbid, dangerous, careless?’ “Fine,” Luna said.

Finn looked at her as if she had said all those things aloud, but then turned back and kept walking. Luna looked ahead, there were ruined walls and giant monoliths on the ground, destroyed and decayed. The walls were stained with an ink-black taint. ‘Signs of a battle that they could never have hoped to win.’ Luna surmised.

As they approached the gates, it began abundantly clear that the city was in complete ruin. Not only was there a black ink-like substance on the wall, but several bent spears, chipped swords with black all over them, and broken bows and arrows. If the signs of battle weren’t enough, there was smoke coming from the walls,‘There surely was a fight…’ Luna thought as she looked up at the wall.

Finn didn’t stop to admire the signs of battle, he had one thing to do, and he was going to do it. He walked through the ruined gate, as he stepped inside he saw what happened. His eyes darted from the sights of ruined buildings to the deserted palace grounds.

‘Where are the bodies?’ he thought as he took a step forward his foot stepped on something. Finn moved his foot and looked down, a yellow substance was stuck to his foot. He leaned down, getting a closer look. He stuck his fingers in the substance and brought it to his nose, smelling it. “Banna?” He asked out loud. He looked around, “No bodies…” His face contorted in horror, “Dear Glob…” He said in realization, “They ate them…” he looked around the city, nothing, ‘They ate all of them…’

Finn felt cold he put his arms around himself. ‘I…’

“Finn!” A voice behind him yelled it was a voice he hadn’t heard in a long time. He turned and saw what he thought was Bubblegum. Her pink face and hair were unmistakable, but there was one thing off about her. Her eyes. They were green and had an abnormal glow about them.

“How?” He asked meekly, unable to comprehend what he was seeing, “That… that can’t… be possible.” Finn began backing up, “You… you’re dead…” Finn grabbed his arm where the infection was. It was burning, pulsating, it felt like there was the sun itself under the grass-like bandage, slowly heating up his arm. Finn began tearing at it with his hand, desperately trying to relieve the pain. “What are you doing!?”

“Yeah man, you’re acting crazy…” Finn, despite his pain, stopped. ‘That voice…’ He turned around, in front of him, was his brother, Jake. He blinked, then he was gone, his voice carried off in the wind, and the pain, coming back. Finn got down to knees, screaming in pain, “GET… OFF…!” He screamed. He heard the pitter patter of footsteps coming behind him.

Bubblegum was running up to him, screaming, “Finn, you must stop, it will spread and then you will-” “Get OFF!” He pushed the apparition away and tried to run away, but something grabbed onto him. He turned around and instead of being met by the face of his old friend, it was the blue Alicorn staring at him, magic alit.

“Dear Celestia Finn!” Luna screamed, barely wincing at using her sister’s name in such a manner, “What is wrong… with…” Finn turned, his eyes were a terrible dark green, Luna looked to his left arm. Just under the sleeve, she could see it, ‘It’s spreading…’

The ink black substance had slowly begun to creep out from under the grass patch. Finn’s constant tearing didn’t help in the slightest either. ‘I have to act quickly.’ Luna thought, only barely thinking, she lit her horn and her magic unleashed it at Finn.

Finn immediately tumbled to the ground, coughing and sputtering. Luna ran up to him and saw the black infection slowly stall out and then, slowly but surely, receding back into the depths of the green substance. Luna magically scanned Finn, ‘What set him off?’ She thought, ‘PTSD, the infection…’ her mind raced.

Finn stopped coughing and sat straight up on the ground, “You ever have that feeling, like you just want to sleep and not wake up?” Finn asked he fell flat on his back, “Cause I have that feeling right now.”

He brought his hands to his head and took off the white hat, throwing off his head and onto the dirt ground. He ran his hand through his hair several times as he calmed down. “What did I do?” He asked Luna. He looked at her.

“You… began clawing at that thing covering the black.” Luna replied, “Your eyes… they were also green. What did you see?” She asked Finn.

“My friends…”


Finn looked at the ground. “I just hope your friends can bring you back.”

Luna cocked her head, “Don’t you mean us?”

Twilight sat next to Rainbow Dash, who, at the insistence of a certain purple princess, stayed in bed. Rainbow normally would’ve fought staying in bed tooth and nail, but now, she was tired; tired of everything, including her friends who would berate her every half a second. ‘Speaking of which ‘she thought.

The door opened up slightly, “Um… I’m just wondering if you need anything.” The yellow Pegasus timidly spoke, “For the both of you, I mean.”

“I’m fine,” Was Twilight’s hasty reply.

Rainbow on the other hoof, “Yeah,” She said, “Could I get out of-”

“Rainbow, you need rest.” Twilight interrupted. Twilight turned to Fluttershy, “A glass of water perhaps.” Fluttershy nodded and closed the door.

Twilight went to a nearby desk and sat down. She groaned, unusual for the lavender mare. Rainbow shifted in bed, uncomfortable, “Ya’know, I’d get a whole lot more rest,” She spread her hooves out wide to emphasize her point, “If you weren’t constantly moving around.”

Twilight turned her head around, “I Know,” SHe smirked, “But then I’d have to go looking around town for you.” Her smirk turned into a frown, “And I don’t think I am mentally prepared to do that right now.”

After a few moments of silence, Rainbow decided to change the subject, “Where’s Princess Luna?” She asked while looking around, “I haven’t seen her for a few hours.”

Twilight turned around, “I’m pretty sure she’s still chasing Finn.” Her face drooped, “Poor guy,” Twilight continued, “He’s been through a lot…”

“Enough to- ahh!” Rainbow’s retort was interrupted. Her other forehoof went to the stump of its opposite, “It’s hurting again!” She was able to seeth through her teeth. Twilight immediately jumped out of her chair and ran to her friend. At the same time, Fluttershy returned with a glass of water in her hoof.

Twilight began applying healing magic to the stump leg. Rainbow’s body tensed up then relaxed. “Better?” Twilight asked, Fluttershy put the glass of water on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah,” She replied, Rainbow rubbed the stup with her forehoof, “It feels… tingly,” Rainbow added, “As if I can still feel it...”

Rainbow looked to Fluttershy, “H-hey ‘Shy.” Rainbow said, “Are you doing okay?” Rainbow asked.

“I should be asking you that…” Fluttershy trailed off, “But, I’m fine for now.” She said. “I just can’t stop thinking about what I could’ve done different, like if I had gotten to Twilight faster at the forest,” She turned to Twilight, “Then we could’ve captured Finn, helped him... “ She turned away.

“Hey…” Twilight began, “We… never could’ve predicted this… It’s not your fault.” Twilight replied.

“I… I know, but…” Fluttershy had tears forming in her eyes, “But, I can't stop thinking that it is.”

Fluttershy grabbed Rainbow and hugged her. Rainbow hugged back. Twilight sorta just stood there awkwardly.

After a few minutes of the hug, Twilight spoke up, “I know you guys uh… don’t want to stop, but Rainbow needs rest.” Fluttershy broke the hug and nodded.“ Twilight looked to Fluttershy, she was a mess. Twilight then turned to Rainbow, “And I mean it Rainbow.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I get it. Sleep.”

Twilight nodded, she lit her horn and all the candles went out. She put her hoof in Fluttershy and led her out.

“Goodnight Rainbow.”

Author's Note:

Another 3 days, another chapter.

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