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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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Questions and Answers

Twilight was livid; ‘Let’s search the Everfree! The safest place on the planet, for a magical being that is somewhere in the forest and could possibly capture one of us!’ She put her head on the table, rubbing her temples with the tips of them. ‘Best. Idea. Ever.’ She chastised herself. She sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Her spirit, which used to be burning like fire, was no just embers.

Twilight turned her head and looked out one of the upper windows. The moon was back in the sky, ‘How long did we search?’ The moon looked like it was already past its zenith. ‘Probably one or two.’ She thought. Twilight had to fight to keep her eyes open. Her energy had left her. The group of friends had searched every inch of the library, the castle, then the forest itself. ‘Or what we could before monsters attacked.’ She thought. Twilight sighed, ‘Whatever this thing is… it’s very good at fighting and hiding. Not a good thing.’

The sound of sobbing brought her back to reality. She lifted and turned her head and saw the other girls comforting Fluttershy. She was blaming herself; Fluttershy saying she wasn't fast enough or she hadn’t told Twilight enough information. ‘They are basically sisters, they grew up together.’ Twilight thought, ‘What if this thing kills Rainbow; She’d blame herself.’ Twilight thought, ‘I need to take responsibility.’

Twilight got up from her chair and walked over to the crying Pegasus. She saw the frantic eyes of Pinkie, who was trying to do everything to cheer up. Nothing was working. She looked to Rarity, she herself had cried too, but not on the level that Fluttershy had. Twilight could tell her mascara and makeup was a mess. There were lines all over her face. Twilight looked around; Applejack was pacing near the end, probably scheming or planning on way to get their friend back. After exhausting her options, Pinkie became distressed, her mane and tail flattened, her personality left her, and she ran out of the door.

Twilight walked up to Fluttershy and put her right forehoof on her shoulder. She turned to Twilight, still sobbing. Fluttershy jumped out of her seat and grabbed Twilight to the point it was almost an attack. Twilight put her forelegs around Fluttershy just as Fluttershy had done to her. Fluttershy preempted Twilight’s response. She spoke in a broken voice, “It’s my fault! I-if o-only I-I-I had…” she trailed off, probably thinking of things to say, by now it was Twilights turn to interrupt, “Fluttershy. Don’t blame yourself, we had no idea what this thing is. For all, we know Rainbow is fine, No.” Twilight said, “She is fine. I know it. We can find her.”

Fluttershy nodded weakly. Twilight turned to Applejack, “Applejack.” Her voice was as weak as Fluttershy‘s nod. Applejack’s serious face met Twilight’s. “Can you take Fluttershy home?” She asked, “I need to… contact the princesses.” She stated. Applejack’s face softened and she replied, “Yeah… sure can do Twi.” Twilight nodded and then began to make for the exit. She turned to see Applejack comforting Fluttershy. Pinkie was noticeably absent; the room felt dead without her. Twilight looked to the floor for guidance; and continued onwards to her room. The walk took longer than expected, her mental state worsened with each step. She wanted desperately to say ‘I’m sorry’, but she didn’t want to make everything sound even worse.

She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, ‘We failed.’ She thought, ‘I failed.’ The gut-wrenching feeling hit her like a train. Her hooves carry her to her bedroom unconsciously. Her head was down the entire time. Every inch of Twilights body aches despite not exerting itself. When she reached her room she lazily fell on the bed, magically curling the sheets up around her. She levitated a piece of paper, pen and ink vial over to her. She hastily wrote a letter to Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia,

There was an incident in the Everfree forest that disrupted magic throughout Ponyville. I’m sure you felt it. My friends and I went searching and found out that there was something now inhabiting the forest. We don’t know what it is but we do know it has Rainbow Dash. I am sorry, but I need to cut this letter short.

Princess Twilight

The hoof writing was sloppy, barely legible, Twilight knew she should’ve just called Spike to write the letter for her, but he was most likely long asleep by now. She levitated the letter in her magic and hastily wrapped a ribbon around it. Twilight then sent the letter directly via a teleportation spell. She then proceeded to smother herself in pillows and sheets. The warm embrace of the bedsheets was a stark contrast to how she was feeling at the moment: cold as ice.



Rainbow heard the cracks and pops of wood burning. She would’ve been content, but there was something nagging at her bones, ‘Something’s not right.’ she concluded, *Crackle* *Pop*, Her mind churned, slower than usual, “Ugh.” She groaned, ‘When did I go to sleep?’ She asked herself. She didn’t remember when she had exactly reached her bed. Her mind began moving faster. ‘Okay Rainbow; recap, Let’s see… magical disturbance in the Everfree, we went to check it out… I was with… Fluttershy?’ *Pop*, ‘… we were in the old castle’s library… then there was something…’ Her mind was then flooded with images of the fight that ensued. *Shuffle* *Pop*

She shifted her wings subconsciously at the thoughts,‘I-I was captured…’, her wings failed to move much. Rainbow’s eyes shot open, she attempted to flare her wings, but they were bound with what felt like a rope. Her next instinct was to run, but when she moved her hooves all she did was tumble to the ground. She looked down, all of her hooves were tied together. A familiar voice greeted her.

“Well, that’s not the worst reaction to being kidnapped.” The voice said, ‘I know that voice…’ She turned her head from the dirt to the direction of the creature. She sent an angry glare at it. The creature obliged and sent one back. The staring contest continued for nearly a minute before the creature broke it off by sitting down on a log next to the fire. He motioned for her to do the same on a log opposite of him.

Rainbow was understandably nervous and, as much as she’d hate to admit it, scared. ‘What does he want with me?’ she nervously thought. She got up, but stayed where she was; not wanting to give anything to the thing. He gave Rainbow his equivalent of a death stare. ‘...creepy.’ He again motioned her to sit down across from her. This time her hooves carried her, whether she wanted to go or not. She sat down in front of the log on her haunches; her back relaxing on the hardwood.

It shrugged, “Not what I had in mind, but… whatever.” He said. They again looked at each other again; the rubbing it’s hand on the back of its neck several times. ‘Is he just as scared as me?’ She questioned, ‘Wow… awkward…’ The creature finally spoke up, “I… don’t really know what to do… I’ve never really kidnapped somebody before…”, Realization dawned on her, ‘Oh he’s embarrassed…’ Rainbow deadpanned. He continued, “I guess introductions are in order, my name is Finn the human. You are?” She was able to say, “Rainbow Dash…” ‘I can’t give him any information on the Elements… NO ELEMENTS RAINBOW DASH…’ she told herself.

The ‘human’ then began asking questions to Rainbow’s dismay, “Who do you serve?” “What?” was Rainbow’s frazzled reply, “It’s like… Who is your leader?” Rainbow didn’t respond, “Look, I know you don’t want to give away any information, but you need to help me here.” She didn’t say anything. Finn sighed audibly. “How about this; you answer a question, then you get to ask a question. Fair?” She nodded. “Now, who is your leader?” He asked. She looked to the ground, “There are 3 here and one up north…” He nodded, “Names?”, “The one up north is Princess Cadance, then there are the royal sisters Luna and Celestia… they rule from Canterlot.” She stopped talking. Eventually, Finn said, “You missed one.” She immediately looked at him “Not before I ask a question.”Rainbow quickly said, trying to change the subject. “You know her? Personally?” She stopped talking dead in her tracks. She looked back a the fire. “Hmph. Well… an I am a man of my word, now you get to ask.”

Rainbow thought for a good minute. “How long have you been here?” His reply was fast, “A day, maybe two.”

He then asked, “Who was that yellow pegasus? I saw her in the Library with you.”

“She’s a… friend.” She said. He nodded.

“Is it just you?”
He seemed to grit his teeth together. “Yes. No one else came with me.” ‘Man I hit a nerve or something.’ She thought. He facepalmed, “You never told me the last leader. Who is she? I know you know her personally.”

“Do you promise not to hurt her? It’s just that, we were friends before she became a ruler.” He nodded, “I give you my word, no harm will come to her.” She sighed, ‘That seemed sincere.’ “Her name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. She rules from Ponyville nearby.” He laughed, “HEY! What’s so Funny?!” His laugh tapered off. “It’s just that… *Clears throat* Whew… It’s just that, all the rulers from my land were also princesses.”

She looked to Finn, a question coming to her mind, “Where did you come from?” she asked.

Now it was Finn’s turn to turn away. His demeanor changed in an instant. His gaze found comfort in the tree’s canopies. He swallowed a lump in his throat. “I can’t answer that.” He said quickly, “It’s a bit…” he trailed off; going deep into his mind. His arms fell to his sides and went limp.

“HEY!” Rainbow yelled, Finn didn’t move, “I answered, now you will.” He was unresponsive. “Hello, Equus to Finn.” She said trying to get his attention. ‘What is up with him?’ Rainbow, with much pain and hardship, got up and began to walk around the fire and over to the now dormant human. When she was right in front of him she began having second thoughts. ‘I should run, what am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ She was now in front of the human, his eyes were on her, but he didn’t see her. Her bound hooves couldn’t raise properly so instead of hitting him, she instead ran her head into his chest. The effect was instantaneous.

Finn reached behind him and drew his sword while pushing Rainbow down to the ground. Rainbow felt her left-wing break free of the rope. She flared it to try to push him off, but instead, it was forced into the fire. “AHHHHH!” She screamed from the pain. Tears began forming in her eyes. She felt something grab her wing roughly, taking it out of the fire, but the damage was already done.

Rainbow looked to Finn’s face, the look of guilt was all over it. “I’m… very sorry.” He said. He wasn’t looking at her, but instead, he was looking at her now burned wing. He was wrapping something around it. Rainbow looked off to the right and saw his bag was on the ground. It was opened up. “Stay still.” She nodded. Rainbow grunted in pain as she felt his rough hands begin to wrap something tightly around the base of the wing.

After a few minutes of pain and medicine, her wing was properly set and bandaged. Finn turned around, his hands on his head. “I’m extremely sorry… I’ve never done anything like that before.” “First aid?” He turned back, “No, attack like that…” was his hasty reply, “Well, then again, I was never interrupted during those before.” He sighed’ “What was your question, I believe I still need to answer.” He said it while trying to put on a light smile.

‘Okay rainbow, let’s not ask him where he’s from…’ “Uhhhh… can I go home?” “No, not yet at least, there is one more thing I need to know.” He reached over to his backpack and pulled out a book. She recognized the mark on the cover. He preempted her, “I know you probably hate me, but I need to know, Where are the Elements of Harmony?”

Rainbow kept silent. “Rainbow Dash, I need to know, what and where are they?” He looked down at the book’s symbols, then back to her. He scrutinized the book, “What the…” ‘Uh oh…’ was all Rainbow could think. Finn looked to the mare’s Flank. “Hey, have some decency! Do you have any Idea how-” “You’re an Element?!” He screamed; he stood up.

‘Okay Rainbow, if there is any time in your life to play dumb, now is that time!’ “What are you talking about?” She said in her most, ‘I have no idea what’s going on’ voice. Finn, however, disregarded the question. “This changes everything.” He said. Rainbow put on a worried face. ‘Definently not good.’ He looked to the Pegasus and began talking in a stern voice, “Where are they?!”

“...” ‘Super definitely not good.’

Finn walked up to Rainbow without emotion, “Rainbow, you will tell me what and where they are…” He said, his voice and the human was an imposing force. Finn was easily taller than Princess Celestia, if only by a little. Rainbow looked off to the side, trying to avoid the humans’ gaze. “Rainbow, you will tell me, whether voluntarily or not.” He smirked, “I wonder if your friends will tell me.” He kneeled down to her level. The tied up mare began shaking, “MAybe I’ll start with the other pegasus…”

“NO!” She finally found her voice. “I won’t let you touch her!” She tried to headbutt him, but he moved his head out of the way. Finn grabbed the mare with his right hand on her neck. “Those Elements are the-” She moved her hind legs and swung them into his face. “Ah!” He dropped her and held his nose. Rainbow made a run for it.

“Oof!” She tumbled forward, completely forgetting that her legs were tied together. She picked herself up and attempted again. Only to feel something cold and pointy on the back of her neck. Rainbow, while not the smartest mare, knew when to quit. “Another good attempt Rainbow…” He looked off in the distance, “But, it’s time to get some sleep.” He looked back to the mare. “I don’t have any intention of keeping you… here especially,” a howl in the distance drew both their attention, “So…?” she asked, “What do you want?”

“Look, I don’t have enough supplies to feed you,” He mused, “If you were to tell me, hmm… say three facts about the elements, I’ll let you go, right here and now.” He said matter o factly.

Rainbow, despite her skepticism, jumped at the prospect. “Okay let’s see, there are six of them… In order to activate them, you need all six together, and you’ll also need all the bearers, which are chosen to be worthy of holding them… Can I go now?”

He put his hand to his face and laughed. Rainbow frowned.”You said I could-” “Yes… you can go.” Rainbow found a smile. “It’s just that,” He turned to her, “I’ll probably be seeing you again.” Rainbow lost her smile.

“Yeah, I guess I will…” Rainbow gravely said.

“Huh…” He sighed, “I truly am sorry,” He sat down next to Rainbow Dash. “I always thought as a hero, I’d never have to do anything like this before.” He walked over to Rainbow Dash, his sword drawn.

‘He’s not going to kill me… right?’ Rainbow started backing away slowly, “Wha… Oh no, I’m not going to hurt you.” He said after she backed up a few inches. She stopped. Finn put his sword to her wing and cut off the rope. He then set her hooves loose.

Finn pointed with his sword, “Your town’s that way.” Finn stomped at the fire, putting it out. “Hey… Finn…” Finn turned toward Rainbow Dash. “Yesss…?” He said awkwardly. She motioned to her wing. “I can’t fly safely.” She said.

Really…” He replied. He looked around the site once more. “Alright… Let’s go.” He said annoyingly.

“Soooooo…” Rainbow said. Finn looked down to the mare on his right. “How did you come to Equestria?” Finn just looked forward. “I don’t want to talk about it.” was his hasty reply. “Come on, you need to give me something!”

Finn glanced back down to the cyan Pegasus, “You said you were a hero?”

“Yes…” He replied.

“Sooo… what did you do?” She asked. ‘Something must’ve really happened to him to him…’

“Did missions, fought world ending monsters, saved a couple royals… lost…” He said the word ‘lost’ much quieter than the rest.

“Lost?” Rainbows' jaw flopped open. Finn turned to Rainbow Dash, stunned, “Man… you ponies have really good hearing.” Rainbow, however, didn’t hear the comment. “Wait waitwaitwait… you said you lost.” “Yes, and you leave it at that. I have no problem with tying you up again.”

Rainbow said out of earshot, “Well if you told me....” She grumbled the rest out.

The pair saw lights in the distance; Finn spoke up, “Well we’re here, guess I’ll be going.” He turned

Rainbow’s hoof grabbed Finn, “Don’t you at least want to try to do this peacefully?”

“...” Finn began walking into the woods. He looked back to Rainbow, who was still looking at him, “Maybe, not yet though. I… just can’t deal with a lot of things right now… It might… you know, overwhelm me.”

“Well, till we meet again Finn the human.”

He gave a nod, “Rainbow Dash.” Rainbow kept looking at Finn until she was sure he was gone. Rainbow walked out of the forest and into the light of Ponyville. ‘Twilight is not going to believe this.’ She thought, smirked, then made her way the castle.

Author's Note:

I know the choice to let RD go was odd, but I feel Finn, though no longer being a ‘Hero’ would still try to stick to his morals. Hence why he lets her go.

Also, For Fluttershy’s fit at the start; You need to remember they grew up together; they’re practically sisters.

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